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  1. Ruth

    this is by far the worst lying company I have ever ever ran across. I have a business owner that cancelled his account within 3 days… the machine arrived the next day..(if only they were they quick to return a phone call.)
    they never left the orginial contract with the merchant. why do you think that you would be? giving the benefit of the doubt… we called to get a copy of the contract. Nope.. they emailed a blank contract. requesting numerous times in the same day … we received an email with some of the rates included in the email. not what my business owner was told. not at all. He was told he would pay only 89.00 a month to process up to 16,000. Knowing this business we KNOW that there is no way.
    So, making sure I could explain what he was told.. or seeing it in writing.. then we could go over exactly what he was going to get.
    they said there is NO contract. None at all. nothing to risk. I told the owner to NOT process on that machine. we called to send it back.and we could not get anyone to give us an address. we had no paperwork.
    finially a few days later we received a contract in the email. there was a lease and LEASE of 89.99 for 48 months. plus processing fees. when his mother called them. they were horrible and disrespectful. I heard the conversation. he was talking about tiered pricing and didn’t even make sense. I don’t think he understood what he was saying.
    they have yet to follow through and now the business gets a confirmation from first data global leasing.
    he never ever ever agreed to a lease. He said it was all inclusive for 89.a month. how can a company get away with lying? the new rep was a day on the job. he repeated whatever the business told him to say. they are horrible and to train a new rep this way is disgraceful.
    there has to be laws and rules the ISOs have to follow. How does a company get away with lying?? This industry makes my heart sick. if you have to lie to get a sale… fine another line of work. this is peoples lives and money and families that are being messed with.
    I do need help and need to know who to reach out to to help make this right for my business.. and other businesses that have been messed over. if you want to sell a lease.. explain it so they know what they are signing. to sign people up without their knowledge is plain fraud and should be punishable. maybe that company should pay for their processing fees for 48 months for lying. shame on you!! Securus shame shame on you.
    I need to know who to report them to as this needs to be corrected immediately and not be on their credit report as well. we have yet to get a letter that is was cancelled. sme email acknowledgment would be great. and also a letter to let First Data leasing to know that this whole transaction was misleading, fraudulent and is has been promised to be canceled in full completely.
    please someone…. I will uncover every person and write emails to every source to fix this. this is the only reason why I am still in this business is to help businesses understand and learn and do whats best for them. Not scam them.

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  2. tom

    Securus is a complete scam they promise the best rates but their system does not work, they charge a compliance fee of $170 a year and $25 per month and I have not been able to process through securus’s service but once during a test in over a year. if you get a call from them and you answer the phone they will call you repeatedly.
    caution stay away from this scam

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  3. brenda swenson

    Received a bill have no ideal who they are. I do not have a business. Is there a way to call? Who an what are they

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    1. sandy

      Securus can be reached at 1-866-649-1324 I signed up with this credit card processing company…wished that I looked at these reviews first

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  4. Jack

    Had a resume posted and got a phone call for a job. Asked why territory was open for six months. He said I would be trained thoroughly by a two day live online training session. WAS I EVER GOING TO SEE ANYONE FROM THIS COMPANY IN PERSON. Said he would email company info by email. Guess I asked too many questions never received anything.

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  5. Tim

    I have sold cc processing packages for several different companies now and I have sat down with hundreds of business owners and reviewed their statements. If you are going to switch companies, for god sake do not be dumb enough to purchase your equipment, cc processing will be going through a revolution like picture tube tv’s did. When you decide, knowing what I know now after multiple companies under my belt and seeing statements on the rest, All THAT SHOULD MATTER TO YOU IS ONE SIMPLE THING, JUST ONE, and that is?????? I DON’T CARE IF THE SKY IS BLURPLY BLORANGE, WHAT IS THE OVERALL COST OF DOING BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if your equipment is free, which it never is, or your lease for 6 machines is $475 a month, when you take your total fees that you pay whatever the DUCK they come from and divide by the total processed, you will receive your percentage cost to do business, THE FACT IS ALL COMPANIES ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY, SOME DO IT ON FEES, SOME DO IT ON RATE MARK UP, SOME DO IT ON EQUIPMENT, so who gives a shit how it’s made as long as the new company gives you equipment that will process both cards for now and they have the lowest combined overall cost. Honestly, I am kind of shocked reading your comments and I will tell you why…… I don’t care what the company is that I have reviewed statements on, 99.5% of all business owners I have met do not understand their current bill, their current fees, have no idea how much it is all truly costing them, and then to top it all off due to regulation changes qualify for tier 1 but are being marked up to tier for profit. These same b.owners are either tied into very large fees to cancel, or even worse had to buy the equipment outright and then are also being charged software fees, customer service, warranty fees, and maintenance fees on top I have read a bunch about the equipment charges and this rates and this not being what you were told(it’s unfortunate If you had a salesman with no morals and lied to you, for that I am sorry. However as far as the contracts having different rates on them then what you were told…. I don’t think so) the simple fact of the matter is every company functions differently so, it is your job to know how the one that you chose functions and pay attention to the transactions…. do you know that the majority of mom and pop store plastic is in the format, 77%avg, of debit cards or prepaid debit cards. So I will give you an example, securus has a 0% debit card charge, when you are sold by them they Always gave me 2 different types of programs to pitch one debit free and one regular. I did my job correctly and informed the client exactly what each entailed and low and behold I would always always recommend that you get a side pin pad when they chose the debit program and low and behold the ones that fought me over the equipment charge for the additional items would be the same one that would call me complaining, I wonder why. The fact via if you push you customers to use debit the savings was absolutely tremendous,

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  6. Steven Mathews

    Horrible Company!!! I just got charged around $400 in fees that they can not tell me why and also say they can not refund them. CROOKED COMPANY!!!!!! Customer service was HORRIBLE and DID NOT WANT TO HELP!! Kept running me in circles. Did not care I was going to get my attorney involved. When I said cancel, they did not care and only said “You will be charged $495 SIR!!! Horrible!!! Horrible reviews on Ripoff Report also.

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  7. Arturo

    In San Diego, Ca. the company reps may have started their own ISO company. The company may be named Coastal Pay. Does any one know anything about this newer company? I’ve checked w/ Ca. Secretary of State regarding articles of incorporation, but I’ve not discovered the new entity name. Two Securus Payments reps have visited my place of business. I’ve signed nothing.
    Who left the Securus company? The good eggs or the bad eggs?

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  8. kim

    Highly unethical and exploitative business practices, extremely poor customer service. merchants beware!

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    1. Phillip

      Hi Kim,

      Can you provide some examples of what you experienced as “unethical and exploitative business practices” by Securus?

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  9. josh

    total criminals. do not sign anything. they promise the world and then switch the terms on the contract.
    then they start taking money for no reason until you cancel. then they take money because you cancelled.

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  10. Tom Harvey

    Sales personnel were very sincere and may not have know that they were committing Fraud in the Inducement.
    They sent comparative statements which purported to show a small savings of about $80 per month. The total processing credit was correct. but the interior numbers were plugged to equal the total cards processed. When I costed it out using the correct interior numbers they had increased our card processing cost by $200 per month. They were immediately told to cancel the contract. So far they have declined. We will see them in court, if they successfuly steal any funds from our account. Their salesman may not know that the company is doing fraudulent analyses. That is what can make this fraud so effective. I am considering filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and if injury occurs requesting prosecution by the California Attorney General. Thank you for your time and service.

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  11. jerry

    I just got scam by securus sale man carson cook. I was promised to get free equipment and and free paper, lower rate than my previous merchant company by carson cook from securus. it ended up i had to pay 150.00 per month for renting the equipment from first data and over paying from 80 to 90.00 dollars more than my previous company every month, I was told that if i was not satisfied i could cut ties with this company with no penalty. It turns out they use collection company to threaten me to pay 8,960.00 for them, when i cancel with them. what an “good company” to make money by doing. what an ashamed

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  12. Edward Fine

    Securus Payments absolutely and underhanded company. Hidden charges. Do not live up to contractual promises nor do they intend to. Don’t re-imburse charges even they agree are invalid. Charges over 2% above what they promised. Difficult to reach by phone. No follow-up to promises. Bored with my complaints. Next step is to spend even more money for an attorney to represent me. They are unethical.

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  13. Leah

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! I signed up with them with a “no cancellation fee” agreement. Upon receiving our terminals we discovered they do not accept our current gift cards nor did the ones that I purchased from them work. It was one problem after another. When I went to cancel my “agreement”, I find out there is a 500.00 cancellation fee and also a 9000.00 cancellation fee for the terminals. Trying to resolve the issue professionally I have called numerous times and left messages and can’t get a return phone call to save my life! Very unprofessional.

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    1. debra polen

      wish I would have read this before I signed up with these people. same thing happened to me only it was more. makes me sick!!! where you able to get out of it? I am seeing an attorney tomorrow.

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  14. P

    I have a complaint in to the BBB on Securus Payments right now. A saleman came to our small family business. Told me all kinds of great things about their credit card processing. NO lease, no ëxtra fees on top of %. On and on…. Had me sign papers, then took papers with him to bring back later. He forged my initials all over the place on the papers and then when I read stuff, everything was just the opposite as what he had stated. I have been on the phone with their Oregon offices for almost 2 weeks and bottom line now is. For me to cancel it will cost me $495. As they stated, “They have a signed contract from me and they were not there when I talked to their rep” It’s my word against his. I can not believe, at my age, I got swindled like this. I feel so stupid. Is there any help out there for me???

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  15. Professional Center 205 Pharmacy

    Do not use this company! They offerered us great rates, and even claimed that they worked with the company that handles our POS transaction software and claimed that there would be no compatability issues. When we attempted to set up up the processing through them, there were multiple issues due to incorrect processing information given, rude customer service when attempting to rectify the situation, and we ultimately found out that they were not compatable with our processing software and that no such claim was given. In addition, fees which were not listed in the contract have been charged to us, and multiple attempts to contact the company have been ignored, including multiple messages on the personal lines of two different managers including Darin Docker. Every attempt to rectify the situation rebuted, we recommend that every business think twice before they decide to allow this company to handle their card processing!

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  16. Greg

    They wont STOP calling me! I told them politely, I was not interested and to remove me from their call list. Each day that goes by seems to multiply the number of calls I get! I have received 4 calls from them today (so far) alone! I am filing a complaint with donotcall.gov when I get done here. This is rediculous! I have a business to run! NO MEANS NO!!!!! This ranks right up there with GOOGLE’s BS! I would not do buisness with them even if it were FREE because of this!!!!!!

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