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  1. Dale B

    We have been using GoPayment for about 6 months now. So far we have been quite happy with it. The one item I wish we could do is capture email addresses. When a customer request a receipt be sent to their email why can’t this email be logged and saved with purchase information.

  2. Bill McGann

    I had GoPayment for a while and used it once. It was OK, but then they contacted me and said they were discontinuing their service.

  3. David Barbknecht

    I am the owner and operator of a small construction company. I had several customers ask about using credit cards to pay for services performed. I signed up for intuits to go payments and received a Togo card reader within a week. I swiped my first credit card on the 29th of January. I still have not received my payment for the total of $2185.00. I am a small business that gas little cash flow. I depend on getting paid soon after completion of project to pay for materials. Since then I have had a credit card go into collections due to not receiving these funds. The customer service is a joke. Call spend 30 mins getting to the person who can help. They need to investigate… Say they will call back with information and never call. Closed my account without any notification or reason why. I was told intuit merchant solutions will hold my money for 270 days due to a risk… This would cause ruin to my small business!!! I would never recommend this service to anyone!!! Terrible customer service!!! Terrible service!

  4. Scott

    I have an intuit account, after a LONG nightmare with PayPal and en equally horrific nightmare with Square, I decided to give Intuit Go Payment a try. I opted for this kind of service of that of my bank, simply because my bank wants to charge $300 for a set-up fee and another $15.00 for a shopping cart – gateway integration fee. The problem is that my website IS a shopping cart, I don’t need another shopping cart and I could not get my bank to understand that. So, I tried Intuit because I could opt for manual Keyed in transactions which was easier, less hassle and more affordable for me than having to pay for all kinds of new website development. So, after about 2-1/2 months of using Intuit I still have had ZERO problems. I do get the occasional Declined card, but who doesn’t? I started off with an initial $5,000 Monthly transaction limit and even with fairly bad credit I was granted a monthly charge limit of $7,500 after only a couple of months with them. – STILL, working flawlessly.

    But here’s my dilemma… My business is growing, and growing fast. Good problem to have, right? Well, I NEVER have a charge back or customer complain and I am at the point to where I need to ask for another charge limit increase. But the problem is that I am literally TERRIFIED that If I “Rock The Boat” by asking for a charge limit increase, that I may get declined for any number of reasons, including my low credit score (even though business reputation is flawless). If I ask for a charge limit increase, what IF it rocks the boat and they decline it? What if, they start asking for ridiculous amounts of documentation, a blood sample, my right kidney and my first born son? What if I can’t produce everything they are asking for? What if I can’t produce i fast enough to appease them? I guess what I am saying is that I am scared I could lose the charging privileges that I already have by asking for more charging privileges and still being such a young & new business!

    How much can i ask to be allowed to charge per month without rocking the boat? Under $10,000 ? I really probably don’t need more than around $10,000 – $12,500 / month. Most of my customers are repeat customers too. those kind of customers literally NEVER file a complaint or a charge back! It’s just that after my experience with PayPal AND Square, is that if a Merchant Processor starts asking you for ridiculous amounts of documentation, then your account is ALREADY CLOSED, they just haven’t told you yet! They ask for that documentation so as to better identify you the next time around should you try to open another account again under their radar!

    Either way, I just want to run my business, make a living and keep my customers happy, but business is growing and I am afraid to let it grow because I am terrified that intuit will shut me down if I ask them to let me grow… What can i do? Who should I talk to? How high can I have my limit raised to without them viewing me as a risk?


    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Scott,

      You will run into problems any time you use a processing service outside of its intended purpose. GoPayment is primarily suited for people doing face-to-face transactions and who use the card reader to input the payment data. The key-in option is really there as backup if you can’t swipe the card. This is also the case with Square and most other mobile processing apps.

      If you are keying 100% of your transactions because it’s an e-commerce business, GoPayment is not the right solution for you and it’s likely that you will eventually raise flags with their risk mitigation systems. You may want to consider Stripe or Braintree as they are intended for your type of business. Since you are doing $10,000+ per month, it might be time to consider traditional processor as well. Here our list of Best Merchant Account Providers.

  5. Wayne

    I set up my account with gopayment and was told that I was ready to take transactions. The very first transaction I make for $500 was taken from my customer and then they sent me an email saying “We recently identified unexpected activity from your account and won’t deposit money from the transaction until you provide (long list of items, some of which I didn’t even have like the customer’s billing address, have you ever used your credit card and had someone ask for your billing address?). Anyway, I sent the information to them and then they called me and also asked for my last 3 mos. bank account records, when I asked them why they had no good answer. So I said well what do I have to do to close the account and either pay me or give my customer his money back and was told that if I close my account they would hold my money for 270 days! What do you call this? Blackmail, theft? I don’t know but they are rude and in my opinion thieves! Don’t deal with these people if you want to see your money any time soon.

  6. Marc Lowe

    I switched over to GoPayment last September after having a bad experience using PayAnywhere (you can see my comment in their section). So far I have been pleased with the services provided by GoPayment. All of my transactions have been approved and not once has my deposit been held up. I know this could change at any time based on other people’s comments but for now I am pleased. I have made sure to keep each transaction around $1000. I have no idea what my transaction limit might be but I don’t want to test it. I have even broken a few larger payments into multiple transactions thinking that would help if one was held up. I was hesitant to post this comment because I know my situation doesn’t guarantee everything will be fine for someone else. However, I felt it was only fair to mention my experiences with the company.

  7. Brenda

    I have been using Gopayment for credit card processing for quite a long time. I recently had a problem where I took a credit card payment on my iPhone with the Gopayment reader. The transaction was approved, the customer signed for it, and I put in their email to send a receipt. When I picked up my phone to take the credit card of my next customer, there was a message on my phone that said the receipt could not be delivered. THEN THE TRANACTION DISAPPEARED!!!! When I called the Intuit people, they could do nothing to help me, even though the transaction had been approved!!!!! I am just OUT OF LUCK!!! How can I continue to use these people if their processing is unreliable!! I am very very very upset about this.

  8. C. S.

    Cancelled my account. Started out wonderful. Every transaction made through Go Payment was around $5000. Actually had several in one month smooth as a whistle. Last transaction attempt is still being held after reversing charge and cancelling account. Intuit has held the customers funds for three weeks and counting. Needless to say I have lost a good customer and future business. Never again!!!

  9. Oscar Gastaudo

    My worst experience ever with a credit card processing agent. I charged $1,910.07 for services rendered to one of my best foreign national customers to his foreign national credit card, with his authorization; of course.
    Intuit/gopayment.com closed my account beacuse I was so risky for them due above charge. Until this point it is fine, if they do not want me as a client nothing that I can do.
    They never paid me that charge but they took it from my client’s account. I called my customer asking for my payment and I was said he will not pay twice because money was taken from his account and he forwarded me a credit card statement showing that charge at his credit card. Of course he must not pay twice same charge.
    I called gopayment for fourth time and I was said that they have that money and my client must dispute that charge at his local overseas bank.
    My client is asking me why he should dispute a charge when he authorized me to charge it.
    My client is upset on my becuase this headache, he is busy and he must lie to dispute a charge that he shouldn’t, Intuit/gopayment customer service has treated me as fraud guru over the phone and I did not get my fee paid.
    They closed my account and they yell on me over the phone.
    My records: never at the police station for any reason, my Fico score is 817 and in my own business sine 1997.
    Intuit customer service representatives are from the forth world. They do not even match the third world.
    Dissapointed with them? More that that. I think they did not know what they do.
    My sales rep Steve has been great all the time. Of course, he is in the sales department.
    Don’t be fooled. Don’t not sign with these people.

  10. John & Dianne Farrell

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S 3. Will this credit card reader work on my phone. I have a Verizon account

  11. Michelle Goldman

    They have been holding $6000 of my money for swiped transactions for over 250 days. I have 20 more days left before they will release the money. I provided all documentation, They even called the customers issuing bank for the credit card to get the customers phone number and called and spoke with the customer and verified the customer made the transaction and they still closed my account even after verifying the transaction over the phone with the customer. I was well under my processing limit for the month and hadn’t had a problem with them for 4 months. So bottom line is you can’t trust them with your money and you’ll never know when your time will be up. I’m so glad I process credit cards with my local bank now. No more Issues.

    I mean how can you call the customer at a phone number that the bank confirms is their phone number for the credit card and the customer confirms they made the purchase and still close my account? Plus my account was still $9000 below my processing limits.

  12. Jane

    DO NOT trust GoPayment or Intuit with your money. They owe me money and admit they owe me money, but say only the Risk Management Dept. can release it. However, that department never answers the phone. Meanwhile, they’ve charged my account to process the payment they’re holding onto. After being put on hold for an hour and a half, and finally giving up, I sent an email complaining and asking for resolution. Their response? They promptly closed my account without notifying me. They still have my money, and I have no way of even talking to anyone who can do anything about it. WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. Not only am I a legitimate small business owner, I’m also the sort of positive person who rarely ever writes a bad review. Inuit/GoPayment has been a HORRIBLE experience for me. Imagine working hard for your money, accepting your customer’s payment, then having it be stolen by your merchant services provider–and not even being able to reach anyone to discuss the situation. AWFUL!

  13. H. g. Claghorn

    I processed a $2407 wedding balance payment on August 9th from my client. My payments go directly into my business account. A few days later we got notice that GO/Intuit was holding my company’s payment until we sent in a lot of information including; my client’s invoice, personal info about her, my driver’s license, a recent utility bill from my business, all receipts involved in this transaction, and on and on – I am a licensed CATERER. This amount of money is not unusual! We sent in all the requested documents and waited.

    I have been processing credit card transactions though my bank for SIX YEARS for my business – without any hassles. We use Intuit to figure our payroll and payroll taxes. We use TurboTax to pay our federal taxes.
    I have an EIN, business bank accounts, am DBS and a registered vendor in SAM.Gov. We have our city and state business license…..this is “fraud prevention” from their “risk management” division? Fraud for whom? The business expecting to get paid??

    The wedding went off without a hitch on the 17th….WITHOUT my being paid for services rendered!

    On August 19th I waited an hour on hold for risk management to ask where my funds were. “Brian” told me he’d work on it by end of day; ….yes, it looked like they’d received everything from us….but what with answering phones….(????!!????) IS IT LEGAL FOR INTUIT TO HOLD AND HAVE USE OF MY FUNDS WITHOUT PAYING ME INTEREST?? At that time, from the 9th of August they had been collecting interest on MY money – for 10 DAYS- in THEIR BANK ACCOUNT.
    My money collecting interest in their bank account from MY work, MY services! (These are the actions of robber barons – white collar criminal behavior dressed in a business suit)!

    I hung up ( after one hour, 11 minutes and 47 seconds) thinking that my funds would be released, and I could pay my bills…. WRONG!!!

    On the morning of August 23rd I called back, through the customer service line —-NOT the risk management line; They put me through without waiting an hour to the risk management department.
    I spoke to a supervisor named “Ann”. She said we had done all that was asked of us; they were under the guidelines of their banking system. When I asked she told me they had a department made up of EIGHT – yes, count that, only EIGHT persons working in “risk prevention” – IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!*^%!!

    “Ann” said I should not have this sort of issue again – why did I have it in the first place, I have a business history; business accounts, tax history, a brick and mortar address, a credit history – GO must have checked us out before setting us up an account, no???

    “Ann” promised to do what she could over the day to expedite my funds’ release.
    On Sunday August 25th GO said the monies were released; my statement online makes no mention (there ain’t a column for it) of the hold time. Simply looks like they were released the 10TH) !!

    So, 14 DAYS after my client “paid” me via credit card I may see the payment this next week.
    What about my having to make payroll? Employees wanting a check? Rent? Utilities? Purveyors?

    I am really stressed out that I moved from my merchant card services program; I had wanted a more mobile application for my clients’ convenience and have been roundly punished for it.

    So far the card swiper hasn’t accepted “swipes”. I have had to pay EXTRA $$ to GO/Intuit as I have had to
    manually enter the information/transaction each time..

    Looking to this fall and holday season; what is to stop GO from holding up every one of my catering transactions of any size?
    The actions of the risk management department has not been addressed or discussed honestly in their sales pitch – what are they going to do, tell you they plan on “borrowing” your money??!!

    Be VERY SURE you are not planning on large transactions – or do not care if you can access your money
    for up to 30 days if you sign up with the Intuit GO payment plan!

  14. Bill Hander

    I just began using Gopayment. I had a large transaction the other day ($600), now they are holding all of my subsequent transactions for 30 days unless I send them bank statements, utility bills, copy of my drivers license and the card holders personal information. All in the name of fraud protection. A simple phone call would have cleared everything up but if they did that they could hold my money for 30 days collecting interest.

    I am looking for other alternatives

  15. Second Amendment Check

    Does Intuit GoPayment prohibit firearms transactions like Square?

    1. Jim

      I just got cancelled by intuit for selling hunting knives at gun shows.

  16. Kevin cromer

    Hello my name is Kevin cromer question how do I go by getting the prepaid gopayment card thank you

  17. Kim Layton

    I am having a hard time with the swiper device for some reason it will not allow transactions, any clues?

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Kim, the two best pieces of advice I’ve seen for this type of problem are: 1. Make sure the volume on your audio jack is at turned all the way up and, 2. Make sure the reader isn’t swiveling in the jack at all when you swipe the card. If those don’t solve the problem you may have a faulty reader and you will need to call GoPayment.

    2. A-Way Tree Experts

      A-Way Tree Experts is the name of my Business I thought I would offer credit card option to my customers so I signed up with Intuit GoPayment to get a Mobile Card reader. I received the reader and it would not swipe cards I first tested it on my card so I punched in the number and charged $25.00 since it wont swipe your fee goes from 1.75 to 4.2% . When signing up I mistakenly put in a wrong deposit account number and wondered where and when are they going to deposit my money.
      weeks go by no calls or e-mails so I called them they told me the account # was wrong I fixed it and still I never received the money. I said I wont use it again / wrong I went to a job and the customer paid for a $50.00 service with his card so I took it and ran it though . A couple days later the money was in my account now a month later I did a large 3 tree removal for $2650.00 and ran the customers card.
      ….. 3 days later I receive an E-Mail telling me Intuit is going to hold my money you read>>>

      Dear JIM DONBROCK,
      Your Intuit account includes extensive fraud-prevention services that help protect you and your customers.
      What happened

      Recently, your transactions exceeded our weekly volume expectation for your account. In order to protect your customers, we need to validate your identity and your transactions below. During this review, the funds for the transactions listed below will be delayed.
      Date of Transactions: 07/19/2013
      Amount Delayed: $2650.00
      Case Number:
      Holding funds in a case like this is standard practice, but we know that doesn’t make waiting any easier. The good news is that you can help speed things up.
      What you need to do

      To help resolve this issue, please send the following documents to us as soon as you can:
      1. Copies of all invoices and receipts for the transactions processed on 07/19/2013 that show:
      • Cardholder name
      • Cardholder phone number (if you did not swipe the credit card)
      • Description of product or service sold
      2. Copy of your Drivers License
      3. Copy of a recent business utility bill (water, electric, or gas)
      4. 3 months’ bank statements (for deposit bank account on file)
      Note: Intuit will use the documents you send only to verify your identity and validate your transactions. As always, your private information is protected by Intuit’s privacy policy.
      How to send the information

      Send an email to risk@intuit.com and attach all requested documents to the message. Or, fax them to 858-408-2807. Be sure to include case number 112561514.

      The faster you send this information, the faster we can investigate and release your funds. If you choose not to respond, you can expect your funds to be released in about 30 days.

      We understand that delays are painful and will do our best to settle this issue quickly.
      Intuit Risk Management
      800-558-9558 x 69955
      Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. PST
      If you receive an email message that appears to come from Intuit but that you suspect is a phishing email, please forward it without alteration to spoof@intuit.com. Please visit security.intuit.com for additional security information.
      Sounds like I am going to be the victim of Identity Theft , its been 3 e-mails and a week later one E-Mail said my money is being transferred and the next asked for my documents again. I don’t know when I will get the Money . I wont wait much longer and Ill call my customer and have him dispute the charge to recover the money, Sincerely I’ve been duped!! don’t you make the same mistake stay away from Intuit GoPayment.

  18. Charles S.

    Start up is easy and transactions take about 2 days to process to your account. Be aware of end of month fees due to cards not “qualified”. I have had about 10 transactions so far and all of them have come in initially at 2.75% but none has qualified therefore the end of month charge is an additional 1%. That is a little upsetting, so just plan on paying 3.7% and you will be covered.

  19. Curt

    I just found out that Gopayment has been stealing from me for the last six months.

    I signed up for Gopayment. Tried it a few times and decided that it could work for me. Then I called their customer service number form the Gopayment management screen. I pointedly asked the rep if there were any hidden fees, I asked “It says on your screen here that if I pay $12.95 per month that I will be charged 1.75% for swiped entries and 2.75% for keyed entries. Are there any hidden fees or other fees that I need to know about?” She said “No.” I asked several more times in different ways to make sure she was understanding me. She said there are no other fees.

    As you start the program they are going to charge you 2.75% every time you charge a card. Then at the end of the month they will charge you another 1% for every “Non-Qualifying” charge. If you pay the $12.95 they will charge you 1.75% up front and at the end of the month they will charge an additional 2% for the “Non-Qualifying” charges. And the worst part is that MOST CARDS ARE “NON QUALIFYING” EVEN WHEN YOU SWIPE THEM. When you get your statement it is very confusing. You can’t just look for the total fees paid. You have to add the totals from several pages to get to the total fees paid. Like a fool I went for six months before I figured out the scam.

    I paid the $12.95 and after six months I divided the total fees by the total charges I ran. The result is I paid 3.6% overall. Boy do I feel stupid!

    If you want to call their customer service you will wait for 25 minutes to talk to someone. Make sure your phone is fully charged.

    I will never trust Intuit again.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Curt,

      Please note on our webpage under pricing we give a break down on the fee structure. If you swipe a non qualified card your rate will not be the same as a qualified card. FYI, these regulations are set up by the credit card companies here’s a link about our pricing to help you better understand intuitpayments.com/pricing.


  20. Sean

    Was happy with GoPayment until recently, when I found they’ve been somewhat deceptive in their billing. I process about $5,000/month and found that an unexplained fee of around $10/month was regularly being drafted by Intuit from my bank account. This appeared to be in addition to the regular processing fees. When I called customer service I discovered that this was an additional fee levied each month for the non-qualified rewards cards that I processed – they said there’s little I can do on my end to reliably tell whether a card will be qualified or non-qualified. Because the PayPal Here service doesn’t charge these fees for rewards cards, I’ve strongly considered switching and I started testing PayPal Here with customers last week.

    In addition, given the amount of funds I ended up processing, I also learned I could have saved around $50/month by using GoPayment’s $12.95 monthly plan. Although I understand it is my responsibility to decide to do pay-as-you-go or to pay the monthly fee, I would have appreciated it if Intuit had made it easier to see how much I would have saved by doing the monthly plan in the first place – the GoPayment website is not at all obvious about this point. An informative review in PC World finally clued me in. (Key sentence: “If you’re processing more than $1300 in payments each month, you might be better served by one of the subscription plans that combine a monthly fee with a lower per-swipe rate …” Maybe Intuit can excerpt that sentence verbatim for their own website.)

    Finally learning how much I’ll save with the monthly plan will, in the end, probably keep me with GoPayment, but I still feel burned by my experience and now feel the company (quite needlessly) relies on borderline-deceptive tactics to obscure fees. GoPayment’s should take lessons from the far more transparent (and lower per-swipe cost) experience with PayPal Here before they get ripped to shreds by a company that truly takes their customer satisfaction seriously.

    1. Bree

      I am looking for a processing company so the employees in the field can run credit payments. I read your comment about paying the monthly fee would have saved you money and they should have it on their website. I don’t know what site you were at, but the one I went to has it in really big lettering. I couldn’t have missed it.

  21. J. D. Stevens

    After visiting my local Verizon Dealer, switching my service, and purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to use for card purchases at my new Hot Dog Cart, It seems that your card reader does not work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to swipe cards! Not to worry, it won’t work with the Square Up reader either.
    I can input manually, but you can guess how well that goes over with a fast food purchase (the customer could eat the dog in the time it takes to complete a sale and I have customers leaving the line.
    So. . . will there ever be compatibility for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ? If not could you please nake a listing of Devices that DO NOT WORK. You have not made it clear or easy to find on your website.

    1. Leslie

      Hi J.D.

      There are so many devices, so it’s easier for us to list the compatible devices. Here’s the complete list as of 12.26.12 http://kbgopayment.intuit.com/intuit/index?page=gopayment_content&id=INF16030&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1331929783303&top=5%&width=640&height=625

      We continue to add new devices so it’s always good to check our website GoPayment.com for the currently list.

      Thanks for reaching out.

  22. vince

    After my first day using Gopayment my account was closed. I had a total of 5 transactions with a total of about 300.00. I called the risk management department and spoke to a woman named Carla Ramos x60900, all i can say is she was very rude, couldn’t provide me information on to why my account was closed. She kept repeating the same message as if she was reading a script. After she saw i was accepting that response she told me to call Visa/Mastercard and they can explain as to why my account was closed LOL..Finally i asked her to transfer me to a supervisor, she told me NO..Can you believe that??? Gopayment has great reviews, however their customer service Sucks, atleast Carla Ramos x60900 does.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Vince,

      Could you email me directly I would like to check into your case. Please send your account information to ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie. Thank you.

      1. Boo

        Should we ask for you when we call or should we mention we don’t want to speak with Carla Ramos. I don’t want to speak to Chinese, or Indians (from India) either. It’s a waste of time. Not only do I not understand them, They also do not understand me. Why do companies do this to their customers. It the same as torture and harassment. Please we speak English where I live. I hate the new world order plans. Lol!

        1. Leslie

          Please know that Intuit is a Global company we have offices all over the world. With that said please note that GoPayment customer service team is US based.

          If call and have an issue you can always ask for a supervisor’s assistance.


  23. Hope

    Very disappointing !!! Signed up over the phone. Person @ intuit input my bank account number incorrectly and it has been nothing but a nightmare. Used my card reader for a test charge of one dollar and processed one actual transaction. I have received 3 collection notices from intuit-one for three cents snd one for 16 cents. Eventhough I corrected their mistake, I continue to get collection notices. Can’t wait to close my account so that I won’t have to deal with such incompetence.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Hope,

      I’m so sorry to hear of this! Please email me at ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie I will do all I can to assist. Thank you!

  24. Cathy Nunnally

    I have been using the Go Payment for several months, and have had multiple problems. Most recent charge, Intuit deducted an extra $25 charge on top of the processing fee, and never explained why, nor did I get an email explaining what occured. I called a customer service representative, and they said it was an error, she would put in a case for me, however weeks have passed, and nothing has been resolved. Furthermore, I transfered the balance to my checking, and now I received an email with a different case number, and Intuit wants to charge me another $4.61 for insuffient funds. I would NOT recommend Intuit Go Payments to anyone!

    1. Leslie

      Hi Cathy,

      Would it be possible for you to email me your merchant information so I can investigate why you were charged. I can be reached at ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie I have some ideas of what may have happened and would like the opportunity to properly investigate. Thank you

  25. Steve L.

    Watch out for additional fees. I signed up for a Go Payment account in early September and submitted a test transaction upon receiving my card reader. Everything went smoothly, the amount was deposited timely to my account minus the 2.7% fee. Then I expected to see an additional 1% fee because of the non-qualified status of the card, but was surprised to see the additional fee was 1.7% for a total transaction fee of 4.4%. When I contacted Go Payment I was told that it is a fee that Visa charges. Thinking that it was my oversight I asked where that additional charge was detailed on their website. The representative was not able to show me that it was detailed on the website, but she did tell me that it is spelled out in the agreement I signed. When I asked the representative to point it out to me, she sent me a link to the agreement and referenced sections 1.13 and 1.14, however, those sections don’t mention the additional .7% per transaction fee. The only reference I could find to an additional fee that Visa charges is in section 2.29 where it says an additional .4% fee is charged for international transactions, which my test transaction was not.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Steve,

      Our pricing is clearly defined on our GoPayment website. If you’ve experienced a pricing conflict and wasn’t able to resolve through Customer Service please send me an email at ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie and I will investigate.

      Thank you

  26. Fred

    Be sure to read the full merchant agreement before entering into a contract with GoPayment. I was surprised that this review did not mention the single most important risk of using GoPayment, that being the merchant agreement users are required to agree to. I expect many do not even read the 35 page agreement (not counting the many references to other rule links a user must abide by). The main concern is that the merchant agreement grants IPS (the processor of GoPayments) right to withdrawal funds from the merchant’s account and all other accounts the merchant has or may have in the future, forever! This permission is not terminated when the contract is terminated and IPS is not required to notify the merchant when funds are withdrawn. This places a big trust-me card in the hads of IPS for the rest of the merchant’s life in the case of a small business. There are also huge charges and fees that IPS may charge the merchant ($500 or more) at IPS’s discretion, and without legal recourse according to the terms of the merchant agreement. Be sure you understand all the risks associated with using GoPayments before you enter into an unending contract.

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Fred,

      I don’t believe that you have interpreted this clause correctly. With most providers, the merchant account agreement gives the provider permission to deposit and withdraw from the merchant’s checking account. This condition usually extends no more than 180 days after service cancellation in order to account for potential Chargebacks or fraud. Additionally, states have laws and limitations regarding service cancellation and fee collections, and most will not allow indefinite and indiscriminate fee withdrawals.

      Lastly, GoPayment has been on the market long enough for us to see that there have been no complaints regarding unauthorized or mysterious withdrawals from merchants’ checking accounts. In fact, GoPayment does not require a merchant to attach a checking account unless they want to. Instead, a merchant can opt to use a debit card that is attached to their GoPayment account in order to withdraw funds. Although I understand your concern, I do not believe that it has, or ever will be, a problem.

    2. Leslie

      Hi Fred,

      Please let me clarity that there isn’t a contract/merchant agreement with GoPayment. All of our pricing in listed on our website http://www.GoPayment.com.

      If you’ve seen something that states the information you’ve provided please send it to me so i can investigate. My email is ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie

      Thank you!

  27. Hailey

    I am having a horrible time with gopayment. I had a customer place an order and I processed their credit card. A month later, the transaction was reversed because the customer could not recall making the transaction. I sent gopayment the invoice, customer name, what was purchased and even had their signature on file. Here we are, two months later, and I still have NO response and I have not received my money back. I run a small businesa and sititng for 20 minutes (as I am currently doing right now) to get any sort of help is really rough. They are slow to respond when resolving chargeback issues. What a nightmare.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Hailey,

      Chargebacks are a delicate situation. Not sure why your investigation is taking so long, if you could please email me at ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie. Please include your account details and I will be happy to look into your case.


  28. Heidi

    I have been using GoPayment for about 6 months now, and these are the pros and cons I’ve found:

    Pros: Love being able to charge cards on the phone and on-line, as well as see a current history and daily total of all transactions. Very user friendly, especially if you need to go back in and void or return a charge. I also like that they take their fees out at the same time as the charges, so I don’t get walloped at the beginning of each month with a huge debit in my account for all the previous month’s fees.
    They also automatically give me a credit to my account each time I buy a reader at Best Buy and use it. I have three readers because I do 3 shows in different states at the same time.

    Cons: Can take a looooong time to log in if I’m somewhere with low cell service, and many times the reader doesn’t work or I have to wiggle and push it and try 3 or 4 times before the system will recognize that reader is in (even if this is consecutive transactions in a row, where I haven’t unplugged the reader in between them).

    I have also been having problems with “declined” messages based on the system taking too long to process the card and so it kicks me out of the system, however many times the charge HAS gone through and the customer has now been charged twice. Not good customer service to have people calling you to complain they were charged twice, even though GoPayment says the card was not charged the first time.

    I also run multiple locations at the same time, and Go Payment will kick you out in the middle of a transaction if someone else logs in while you’re processing, and then you have to start over.
    I tried setting up a different account to solve this problem with GoPayment and emailed/called the Rep multiple times with all the necessary paperwork and info, and they have completely ignored me. Seems odd they would be able to get the original account set up so easily, and then not care about setting up a second one for the same business. I am on the high volume plan, so I do LOTS of business for 8 months of the year when I am in my high season.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Heidi,

      GoPayment works best with a strong internet connection. If the connection is weak you will have a unstable signal and will cause glitches in the program. Can you email me your information? I will investigate for you ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie

      As for your reader acting up here’s how you can get some new ones http://payments.intuit.com/reader-fulfillment/redemption_form.jsp

      Can’t wait to hear from you!


  29. Mona Lisa Stoker

    I have been using Go Payment for a while now. I love it but do have a slight problem. I sell a home based product and do several craft shows during the Fall and Winter season. I needed a card reader that could be used with my IPhone. There are two craft shows that I arrend that is on the Edge for internet connection. I currently have AT & T for my carrier. When I get to that location, I lose internet connection and therefore my reader will not process the cards. Can you help me learn what I need to do to get a better connection? I end up coming home to enter the card payment on my computer with success but that defeats the purpose of making it easy to swipe and know that the customer’s cards are good. The way I have to do it is write all the information down and then process it at home which also makes me pay the higher fee! HELP!

    I also would like to know about what I can do to control my inventory if that is possible. We are currently using a Royal 710 ML and we have programmed it with our inventory item numbers. All we have to do to ring up the sale is to enter the number and it is rang up. Is there a way to use Go Payment to keep track of our inventory? I believe that this cash register also works with Quicken books.

    I have always received an email when processing cards on each transaction and my money is in my bank account within days. This is a wonderful way to do business.. Thanks so much.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Mona Lisa,

      For GoPayment to work best a good internet connection is needed. If you are using a phone which has 4g capabilities please turn that feature on as it may improve your connection. If you can turn your phone into a hot spot that will also give you great internet access.

      As for your inventory here’s information to set up and GoPayment will track what’s been sold. http://kbgopayment.intuit.com/intuit/index?page=gopayment_content&id=HOW13903&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1349818358254

      Thanks for being part of GoPayment!

  30. R.E Appraiser

    I recently signed up for Go Payment. I spoke with customer service before signing up and they were great. They answered all of my questions with a smile. I ran my 1st credit card through on Tuesday and by Thursday the funds were in my account. Cant’ ask for better than that! So far..so good! I was with NABC before and the fees were crazy. I cut my monthly processing fees in half with Go Payment!

  31. bryan

    the problem with go payment is I have over 2000 products and win going to search for a product it is almost impossible to find 1, as you have to scroll through your phone with no search option or barcode scanner. I would like to know or find out if you can get a wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner to work with this system.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Bryan,

      Currently, GoPayment is not compatible with any bar code scanner. We are always looking for suggestions and ideas to improve. I will pass this suggestion on to our development team.


  32. tom martin

    Alright, so I haven’t used the GoPayment system yet…in fact, I haven’t even downloaded the payment processing app, but I am very pleasantly surprised by the customer service so far:

    In three different phone help sessions (almost back-to-back as I didn’t think of all questions at once) the assisting GoPayment reps, Lucas, Haley and Celina, helped me: 1) get an expedited shipment of the card reader because my sculpture exhibition is Sept 8 and 9 so now is when I need the reader; 2) add my bank account for payment deposits instead of getting some kind of prepaid debit card–don’t want anymore cards, I want cash! and then 3) add American Express to the approved cards my account reader will accept. … And get this: These three account changes were effected today in the space of about 60 minutes and today is Monday, September 3, 2012–Labor Day!

    I tell you these folks are working to get your business and so far they sure have my highest customer service approval rating. Go you GoPayment.com!

    My exhibition is in 5 days and I am ready to go … now I just need someone to buy my sculptures! GoPayment, can you help me with that?

    best, tom martin-sculptor

  33. celia

    Within the last 4 months 50% of the time before I swipe my customers credit card my go payment says error system failed. I press retry and the same message appears. I can not charge the clients credit card.. I have the blue bamboo swiper. I have an angry client who gets impatient and does not want to wait. What can I do?

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Celia,

      Something I’ve noticed with many of these mobile card readers (not just GoPayment) is that you need to keep the reader from turning in the jack while swiping the card and you have to swipe it quickly. A lot of people have reported that the readers work better when they set the phone on a table to help keep the reader steady.

    2. Leslie @GoPayment

      Hi Celia
      Our new grey reader swipe success rate is at 95%

      Which device are you using? Here’s some helpful tips to troubleshoot your reader….just in case


      You can email me at ask_intuit.com@intuit.com attn: leslie. You may need a new reader and we are happy to provide.


  34. Ken Peters

    GoPayment works flawlessly. fast processing and deposit to bank account. Seemed far better than other options. For easy on the road processing, this works great.

  35. Arien

    Gopayment did the same thing to me, no where when I signed up did I see clearly about this 60 dollar set up fee, everyone I read said it was free, just pay a fee per swipe, free card reader, FINE, they charged me 60 bucks, it got declined, then they added 25 for declined payment and charged me 84.95, then my bank charged me 35 bucks twice for overdraft, but the sueprvisor AJ was very nice, they asked me to fax in copy of bank statement to show the overdraft fees and they would get on phone with me and bank in morning and tell them it was a mistake and ask them to reverse it and if not they would reqeust refund for my overdraft, Nico, the rep before the supe AJ was ok but kept making me feel like I did something wrong and I didnt, I have no money in that account, I simply thought it was to get my funds, apparently the card they send you is free but it defaults to bank account transfer without your knowledge and then they charge you the set up fee. SCREW YOU, im closing my bank account and opening a different one so no one has access to my account.

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Arien,

      It sounds like you did not get set up with an actual GoPayment account, or somehow did it through a third party who is charging you fees. I opened a GoPayment account in order to test out the service for this review and have not experienced any of the fees you mentioned. Not only that, but all of those fees are contrary to GoPayment’s service agreement. I would suggest that you investigate your situation a little further to make sure you haven’t fallen victim to some sort of scam.

    2. Leslie @GoPayment

      Hi Arien,

      At GoPayment we don’t charge a set up fee. We have two plans for our mechants to choose from. Here’s the link so you can see our pricing structure http://gopayment.com/pricing/

      I would like to help, please email me so I can investigate what went on with your account ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie


  36. Brian R

    I have been using Intuit Merchant Services for a couple of months now, after a total nightmare with Square. Things could not be going smoother. I have good business credit so a 10K line was no problem, even though I only do about 7K a month in charges. No hassle and my money is in my bank within 3 business days. When I think of the hoops you used to have to jump through to get CC processing, Intuit has been a breeze. I highly recommend for small business!

  37. Kelly Cohen

    Thank you so much for this review! I was considering to use another company’s services. Now I will give a go to Intuit first.

  38. brian

    “GoPayment uses no deceptive advertising or marketing tactics that are apparent to this reviewer.”

    All I can say is that you didn’t look closely enough.

    I have the high volume plan which they advertise at 1.7% & 2.7%, but they hide the 3.7% rate, which is the rate that I pay most of the time! They hide this in the fine print because they know it’s very high, and no one in his right mind would chose it.

    My monthly transactions are $3,000 – $5,000; I’ve looked at all of my statements for the past year, and in every case Square would have been less expensive at 2.75% than what I pay with Intuit Go Payment. On top of the terrible rate they add insult to injury with a $12.95 per month fee.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Brian,

      All of our pricing information is located on our website http://gopayment.com/pricing/. With the high volume plan your pricing is set, something seems amiss if your experiencing pricing variations could you email me directly and I will be happy to investigate ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie b


      1. David F

        Leslie, I looked at the pricing page and have to say, it’s less than straight-forward, and still seems deceptive. It only lists the swiped and the key-entered rates, and only at the bottom of the notes for key entered rate to you find reference to the “other” cards charged at 3.7%. That seems sneaky at best.

        I wonder too, why are rewards, corporate and other cards even charged this high rate? They seem pretty much the same as other cards, at least from the merchants end?

        One other issue I have with GoPayment is they don’t let you just type in an amount to charge, you have to instead enter “items” which have prices associated with them. If your doing a garage sale or are willing to be flexible on your pricing, this can be a big headache. Seems that it would be an easy feature to add in, don’t you?


        1. Leslie @GoPayment

          Hi David,

          Thanks for asking questions about GoPayment. Our website has an entire page dedicated to pricing information we want to make sure our merchants all the information they need up front. On the bottom of the page, you will find all terms and conditions etc., we couldn’t fit everything up top!

          Rewards and corporate cards are frequently used today! These cares offer great perks and these perks will place a card in a different level of qualifying rates here’s a link that explains in detail the qualifying rates:

          GoPayment is set up so you can track of the items you are selling! Our functionality,helps a lot of business owners keep track of inventory and sales! It’s quick to just enter the items once and you can use it anytime to take payments.


    2. Dan

      Brian, did they show you how to take advantage of the lower rates? I want to know if this is still an issue.

  39. Charles

    Can you explain better to me how i can charge my customers Credit card……

    1. Leslie

      Hi Charles,

      GoPayment is an easy way to take credit cards, you can apply online at http://www.gopayment.com or you can download the app on one of the compatible devices listed here http://bit.ly/Kvygbs. Once you have an account you can begin accepting credit card payments easily. Simply swipe the card through our reader which you will receive once your account is opened or you can manually enter the credit card information. Just in case here’s a link to our FAQ’s http://kbgopayment.intuit.com/intuit/index?page=gopaymenthome but don’t hesitate to email me at ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie b. Have a great day!

  40. Steven Thomas

    I signed up for Intuit’s GoPayment to process charges at shows and at home for web sales for my art business. It offered a “base rate” of 1.75% for swiped cards and direct deposit to my business checking account. Sounded great.
    I rarely get the 1.75% rate. You don’t get the rate if the card you swipe is a rewards card (aren’t they all these days) and any number of other reasons. I have called them countess times to try to make sense of their fees and I have given up! I’m getting rid of them. Really. Stay Away!! I am a very organized person and have no problem with finances and keeping books but I truly believe it is their business plan to make their fee structures totally obtuse. In the 6 or so months I have used them U have never been able to make sense of how they charged me and for what. I quit.

    1. Leslie @GoPayment

      Hi Steven,

      Our fees are listed here http://gopayment.com/pricing and in our FAQ section we have the information about the factors that determine whether a card will be Qualified, Mid-Qualified, or Non-Qualified – please see here http://kbgopayment.intuit.com/intuit/index?page=gopayment_content&id=INF16375&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1337376001548.

      By the way, our GoPayment website has a wealth of information, we apologize for any confusion. If you have any other questions you can check here http://www.gopayment.com

      Thanks for using GoPayment.


  41. Heather

    I’ve been researching processors and was steered away from Square, and ended up with GoPayment. Though I don’t have the reader yet I’ve been playing with the iphone app and I’m seeing glitches (or rather, things I’d like to see)
    • A big one seems to be that there is no way to exempt a sale from tax. Either the item has tax, or it doesn’t. If I want to deliver a sale to a wholesale client, there’s no way for me to exempt the sale from tax. Or, if I go out of state there’s no way for me to exempt the sale from tax.
    • It doesn’t look like there is a way to process a discount code (i.e. someone mentions a discount I have ongoing on my website, etc.) so they can get the same deal.
    • No way to get a copy of the detailed receipt so I can enter it properly? It looks like you can check to get an email copy of the receipt – but is it detailed or just a plain number? Also – is the percentage clearly marked out like with paypal transactions? This is important for me to be able to accurately record the cost in my system.

    Help from anyone would be appreciated. This seems like a great way to process items, I just wish it was a little clearer.

    1. Leslie @GoPayment

      Hi Heather

      Thank you for your suggestions I will definitely pass this on to our team. In the meantime to calculate sales tax you can do it outside of GoPayment then input the amount when you charge your customer. For a copy of the receipt visit https://merchantcenter.intuit.com click your account, in the account profile go to the right side of the page there you can customize receipts. Here’s a link to show you how just in case http://kbgopayment.intuit.com/intuit/index?page=gopayment_content&id=HOW13871&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1337383151239. If you have other questions please email us at ask_intuit@intuit.com attn: leslie b

  42. Heidi Alexander

    I just signed up with GoPayment and although the service seems to work easily, I was disappointed to find out that they automatically “batch out” all card transactions at 3pm Pacific Time. Any transactions after 3pm Pacific time are held until the next day and batched out with the following day’s sales up until 3pm.
    I asked if they can change the batch out time to midnight, but they said no, all GoPayments are batched at 3pm across the board.
    This is a bookkeeping nightmare for someone who runs transactions sometimes in 2-3 states at a time (in different time zones). Keeping track of each days transactions up until 3pm, and also including the previous day’s transactions AFTER 3pm is ridiculous.
    I don’t know who decided that 3pm is an appropriate time to end the day’s sales, but I am looking to change to another provider now.

  43. Marshall Flax

    I read the many reviews of the Square that cited poor customer service and that was a primary reason that I went with Go Payment. i signed up online yesterday and within a couple of hours realized the the name that would appear on the customer’s cc statement would be mine and not the business name — not what I wanted. I went to the Merchant Service Center site, downloaded the name change form, and faxed it back with the requested documentation and an explanation. This was all done the evening of New Years Day. At 10:30 AM CST on 1/2/12, I get a call from Peggy at customer service telling me that they are ready to make the change I requested — she just had a question about how I wanted the name to appear. Amazing!

    While I haven’t used Go Payment yet, I’m very impressed with their customer service.

    1. Amy at Intuit

      Hi Marshall! I’m so glad to hear stories like these. We love our customers and love when we can make service delightful. I hope by now you’ve been able to use GoPayment. Make sure you check out our blog for great stories and the latest news. Thanks again for the kind words. Amy K

    2. Marshall Flax

      2.5 months later and things are going well using GoPayment. I had a couple of large orders (yeah!) close together and exceeded my monthly limit, but was able to increase it and now the cash flows as it should. Things are going so well that I canceled my previous cc processor that I was paying $21/mo plus % of fees when the total exceeded $15.95. I should point out that I am using GoPayment solely from my desktop which is fine since nearly all sales are internet/phone. The swipe device does not work with my LG Android. It would nice to have the option of swiping when I do shows/exhibits.

      FInally, I have been able to process some international sales (I’m in the US — sales were from Canada, UK and Australia) without a problem, once I learned that I could use my zip code when the buyer’s code didn’t work.

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