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  1. Tom

    My wife and I own a craft business and most of our business is done on weekends. I was doing one of my biggest festivals of the season and my square stopped working. I tried finding a number to call square for help. One of my fellow vendors had a phone number for them and gave it to me. Well they are closed on weekends. Thankfully Sunday square started working again, but I lost a lot of sales on Saturday thanks to square. I called the number on Monday but unless you email them and get some kind of authorization number you have to key in you cannot talk to anyone. I dropped them that day. I switched to pay pal and am waiting for the free reader to arrive in the mail. Fingers crossed that they will be better. At least they have 24 hour support for those of us that sell on the weekends. Also I found out that square does not allow gun or gun accessory sales. Another fellow vendor I know makes hand crafted leather holsters and because they are considered gun accesories therefore she cannot sell them using square. She said she found that out after she created her products list in her account. She received and email from square quoting their policy. They did not shut off her account but they warned her that they would for violating their policies. She canceled her account after that.

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  2. Mark Litrico

    I have been using square for my small contracting business for about 4 years. Their deposit schedule was no problem and all was good. In late September 2014 I ran a customers credit card for $100. After a week with no deposit into my account, I contacted square and they wanted further information to verify I had a legitimate business. (There was never a warning of change of policy, they accepted the funds from my customer and would not give them to me until I provided the required information. They held my money “hostage”) I filled out the form with my business name and company tax ID # and attempted to submit it, but it would not submit because they also “required” an image of my LLC with my tax documentation AND an image the invoice! That’s none of their business! They accused me of being high risk and deactivated my account.

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  3. Todd Sherman

    60 MINUTES or 20/20 needs to do a story and expose these criminals. They closed my account with $6,113 in it. My business does transactions between $3-$5,000. I sell pellet stoves. (heating appliances). They were pretty “SLICK” about it though. First they took their fees at 3.5%. Swiping the card NEVER worked at 2.75%, so I always had to key punch in at the higher rate. THEN…..when I saw 2 transactions had not cleared….they sent me an E-Mail , LITTERALLY 2 minutes before they closed, and AFTER the transactions had been put in, saying they needed to “UPDATE” my account with more information. I needed to fax them a copy of my DBA….a customer invoice…..and 3 recent bank statements tied to my checking account. After ALL this was sent I confirmed that they received the information. Through a phone conversation to verify this….(along with a passcode #)….They said it was going to be reviewed and my funds should be available that evening. less than a half hour later my account was closed with $6,113 in it! I explained to “VICTOR”, that I was at one of my distributers to give them a check for $8,000, and needed the funds cleared. NOW I have to cover that amount of money by the end of the week. SO…..money from MY transactions has been sitting in THIER ACCOUNT….MY MONEY FROM SALES OF PRODUCT…..until THEY decide to release it to me in 90 days! Now I cannot even get ahold of them for the passcode they gave me no longer works. What are they doing with all this money they are SCAMMING out of people and holding ?? These people are KILLING small business owners with these tactics. The US Attorney General should put a stop to this NOW!!!!!!!!!! NO investigation is needed…….Just read some of these reviews. These “PONZI” scammers should be IN JAIL!

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  4. Amanda Payne

    Worst customer service .They are holding a large sum of money they say for 90 days after complying with all their request.They have shut down my account with no comunication. I will do every thing in my power, that other people do not come subjected to letting this company steal there money. I am reporting them to every agency and contacting my attorney.Worst service ever.

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  5. Jason

    Please…. this article ends by saying Square is best for babysitters or flea market vendors? I’ve owned a café for 2 years now and started with Square. It has been great and I haven’t had any issues really. And I have owned a place prior using a traditional merchant services provider….which I hated. This article read great but ended like its sponsored by the other guys….biased in some way.

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    1. Connie Crowley

      Of course you have not had any issues. If there were to be an issue, Square simply deactivates your account with no warning or explanation and freezes all pending deposits for 90 days. If you had a customer question a charge from your business, a traditional merchant would contact you, notify you of possible chargeback and hold of funds, inform you which transaction is in question. Square gives absolutely no information “for security purposes”. There is also no phone communication. Once you are deactivated and request to speak to a representative the following message is emailed: “As previously stated, phone support is only available for customers with an active Square account.” This way, Square does not have to deal with any investigation or attempt to clean up any issue. You will likely never learn which customer had an inquiry and never be able to recover your funds.

      Another reason many have apparently been deactivated is a surge in charges. If you were to hold a special event and had an unusual number of transactions for your business, you are susceptible to being deactivated and having the funds held for 90 days. This may not even be the first time for such an event in your 2 years, there is simply no continuity of business.

      Do you really believe you can operate your business forever without ever needing customer phone support? The passcode they gave you when they requested information will be expired. This is simply bad business. Please beware.

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      1. KPL

        Square now has phone support. Just spent 40 mins on the phone going thru a whole laundry list of questions. She stated they recognized the need for phone support and are staffing call centers in NY & Calif. Got GREAT service!!!

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        1. Connie Crowley

          Apparently Square does not have phone support for those of us attempting to recover our funds. I emailed another request to speak to a representative today when I saw this post and received with the same reply:

          “As previously stated, phone support is only available for customers with an active Square account.

          We apologize for any inconvenience, but our decision is final.”

          I don’t Square has a customer service phone line. They are still using the same pass code formula only available for those who have not yet been deactivated.

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    2. Donna

      Jason, I am beginning to think you may be correct in this site being fueled by others competing with Square. I have been in business for 25 years and have used the “other guys” and paid huge fees for credit cards. I have a window treatment business and move larger sums of money and have been using Square for over 2 years. I have run as much as $10,000 at 1 transaction before and as long as you know the rules with square and have set up the requirements I think all is good. I had money held only once but that was the very begining because I exceeded the manual entry limit (which is in the agreement), I contacted Square by email and had the limit raised and no questions asked within 2 days. I have never had an amount questioned by a customer so I don’t know how that would be handled but I do use a sweep account for all transactions. Once a payment is in this account I transfer it to another account so that there is only $100.00 in that account at any time, this is just safe. I have had to refund a customers payment and it was handled great by Square- no problems. I think it is a matter of establishing your company with a history with Square. I have begun using the invoice by email with them and my clients that are out of town can enter their credit card info in Squares’ site and pay a bill and I am charged the swiped rate-GREAT feature. I am very happy with the lower processing fees with Square! I hope I never have to change.

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      1. James

        Donna, I can assure you that I am not in competition with square, nor would I care to be. Like you, I had used other merchant accounts in the past, paid high fees, monthly fees, yearly fees, and was excited at the ease and affordability of square. With three years under my belt with them, and at times over $20,000 a day in charge transactions, with never a charge back or question, you would have thought I was in good standing with them, but I guess they had other ideas and not only did they deactivate my account without ANY notice what so ever, they actually accused me and I can quote “of running an illegal business.” To top it all off, square is still sending me emails and advertisements in the mail, urging me to purchase their Square Register. And get this, the postcards they send, have NO return address on them, or phone number what so ever. I too had blinders on while I was using them and like the saying goes, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees…………

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      2. Laura Puckett

        I assure you these are NOT posted by competitors. Thousands of small business owners have been devastated by this company. Myself included. They froze over $70,000 in charges and held funds over a year for NO reason.

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      3. Bill

        Beware ! Just when you get comfortable with them they change the rules! I am a good business
        man. I have have been in business for 26 years after they put a hold on $8600.00 I went
        through every hoop they demanded. Contractor licencing proof,3 bank statement,state tax id #,
        contracts with clients on & on. I never was able to speak with anyone! Actually I believe you
        could possibly be one of the many people they hire for for damage management.
        LOST MY BUSINESS DUE TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Good Day :-)

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  6. Capt Turk

    Tried to sign on the phone app for square. It will not let me setup the account with out giving them full access to the microphone, camera, pictures, everything on the phone. WTF is wrong with these people?? I would NEVER give ANYONE full access to my phone, computer, or anything else.

    The money spent on that thing is just money down the drain.

    My personal rating of them is a big fat F!!

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  7. Jennifer

    Instead of filing withe BBB, people need to start filing complaints to the FTC. They can open an investigation and start getting to the bottom of this crooked company. No business should have to wait 90 days for a credit card transaction to go through. If that is the case there would be a lot of businesses hurting and closing. A company with no phone number is a huge red flag, but you don’t know until you need to call someone.

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