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  1. Amanda

    Pay pal is terrible!!!!!!! They do nothing to help the seller. They blocked my account forever for no reason they said my account was linked to another account that was blocked I don’t even know what they are talking about. They blocked my friends account because he left bad feedback for them and now blocked mine because they say we linked some how this is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. I had 100 percent feed back and 2 stars with my eBay account and done a lot of business with them. When I called customer support to find out what was going on the lady was very rude with me and said I am high risk like WTF was did I even do wrong they never could give me a reason just blocked me. If I was a seller I would stay away from paypal they have no security for u

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  2. jim cantrell

    biggest thieves I have ever dealt with.I will contact bbb/attorney general and do my best to keep anyone from using the pay pal site.I tried to activate a new card and put money on the card and they immediately took the money and blocked my account! DO NOT USE PAY PAL IF YOU WANT ANY OF YOUR MONEY!

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  3. Joe Mitchell

    Paypal allows dishonest eBay memebers to scam you out of your goods with hold on payments. There is NO process for sellers to file a dispute about dishonest eBay members. Paypal allows them to tie up your money for 30 days and, you are left without YOUR merchandise or payment! Paypal is a very risky payment method. BEWARE and know the pitfalls before using paypal as a payment service!
    LESSON LEARNED (the hard way)

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    1. JW

      I have done a little research and found out that several of the reviews were written by PayPal!!! WoW. What a surprise.. Due to their non-responsive and no recourse rules!!!. I am still locked out of using their system. They will not release cards attached to my business no will they allow any transactions. I am forced to tell my bank that the cards were stolen, guess who by. :* Since E-Bay purchased PayPal and refuses to utilize any other form of payments, I no longer sell on E-Bay. Was a top seller for years. Now I utilize a “Real” Card Processing company at a much lower rate. No more transaction fee. no Monthly Fee. Just a percentage. I only have to put up with the 2 day delay, but I get my funds with no extra “B.S” All sales go directly to my bank and I no longer have that Merchant Fee. Lets say the folks that I now utilize are larger than the PayPal want to be. They are used around the world, with many of their software products: QB. Turbo Tax, even a full line store program that does everything for you. Bar codes, inventory control, Tax input. A real 1099 and much more.

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  4. Linda Sale

    I was just informed that Pay Pal is holding 25% of a customer visa payment we just received today because we had to key it in and it was more than $2500. I accept that we must pay the 3.5% fee instead of the 2.7% fee normally charged. But they said they are holding my $880 for 30 days! The CSR was snippy and condescending in her attitude. She was lovin the power trip. Time for a new method.

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    1. jw

      Sad to see others with this problem. They locked my business account because they felt that the transactions were in their view “Fraudulent”. After explaining the transactions to them, they still held to their ideas and so I could not longer us the account. They will allow people to pay me, BUT I can’t take the funds out. Nor will they close the account. I have notified my bank. They said it is the business of PayPal and there is nothing I can do.
      They even locked my C/C used to make purchases. The only action I can take against them is to report my card stolen and provide the bank with the info that “PayPal” stole them!!! Sad to see that E-bay will only do transactions with their PayPal company. I have lost $1000′s of dollars in potential sales on E-bay as well as my website

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  5. sara

    I have used paypal for many years and thought that they would be perfect to use for my business.
    How I was wrong….
    The do everything possible to get your business and process your transactions but yet when something goes wrong they dont care.

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  6. Terry

    I just started using paypal as part of my business. BIG MISTAKE! I have no other financing institution that has so any limits on amounts and timing of transactions. Why does it take a week to get access to my own money. Also, why, after confirming all information, do I have a limit on how much money I can move from paypal to bank? I cannot operate a business when my money is limbo for 5 days at a time. I need the funds much faster.

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  7. PJ

    I have been using my online PayPal account since 1997 and have seldom had a problem and none of the issues have been significant. I now need to be able to process credit cards on the fly. I was going to install the PayPal Here app on my phone. Has anyone read the Permissions you must allow to use the app? Access to your: Contacts, Call Logs, Bluetooth, Camera, Allow app to directly call phone numbers, Sensitive Log Data and Running Applications. Wow!!! I looked at other processors such as Square and their app does not require access to these items. I emailed PayPal and asked why they need to access these personal items. The response they sent me the link to the page showing all the things it needs to access. Very helpful! Here is the link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paypal.here

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  8. Lee

    Don’t ever use paypal! I canceled my paypal account after receiving a bike that was not as described. I tried working it out with seller. After seller mentioning he bought insurance for the bike, I contacted ups to have bike pickup to be reviewed for insurance claim. I don’t know what their outcome was but bike was sent back to the seller without my knowledge. I tried contacting seller about it but he has stopped all contact. I tried talking to paypal about how the seller has my money and the bike in his possession now and to see if they can refund me my money since seller has stopped all communications. Paypal’s reply was, that I sent it back out of my own will. I explained the whole situation about how bike was picked up by UPS for insurance claim and they sent it back to the seller. I even showed them tracking number which showed it was received back by the seller. Paypal still refuses to refund me my money so I just took it as a lost and canceled my account. This has been the most frustrating transaction ever, I will never ever use paypal ever again.

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  9. Jack

    I wanted to set up a pay section on my website, and so I called Paypal, because I couldn’t uncover info I needed from their website…As I am writing this, I have been on hold for over two hours and still counting.

    What frustrating and horrible customer service!! Ironically, as I am waiting, I get to listen to some recording, cycling over and over, extolling Paypal customer service, how important my call is to them, and assuring me that they will “be right back” with me.

    I guess I should find humor in the irony.

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  10. Kevin Quail

    First of all, as far as donations to charities, Paypal sets capricious and arbitrary limits per credit card that have nothing to do with your credit limit, credit rating or anything else. Once this limit is reached, which has been anywhere from $1500-$4000 per card, they tell you you have to join Paypal in order to donate any more money. My understanding is that there is also a $10000 limit for buyers of merchandise. Paypal does this as an attempt to gain a monopoly in the online purchasing business, since they collect about 2% of each transaction. Their security is crap and they and Ebay don’t respond to consumer complaints. As far as a BBB rating, the Better Business Bureau is a joke, just like Angie’s List. You pay either one a fee and you will get a good rating.

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  11. Daniel McGonigle

    After my PayPal account was hacked I removed the connection to my bank account but kept the link to my credit card. No sense in being ruined financially because of their poor security but I understand they need some line of credit. In return, they froze my account from sending ANY money. Did I have deposited funds to cover the payment? Doesn’t matter. There are two options: 1) reopen my bank account to their poor security or 2) apply for their branded credit card to back up the account. My Visa or MasterCard isn’t sufficient, it has to be one of theirs. To use their service I have to risk my finances or risk my credit rating so they can issue me a credit card I don’t want. No thanks PayPal.

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  12. Visa Vice & EPay

    We have had lots of problems with Paypal. Paypal, without notice perform network tracking & permanently disable processing credit cards ONCE Tor, or a similar proxy routers are used. Paypal also refuse processing payments when new/replacement cards are used – clashes with old/expired card data. To remedy it they want more personal information than a passport! They have no right to demand, or retain such information, but do, & refuse to delete it!
    So, even for a minor purchase they extort information, and also determine (as with Visa) if they will process the transaction at their whim, as they did with Wikileaks..
    You may lose business if imposing Paypal’s non-service upon customers..

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  13. Phill

    I am going to buck the trend here but my company has been using Paypal pro payments or whatever it is called for about 4 years. We pay $30/month for use of the service on our ecommerce site. For reference we do approx $1M in sales a year. Every so often something may happen not to our liking (like once a year mess up some payment or randomly decide not to accept a standing customers Amex card) overall we have been very happy. People talking about holds are probably small time vendors(no offense, everyone needs to start at some place) and those are the sellers that scare PayPal. Yes, 95% of the time the buyer is right, but that is how business should be “customer is always right.” And to top it off their merchant rates(which you can negotiate as you grow) are pretty low compared to industry standards. Our biggest complaint is they only allow a 60 day window for refunds.

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  14. Andrew O. Newton M.D

    Please be very careful when using paypal services. Prefererably use other credit cards. I recently had one of my worst experience with Paypal. I ordered for 6 used laptops through a company out of OHIO call Laptop advantage (steer clear of these folks). The computers arrived terribly malfunctional/nonfunctional/damaged and not as described. I immediately call the company to return the items. The first guy i spoke with said I should call back in 30 minutes since the manager in charge went to lunch. I called back in half an hour no one would pick the phone. Itried several times aND THE STORY REMAINS SAME. The next day they left a message to call me on another line. I started calling the line and the memory was full. I packaged the defective computers and sent them back through UPS.
    I put in dispute through the PAYPAL dispute center. It took them forever for the review. 2 weeks later the items were shipped back to me stating that “the receiver refused. So I called paypal. That was when they told me to get a computer expert to verify that the computers are bad before I can send them back. I was libvid and called again to talk to the supervisor who uttered the same nonsense. So I called the PAYPAL extra mastercard and they recredited my account. PLEASE DO NOT USE PAYPAL..Perhaps for transactions less than $30. The dispute department is a HUGE JOKE.

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  15. baines

    I am not happy with the security it offers to its clients and i will not use paypal in future. someone send me an invoice and click pay for it as my intentions were to pay for it. Paypal did not gave me an option to choose the payment method or confirm anything with me and use my checking account. i realized their mistake and call them within few second to chage this payment method to credit card. Paypal representative said it is too late they cannot do anything about it. i should call the receiver and ask him to cancel my payment. WOW i am shocked they made a mistake nad it is my problem……

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  16. zannoah Chodosh

    I used paypal to pay for a class earlier this year. Unfortunately the first time I tried to pay, for some reason the payment didn’t go thru. I am not sure whose fault that was. However, time was running out to attend this class. So I called the school myself and paid over the phone. A few weeks later I get a call and several emails from paypal saying that I owe them the exact amount I paid for the class. I explained to the customer service rep that I had already paid for the class directly and that I didn’t need to pay for something that I already paid for. The customer service rep became rude and said that when I tried to make the first payment I entered an agreement which meant that I MUST pay with Paypal. I was told that I needed to pay paypal, then wait for them to reimburse me the same money that I was about to pay. huh? That didn’t make any sense, but that is what I was told. Also, if I didn’t pay them they would report me to a collection agency. I am definitely cancelling my paypal acct. I don’t need to be harassed into paying a “middle man” for a service that I already paid.

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  17. Joan Nering

    I have been in busines over 22 years and when my 2 year old verifone processing machine died I learned that it was out of warranty through my Bank of America processing company. Rather than invest in another machine to the tune of $300.00+
    I explored other options. Since I now do business exclusively on-line after closing my physical store (after 9 years), I decided on the Paypal Pro Virtual terminal that does not require any equipment. We already had a regular Paypal account as a choice for customers…and never had any problems…so this seemed like a good fit especially since I thought I would cancel my landline that I used for my other processor. Boy! Was I wrong. While the transaction process for each customer is fairly easy, getting my money for those transactions borders on USURY! The difference is that instead of them loaning ME money, they are simply TAKING mine, and NOT paying me any interest for 90 DAYS! PLUS they are charging me fees on top of that. Their customer service person was not at all helpful and said that she could not change anything OR even talk to someone higher up. I am curious if VISA & MC & AMEX approve this practice. Unless you are a business owner with VERY deep pockets and can afford to have Paypal lock up your $$ for 90 days, STAY AWAY from their virtual terminal.
    I already ordered a new processing terminal and will be happy to continue processing with Bank of America.

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  18. Lois Becker

    We signed up to take paypal for our business and it took over 40 minutes to contact them by phone and we finally hung up and cancelled our pay pal account. No business person should have to wait for help that long and lose business in the process. I contacted them by email and they never responded.

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  19. Milina

    My comment is actually a carbon copy of Alen’s comment: I wish I did not invest “many thousands $$ on developing a system to accept payments via PayPal.” The system is slow beyond description and is full of bugs; you can send information about those bugs to PayPal’s IT department, but they don’t pay attention to it anyway. Could somebody recommend a system to replace PayPal?

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  20. Alen

    I run a business and invested many thousands $$ on developing a system to accept payments via PayPal. I am sure sorry I am caught in that trap, As a business owner you need to be able to have access to every and each transaction made by your customers. Meanwhile, it may take more than 30 min to have a transaction view on PayPal system; one cannot even imagine that a system can be that slow nowadays. So if you need to take a look at more than one transaction a day, your business day is basically stalled by PayPal. In addition, PayPal system has bugs which they never fix. If you are considering PayPal for your business you would reccoment to stay awy from it.

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  21. Irene

    I used pay pal for the 1st time, when I bought an item on ebay (also the 1st use). When the item arrived, & was defective, I could not return it to vendor as there was no packing slip. I then attempted to call pay pay & found out how difficult it was to reach this co. After finally getting to a human, who was condescending & annoyed, I was told it would be investigated. One wk. later got email saying vendor denyed my complaints & it would take until July 27 to resolve (that was another 3 wks. later. Finally, July 25 got email saying I would get full refund on my PayPal account. Since I never intended to use Paypal again, this was unsatisfactory . Again attempted to reach a human by phone & told her I wanted credit to my credit card because i was cancelling PayPal. She put me on hold for 25 minutes, but I got good news when she finally got back to me — credit was going to Visa acct. I then asked for a confirmation, but she could not send me one so now I have to wait til end of Aug., for my next Visa bill, to see if they really did credit it there. If not, I have no proof.

    I would tell everyone I know not to use paypal. Also, EBay & Bill me Later are also owned by this co. , so beware of them too.

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  22. Byron watanabe

    I successfully opened a paypal acct. And made 2 successful transactions. Then my acct was put in an account limitation status. I was told to fax my i.d. Which i did, AND confirm my c/c. I kept getting error msg when following prompts. Called a person,.,was told to do what i had done, and told that should not be happening. DUH! I give up and wish my info was never put out there. Being told only a computer can resolve this is asinine! Bye pay pal.,.no pal of mine!

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    1. John

      You may want to consider contacting your cc company and put a security check on future charges. Alsp, check you credit report. I am concerned that PayPal would actually ask you to fax that info. That could have gone anywhere!

      And if it did actually go to them, why would they want a hard copy of that? What are they going to do with it now that they have it? I have been with paypal for 5 years (and still hate them, finally switching to google checkout) and have never been asked for that!

      Just my opinion but I would never have faxed copies of that information!

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  23. julie

    my name is julie shopen
    paypal charge my credit card by unknown persone who use my credit -card

    Someone has hacked my password and use my code
    How did that happen?
    I turned to the company and they do not reply at all

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  24. King_Shopper

    they never award a seller when a buyer disputes no matter what your proof is. my buyer said he did not receive his product so i uploaded a file from USPS to proof that he did, guess what nothing happened the buyer was awarded the payment, somehow because the case turned from him not receiving to he is returning the product and i have no reason given to me why the seller is doing that, seller has NO POWER when a buyer disputes and i email them i get a auto reply telling me to go into the most asked questions i really hate this guys i just hope i can find someone better than Paypal anyone has any idea please let me know my sales are doing good and i dont want these guys to make money off me anymore if they have no respect for me

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  25. Calvin

    I’m a small business owner and I used to use Website Payments Standard on my site but then PayPal decided to hold all incoming funds for 21 days because my monthly sales were 5%-10% higher than my previous months’. Since then I’ve switched to Flagship Merchant Services and so far so good. They have monthly fees and such but their transaction fees aren’t nearly as high as PayPal’s were so it more than makes up for it. Here’s a copy of my last email to PayPal:

    Hi, I’m emailing PayPal in regards to the recent Payment Holds status that your “system” has put onto my account. Apparently this hold was placed on me because my most recent month’s sales was 5%-10% more than the trend of my previous months’. I run a small business that has only recently began selling products and I need access to every dollar that my business makes but I can’t now. Because we just introduced a new product and received a spike in sales, your wonderful “system” has put a red flag on us and locked us out of them. I understand that this is there primarily to guard against eBay fraud but this PayPal account is a BUSINESS ACCOUNT, not a personal one. Your “system” should be amended to reflect this. It should also be amended so that your own sales representatives have the power take the hold off the account–I called them to ask all this and they told me they had no control over this. All of this coupled with your company’s notorious tendency to favor buyers over sellers even when all evidence suggests that the situation is BUYER fraud, not seller fraud, and your ridiculously high transaction fees have led me to seek an alternative payment gateway solution. I chose PayPal because I thought it was the most headache-free solution for me. Man, was I ever wrong.

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  26. Kenneth

    I based a purchase I made from a Chinese vendor on the fact that I could, and did, use PayPal to pay for the transaction. Bad mistake. The item was not shipped for 12 days after the order. I did cancel the order but the vendor did not honor the cancelation. The item shipped was not the item I had ordered. I contacted the vendor and received a return merchandise authorization. According to their return policy, they were suppose to pay for the return shipping. After many emails back and forth, I applied for my money back from PayPal. PayPal initiated a request to the vendor in order for me to get my money back. Bottom line, PayPal was not able to get me my money back. I would warn everyone using PayPal to be very careful.

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  27. Jon Jambor

    I used them for a while. Not long after I started with them, they put a hold on my account for some reason or another. I never heard why. At the time there was no phone support. They requested shipping information with tracking numbers… not a problem. But then they asked for something called “proof of inventory levels” or something like that. I had no idea what they wanted and there was NO further information to be gathered from their FAQ or documents section. Once the funds were released (two weeks?), I transfered the funds out and closed my account. NEVER AGAIN!

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  28. William Beecher

    PayPal, Inc. has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The have been holding over $500 of my money for goods sold on ebay for no good reason. this should be illegal and must be stopped. They need to follow all regulations that any other bank would follow.
    I think they are also violating Anti-trust by forcing PayPal as the primary source to Pay and get paid. then they do not pay the seller.
    Something must be done.

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  29. Maggie

    Think their cheap rates sound good now? Wait until they decide to shut down your account after being with them for 8 YEARS and they freeze your money for 180 days…..THAT’S 6 FRACKIN MONTHS!!!! And if that isn’t enough, they don’t even have the courtesy to give you a REASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are a scam company and the government needs to step in and start regulating them. They take our money like banks and play with the interest like banks but they have NONE of the regulations that banks have. Regulations that are meant to protect us as consumers. The whole thing is a bad joke. ON US!

    If you’re a seller or business owner, stay the hell away. Use a REAL merchant and save yourself the despair and trouble.

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  30. Nick Curry

    Ebay and Paypal are a scam. They hold on to your money for 21 days if you have had any complaints about shipping even though the customer received the merchandise and gave you a positive feedback. Im a verified seller with 100% postive feedback with over 2,200 transactions. I wish I could get away with holding peoples money for 21 days just the interest earned on that would make me millions. This should be looked into by the better business bureau. Thank God Whitman didn’t make Govenor of California.

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  31. JohnL

    On January 18, 2012, a customer registered for an event on our website and paid through PayPal. We confirmed her registration via email. The event is to be held this weekend, Feb. 3-5, 2012.

    On Sunday Jan. 29, 2012, we recieved a notice from PayPal telling us the customer did not know who charged her card and that PayPal was opening an investigation.

    I immediately responded to PayPal that I had no idea about this and that I would contact the customer right away. As I was typing the email to the customer, within 4 minutes of the PayPal email, I received a email from PayPal saying the investigation was complete and the charges were reversed back to the customer. I completed the email to the customer as well as made 5 attampts to contact her by phone. No answers from either.

    Later that day I researched PayPal’s site to see if I can respond to this and to submit the proof of registration and a copy of the registration stating a cancellation fee of $35 would apply if cancelled prior to 30 of the event. I found that once the case is closed, there is no means for the merchant to appeal. I then wrote a email to their cistomer service with the information hoping they would direct me as to how I can appeal. No reply what-so-ever.

    Last night, Jan 31, the customer’s husband called via phone. He told us he had received the emails and that his wife was out of town but was returning for the weekend event. He said that there must be a problem on PayPal’s part and that he would take care of it. One hour later, he called again saying that his wife was out of town on family business ans that she will not make it to the event and that she woud hopefully make an event at another time. He did not want to discuss a cancellation charge.

    It is now clear that she (the customer) found that if she used PayPal to reverse the charges, she would not have to pay the cancellation fee with us.

    Today, Feb 1, I called and talk with a PayPal representative. She explained that the reversal was correct and when asked about our cancellation fee, she said they do not get involved wit that! She said that any time a customer did not know who cahrged their card, they take that very serious and normally reverse the charges. I asked why i did not get the chance to submit any proof that she registered for this event, and proof that she was coming with a friend with her name clearly on the email to us. Te rep told me that they have closed the case and there was nothing more she could do about it.

    The one interesting comment the representative said was, “If the merchant is selling a service, the seller does not have the same guarantee or protection as if they were selling merchandise” I find that vey interesting!! I understand that selling merchandise normally includes shipping and proof of shipping is a factor of proof for the merchant however, This goes far beyond that.

    Wheather it be proof of shipping or proof of registration including the customer’s email, what is the difference? Why was I not allowed to submit the proof?

    All I was requesting was the $35 cancellation fee. Now I am out the entire amount. I believe PayPal is wrong on their handling of this transaction and I have completely lost trust in PayPal.

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  32. Theresa Conti

    i called PayPal at least five times to get information on how to link my credit card to my account. i was told PayPal would charge my credit card $1.95, which would be reimbursed once my card was authorized. I attempted to pay for an item using my credit card once the card was authorized, but was unable to do. I called PayPal and was told I was unable to use my credit card because I had cash sitting in my PayPal account and could not use my credit card until I either withdrew the cash or used it to pay for the item. I was also told the $1.95 PayPal charged me would not be reimbursed until I made a payment using my PayPal account. I have been waiting two weeks to purchase this item, because I wanted to use my credit card. I was never told I had either eliminate the cash in my PayPal account or use it before being allowed to use my credit card or that I would not be reimbursed the $1.95 charge until I made a purchase.

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  33. Stephen Utermahlen

    Copy of my last letter to PayPal regarding approval for a Debit card.


    In your last letter you mention that this process may be frustrating. Yes it is. I have faxed information to PayPal twice. Twice when I called PayPal to confirm PayPal says they have not received the faxes. They have, but somewhere in PayPal someone has not posted them on my account or there is some other reason.

    PayPal requests information from my bank displaying my address. I have faxed that information. PayPal says they have not received it. I am now waiting to get my next bank statement . When this arrives I will scan it and email it to you. PayPal says this is the best way to transmit my information. So I will do this and see what happens. I expect my statement soon.

    I have called PayPal over ten times. I never talk to the same person to discuss my progress. Each person has provided me with different direction from the previous person. this is very frustrating.

    Could you please send me the PayPal area where I can submit a complaint. If you check my account I have been attempting to obtain a PayPal debit card for nearly a year.

    Would you be frustrated.? So would you please do me a favor and DO NOT apologize. This is a automated response from PayPal for I feel it has no meaning coming from PayPal. It is merely a formality and very shallow.

    At PayPal’s convenience please send a survey asking my opinion of the PayPal service.

    Stephen Utermahlen

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  34. Sara

    Paypal has now joined my list of worst companies in the world. Not only did Paypal repeatedly ship to the wrong address and use the wrong payment method after I specifically told them which one to use but now they refuse to close my account. I had the account for many years to use occasionally on eBay and they have caused nothing but trouble when I actually use it. They won’t even let you change your name or delete your old bank account or credit card information. Now they are basically holding my account and financial information hostage to use whenever and however they want against my wishes. What they are doing is illegal and I am in the process of reporting them to the authorities. I have tried calling customer service multiple times but each time they are nothing but rude to me and flat out refuse to help me. All I want to do is close my account with this fraudulent company. I would never had joined had I known how horrible they are to their customers and I can’t believe eBay makes you use them. eBay has now lost my business and I will do my best to warn others about this scam before Paypal takes advantage of them. I am just glad I didn’t enter my new bank account information because they probably would be taking unauthorized money out of there too.

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  35. Bacon Nivison

    Paypal was magnificent for many years, but now they’ve begun mismanaging the funds with which they’ve been entrusted. After 8 years of trouble free business via Paypal they began withholding customer’s monies. Their customer “service” department has been condescending and unhelpful. Paypal definitely played a role in my building of more than one internet businesses as well as transacting thousands of exchanges for me but now they are putting me out of business. There are much better alternatives out there.

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