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What to Know Before Getting Started

Just like the rest of Europe, the Netherlands do not have access to a wide variety of mobile credit card processing apps. However, Dutch merchants in particular have had the misfortune of losing a Netherlands-based smartphone payment processing option within the last year. This product was Adyen Shuttle, a mobile app and card reader from Dutch payment processor Adyen. Although Adyen continues to offer a number of standard POS and e-commerce products, the company no longer has a Square-style mobile card reader and app.

So, without Adyen Shuttle, how can Dutch merchants accept credit cards using their smartphones? The following list of the best Dutch mobile credit card processing apps can help them find the best option. The mobile payment processors on this list are known to offer low-cost, low-commitment contract terms and positively reviewed customer support. Although our list provides general information about each provider, merchants should be sure to visit each company’s website so that they can compare their options.

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Why These Merchant Account Providers


Headquartered in Sweden, iZettle is a mobile credit card processor that has been processing payments since 2010. The company’s products and services include an EMV- and NFC-compatible mobile credit card reader, a point-of-sale app, email marketing tools, sales analytics, Xero integration, point-of-sale hardware, and merchant cash advance. iZettle is capable of serving businesses in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.

iZettle does not charge any monthly fees and provides its card reader for a one-time cost of €19 plus VAT. iZettle gradually lowers its transaction fee from 2.75% for merchants who process less than €2,000 in a given month all the way down to 1% for merchants who process over €50,000 per month. Our review of iZettle currently gives it an “A” rating overall.

For more information, see the iZettle website.

iZettle Highlights

€19 + VAT card reader
1% to 2.75% per transaction
Live customer support

Other Merchant Account Options

The providers in this section may not have been researched as thoroughly or may lack a quality that prevented them from being listed above. We have listed them here to provide a broader view of potential merchant account options. Are you a decision maker with your company and believe that you should be listed below? Tell us here.


Based in the UK, Payleven is a mobile payment service that is “powered by” SumUp. As such, its products and services are very similar to those offered by SumUp, including an EMV/NFC card reader, a point-of-sale app, sales analytics, an itemized product catalogue, multi-user support, additional point-of-sale hardware, and emailed receipts. Payleven uses the same pricing model as SumUp, which starts at 2.75% for low-volume users and decreases gradually to 1.50% for users processing over €12,000 per month. This makes Payleven and SumUp equally competitive when it comes to potential costs.

Payleven’s mobile card reader costs €79 plus VAT. The company offers live phone support during business hours to all of its merchants. Our review of Payleven currently gives it an “A” rating.


A London-based business, SumUp is a mobile payment service that merged with Payleven in April 2016 and now acts as the parent brand between the two. Its products and services include an EMV/NFC card reader, a point-of-sale app, sales analytics, an itemized product catalogue, and digital receipts. Like Payleven, SumUp charges 2.75% for low-volume users and decreases gradually to 1.50% for users processing over €12,000 per month. It also does not charge any monthly fees.

SumUp’s mobile card reader costs €79 plus VAT. The company does not offer live phone support to its merchants. Our review of SumUp currently assigns it an “A” rating.

If we are missing any great Dutch mobile payment processing apps that should be included on this list, please let us know in the comment section below.

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