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Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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WorldPay Overview

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WorldPay Logo

WorldPay ( is a large direct processor with an international presence in 40 countries, the largest of which is in the U.K. and Europe. Founded in 1989 under the name “Streamline” in the U.K., the company name was changed to WorldPay a few years later. In 2001, WorldPay launched its U.S. operations in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after, the company was bought by The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and rebranded as RBS WorldPay. In 2010, RBS sold its controlling interest in the company and RBS WorldPay was rebranded back to just “WorldPay.”

Besides offering credit card processing services, WorldPay offers phone line card processing, ATM services, gift & loyalty card processing, check processing and online payment processing using This review will focus on WorldPay’s US operations.

WorldPay Sales & Marketing Tactics | C

WorldPay markets its services both directly with its own outside and inside sales staff and indirectly using independent sales agents, resellers, and sub-ISOs. This is a common strategy and usually leads to a moderate amount of complaints. In this case, we are able to locate approximately 100 negative WorldPay reviews that describe nondisclosure or misrepresentation of fees by sales agents. However, we found no uses of misleading advertising or rate quoting in the company’s official materials.

WorldPay Costs & Contract Terms | D

WorldPay’s pricing, rates, and fees will vary by merchant and whether or not the merchant signed up for services through a reseller or directly through WorldPay. Based on a few reports, it appears that merchants are more likely to experience higher rates and longer service agreements by signing up directly with WorldPay instead of through a reseller. This is likely because WorldPay gives resellers pricing and contract flexibility, which allows them offer better deals to merchants if they choose to do so.

Merchants considering a WorldPay merchant account should read the contract (available below) carefully because the standard service agreement is for three years with automatic one-year renewals if written notice is not given within 90 days of the service expiration. If merchants cancel while under contract they may experience a $95-$495 cancellation penalty. Additionally, WorldPay appears to charge a PCI Compliance fee of $15-$25 per month, which is above average for the industry. Merchants are also reporting an annual fee of $69 for what looks like an IRS 1099 reporting fee. The potentially high cancellation fee, auto-renewing contract, and high compliance fees are the factors that greatly lower WorldPay’s rating in this section.

Click here to see a copy of the standard WorldPay merchant agreement
WorldPay Merchant Agreement

WorldPay Complaints & Service | C

Overall, WorldPay has a moderate number of complaints filed online for a company of its size, many of which accuse it of being a ripoff or a scam. The most common types of complaints report unexpected fees and surprise over the $495 cancellation fee and auto-renewing contract. There are also complaints regarding deceptive sales practices by agents, poor customer support, and fund holds. Its should be noted that many complaints may get attributed to WorldPay’s resellers instead of WorldPay itself and vice versa.

WorldPay BBB Report | C (CPO Adjusted)

As of this review, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is showing that the company received accreditation in 2010 and has an “A” rating despite 241 complaints filed in the last 36 months. Of the complaints, 144 are due to problems with products and services, 90 are due to billing and collection disputes, and seven have to do with advertising and sales issues. WorldPay has resolved 164 of the complaints while 71 merchants reported that they were not satisfied with the company’s response. Six merchants did not reach a resolution with the company. Considering this complaint volume and resolution rate, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C” for the purposes of this review. For more information on why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our rating criteria.

Bottom Line

WorldPay is a very large direct processor that has an international presence. WorldPay could improve its rating in this review by reducing or eliminating its early termination penalty and auto-renewing contract and greatly reducing its volume of merchant complaints.

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WorldPay Review

Rated 2.25 Out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2014-03-10 14:48:04

UPDATED: Jan 9, 2014 – We have located a moderate number of WorldPay complaints for a company of this size, many of which accuse it of being a ripoff or a scam… WorldPay ( could improve its rating in this review by reducing or eliminating its early termination penalty and auto-renewing contract and… Learn more in this WorldPay review.

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  1. Linda M. Pratt

    I am on board w/ all the complaints I’ve read. It has been 2 {two} years of trying to disconnect from World Pay processing our Restaurant transactions. Thousands of $$$ has been automatically deducted along with a stack of correspondence from our end, to get them to stop taking $$$ that does not seem legal or ethical. If I were rich I would spend ten-fold just to shut this Company down. Their response to me is always the same: They have no paperwrk from me. Really !!! What about the Mission Statement” that Company prides themselves on ? If you have this many complaints of withdrwls, early termination fees, on & on, not including your existing accts, is it any wonder why small business owners can’t survive when you initially hire a Co. who claims to save you the pennies that are so important.. I don’t want the routine reply. I want the person who can change this stand before us all and show your face and do the right thing. My collection fee will also bounce and off to collections I go for the first time in my life. Awaiting the proud moment, unless you stand up to the Mission Statement and do whats right……………….

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    2. ronald beebe

      I have been in exactly the same spot with them. they are terrible (as evidence3d by the automatic bot answer that gets posted here). My Bank said about the only thinkg I could do to stop the bleeding was close my account and open another one. It’s a hassle but it’s better than leaking cash… Good Luck.

  2. Shyam Shrestha

    I have an account with worldpay since january 2014 and i was scam by the company. I have been misleading and provided misinformation by the one of the sales person . The company send me the credit card processing terminal via mail without my approval with the activation and begin charge even we did not use it when i spoke with the customer service they told me the cancellation fee will be $999 . I never ask them to send me the credit card terminal rather i said to him that i will not be able to have the service because i dont have phone line that need to go with it. so i told him dont’t send the paperwork until i get the phone line. Now there are so many unexpected hidden fees and penalties that i was never told before, recently they charge me$500 only for the credit card processing terminal However he told me it was free because they have a promotion going on during that time for new customer. All they want is your info and signature to trap you and make you pay whatever, however thay want.I am so so disappointed and still fighting to get rid of them.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  3. Tina

    Altered contract charged 400.00 for closing my account fraudulently would not repay. have all docs to prove it . But the little guy never wins.
    If you are not with them Smart move. Stay away!
    I wish a class action law suit would come against World Pay. you could put me first inline.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  4. Liaqat Ali

    Let me tell you, federal authorities should have closed this company long time ago and I still cannot understand how they are still in business after so many complaints. After working with them for 3 years and dealing with fraudulent and hidden fees each month, when I sold my business and tried to cancel my service, they charged my bank account $495. The rest of this story is same as other people experienced.

    If you are smart, do not work with this company.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  5. Rhonda

    My experience with WorldPay has been mixed. Initially I didn’t even know I was having processing done through them My online practice management service, OfficeAlly indicated that cc processing was handled through TransEngen, but I was passed on to WorldPay. The initial WP contact was friendly enough. I’d had a cc processor previously, so I knew to ask about early termination — and was not informed of the $495 fee. Nor was I informed of the automatic yearly renewals or sent a copy of the contract (which mentions the termination fee conveniently on the second to last page of the 5-page very fine print document.) I recently closed my practice, and when I terminated my service (a little over 2 months into the new renewal year with very limited charges), I was informed about the fee — and had a cow! To WP’s credit, I had no problems with cc processing and their customer service rep Michael Clark was pleasant and calm and tried to move me up the supervisory chain as I requested so that I could dispute the termination fee — of course to no avail. Now, to add insult to injury, WP has sent me to collections for their $495 fee in only a week after they were unable to debit the amount (I had closed my bank account). The similarity of all the posted comments on this page tells the tale. I resonated with the person suggesting a class action lawsuit.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    2. ronald beebe

      Rhonda would be interested to hear how/if WorldPay helped you out since they responded to your post the very next day. Haven’t seen anyone post on here about help that they recieved after that gracious offer was extended…

  6. rob lituri

    This is a company you should stay away from . but in most cases we don’t find out what you are dealing with
    until its too late . this is a dishonest company with predatory sales staff set out to deceive people into signing contracts without telling you about all the fee’s. yes the fee’s and when you discover what you got into its too late to end your experience with worldpay they slap you in the face with a termination fee of 399.00 .but wait there’s more abuse you also have to pay a 499.00 fee for the terminal they say you get for free for signing
    with this p.o.s. company. so if you see a worldpay salesman standing in front of you just beat the shit out of him because that’s what he wants to do to you.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  7. Joe Smith

    I would never recommend Worldpay. They have consistently raised their prices and for us that is almost 300% higher then when we first joined. We have called and they have no justification for the price increase. Customer service is horrible and they stick to their script. Do not use them. We plan to seek legal action against them.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  8. Cheryl Young

    If I can keep anyone from signing up with WorldPay US as a merchant service provider I will be happy. We have had nothing but trouble since starting with them. We were given a “proposal” based on our previous merchant service provider. They broke it down in tiers. The lowest rate tier is where about 80% of our card swipes fell. The proposal was based on this. I was concerned about the high rate of the tier 4 rate but was assured that most of our cards did not fall in this tier. From the start about 80% of cards of course fell in this high rate tier. We signed a 3 year rate guarantee. DO NOT DO THIS! The cancellation fees they charge are outrageous. After 7 months of trying to fight the tiers and getting nowhere we decided to cancel and switch. We opened a new bank account knowing they had access to our old account. They tried to get over $7,900.00 in early termination fees out of our account but our band rejected it due to lack of funds. They are still badgering us over this but we have already talked to our attorney and are fighting it. They are a very unethical company!!!!!!! Do not sign up with WorldPay!!!

  9. Edward

    A Worldpay salesman came to my business 2 ½ years ago on July 26, 2011. I discussed my plans of retiring in a couple of years. He said that would not be a problem since I had my own credit card processing equipment and supplies. The salesman said he’d email me a copy of the agreement. He did not, receive it so I had him send it again, still nothing so he gave me some excuse and said he would send bring it by. I still never received it. The salesman promised that he (Worldpay) could save me money and that I could cancel processing when the time came to retire. Since then, the fees have continuously increased. They always come outs with fees out of nowhere. I closed my operations in November of 2013 and have had no credit card processing since that time. In December, $151.23 was withdrawn from my bank account for a “Compliance Fee”. I Sent a letter on January 8th, 2014 requesting cancellation of my account and return of the $151.23 since I did not have (and will not have any further transactions). On January 20, 2014, an additional $495 was withdrawn from my bank account.
    In my opinion, this company has practiced fraudulent business in every aspect. First they lied to me about everything including merchant fees, They promised they had the best rates available which is a complete lie.

    1. WorldPay US, Inc.

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  10. Manuel

    When world pay had process my credit cards transaction they always overcharge,They always come outs with fees out no where.Buy the time i want to cancel my account after 4 years they charge me $495.



    1. WorldPay Inc

      We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

  11. Chad Johansen

    I would recommend to never do business with WorldPay! I did business with them for 4 years and decided to cancel their service due to never using it. They replied with I need your $495 in order to do so. How can you do that to a loyal customer! Beware of this company and I would highly advise to look elsewhere!

  12. CTD

    These people are the worst i’ve ever dealt with. every negative post on here is true. Fees come in from all over the place, they are the highest i’ve ever paid, customer service is the worst. I cancelled after 2 months and blocked them from charging my account a single dime for cancellation fees. Total incompetent thieves

  13. Zane

    I sold my business recently and called to cancel my service. They cancelled the service and charged my bank account $495. Upon inquiry, they said that I have signed a contract that says that I will be charged termination fee of $495 if I cancel within 3 years.

    I don’t remember signing any contract and was never made aware of this termination fee when I signed up for service. I asked for a proof of contract and they emailed me a copy. It had my name and signature which I never signed. The signature wasn’t mine and the writing wasn’t mine either. They said I should contact an attorney if I have an issue with this.

    I can’t believe that companies like this continue to exist in USA.

    Please be aware that they also charged me hefty monthly fee + PCI compliance Fee + Annual Fee + Transaction Fee + Settlement Fee + other fees.

  14. Taliah

    Worldpay is the worst company to ever do business with. Every month there are new fees that mysteriously pop up. Then they claim they told you about them. Whatever you do, DO NOT do business with this company!

  15. Superior Pest

    Worldpay gets you to signup by claiming low rates but in the end the monthly fee combined with the transaction fees end up being much higher. If you are not a large credit acceptance location i would definitely recommend Square over Worldpay as its simpler with no monthly fees and no cancellation fees as if you try to cancel on worldpay they try to charge thru the nose!! I do not recommend worldpay at all!!

  16. Susan

    Based on other reviews, there seems to be a theme when trying to cancel with WorldPay. Originally we didn’t have a problem with them, but it seemed like every other month there was some new note on the top of the statement about how the rates were changing and not for the better.

    Also, we began to have communication problems with our machine. We called several times and got different solutions, eventually it was fixed, but in the slowest way possible that included the machine dialing the primary line and then the secondary line. It took so long customers would ask us if there was a problem.

    While calling to fix the terminal problem I asked if we were under contract and if there was a fee for getting out of it. We were told no, we were not under contract so we could cancel at any time.

    Two months later we finally switched companies, but when we called to cancel the account- the first time, we were told after going through several steps that they could do it, but they needed to talk to the owner, who wasn’t at the business with us at the time. The second time, while on the phone with the owner, they told us they could not do it, that we had to call some random guy named Scott, that works at another company and get him to do it. (First of all, why do I need to call a guy at another company, when you are the company that everything is with).

    So, we call Scott, of course he doesn’t answer, we leave a message. He calls back and tells the owner that our rates are fantastic why would we want to change. The owner tells him to speak with me and to call back. Scott never does, even after I tried to call and left several messages. So, the third time we called WorldPay we told them we’ve done all we can, that we called Scott and it’s two weeks later and he has not contacted us back. They said they will try to call Scott, they of course got no answer, so they sent him an email and CC’d us on it. They said if they didn’t get a response he would get the WorldPay Supervisor to give us permission to cancel. We got no response. Finally, the representative called back the next week and said since Scott never responded to the email that we were authorized by the supervisor to cancel, but for a $495 fee because we had finished our 3-year contract in July and it automatically renews for a year after the original contract is up unless someone calls beforehand to cancel it.

    That opened a whole other box of problems since we were told months ago that we are not under contract. We argued back and forth, I was basically called stupid because I could not have possibly called WorldPay to ask them because they would have told us we would have had to call Scott to close the account. Guess what, I did call WorldPay and one of your employees told me not only did we not have a contract that we could cancel at any time. So now, we have to wait for another 24-48 hours for the supervisor to read the email sent by the representative, hopefully pull the recording of the phone call of when I called about the terminal and asked if we were under contract and even then they are saying that if the WorldPay employee said we were not under contract, then she was just mistaken and we might still have to pay the fee. We are on Day 21 of this saga, let’s see how long it will continue.

  17. Shun Cheung

    Worldpay is a pirate. After I finished my 3-year contract with them for credit card processing, I called them to cancel the account and they told me that my account was automatically renew for one year. They have a shady business practice and wanted me to pay $495.00 early termination fee after I cancelled the account. They put my account on collection after I refused to pay. And those people just kept bothering me through the phone threatening a law suit. After complaining via BBB, without much help, waiting a lot of time and energy, I settled with the collection agency for $300.00. But now that another collecting agency called telling me I still owed world pay over $1000.00. I think all the worldpay victim should come together and do a class law suit. Any government agency can help?

  18. Doug

    Last year I posted an item about World Pay Charges for Gift Card Dormancy Fees. A total rip off as WP is not out any money for making this adjustment.. After fighting with to get this eliminated < here is out most recent letter to World Pay dated Aug 7, 2013

    Dear Lyndi,

    Well another month, another statement and more gift card dormancy fees. This is now officially UNBELIEVABLE! I cannot possible tell you how dissatisfied I am to be a WorldPay customer. You guys agreed to drop these fees last year to keep our business but apparently you don't want it! Every month of this year we've had to waste our time calling you, explaining the problem, getting a credit issued and being told that NOW it's fixed. It would seem that WorldPay is just hoping we stop checking our statement in hopes that we'll give up trying.

    I will need you to issue us another credit – this time for $600 charged on our most current statement. I will also need you to explain to me why we should continue to do business with you. I have merchant processors beating my door down for our business while WorldPay is providing nothing but poor service and higher rates. If you truly want our business, you need to offer SOL more incentive beyond waiving dormancy fees.

    I expect a timely follow up on this matter.

    Very sincerely,
    Bruce – Operations Director

  19. Alexis Ferguson

    My three year contract with Worldpay is finally ending and I am able to cancel with out the $495 fee on September 14, 2013 via fax. Imagine my surprise when $295 is randomly taken out of my account on August 2, 2013. I have been sent adjustment advice from Worldpay saying I have been charged an early termination fee! Why in the world would I have to pay that fee when I only should have to pay one more month of their exorbitant monthly fees? I didn’t send that fax to cancel in writing and certainly wasn’t planning on it until 9/14! I would also like to be refunded for all the overdraft charges this unexpected “termination” fee has resulted in. I do not keep much extra money in this account as I have switched to a new one when this business closed. I was planning on closing the account after I ended my oppressive worldpay contract.

    Also, the PCI charge is out of control. Even if you take the survey and become “PCI compliant”, you will need to call every month to have the $19.99 PCI charge reversed.

    I warn anyone who reads this not to get involved with this unethical, predatory company. I wish I had never signed the contract and given them my bank information. As they have pointed out to me many times on the phone, they do not specify how high the originally low fees can rise and the cancellation fee is always looming over you.

    I am waiting for the branch manager at my bank, Wells Fargo to return my call so I can cut them off from my account and hopefully they will take action for worldpay’s fraudulent withdraw of this “termination fee.” I have filed complaints with the BBB and FTC. Are there other organizations that can assist?

  20. Leah

    I contacted world pay in April because I wanted to offer gift cards to my customers. I use an iPad as my cash register & they told me that gift cards would work. I signed up, received my card reader, had my sales rep come to my business to set up my iPad with their software & even ordered gift cards. Sometime towards the end of May I still wasn’t actively using WP & I still hadn’t received my gift cards. I asked my reps about this & their response was that WP can’t let me use gift cards on a mobile device. So I told them that I won’t be switching from Square now because the only reason I wanted to change was for gift card options. I found out that they charged me $15 to send me the card reader so my rep said they would refund that shipping because I wasn’t notified of that in advance. During the afternoon that the rep was there setting up the app on my iPad the dummy card that the company sent wasnt working to see if a transaction went through. So the rep then used her own card. Ok so in the months of April, may, June & July I was charged a $15 monthly service fee. I was told that the ONLY charge I was going to see was the per swipe charge. I asked the reps about this and their reply was that everyone charges a monthly fee & that Square will be too soon. When I called about getting those charges reversed & my account closed I was told of the crazy high cancellation fee because I was in contract. I told them I never used the system so how can I be under contract? Apparently, when the rep use her own card that day because theirs wasn’t working that allowed them to start charging me!!! What bullshit! I have been texting, emailing & calling them since May to get this figured out & get my money back. I keep getting put off with excuse after excuse! My husband finally called today & was told by my rep that I would be getting a $$76 ( correct amount) credit to my bank account. When my husband called customer service to see when it would happen they said I would only be getting $45! This company is full of scheming sales reps! I advise anyone out there to not get involved! They talk a good game and bad mouth every other POS company out there. I use & will continue to use SQUARE. They are straightforward & honest.


    My name is Donny I am the owner of Pine Tree Automotive in Longview Texas. My business has canceled with Worldpay And has been for three months. WORLDPAY is still charging me processing fees and non-PCI COMPLIANCE FEES WHEN I AM PCI COMPLIANANT 25.00$””” THIER RATES ARE OUTRAGES! I have a new processing company processing my credit and bank cards for less than half of what world pay was charging me. NOW I NEED TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO STOP WORLDPAY FROM ILEGALLY DRAFTING MONY FROM MY BANK.

    1. Tina

      We need a class action law suit! I have a fraudulently altered contract by world pay. they faxed to me and my original that says month to month. also the fact that they admit the fraud in emails. I stopped payment to them after canceling service because they wouldnt let me out of what they call a contract. FRAUD.
      on 7/24/13 they found a way around the stop payment and took $495.00. I had to close my business account. the banlk wont really do anything the law here in oregon dose not protect the business owner. I dont know what to do.

      1. ronald beebe

        I am in absolute agreement Tina. they are slimey and do not care whether the service they offer is of value to the customer. they trap/trick merchants into a contract, jack the rates around capricuosly, and basically reply “tough, you signed the contract so we can do whatever we want.” I am not sure how they stay in business.

      2. kimberly

        I would like in!!! I am a hairdresser and have had nothing but problems with this company! They are bullies and I cant even get them on the phone or get into their websight?portal to get a hold of anyone! I want out!!!!

  22. Patty

    We could cancel anytime because we had no contract. So when I did and they even verified it with my husband, they keep charging me every month. They told me they couldn’t reach us when they tried to call back to verify it (again) for deactivation. They had my email and our new address and I’m sure they even had my new phone number. They’re obviously just making excuses to keep charging us. The manager said the volume was too high on the phone so they couldn’t understand the conversation, even though they never said “What, we can’t understand you?”. A rip-off!!!

  23. Paul Mcalary

    This is a company that truly has no regard for their customers. They are unresponsive and while all eventual communication with them is always courteous they really have no interest in anything but getting as much money out of their customers while providing the least effective and cheapest customer service. They really drive their customers to want to end their relationship with them and after they prove to be completely incompetent, are unwavering in taking no responsibility for their actions and refusing to let the their unhappy hordes of dissatisfied customers out of their contracts. Of course if you read their contract they have broken it and you should be allowed to give notice, but you have given then access to your commercial account which to them seems to be a license to steal.

    Run fast and run far away from this disreputable company!

    1. Patty

      Your right! Having access to your bank account is what gives them a license to steal and they lie about doing it, making up lame excuses. The way they’ve treated me after doing business with them for ten years (first RBS then Worldpay) is shameful. I second your complaint!

  24. Belinda

    I can say I am getting tired of the charge on my account then get the notice of how much it is. I can’t even see why I was charged so much when we didn’t even run as many charges the last month as the month before. Not to mention the surprise $129 charge they gave me last fall. Was told it was some service charge.. ok well i pay a service fee every month.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Belinda,

      There was a recent increase to some clients rate plans. If you have an account representative, I recommend contacting them about reducing your rates or contact customer care and request a rate review. If you need any assistance, please feel free to email me at

      Thank you,


  25. Akshay

    Thief, liars, looting the innocent are some of the first things that comes to my mind when i think about RBS-worldpay.
    they did not accept my credit card because they knew i could chargeback.
    they charged me $500 from my bank as application fees and then did not approve my application.
    when i wrote about the refund, they did not reply for 4-5 days.
    then i called them up and raised a ticket, then i received a mail asking for my bank details that they already had…
    then i sent a dozen mails in the next 2 weeks but no response… and then finally they replied that “worldpay has made the transfer to my account”.
    i haven’t recieved the funds yet, so i asked them for a proof of transfer and that was 10 days ago, the reply was “we are investigating the issue”.
    I am still waiting.
    I am amazed how easily these banks are committing fraud with customers and there is no one to monitor this or stop this.
    I am pissed off with the system.
    So here is a $500 tip – Boycott RBS-worldpay

  26. Barbara

    I began using World Pay because they were affiliated with Charter One, the banking institute that I was using at the time. I decided, after a frustrating year and a half of paying high fees for both of these organizations, that I would terminate them both and incur their additional ridiculous fees for doing so. When I switched to my new merchant provider, I decreased the per transaction fee, the transaction percent withholding, and overall monthly charges. It makes a huge difference!

    One of the most frustrating things with World Pay is that they charge you to give you paper statements or you have to get them yourself online. But because they are online you don’t always have a chance to review their notices that appear in the documents each month indicating new fees, increases, etc. So, because I missed one of these notices I was charged a monthly non-compliance PCI fee but also, since they have to be compliant and the machines belong to them, I was charged a monthly compliant fee as well. They hit me with both of these fees each month! CRAZY

    Now, so far so good with my new provider. The new provider agreed to cover their fee for termination. Boy, I should have made the switch a long time ago. Oh, in case you’re wondering, I now use Bank of America. Maybe you have a different experience with BOA, but for me, I’m so glad to have made the change.

    Good luck.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Barbara,

      My name is Lyndi Heckaman, account executive for Worldpay. The $25 non compliant fee that you received is completely refundable. You simply needed to complete your annual PCI survey either online or by utilizing your PCI 1-800 hotline. I am not sure how long ago you canceled….. or if they would be willing to refund the fee now, unfortunately. I would like to warn you though, that Bank of America, aka First Data, also has a monthly Non Compliant PCI fee, which I believe is either $25 or $30 a month. So be sure to review your statements carefully.

      Thank you,


  27. Fred Fulled

    My story is very similar to everyone elses here. In lieu of wrighting a disgusting disertation, getting worked up, and complaining about the constant monthly jabs and increases from WorldPay, how do I terminate WorldPay and stop the fees prior to my anniversary date AGAIN?

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Mr. Fulled,

      My name is Lyndi Heckaman, account executive for Worldpay. If you are still in need of assistance regarding the cancellation of your Worldpay account….. please feel free to email me. I will be happy to assist you with the proper steps you need to take.

      Thank you,


  28. Mr.JayR

    I’m reading everyone’s complaints on here and I’m pretty disgusted with how this company handle things.

    I used worldpay for my coffee shop here in Chicago. At the time of setting things up with my shop, I admit, I failed to do my research on which terminals to use. Shame on me. However, I was referred to them by my banker. So I figured, this would save me a lot of time looking around.

    After a few months of being in business, holy crap! FEE FEE FEE!!! With all the fees added up, each transaction came out to 6-7% !!! Don’t let them lure you in with so called low transaction fees or empty promises. This company changes their policies all the time without notifying you AND they do that while you are still locked into their contract!!! So you have no say OR choice but to deal with it. That’s their motto. And good luck talking to customer service, nothing but a bunch of chess pawns reading from a script. Kinda like the person responding to all these post “Lyndi Heckaman”.

    The cancellation fee is ridiculous! They never mention this to you when you sign up. Regardless of your circumstances, in business, out of business, changing terminals, or selling your business; they will stick that fee to you regardless! I sold my business after 2yrs but had to wait another year for my contract with Worldpay to deactivate my terminal. Cheaper to pay $10/month for the year than pay the full $500. Still pretty shady of them.

    **My advise, stay away from this company and its bank affiliates (RBS, Citizens Bank, and CharterOne Bank). If you really need a credit card machine for your business, there are tons of companies out there that won’t stiff you on fees or lock you in a contract. And if you think your business will do about 30% or less in credit card transactions, you’re better off doing CASH only. The credit card fees will hurt the business in the long run instead of doing good. We did cash only and didn’t notice a difference in our customers.

    And since we are on the subject of Banks, why the heck is there a maintenance fee? I just don’t get it. We as customers, give money to the Banks to babysit, they lend our money out collecting interest on the money they lent out, but charge every customer with a monthly fee?! This is why I stick money with my local credit union!

    Good luck to everyone out there banking with these big banks. It’s just a big bubble ready to burst!


    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Mr. Jay R.,

      I would like to address your comment above, since you chose to mention my name. First of all, I am an Account Executive….. NOT a customer service representative. This is not part of my job and I do NOT have to respond to any of these complaints or offer my help. I do it because I see that some of these complaints are simple misunderstandings which can easily be cleared up with just a little bit of assistance. I certainly do not like to see any merchant receive unnecessary charges. Everyone who has contacted me from this site……. and there have been many…… I have been able to assist in receiving refunds or providing them with information which helped them better understand what happened and how to avoid it in the future. I wish more of them had commented on this site on how they had been assisted and the refunds they received, but most of us never leave a comment in regards to the resolution….. we are just happy to have one.

      Just yesterday I assisted a hairdresser who recently closed her account…… she incurred a $295 cancellation fee and I was able to have $196 refunded to her!

      So I hope that you will reconsider your above comment referring to me as a “chess pawn”. Why would you want to discourage fellow business owners from seeking assistance, simply because you did not receive the answer that you were looking for. Maybe if you had emailed me directly, as so many other have, your outcome might have been different.

      I wish you the best of luck in all your future ventures.

      Lyndi Heckaman

      1. Linda Hammond

        Dr. Ms. Heckaman,

        We keep receiving a bill from world pay which includes a termination fee of $495.00 . Our contract according to world pay expires on Nov. 17, 2013. I am respectfully ask that this termination fee be waived or adjusted accordingly. I am happy to pay the monthly fees, if they are actually valid charges. We called World Pay in August and cancelled, but according to them, they received no call. We have always had a good working relationship with World Pay but changes within the company gave reason to close out this acct. with world pay. I would respectfully ask that this bill be adjusted accordingly for :

        Somerset karate Inc., Somerset, KY 42564
        London Karate Academy, London, KY

        1. Lyndi heckaman

          I wish that I could assist you Ms Hammond. Unfortunately, I do not have access to Worldpay UK accounts. The US and UK divisions are kept entirely separate However, I encourage you to contact customer support and refuse to speak to anyone other than a manager and explain you situation and remind them how long you gave been a customer. Also, if your intentions are still to cancel your account. You will also want to give the manager your official notification of non renewal to avoid a cancellation fee. You are welcome to email me directly if you have any additional questions.

      2. Moi Luu

        I just want to say that this company is a total ripoff. My aunt is currently going through legal issue with this company. She terminated her contract with this company 2 years ago. Now, they are e-mailing her saying that she has 3 more years with the company. How do you contact someone 2 years later saying you have 3 more years of contractual obligation when within that 2 years you have not done any business with that company.

        My aunt is currently seeking advice from a lawyer. This kind of company deserve the hand of justice. If any employee who are working for them who are involve in this kind of fraud then shame on your ethical morals.

  29. Josephine

    I was a subscriber of World Pay for over seven years. Last November when I decided to terminate I was informed that there was a $498.00 termination fee. No where in the brochure does it state this and furthermore I was not aware that there was an automatic renewal policy. I disputed this and they did not get back to me. They just sent me to collections. I have filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
    The cost went from $50 per month to over $130 per month before they took any money out for processing. Please file your complaint to the SEC.


      Hello Josephine,

      My name is Lyndi Heckaman, account executive with Worldpay. If you still need assistance with the termination fee you were charged, please email me. I will be happy to assist you and we may possibly be able to remove the account from the collection agency.

      Thank you,


  30. holly

    I began service with WorldPay in November 2012. I was referred to a local representative named Lisa Milliken who came to my place of business right away to help me get started. I was concerned about rates and contracts as my business is very small and new. We sell approximately $50-$60 a day making juice and smoothies inside of a gym. Lisa assured us that there would be no contract and that the fees would be lower than all other companies. After the first week I noticed that there had not been any money put into my bank account, although my batches at the end of the night reflected sales. I contacted Lisa who told me she had written down the wrong account number and it would be corrected immediately. It took another week to see anything come through, and the deposits did not match my batches. I contacted Lisa again and she assured me that I was not having fees taken out of my daily sales, as that only happened with my monthly statement, so my deposits should be the same as my batches and deposited within a couple of days after processing.

    By the middle of December I was still missing a sum of money, and I again contacted Lisa. She never responded. I later found out she had left the company and I had no way of speaking with her. I contacted customer care at this point and explained the situation. The first women I spoke with treated me like an infant and told me that I obviously didn’t understand how credit works. She explained that my processing fees were being taken out daily and I would see that reflected on my statement. I waited until the beginning of January to see another statement before once again calling WorldPay. This time I was told that I should not have anything taken from my daily deposits and that all of my fees were to be taken at the first of the month. I asked where the missing deposits were and the representative asked me to be more specific. I told her that my batches and deposits were not equal, but that the first two weeks of receiving deposits into my account did not match sales at all because of the confusion with my account number, therefore I didn’t have an exact date that I could show her. I was happy to read two months worth of batches and bank statements, but she concluded that there was nothing she could do to help me, and told me to have a nice day.

    Soon after I contacted WorldPay again to discuss the missing deposits, and an extra fee I had noticed on my monthly statements. I was transferred three times (each time explaining the entire situation) before someone said she might be able to help out. In the middle of the call I was disconnected. I called back but could not be transferred the woman I had just spoken with.

    I am now ending my lease at the gym where I run my business. I had a hard winter investing every dime I had to stay open. My business bank account reflects a balance of $107. I contacted WorldPay to cancel my plan, at which time I was told there was a cancellation fee of $295, even though my representative firmly said “no” when I asked her if I was signing a contract with a time period. She assured me that I could leave any time I wanted, especially in the case that my business failed, which it did. I have no money. I have never been more disappointed with a business. WORLDPAY SCREWS PEOPLE!
    I am in the process of reporting to BBB and will do whatever necessary to have this situation radicated.

  31. L Goulet

    I have to give Worldpay A F for customer service. I was a customer for 7 years and when they started tacking on all kind of fees and I wasn’t happy with their company, they do not care as they then hit you with a cancellation fee on top of everything else. I hate a company that holds there customers HOSTAGE!!! If they gave good service and good prices they would not have to screw the customers leaving. I was signed to them thru my bank and I will be talking to them about how BAD and HORRIBLE this company is.

  32. Josh

    I called Worldpay over a month ago to inform them that I wanted to switch to their Gift Card only program (while I was in the process of switching my gift card business elsewhere). I was put on hold. The rep then came back and said that “we are going to leave you on credit, but it will be gift card only.” So I’m almost laughing at this point wondering how they were going to stick it to me this time. The statement just came. Like others, I received a $120 deduction from my bank account. This was for 2 locations. My new company was in shock about this.
    So here’s the deal with all of you who have had a bad taste in your mouth about Worldpay. Someday there will be a person out there who has more money than all of us who will come along and take these jokers to court. When that happens, keep your eyes open for settlement papers from Worldpay. There will be a nice check heading your way.

  33. Antoinette

    Last May I signed on with Worldpay through my bank. I was told that if I use them I would get priority treatment as a Citizens Bank Customer. When I was speaking with the rep before signing up, I asked her it there was a long term commitment and she said no. Three months after we opened our business, my mother got diagnosed with Cancer. She was a key person in the business. In October we had to close the business. We could not continue without her. I called in October to cancel the service and was told that there was a termination fee of $295. I explained to them that it was extenuating circumstances and the answer I received was, “You are not the one with cancer, so that really isn’t our problem.” The representative then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t sign the contract. I asked for a supervisor and of course nobody was available. The next day I received a call from someone and was at my full time job so I couldn’t take the call. When I tried to return the call, the voicemail extension that he left was not even for him. I tried several times to call the woman who signed me up and I was unsuccessful at getting in touch with anyone, nor did I receive a returned phone call from anyone. In the meantime, they have been deducting the fees from my bank account from October until February. Today I finally got a representative on the phone and he said he was going to get the monthly fees credited towards the $295 as a courtesy. I was willing to even do that at this point. 2 hours later he calls me back to inform me that his supervisor rejected the request even though he pleaded with him that I had extenuating circumstances. What kind of people do that? I wanted to cancel in October and because they were not returning my phone calls, I have to not only pay the $295, but they are keeping the additional $120 in fees they have been taking from my bank account for service I have not even been using since October. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE!

  34. Doug

    World Pay Gift Card system. We have found that after a period of time World Pay will devalue the card amount by $ 2.00 each month. The catch is they charge the Merchant .50 cents for each of these. A total rip off as no cost as been incurred by World Pay and they have no put of pocket money on gift cards. Trying to get ahold of the right person to end this rip off is impossible. This fee was never disclosed by RBS/World Pay or our Retail Pro Point of Sale reseller.
    Needless to say, once you have your point of sale software tied into your card processing, then changing is really a complete hassle. I am sure that World Pay is aware of this

  35. Josh

    A quick update on “As the Worldpay Turns” drama. We have switched everything from Worldpay except for our gift cards (going to happen soon). We haven’t run anything except for a few gift cards, and very few Amex in the month of January. I called Worldpay to let ask them to switch me over to gift card only. I was told that “your statement will still say credit, but it will be gift card only.” So my statement came in this month. We were charged $129.87 for the month of January! Good ole’ Worldpay never ceases to amaze me. So, here’s my suggestion. Go find a MUCH better processor. We went with Merchant Warehouse. No contracts, lower rates, buy you out of your contract with Worldpay…how can you go wrong? They might not have in house gift cards, but they have plenty of companies that they work with, that will still be TONS cheaper than what Worldpay is ripping you off for.

  36. Dale Fox

    Beware of World Pay! After using them for 9 years I changed processors because of the high surcharges I was getting from World Pay. As I was cancelling my account the representative on the phone stated I should have checked with them first as they could reduce the percentage (why do these large companies offer better deals only when you are cancelling), then I was told that because I hadn’t given them 90 days prior notice to my contract being renewed in October (automatically) for another 3 years I would have to pay a $195 cancellation fee. I paid the fee and hopefully the new processor will be more consumer friendly.

  37. Lyndi Heckaman

    Hello Philip,

    I noticed that you updated your Worldpay review as of 12/17/12……. However, you still have the incorrect early termination fee listed. What would you like me to provide you with to have this corrected? Anyone who would still incur a $495 cancellation fee would have signed their contract before Oct. 2010.

    Thank you

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Lyndi,

      I will put this on the to-do list. What is the current contract term and ETF? Three years and $295?

  38. Lynda Colter-Bergh

    I am an independent rep with several companies. WorldPay is one of them. There are good things and bad things with each company. They all make their money somehow. Depending on who you work with as a rep, and what they decide to take as a cut, 80-95% of what you are paying in fees is the wholesale costs that go back to VISA/MC and, ultimately, the bank that originally issued the credit card. (If you are mad about rates, be mad at the banks that get you coming and going.)

    Having said that, I see a lot of people upset that they didn’t know they had a termination fee. I will tell everyone what I tell my clients. I don’t care if you are working with me or someone else, READ ALL OF THE CONTRACT. Don’t take our word for it. This industry has a revolving door of reps because it is not easy to make a living the first year if you are ethical. Don’t sign anything you haven’t read. Watch for sentences that refer to additional conditions on a website. Always ask what are ALL my fees? What is the Early Termination Fee? How long have you been in the industry? (The less they are in, the more likely they can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous Independent Sales Organizations – thus another reason for disappearing agents.) There is nearly NEVER a reason to lease equipment. If you don’t understand something, ASK questions until you do. Oh, one last thing. Even if the rep wipes out and changes parts of the contract, the company backing the contract will usually NOT honor it. So don’t believe it when you see someone cross out an Early Termination Fee (even if they initial it).

    I haven’t had issues as an independent agent with WorldPay. Was I happy with the $69 1099 fee? No. Absolutely not. I didn’t like going back and telling my clients that they were going to be hit with a fee that I hadn’t told them about. But they aren’t the only ones to charge it. Many have been charging it (and more) for a year now. Remember when I said the banks make most of the money? These types of fees are one of the ways processors make their money.

    Also, with a recent update, some businesses were reverted back to paper when they were originally set up for electronic statements. Check your statements. If you didn’t request a paper copy, call WorldPay. They have been really apologetic and refunded the money for the few clients I had this happen with and reset them to paperless. I audited my accounts and I had a few that this happened with.

    If I had one wish for WorldPay, it would be that they had more people in their US call center and increased personnel on Mondays and end of the month in particular to reduce hold times. But, again, hold-times are pretty standard in this industry and vary by company. Those fees pay for that tech support.

    Be much more weary about companies that offer a $49 a month zero mark-up on interchange and say there is not Early Termination Fee. I have reviewed these statements to find that they are padding the Interchange and what the clients didn’t realize is that the monthly fee is for 5 years. Yep, that’s the ETF. $49 x 12 x 5 (or whatever is left). I’ve managed to get the two out of that contract because of the fraudulent charges. Remember, everyone has to make money. It’s not free. But you have control over how much if you educate yourself.

  39. Saundra

    I agree, Worldpay is awful. I had a problem with a transaction that did not appear in my summary but somehow there was a glitch. Worldpay was almost impossible to talk to someone, meaning I had to wait over an hour, then they told me they couldn’t resolve the issue. Being a health care provider, I had to provide the receipt for the patient yet I was unable to. I had to then go through a software programmer to rewrite software just to print out the receipt that should have been there in the first place. Secondly, I called to cancel my service and get told just to email a cancellation notice. Then a get a bill for $495 a few days later. Oh, they neglected to tell me that I had a cancellation fee because I didn’t fulfill the term of my contract. I had four stinking months left to go on my contract and would have been better off paying the monthly fee for four months than the entire cancellation fee. Then, they can’t send me a bill and tell me I have no other choice but to go to collections because I closed the business bank account they used to electronically draw from. SHAME ON YOU WORLDPAY. I’m starting another business and not using you this time around

  40. Kathy Kingsbury

    The rep I worked with was a liar and scammer. I was overcharged every single month from the start and had to fight to get charges reversed. Our account suffered an overdraft because of this. When I tried to cancel, I was told it would cost me $295.00. Folks, WorldPay is owned by Citizen’s Bank. They charge for the air you breathe in their lobbies. My rep never told me about any cancellation fee. When I asked him why, he immediately offered me a $14.95 a month program, which it turns out is what I asked for in the first place.

    I spoke with another merchant who worked with this rep and he pulled the same stunt on her. They lie and tell you anything to get you to sign.

    World Pay has a C- rating, I left MerchantWarehouse (who has an A+ rating) for this lousy service.

    I plan to file a complaint with the BBB for bad sales practice and will also call the Attorney General’s office…STAY FAR AWAY FROM WORLDPAY!!!!

  41. fedup

    Worldpay is a ripoff and crappy to have to deal with!!! WorldPay has been a total pain this last year. The rep that relentlessly persued my business never mentioned it was a 3 year contract. I was told I could cancel at anytime if I was not happy (he failed to mention the $495 cancellation fee). PCI is a national thing they can’t control, but Worldpays monthly charge for it is double what my old processer charged. Then they have the nerve to charge a $69 fee in December for updates they did to software to be compliant to government reporting changes. Sorry, but that is a cost of doing business that they are responsible for. Where is it a customers fault that they aren’t properly equipped to handle there own business processes. To me this charge is the same as a business passing along credit card fee to its customers – ILLEGAL and prohibited!!! It screams class action lawsuit to me. If you call they only tell you what it is and that you were told it was going to happen on your Nov statement. The statements they charge you $4.99 a month to receive.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello “Fedup”,

      Can you please tell me when you were originally setup with your Worldpay account? The reason I ask is because you stated that it was recent and as of Oct. 2011 our early termination fee has been reduced to a maximum of $295. I am terribly sorry that you are upset with the fees that you are currently incurring on your account. The $69 annual compliance fee is a new fee to us as well. Due to IRS requirements we are now required to send annual reports on all merchants detailing all credit card charges you accepted at your business. They require these reports now to verify the income you report on your income taxes. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding this federal requirement that you can access which will give a far better detailed explaination than I am able to provide. Now, that being said….. If you would like me to review your account and see if there is anything i can do to possibly in regards to this fee….. Please email me a good method of contact for you and I will be happy to help. ( The last thing that we want is to lose you as a customer over something that we can work together to resolve.
      The last thing I wanted to address with you is that…. Depending on the state your bsuiness is located in….. It is actually NOT illegal for merchants to pass on the card cost to your customers. There are regulations to this however, so I suggest researching this along with any state specific restrictions. I believe the ruling allowing merchants to begin passing the cost on to their customers occured on or around July 7, 2012.

      I am happy to answer any additional questions that you may have regarding any of the topics mentioned above. So please feel free to contact me. I believe that I can help and we can make some adjustments that are better suited for your account and your business.
      Have a great day.


      1. Phillip Parker

        Although Lyndi is correct that the IRS now requires processors to report credit card sales and issue 1099-Ks for each of their merchant customers, its important to note that the IRS does not mandate any required “compliance” fee for this. The fee is created by and goes 100% to WorldPay.

        1. Lyndi Heckaman

          Yes, that is absolutely correct…. the IRS is not mandating any required “compliance” fee for any processor. Above I am referring to the requirements that IRS Sec 6050W mandates that all processors must now comply with.. Processors had to change the way they collect and authenticate account holder data…… which is a huge undertaking. So when I am asked to explain the fee….. while this fee is not charged specifically for any one particular task that the IRS now requires we do…… But to say that it was not a contributing factor would not be accurate either.

  42. Doug Mendenhall

    Our not for profit organization changed officers last summer. We started contacting WorldPay about changing the address where we were receiving our monthly written statements. Eventually, I sent a fax per instructions from a rep with WorldPay in November. We have not received a written statement of account for 6 months, despite the fact that our former treasurer received them monthly. Now as our account has continued to be billed high charges we are trying to terminate with WorldPay. They are now asserting a $495 early termination fee. They claim we should never have been receiving mailed monthly statements and their failure to mail them is not a breach. They also claim they never received the letter I sent in November, 2012 and they refuse to acknowledge the fax number they gave me. I write this to warn others of the poor customer service, the run around from World Pay to the vendor who signed us up with them, and the unreasonably high charges for services. Shop elsewhere is my advice. Interesting too that other comments I read on this site describe similar problems.

    1. Julie

      You don’t get mailed statement anymore because the statements are sent electronically through email in what looks like junk mail. They started this in October when they implemented a new $129.99 annual fee, probably so thinking that most people don’t carefully read their email or would bother to download the statement and read it carefully. World Pay keeps debiting my account even after I paid the cancellation fee. I had to change my account to stop payments. Customers beware if you sign on with this company…your business will suffer!

  43. N Harmon

    They make you rent a terminal for credit card processing at $30+ per month. The terminal could be bought for under $150.00
    I tried to cancel service and they said I had to wait until November. I could buy out the lease for $275.00 I called in November and they said I needed to give a 90 day notice and it was too late for that because the termination window would expire.
    They then said since I called in June that they would count that and close the account. After 3 months they are charging me still. I called and they denied that I cancelled and now they want $495.00 to cancel. They have already charged my over $933.00 and I have not used them for any processing.

    Please there are many merchant services vendors.. avoid this one….

  44. Jim alderson

    My message is short and sweet about World Pay.Beware and proceed with caution this company ( World Pay). While with World Pay I had many illegal transactions from removing excessive funds from my bank account without notice,unexplained charges. My original agreement was for $55.00 a month plus 3 percent of sale on any credit card transaction, this never happened I was charge a excessive charges several times a month,we never could balance our books with this illegal practice.
    They use very deceptive business practices and are scam artists,Beware of this company they are crooks.

  45. Marsha Hazen

    This is by far the worse company to work with. If you have any problems at all, you can not get them resolved. As far as I am concerned, they deliberately ignore correspondence in hopes that you give up, so they can keep your money. Our company is due money for equipment, a cancellation of a full gift card order (we were to be charged only the cancellation fee, but Worldpay took the entire amount out of our checking account), a chargeback that the customer had made a mistake on and has since been charged again by their credit card company — Worldpay received the credit and has not passed it on.
    I think this company should be closed due to unethical business practices.
    I would strongly recommend that any company interested in changing merchant services to this company not due so. I am in the process of letting all my vendors know what kind of company Worldpay is. The excuses I received is that they are “short-handed” and can not research any of the problems I have encountered. This has been going on since August, 2012. Time to quit!!

  46. Laura K

    I have been a Worldpay customer for the past 10 months and have never been more frustrated with a company in my life. I had an excellent experience signing up with my service with my sales rep. He was awesome, but he left the company before I set up my terminal and I was assigned a new representative.
    The new person called me to set up a time to install my terminal and she didn’t show up, and no phone call. She called a few days later to set up another time to install it. I waited 4 hours and left. I had my contractor still working when I left, and I told him if a lady comes by to tell her I had left and to not let her in because I couldn’t wait any more. He called me to tell me she came in when he was in the back and that she was in my office going through my things. I didn’t have my terminal out and ready, it was in a box in my office in with all of my personal things. That means she came in, didn’t say anything to anybody, found her way to my office and started going through my personal things to find all the stuff she needed. And she set it up wrong, I wanted it set up to have a place for a tip and since I wasn’t there while she helped herself to full access of my office, she didn’t know what I needed.
    I was completely livid and called her several times to come fix it and never received a phone call or email back. I emailed her supervisor and never received an email back. I just let it go and decided to call customer service if I ever needed anything instead of her.
    I noticed one month I got a $25 non-compliance fee, so I called and they said I had to go through some questionaire so I did it over the phone and they said it would be fixed and it shouldn’t show up again the next month. That was 4 months ago and I have received the fee every single month. I spend over an hour on the phone every month calling them to have the $25 fee removed. It seems to be an error every time, and they tell me “okay this time it’s fixed and it shouldn’t be there next month”. And of course the next month it’s on there and I spend another hour on the phone. Last month, the lady said, “yes I understand it was our error, but unfortunately we are only allowed to remove the fee 3 times, so I can’t remove it this month”….even though I completed the compliance 3 months prior to that. I complained over a survey thing they sent me and someone contacted me and removed it last month which was very nice, but I am currently on hold right now for this months fee.
    This month I looked at my contract to go over the fees before I called again to have the $25 fee removed because I am fed up and want to cancel my service. I noticed in my contract it says I pay $0.00 a month for an administrative fee and yet every month for the past 10 months I have been charged $10.00 of an administrative fee. I also noticed in my contract I pay $0.00 per occurrance for my batch headers yet I have paid about $4.00 per month for a batch header fee.
    Apparently this company just charges you for everything under the sun to see if they can get away with it, and then you just have to look over your statement every month to see what you have been overcharged for and you have to sit all day on the phone fighting with them to have it removed.
    This is just ridiculous. I have never had a worse relationship with a company. I feel like I have been scammed and am stuck in a contract now, I don’t see how they are still in business, I wish I knew some other place to report this because I am completely being tricked and scammed every month and I feel like this is illegal.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Laura,

      I am truly sorry to hear of all of the problems that you are experiencing with your account. I can absolutely help you with the $25 Non Compliance fee issue, the missing tip line (if this has not already been resolved) and your monthly service and batch header fees. If you will please email me your contact information ( ) I will be happy to give you an immediate call to discuss the refunding of the fees and what we can do to help resolve this situation. I completely understand your frustration and anger. You have every right to be upset. Worldpay is a very large company and we do our best to ensure that every account is setup correctly, but sometimes we make mistakes….. and in your case it seems we have made several. I think the important thing when it comes to situations such as this….. is willingness to fix them and do whatever possible to make sure that you are happy with the solution.

      Please give me the opportunity to assist you with resolving these issues. There is no reason that you should have to continue to deal with this…..

      I do hope that I hear from you soon.

      Thank you,

      Lyndi Heckaman

      1. Laura K

        I emailed Lyndi with my info and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by her quick response to help.
        I spoke with someone from Worldpay today who was very helpful and apologetic. While he said he couldn’t refund the $200 because he didn’t have the authority to, he did admit that I was wrongfully charged for the past 9 months, which completely surprised me. He said he will pass my info along to his supervisor to take a look at it to change my account.
        Clearly Worldpay has some issues that need to be worked out (such as the account representatives, i haven’t had contact with mine since the day before she rummaged through my things 7 months ago and stopped returning my calls/emails).
        I wouldn’t trust just signing up with them and throwing away your monthly statement. I now feel as though I need to go through my monthly statement thoroughly every month because the guy who I talked to from Worldpay had no idea why I am charged random amounts on my account each month or how that happened so if he doesn’t know, then I surely don’t trust their computers!
        I am happy with the response from Worldpay today, but I will have to wait and see to make sure I am credited my $200.00 in fees and to see if this is a recurring thing or not next month.

      2. J J

        I am so frustrated with this WorldPay company as they call themselves. I signed up not knowing all the hidden charges and 3 yr term. No explanation whatsoever. I have never set my credit card machine up nor has it been out of the box. Someone was suppose to call and help with the set up in which they never called at the time they were suppose to and when asked they gave all these excusese as to why they couldn’t get ahold of our company which is a bogus lie. I spoke to the rep and said they tried to call wihich is a bogus lie as we are here all day long. The rep that sold us this Worldpay scam set up of course no longer works for this company. They will not take the credit card machine back which has never been removed from the box as it is past their 30day limit. Also in the fine print! I will also turn them into the BBB and the Attorney General. WHAT A SCAM! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY!

  47. Paul

    Bad Experience
    My World pay salesman was sent to me by a friend. The salesman told me that he could save me roughly $93.00 per month on my processing fees but I had to buy a new terminal at a cost of over $300.00. I started in mid-October and my first statement from World Pay was a bit high. Several phone calls later, the salesman called me back and said he would come to review my statement. He never showed! November’s statement was roughly $100.00 more than my previous processor with many hidden fees that I was not informed of. Several more calls to the salesman and he finally came to review my account. He fumbled over the statement and said that there was a mistake that he would have to review. He said he would get back to me.
    Two weeks passed without a call from the salesman and when I tried to call him, all I got was his voicemail. When I emailed him, I got a reply that he was off of work for the Christmas holiday. I called customer support and got the phone number for his boss and called him as well. The boss said that the salesman did not know how the new rate program worked and he would get together with the salesman and call me the following Wednesday on my cell phone. I waited ALL WEEK and never got a call from anyone so I called customer service to cancel my account and was told that I signed a 3 year contract and there was an early cancellation fee. I was never told of this as well! I cancelled the account, called my bank and stopped them from making any further drafts from my account.
    All in all, it cost me about $500.00 more than before to find out what kind of a shakey company World Pay really is! I would not recommend them to anyone! STAY AWAY!

  48. Suzanne

    This is probably the worst company I have worked with in the last 10 to 15 years. Sales woman was great until the contract was signed. Once it was signed she would not do anything. Phone calls were never returned.

    Plugin did not work with quickbooks pro. I was told installation instructions were simple. Installation took 2 hours on the phone with a customer service rep and still did not work. Nothing was explained so that It could be understood. In the end it cost me $295.00 to get out from under this outfit. Hopefully this last phone call will work. Run.

    1. Lyndi

      Hello Suzanne,

      My name is Lyndi, I am an account executive with Worldpay. I am currently working with another merchant who is also experiencing difficulty with the quickbooks plug-in. Honestly, they introduced this plug-in with the best of intentions. I mean it was a great idea and so many people were excited about having other processing options with full integration…… unfortunately, there are just too many issues that need to be resolved and so much of that depends on Intrix. (I know I did not spell that correctly) But either way….. I cannot promise you anything, but since I am already fighting this same battle for another merchant…. if you would like me to discuss your account with them as well….. please email me with a the best time and way to reach you. I’ll be happy to see to see if there is anything that I can do for you.


      1. Daijing

        Hi, Lyndi,

        I have some negative experiences with the sales person who signed me up with World Pay. He presented to me that there are no long-term contract, it was month-to-month. On top of that, we have been charged with very high IRS reporting fee for the past two years. Overall the fees are going up all the time. When I decided to terminate the merchant account I was told my cancelation fee was $495. I will still go a head cancel it, really do not want to associate with any merchant who is doing business in such a deceptive manner. But I will for sure file a compliaint with BBB. I will not recommend World Pay to anyone based on my experience. Thumbs down on their services.

        Daijing Wang, L. Ac.

        1. Lyndi Heckaman

          Hello Daijing Wang,

          I am so sorry to hear of the poor experience that you had with your former account executive. Am I correct in saying former? I am assuming that the account executive that you signed up with is no longer with Worldpay…… is that correct?
          I would like to speak with you about this…… especially about the IRS Reporting fee that you were charged for the last two years. Worldpay Corp. does not charge this fee……. Is it possible that you were set up through an Independent Sales Office which resells our services? When customers are setup through independent sales offices….. sometimes they charge additional fees for different reasons or different cost that they incur. This can becoming extremely confusing because it says Worldpay on your statement, but there is now a third party involved which can add their own additional fees.
          If you would like to discuss your situation further and see if there is anything that I can do to assist you…… Please email me at
          I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and provide you with some helpful information that you may find useful with your current and future processing accounts.

          I look forward to hearing from you!

          Thank you so much for your comments…… they help us to continue to improve!

          Lyndi Heckaman

  49. Carla

    I was a customer for 10 years. I originally started with Lynk until Worldpay took them over. I was very disappointed when I sold my business and canceled my account. I was charged a termination fee and I was charged all of the monthly fees (not processing fees) even though I canceled the account on November 13. I was even charged a Minimum processing fee on one of my terminals even though I didn’t use the terminal after the 13th. Do they just try to milk small businesses and cheat their good customers. I was going to refer them to the new owners of my business and I was going to use them when I opened my new business but they lost out on both. I will never do business with them again. They lost 2 customers and they also prompted me to write this review. I have never written a review online but I felt so cheated that I had to do write this. To those of you fellow small business owners beware of the fees. You trust them to give you the money you are rightfully due instead of them nickel and dimeing you to make you poor and make them rich.

    1. Lyndi

      Hello Carla,

      My name is Lyndi, an account executive with Worldpay. I am so sorry that you had such a terrible experience ending your relationship with us after being a loyal customer for 10 years. As you know we are a large company with thousands of merchants, which also requires a very large customer care dept. to answer and resolve all customer matters quickly and efficiently. Having been in the industry as long as I have, I think we have one of the best customer care depts. of any processor……. but I can also see that we are still far from perfect and are actively working on the areas that still need improvement. Fees and cancellations being one of them. Since, the customer care rep. does not have the authority themselves to waive or reduce cancellation fees….. some will just simply tell you that there is nothing that they can do. And in a lot of cases that is very true, but there are also exceptions that can be made on a case by case basis. Sometimes they just fail to recognize the accounts that a good case can be made for.

      And in regard to the monthly fees that you were charged….. please understand that fixed monthly fees are automatically charged and billed by computers. With as many merchant accounts as we have….. it is impossible to bill them any other way. So if your account was not cancelled before the date that the computer is programmed to generate those fixed fees, then it continues to follow the perimeters that were set for your account until they are changed.

      Now, since you canceled just recently….. I may be able to help you get some of these fees refunded to your account. Especially, since you were with us for 10 years and you never had to cancel your account in the first place…… after you sold your other business to open your new one….. they could have just made the necessary name, tax and banking changes and just “transferred” your open account.

      If you would like to discuss your situation with me further….. please feel free to email me the best time and contact method…. and I will be happy to help you!


  50. Josh


    I own a couple of coffee houses. We switched to Worldpay because we had a lot of left over gift cards from a previous location. We have had nothing but headaches from the very beginning. First off, it took them over a month to get the gift cards sorted out. We had to talk to multiple representatives who all gave us a different answer. That is a minor issue compared to most though. Second, if you want your funds available the next day, don’t EVER expect that to be the case. It will always be the day after. You also won’t receive deposits on Saturdays or Tuesdays. If there is a holiday (Thanksgiving in particular), you won’t see your funds until the following Monday. They have cost me hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges because of these practices. Third, be VERY aware of their hidden fees. They will quote you .10 processing fee plus interchange. After looking at our bill, we found many instances where we were charged .22/transaction, plus a dial fee. If you are using gift cards, you better make sure your patrons are using those gift cards. Worldpay charges a gift card dormancy fee. Last month alone, that fee was $19.
    On to their customer service. If you feel like talking to Worldpay, and happen to run across Marlon Golson, turn around and run the other way! He may sound like he knows a lot of info, but his favorite phrase is, “Let me pass this on to my manager, and have him call you.” I have heard this multiple times, and have never heard from a manager. He has also put me on hold, come back to tell me that he has another call, and needs to go. He told me he would call me back later that day. I called back that day, then two weeks later after not hearing anything.
    Think you are going to talk this company into cancelling their early termination fees because of bad practices? Think again. Upon calling to discuss this, they looked at my account and proceeded to tell me that, “it looks like all of your phone calls have been resolved.” FAR FROM IT! The manager then told me that they were doing nothing wrong. When I asked her about the quoted .10/transaction, and being charged more than that, she told me that she wasn’t able to tell me anything about my quote.
    Please please please reconsider using this company. They aren’t what they were when they were RBSLynk. This company is snowballing. Don’t get on board!

  51. Charles nagy

    Watch out for this company. They charges extra fees and require cancelation fees even after you have completed there 2 year contract. My termanal went out so i started checking around for a new one. when comparying companies i found i was being over charged by world pay. When i contacted them they said they would lower my rate but would still charge me over 200 for a refurbished terminal. i went with a different company because they were still higher. when trying to cancel thier services they told me they were going to charge me 195. because i did not give them a 90 day noticed. i have checked my contract and the only early termantion fee i see is if i do not complete my two years witch i have done. watch out for these crooks.

  52. Thomas French

    To whom ever could help with my situation; I own a small business and needed to accept credit cards for a certain customer and since they went out of business I havent been using my account, Now World Pay is charging me for non usage from14.95 normal charge to 30 dollars. Also since not using account I got a fine or fee for 25 dollars for not opening my e-statement and responding to worldpay changes. When I called to see why I got upset with whoever answered phone and told me to close I would have to pay $495 and was told it was my responsability to open statement. When I called second number I was told that the $25 fee was going to be credit back to me (nothing yet) and cancellation would be $295. Now if you do the math either way I go broke. In doing research of contract I also found that in less than Two weeks my first year is upcoming and it would be less to cancel contract. This is not a good way to keep customers happy especially when i dont use account and you still make money. It is just like having credit card and paying high interest.
    I want to cancel but I would like your help because of all the problems I see that customers are having closing their account.

    1. Lyndi

      Hello Mr. French,

      I am terribly sorry for your frustration. I will be more than happy to assist you with the cancellation of your merchant account.

      Please email me your contact information and the best time to reach you and I will be happy to give you a call to discuss this further.

      Thank you so much for contacting me. I am happy to help always, if I can. :-)


    2. Scott Ginther

      Another WorldPay customer who was surprised by the $495 termination fee. I guess I’m not the only one who didn’t hear that mentioned in the sales process. If you need a lawyer to read your contract before you sign up for a merchant account, there’s a good chance your working with the wrong payment processor. As I have said before, I am a loyal Intuit customer now. They don’t play games with hidden fees and abusive charges. You know what you’re getting into and how to get out with your money still in your wallet.

  53. nancy gonzalez

    Hi lindy i would like to talk to you i used this sarvice for credit cards i change to another company more then 2 years aND they keep charging me

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Nancy!

      I am so sorry for the delay. I usually receive an email alerting me to comments posted….. I must have missed it or possibly accidentally deleted it….. which is why I am only just now responding to your request above.

      I can absolutely assist you with ensuring that your account is closed and that you will no longer be billed those dormant account fees.

      Please send me the best number and time to reach you at and we can discuss your situation and get this account closed. Email me anytime.

      I look forward to speaking with you!

      Lyndi Heckaman

  54. Steven

    I had a virtual terminal with worldpay started at 50 a month then 90 a mo th got 3 quotes from Chase, BOA, and Amex all 50 to 60% cheaper and told me all the fees worldpay was doing was a joke and taking me for ride alls customer support said nothing to bring it down to the origanl price and 90 a month is great and I said Im probably going to cancel what do they do shut the acct down then say I owe 495 which I will never pay and chase tolde to file a board compliant with the board because of the bad practice they did to me. So people watch out these people cheat and customer support won’t do a thing to resolve the issue alls I can say is look up the ratings of every company because I should have facts don’t lie.

  55. Sandra

    I have been trying to cancel World Pay Credit Card Processing for a year now and am still being charged monthly fees. I was told even though my initial contact was expired they had instituted a requirement of notice prior to THEIR effective date which they automatically renew. This was NOT on my contract so I asked them to send me their copy. Instead of just the contract I signed, they also sent some bogus other pages in a totally different handwriting and insisted this was part of my contract. I told them to cancel and charge their “newly added” required cancellation fee and they said they could not cancel until the renewal date which was still 10 months away. I had no choice but to agree. Now this renewal date has come and gone and they are still charging me even though I have not used this company for processing in almost a year. I am going to have to contact a lawyer which I cannot afford or pay all my banking fees to cancel and open a new bank account. I will still be out all the charges up to this time. I AM FURIOUS! CUSTOMER SERVICE? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Sandra,

      My name is Lyndi and I am and account executive for Worldpay. First, I would like to say that I am terribly sorry for your frustration. If you would like to contact me or send me the best number and time to reach….. I will be more than happy to discuss your specific situation and see what I can do to assist you.

      That being said….there are a few things that you mention in your complaint above that I would like to address.

      You stated above that the contract that they sent to your per your request, was not your handwriting and you did not recognize the pages that they sent you. It sounds to me like they may have sent you a copy of the terms and conditions that should have been presented to you with the application and at the time of signing. But I could be wrong because the terms and conditions have NO place to initial or sign….. as it is not required for merchants to sign or intial the ACTUAL terms and conditions pages because when you sign your customer processing agreement it states above the signature line that by signing below you agree to all terms and conditions for customer processing agreement. (unfortunately that is all they need and it legally stands in court because the moment you signed your processing agreement…. because of that verbage…. you agreed to all terms and conditions. At that point it does not matter if you have never even seen them because you already agreed to them)
      The terms and conditions is where you will find all the fine print such as the terms of termination, early termination fee amounts and contract duration and auto renewal. EVERY Processor has terms and conditions and for the most part they are all basicaly the same…… the main differences that you will want to look for are early termination fees, termination requirements and contract duration and auto renewal.
      I’m not sure what year you signed your original contract with us…… but all of our applications have the terms and conditions printed on the back of the page now. Which eliminated the issue of merchants not receiving them due to an account rep. not or forgetting to provide them.

      Now on to the issue of you having to wait 10 months to cancel your dormant processing account…… That is 100% INCORRECT!!! Do you happen to remember the name of the person you spoke to who told you that? If you will email me a good number to reach you at, I will call you in the morning to get some basic info from you and we can have that account closed before lunch!!

      If you signed before 2011 the early termination fee is $495. If you signed after Nov. 2011 then the termination fee will either be $295, $195 or $95. Once I speak with you and have a few more details on your account, then we can discuss the best option for you.

      I hope you find this email helpful and I look forward to speaking with you again.

      Lyndi Heckaman

      1. Sandra Leigh

        I have been unable to cancel this contract and have been charged $601.70 in fees this year. I went online and tried to access my account but have been blocked. The only way to keep any additional fees from being collected was to close my bank account, which I have done at additional fees to my company! I have suffered stress and missed work due to this situation.

        I own my equipment so there is no rental fee. I am requesting a refund for the illegal fees that were charged my bank. If I do not find prompt response and satisfaction to this situation I will send this information with all documentation to the Better Business Bureau and possibly on to legal representation.

        1. Lyndi Heckaman

          Hello Sandra Leigh,

          Are you the same Sandra who’s comment I replied to on October 4th? I hope I am not wrong in assuming so…..

          As I mention above, I am more than happy to discuss your account with you and advise you how best to proceed.

          I am only able to reply on this page unless you leave an alternative method of contact in your comment or you can contact me directly at

          I am terribly sorry that you are experiencing so many issues with the cancellation of your account. I would really like to speak with you to obtain more details about your situation……. you should never have this much trouble canceling your merchant account with us. After I speak with you, I will have a better idea of what kind of assistance I can offer you.

          Thank you so much.

          I look forward to hearing from you.

          Lyndi Heckaman

        2. Lyndi Heckaman

          Hello Sandra,

          I am not sure if my previous comment went through or not.

          Please contact me directly at with the best number to reach you at and a preferred time.

          I will be happy to assist you with the issues you are currently experiencing with the cancellation of your account……. but I will need a few details from you. This will help me better assist you and ensure the best possible solution.

          If you do not contact me directly….. I can only reply on this site to your comment. And I will need a little bit more information than is provided above to locate your account.

          Thank you so much. I look forward to your prompt reply.

          Have a wonderful day!

          Lyndi Heckaman

  56. Larry Gerson

    I had been a LYNX customer for 4 years from 2002 to 2006. At that time we switched to the credit card processor from our practice management software company. Just recently I found out that our checking account has been charged $89 a month for the past 6 years by World Pay.

    Additionally we were sent for collection for an additional $400 as our bank account changed and World Pay was no longer able to take from that account.

    When I called to inquire what the collection company was calling about and why we were sent to collection I had the shock of my professional business career. How is it possible to be charged without our knowledge a monthly fee for an account that had not been active for 6 years?

    I have reviewed the contract and feel that we were not informed of the termination fees and contract
    extensions. Call to their call center and have not been returned.

    I am sure you can understand my anger and frustration. Could you please contact me so that we can a resolve this situation.

  57. Emily

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I signed up with World pay through Office Ally and feel I was lied to about the fees. I second other comments on here- within 2 months of signing up fees began being added to my monthly statement. Every few months a new fee was added until this month I get notice of an annual fee. I have been with them for 9 months and although the service itself was fantastic- they are VERY DECEPTIVE in their DISCLOSURE OF FEES at the front- end. I have currently filed a complaint with the BBB disputing my early termination fee as I feel they are forcing me to terminate my contract due to the ongoing piling on for fees. It was my mistake to believe that the fees outlined in the contract were what I should actually expect. My fees have tripled in 9 months and that is before the annual fee they are now stating will be added. BUYER BEWARE if you are a small merchant.

    1. Scott Ginther


      I also signed up with WorldPay through Office Ally (via 3rd party TransEngen). I have been very happy with Office Ally and I was shocked that they partnered with a company as shady as WorldPay. Officy Ally provides low cost services for small medical practices, so I have no idea why they have chosen to partner with WorldPay who gouges their customers for excessive fees and high termnination fees. It’s hard to imagine why, when there are other companies out there (Intuit for example), who are very low cost and easy exit.

  58. David M.

    Worldpay is not my problem. My problem is with the lying salesman who informed me that the service was non-fee based. If I never used the service I payed nothing. I’m a sucker for signing anything without reading it in it’s entirety – problem is, I don’t live in that world. I am a “my word is my bond” kind of guy. of course, Worldpay, being a corporation, probably cares about nothing but getting my money. I have called repeatedly and when i was able to get through was told apologetically that there was a substantial early termination fee… this is after they billed me for three or four months for a service I never used even once! Plus I got a collection letter for something or other – while they were withdrawing money from my account? The salesman – whom I was actually doing a small job for – enticed me by telling me they would pay me $200 dollars to sign up (sounds too good to be true). Problem was that I REALLY WAS interested in accepting cards, recurring payments, etc. I had been approached by my bank but didn’t want to add the extra expense associated through the many different fees. I just figured if I didn’t use it I pay nothing – can’t lose. In the back of my mind I figured the $200 was something I would receive after a lot of use – as I said, I don’t live in a world where I worry about dishonesty – I’m pretty good at reading people. This guy got me…. yup, he suckered me and I will eventually probably have to pay the fees, early termination fee, etc. but it will probably cost Worldpay quite a bit more more than what they gain. At the moment I am a small fish… but I know a lot of big fish – and “up-and-coming” fish. I will be recommending that they do not do business with this company.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello David,

      First, please allow me to apologize for the poor service and incorrect information you received from the account representative you were working with. Worldpay has an amazing training program for account representatives that are new to the business….. that is if they are even hired. Worldpay rarely hires anyone without at least some industry experience. That being said….. this is a very large industry and we are a very large company…. sometimes a “bad egg” slips through.

      I cannot undo the bad taste that your experience thus far has left in your mouth….. but I can attempt to rectify it. I believe that with a few simple adjustments, I can remedy your situation and provide you with a cost effective solution that will allow you to accept credit cards if you so choose.

      It appears to me that your account rep. was inexperienced and structured your account all wrong. We have several different programs tailored to fit all kinds of businesses…… I mean a particular pricing program with works for a $250k a month restaurant, would not work for, say a seasonal business such as a bait shop or ski lodge. If you have some time and would allow me to offer my assistance, I would love to speak with you and gather some details about your business and see if I can restructure your account to benefit you and avoid the $295 early termination fee.

      Please email me if you would like to discuss this further at

      I do hope to hear from you. I would hate for you to pay unnecessary fees out of frustration when I can possibly offer your a solution that works for your business.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Lyndi Heckaman

  59. Aaron

    Buyer Beware!

    First things first, if you are not happy with the service, be prepared to shell out $300 to cancel your service. This information is buried in contract and you may never be told about it explicitly, but the fee will not be overlooked when your are ready to leave, as I did after only 5 months. Do not trust what are you told by the agent, who may very well be working on commission for an intermediary company. Some may be very honest and helpful, others, unfortunately are not. Read the fine print!

    I signed up with them in March 2012 through Office Ally which made the process very seamless, but I quickly became disillusioned with the service due to the rising rates. My monthly administrative fees nearly doubled after just 3 months, resulting in $24 per month in administrative and PCI fees every month before even swiping a credit card. The rates I received for the cards I did swipe, were never 1%, and often closer to 2 – 4% plus the 25 cent fee per swipe.

    While their overall rate may be somewhat lower than other mechants, when you consider that you need to spend at least $300 per year in administrative fees, pay money per swipe in addition to the percentage, and be charged a different percentage for every credit card, with much higher rates and a premium fee to accept American Express cards, is it really worth it?

    For a business with a high monthly credit card volume, it may be, as the .5 – 1% savings per swipe will add up in bulk. However, for small businesses, mental health practices and other venues where people typically pay with checks or cash and there is a relatively low volume of credit card use, there are many better deals out there that will cost much less, have no cancellation fees and include many additional free features such as website integration, mobile use, and check cashing options.

    Before writing this comment, I spoke with multiple service representatives who essentially all stated that there was nothing that could really be done since I had already signed a contract. I also emailed Lyndi Heckaman from the above comments and she quickly called me back. She was very pleasant and offered a lot of helpful advice, but unfortunately was not able to adjust my cancellation fee per company policy. She agreed with my assessment that Worldpay was not the best merchant solution fro my business needs and is not geared towards smaller business that do not expect high volume credit card sales. To her credit, she was sincerely apologetic about my experience and offered many helpful tips for future choices.

    A helpful tidibit that I picked up from my conversations was that the best policy is to negotiate prior to signing a contract with any merchant service. The merchant business is currently highly competitive and many processers will be willing to bend over backwards to get new customers. Almost everything can be negotiated, including complete abolishment of early cancellation or administrative fees, but only if they are done in advance of signing. Once you put down your John Hancock, you have lost your leverage.

    I hope this post helps others from making similar mistakes as I did. Live and Learn…

  60. Shirley

    Worldpay US is NOT a service company you should work with for your biz. They were OK at your account setup time, however once you sign the contract, there is no customer service since then. There is no live people to answer your question and respond the issue for your service.
    In our case, we started to work with them through AT&T cellular phone company for swipe creditcard merchant service in May 2011. We cancelled the service 2 months later, because we never been able to use their service properly at all. We called and left multiple voice messages with the customer sale agent who setup the account for us. NO response what so ever.

  61. Kathleen Rodgers

    I was a worldpay customer for 6 years and when I contacted customer service to terminate my service
    I was informed of a termination fee. I was told it would be $195.00, this obviously upset me. I do review my statements monthly, and have always received great customer service when I have had questions or needed assistance. I was reading the comments left on this website and contacted Lyndi Heckaman a senior account executive with Worldpay. She contacted me promptly and we discussed my circumstances. Lyndi is very professional and courteous, in retrospect, had I discussed my situation with customer service as Lyndi adivsed, I probably would have reconsidered my decision. I will say that my customer service representative Latoya did reduce my termination fee to $95.00 because I had asked. I think anyone thinking of changing any product or service, should give their current provider the option to review their needs. I would recommend Worldpay.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Thank you so much for the kind worlds Kathleen. It was such a pleasure speaking with you. Please let me know if you ever need anything.


  62. peggy chilson

    I have been using WorldPay service since 4/11 through Office Ally. I do not use a terminal, but use my computer, which is a pain. Also, I was confused about the fees, for example one month I only had one transaction for $90, yet my subsequent bill was for $64! Today I called them to ask about the fees and to inquire about ending our relationship. What a shock! I was told about the $495 early term fee, that could be waived to $295. I told the representative that I did not believe her, because I would not sign a contract for that long of a term or under those conditions, and she needed to provide me proof. She did send me a disclaimer that states this info, but nowhere on that document is my signature. Additionally, the contract states that I will not use another service during this time, but doesn’t state what they will do. Probably take $495 out of my account! What nonsense! Stay far, far away from these folks. I wish I had and wish me luck extricating myself for this mess.

  63. Randy Mitchell

    I signed up with world pay in 2005 . I paid over 500 dollars for my terminal and was told I had a 1 year contract and would be charged less than 3% on all transactions. I never looked at statements for years assuming that I was dealing with an honest company. I finally checked rates 10/11 and was shocked to see I was paying well over 5%. I called to complain and was told they would review my rates,after waiting and calling for over a month I still had no rate review so I signed up with someone else. I was given a new machine for free and signed a 1 year contract with no auto renewal. When I called world pay to cancel service I was told I had an autorenewed contract that could only be cancelled 90 days prior to anniversary date. After searching my contract from 2005 with a magnifing glass I did find where it was hidden in small print. I quit using my terminal and found that worldpay was taking $40 per month out of my account for not meeting there minimum charge. I put a stop payment on world pay at my bank. Now I have received a letter that I have been turned over to a collection agency.
    I believe worldpay owes me for overcharging me for years . DO not go with this company as they are out to take every penny they can any way possible.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Mr. Mitchell,

      I am an account executive with WorldPay. First let me apologize for the poor customer service you received when requesting a rate review. Conducting a rate review for our customers should NEVER take more than a few days or less. If you happen to remember the name of the person that you spoke with I will make sure that the issue is brought to the attention of customer care management.

      That being said, please allow me to address the issue of the rate increase that you experienced. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “fixed” processing rates in this industry…. no matter what company you are with. Visa/Mastercard/Discover release new rate increases, occasional rate reductions, and additional fees TWICE a year (October and April). All processors pass these changes on to merchants…… some pass them through directly and others view it as an opportunity to increase your rates beyond the actual true rate changes.
      All of this information and description of the increases, reductions, and new fees can be found on Visa or Mastercard’s website. I am a huge advocate for merchant processing account education!! I know that it can be confusing and frustrating, but if you want to continue to accept credit cards…. this is the current nature of the business. So I recommend that all merchants do their research and learn what they can about credit card processing! Sit down with your local representative or contact your local chamber of commerce and ask them who they use or if they can recommend anyone for you to speak with to help you understand your statements and how you are charged a little bit better.

      Above you stated that you have not looked at your statement from 2005-2011…… 6 years. If you consider that there are rate/fee changes TWICE a year…… does it make the rate increase you experienced over those 6 years make a little more sense?

      I can absolutely understand your frustration and anger, but ultimately this is your money at the end of the day……. it is SO IMPORTANT that you review your statement EVERY MONTH and ask questions about ANYTHING that you do not understand or any new fees that were added! I personally conduct rate reviews for my clients once or twice a year…… but I can guarantee you that is not the norm in this industry! So there for it falls on you to take responsibility for your merchant account and every 6 months or every year you need to take a moment and get a few competitive offers from other companies to make sure that your rates are still competitive! If you receive a lower offer, take it back to your current processor and 99% of them will match the offer.

      You also mention that you located your terms and conditions that you were provided when you originally signed….. while I personally think that it is just good business practices to review them with my clients….. not everyone does that little extra. But again….. this is your business and you want to make smart informed decisions that benefit your business. When presented with a contract….. though it may be tedious….. REVIEW all fine print and terms and conditions!!!! I’m sure that at some point in all of our lives we have been “bitten” by the fine print that we did not read, maybe on a cellphone contract or a rebate form, or accepting terms and conditions for websites/phone apps, etc. When presenting a contract for someone to sign, no matter what the contract pertains to, terms and conditions MUST be provided, but no one is required to review them with you verbally. By signing the application you are agreeing to the terms and conditions….. So always read them and ask questions.

      Worldpay has processes millions of transactions a day for over 500,000 merchants world wide. We are a large company with a lot of industry experience, and we do our best to make sure every merchant receives the best customer care possible….. but like all companies and people we are not perfect.

      Again, I am sorry for the poor customer service that you received and I will make sure that they are aware of your complaint. And I hope that you found some of the other information and tips I mentioned above helpful.

      If you have any questions or would like more information about credit card processing….. please feel free to email me at

      I will be happy to assist you in any way that I can and answer all of your questions or show you were you can locate the information directly on Visa/MC websites.

      Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you.

      Lyndi Heckaman

  64. sharon

    i keep seeing worldpay on my bank statement. and i havent signed up for anything i need answers….. please email me for my information so i can find out what is this charge for thanks.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Sharon,

      Please email me your contact information and I will be happy to discuss your situation with you.

      Thank you,

      Lyndi Heckaman

  65. Charlene Burke

    After 6 1/2 years with Worldpay they want to charge me $400+ as an early cancellation fee. I found a company that will save me approximately $80.00 per month . I can’t understand how they can get away with this.

    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello Ms. Burke,

      I am a Sr. Account Executive with WorldPay. I am so sorry for your frustration regarding your early termination fee. We have since reduced that fee to $295 if canceled in the 1st year, $195 for the 2nd, and $95 for the 3rd. Since you signed over 6 years ago…. your contract termination fee is $495. However, WorldPay is very willing to work with you on this or waive it all together. Have you been able to get in touch with the account executive who setup your account? Also, we have a wonderful retention department that would be more than happy to review the rate reductions you have been offered and match or beat them. If you have not had any luck with either of those options…. then please feel free to email me and I will be happy to get you to the proper management who can possibly waive that fee for you.

      I hope to hear from you. Have a wonderful day.

      1. Kathleen Casavant

        I was shocked when I just cancelled our service with WorldPay that we were charged $295. I was not told about the 3 year contract or I would not have used WorldPay in the first place as we are a tiny art gallery with sales of less than $5,000 a year and we wanted to try it out to see if it increased sales. I also did not receive anything in regard to terms and agreements in writing. The only document I signed was the customer processing agreement. I did all of this via scanned documents and there is not a scanned document indicating the terms and agreements, or again, I would not have used this service.
        Please refund my $295.00.

        1. Daijing

          I had very similar experience. I only had the customer processing agreement sent to me and never seen a 3-year contract. They then sent me a copy of the contract without my signature on it. I wonder what if there is any legal process to end the contract.

  66. david auto repair

    When Worldpay had procesed my credit cards transactions they always overcharged,they always come outs with fees out of no where, by the time I want to cancel my three years loyalty to their company they want to thank me with a $495. dollars cancelation fee.


    1. Lyndi Heckaman

      Hello David Auto Repair,

      My name is Lyndi Heckaman and I am a Sr. Account Executive for Worldpay. I am not sure if you are still processing your transactions through us or not…… but if you are, I would like to offer my help. I will be happy to review your statement with you and answer any questions that you may have. If there are fees that can be reduced or eliminated…… I will absolutely assist you in making that happen.

      I have mentioned before that our early termination fee has since been reduced….. (for some reason this website refuses to correct the information they have listed above)….. if you still want to proceed with the cancellation….. I will be happy to assist you in getting that fee reduced or waived.

      Thank you very much. I look forward to hearding from you.

    2. sonja

      Two words…bait and switch!!I was told by worldpays independent outside sales ELITE PROCESSING …. I was in a one year contract and a half years later…i got slapped with a 495.00 deactivation fee…After they told me about the deactivation fee..I stated about the contract …they stated i would have to follow up with the sales guy…i found out he works out of the same location…after i complained he stated he would wave the deactivation if i sent back the processing machine i purchased…also when i purchased the terminal i was charged twice..on different months for the same machine..i had to get that charge reversed..which i feel if i didn’t catch it. It would of gone unnoticed. Now the only thing us consumers can do is file pleas with the consumers protection agencies in your state…also writing to your states attorney general..class action suits. If you have a problem with worldpay one can file with the FDIC..or The federal trade commission name a few solutions …World pay need to hold these outside sales accountable..or the Attorney General will..

  67. Debbie

    I signed up with Worldpay thru a reseller, the whole transaction went smoothly, I had no issues for a whole month, then all of a sudden I was reconciling my bank account and noticed right away that I had 3 days worth of credit card sales that did not get deposited, mind you I noticed this within 1 day of it happening, I immediately called World Pay and discussed the situation, they informed me that they could not find any of my information that my terminal ID had been deleted, so for the next 5-6 days I was in contact with the reseller I signed up with & WorldPay to try and resolve the issue of getting my money, I was guarenteed that I would get my money the following week by Wednesday, still to this date I have not received my money, World Pay has called & promised me that this situation is a high priority & will call with a resolution date, mind you I am a small business & operate on a day to day basis of sales. Point is I need my money its been 1 week & no resolution has been solved.

    1. Debbie

      The situation has been resolved just after posting this comment

  68. Lyndi Heckaman

    Hello Mr. Parker,

    I would like to kindly request that you update your review and information regarding Worldpay. Since your review was conducted there have been SEVERAL changes and improvements to WorldPay’s advertising and terms and conditions. The most notable being the early termination fee! This has since been reduced to $295 if canceled within the first year of the contract, $195 if canceled in the second year and $95 if canceled before the completion of the third year. Also, the contract only renews for 1 year…. unless the customer provides notice of non renewal! Not to mention that contract terms and early termination fees are possibly negotiable….. on a case by case basis.
    Also, advertising rates as low as .99% is not false advertisment. We do infact offer rates even as low as .79%! We offer two types of plans, interchange (cost plus) and fixed rate Tiered plan. All potiental customers should call for more details if they are interested. This rate is offered on swiped debit card transactions…… regardless if the new federal Durbin Amendment regulating debit card cost effects that card or not….. because this rate is offered on a fixed tiered plan. Interchange (cost plus) plans are different. If you would like more information regarding our pricing or which businesses benefit from this rate the most….. then please feel free to email me. I will be happy to answer your questions or provide you with anything that you need in writing. As you are well aware….. different businesses benefit from different pricing plans….. all businesses are different…. they can accept cards in different ways and some businesses accept more debit cards, some accept more rewards cards, and some accept more corporate cards. Worldpay reps. are trained to educate potiental merchants on these differences and place them in a pricing program that is best for their business and show them simple steps they can take to reduce or eliminate certain fees…… such as AVS on handed keyed cards.

    I really do hope that you will take this information that I have provided you with seriously and contact me if you have any questions or need any documentation. I know that you want to provide the most up to date information for everyone who visits your site seeking advice and trusted correct information.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Lyndi Heckaman

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Lyndi,

      Thank you for the comment. I have approved it since it might have useful information for merchants. All reviews are updated every 12 to 18 months and the information you have provided will be verified for the next update.

      As for the rate advertising. I have deemed this type of marketing as deceptive because it suggests to merchants that all of their transactions will experience such a rate, especially to naive and new business owners. Even if a merchant was to experience the advertised rate, it would likely only occur if the merchant was set up with Interchange-plus pricing and transacted a particular type of debit card. Overall, a minuscule percentage of cards would run at the advertised rate. In my opinion, it is more ethical to not advertise rates at all than to advertise unrealistic and misleading rates.

      Lastly, the majority of merchants do not understand the difference between tiered pricing schemes and Interchange-plus pricing. As a former agent, I can say with absolute certainty that Interchange-plus is nearly always the best and most transparent pricing option. Most of the various tiered pricing programs are designed to protect a provider’s huge profit margins while giving the merchants a slight savings and the impression that they are getting a good deal.

      1. Dean Grayson

        Just wanted to say that I am fairly new with the company, but the .99% rate on tier one is accurate. I have a particular business that I signed up with this rate that had 205 transactions on his first statement. Of those, 203 were billed at the .99% rate. He called to show me his statement. The merchant was very happy. I cut his processing fees in half. WorldPay is a great company with an ethical sales force and an awesome leadership team. We are trained to educate our merchants and never have I been told to be deceptive. While we do have some set fees, we try to make up for it with pricing options that lower the overall bill. And I am proud to work for this company.

        1. Phillip Parker

          Hi Dean,

          Were these debit card or credit card transactions? Can you get me a copy of the statement for verification?

    2. Chip Taylor

      Lyndi I am dealing with your company now with a silly issue. I have been with worldpay since 2005. I changed my company name three years ago and changed the info with you guys. For whatever reason they counted this as a whole new contract. Your company is now saying I must pay an early cancellation fee of 495, but after I told them I’ve been with RBS since 2005, they said they’d lower it to 295$….

      So I am getting lied to while getting ripped off, because according to you the standard fee is 295. So much for the supposed ‘deal’ I am getting. I don’t believe I should have to pay a dime, I’ve been with worldpay since 2005. I plan to write up exactly what steps have occurred and posting my story in every single outlet I can find on the interwebs.

      I believe that Worldpay is out to screw their customers. I’d appreciate any input you have on this issue.

      1. Lyndi Heckaman

        Hello Mr. Taylor,

        I apologize for my delay in response to your comment….. I never received an email alert that their were replies to my above listed comment. I do hope that I am not too late to at least assist you with the issue that is prompting your cancellation or assist you with the cancellation fee.

        First, let me address the confusion with your company name change…… sometimes errors are made in this situation, especially if your new business has an entirely new federal tax id number. Any time there is a name change or you close one business but open annother, sometimes department communication errors occur. In your situation…..customer service did not notice the account communication chain linking your new company name with your old one. So therefore they viewed it as an entirely new account. This does not mean that it cannot be corrected. May I ask you if you have a personal account representative? If you do then I strongly recommend you reaching out to them to assist you with either matching the rates or services you are being offered…. or to assist you with having the cancellation fee lowered to $95 or waived entirely.
        Our contracts auto renew for a term of 1 year….. so with our new step down cancellation fee…. if you have been with us for 6 years, then your fee should be $95 at the worst or $0 at best.

        I wish that I had received some form of email alert that you replied to my comment. I would have replied IMMEDIATELY, if I had.

        I am very interested to know how everything turned out in your situation. I would love to assit you are still dealing with this issue. feel free to email me at if I can assist you further.

        Thank you,


    3. Gilda

      Hi Lyndi, I’m in the same situation about de ETF of $495.00 and my contract ends on 11/04/20012; inactive account on 05/08/2012. Let me know where can I contact you to give more datails about my contract…

      1. Lyndi Heckaman

        Hello Gilda,

        I am so sorry for the delay in my response. I never received an email alert that people responded to my commennt. Again, I apologize!!!

        Please email me directly at……. and I will be more than happy to help you with the cancellation fee.

        I look forward to hearing from you!!!!


      2. Lyndi Heckaman

        Hello again Gilda,

        Just in case they do not post my email information in my prior comment…. you can contact me on facebook and I will be happy to give you my personal number.

        Lyndi Heckaman
        Houston Texas

    4. James D Brown

      Dear Ms. Heckamon,
      I tried to cancel my contract and was told it would cost $295. I am now in my third year with your firm so, according to this email to Mr. Parker, it should only cost $95.00 to cancel. Can you please help me cancel at the $95.00 rate? My Customer # is [redacted for security issues]. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank You, Jim Brown

      1. Lyndi Heckaman

        Hello Mr. Brown,

        I will be more than happy to look into your situation. Please email me directly with the name of your business, business address, phone number, and customer number…… I will have customer service pull up your contract and take a look at what I can do for you.

        Thank you so much,

        I look forward to hearing from you!!

        Lyndi Heckaman

    5. William

      This is incorrect information. I just cancelled my account because of the exorbitant fees and being lied to for the last 15 months and the representative charged me $495 and said there was nothing she could do.
      Another processor was able to charge me HALF what worldpay charges.
      Worldpay was supposed to be integrated into my POS software within 6 weeks of my signing on with worldpay, 15 months later it is still not integrated. The representative for my POS software gave me the number of the Worldpay VP that they are working with (Brent Stockwell) and he told me he couldn’t help me because Shawn Blalock was my rep when I signed up and that he would have Shawn call me, this still hasn’t happened (Not the first time). I received a letter stating that Worldpay was adding ANOTHER $69 Compliance fee on top of the exorbitant $14.99 a month PCI compliance fee So I decided to cancel my service before I got charged this fee even with the $495 fee.
      I had multiple instances of double charges going onto my customers accounts from using the virtual terminal. I was able to reverse these charges BUT I still came out looking like the bad guy to my customers.

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