PayPal Overview

Reviewing PayPal for Business

This PayPal review is intended primarily for small business owners who accept credit card payments on a regular basis and for any new businesses that will need to accept credit cards. Due to this focus, the content of this review will cover the factors that are most important to merchants who are interested in using PayPal for the purpose of accepting credit card payments from their customers.

Is PayPal Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of merchants have had their payments frozen by PayPal. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

A Titan of E-Commerce

PayPal began as a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay, where it was heavily used for payments between buyers and sellers of eBay auctions. In mid-2015, PayPal split off from eBay to become its own independent company. The service is one of the most accessible electronic payment methods in the industry because it allows anyone with an email address to sign up to send and receive payments from other individuals. Additionally, PayPal has a “merchant services” division that allows businesses of all sizes to accept credit card payments, much like a normal merchant account.

PayPal Is Not a Merchant Account

PayPal is unlike traditional credit card processors because merchants cannot use PayPal with typical credit card processing equipment. Instead, PayPal offers several other services including shopping cart integration, “buy now” buttons, and donation buttons that are primarily targeted towards merchants with an online presence. The company also offers a virtual terminal with an optional credit card reader that plugs into the USB port of most computers. The virtual terminal allows merchants to enter credit card data themselves. Additionally, PayPal has introduced a mobile payment app and card reader dubbed “PayPal Here” that allow anyone with a compatible smartphone to accept credit card payments.

PayPal Requires a Separate Account

One important difference between PayPal and a merchant account supplied by a credit card processor is that merchants must request the transfer of funds from their PayPal accounts to their bank accounts. Typically, most merchant account providers transfer the money to their merchants’ bank accounts as “batches” automatically within 48 hours of the close of a business day. PayPal also offers payments by check and a debit card that can be used for purchases or withdrawing money from an ATM. Merchants who would like to avoid this arrangement are better off using PayPal alternatives instead.

Headquartered in California

Daniel Schulman is the CEO of PayPal, which is headquartered at 2211 North First Street, San Jose, California 95131.

PayPal Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: PayPal offers a month-to-month contract with no early termination fee.
  • Complaints & Service: PayPal has received thousands of public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: PayPal has an “A+” rating with and has received 9,732 complaints and 786 reviews in the past 3 years. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001.
  • Sales & Marketing: PayPal does not hire independent sales agents and has not received any complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With PayPal
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Products & Services Offered

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Mobile phone processing
  • Online payment gateway
  • Virtual terminal
  • Recurring billing
  • Merchant cash advance

Types of Businesses Served

  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • Non-profit

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PayPal Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Flat Rate (Online) 2.9% + $0.30 Inside US/4.4% + $0.30 Outside US
Flat Rate (In Store) 2.7% + $0.30 Inside US/4.2% + $0.30 Outside US
Non-Profit Rate 2.2% + $0.30 Inside US/3.7% + $0.30 Outside US
Monthly Fee $0
Early Termination Fee $0
PCI Compliance Fee $0

Focus On Businesses

In this section, only PayPal fees and contract terms associated with PayPal’s business account for accepting credit card payments are being considered. We will not be covering personal accounts in this review, nor will we be assessing PayPal’s value as an eBay payment method.

Basic Merchant Setup (aka: PayPal Payments Standard)

This account does not allow merchants to enter credit card data manually using their computers but does allow for customers to buy products by credit card through a merchant’s website. If a merchant has set up a PayPal Here account, they can accept credit cards directly through the mobile app. For merchants wishing for an easy way to accept online payments, PayPal offers this basic setup with a few advantages over traditional merchant accounts.

Basic Merchant Pricing

PayPal Standard comes with no setup cost, no monthly fee, no time commitment, no PCI Compliance fee, and no cancellation fee. PayPal Payments Standard allows merchants to easily accept payments through their websites using “buy now,” “add to cart,” and “donate” buttons as well as recurring payments from other PayPal users ($10 monthly fee). This account is also compatible with most popular shopping carts. One of the disadvantages is that the customer must leave the merchant’s website and be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction, which can reduce conversion rates and confuse customers. With no monthly fees, PayPal credit card acceptance does come at a higher-than-average processing rate. As of this review, PayPal Payments Standard charges 2.7% plus $0.30 for all domestic in-store transactions, 2.9% plus $0.30 for all domestic online transactions, 4.2% plus $0.30 on all international in-store transactions, and 4.4% plus $0.30 on all international online transactions. Merchants registered as 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations receive a discounted rate from PayPal of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction domestically and 3.7% plus $0.30 for international transactions.

Transferring from PayPal Merchant Accounts to Bank Accounts

Transfers made to bank accounts from PayPal will be deposited on the next business day. Merchants using PayPal can also transfer their balances to a bank account instantly. Instant transfers do have limits of $50,000 per transaction, $100,000 per day, $250,000 per week, and $500,000 per month. Each instant transfer is subject to a 1% fee which may not exceed $10.

Advanced Merchant Setup (aka: PayPal Payments Advanced)

The next account up from the standard account allows merchants to keep the entire checkout process on their own site. Like PayPal Payments Standard, merchants cannot enter credit card data themselves, but they do get all the same features as the basic setup and can control the user experience throughout the entire online sales process. The PayPal Payments Advanced rates are the same as PayPal Payments Standard, but there is a $5 monthly fee. PayPal also offers additional services for data handling, PCI compliance, and customer support, but these come at extra costs.

Professional Setup (aka: PayPal Payments Pro)

PayPal Payments Pro comes with all of the same features as PayPal Payment Standard and PayPal Payment Advanced but with two extra features. The first feature allows for custom design and self hosting of the checkout page, which is primarily of interest to high volume e-commerce retailers and web developers who want full control over the checkout process. Merchants who are interested in this process can also consider using one of the top merchant accounts for web developers.

A Virtual Terminal Option

With the second extra feature of the Pro account, PayPal offers a virtual terminal for merchants who need to enter credit card data themselves for face-to-face transactions and/or mail orders and telephone orders. Merchants who wish to use this service will need to go through an extra application process even if they already have a PayPal account. It takes about 48 hours to find out if you have been approved for a virtual terminal account. Generally speaking, the cost for this service is fairly high in comparison to the best virtual terminals and merchant account providers. In addition to a $30 per month fee, PayPal Payments Pro merchants will pay the following fees:

  • 2.9% plus $0.30 per domestic transaction through their websites
  • 3.9 plus a fixed fee per international transaction through their websites
  • 3.1% plus $0.30 per domestic transaction through the virtual terminal
  • 4.4% plus a fixed fee per international transaction through the virtual terminal
  • 3.5% per American Express transaction

Volume discounts may also be available on an individual basis. PayPal also has a “micropayment” fee of 5% + $0.05 for transactions under $10.

Virtual Terminal Swiped vs. Keyed

Even though PayPal’s virtual terminal merchants can use an optional credit card reader that plugs into nearly any computer, the processing rates appear to be the same for swiped and keyed transactions through PayPal’s virtual terminal. This is unusual because nearly all other merchant account providers offer lower processing fees for swiping a credit card through a reader.

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Response from PayPal

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PayPal Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 10,000+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds

Millions of Users, Thousands of Complaints

The grade for this section is difficult to assign because of PayPal’s unique position in the credit card processing industry. Unlike traditional merchant accounts, virtually anyone can sign up for a PayPal account, and PayPal has over 100 million users. As one could imagine, PayPal has received thousands of complaints. The two issues that are most commonly voiced by actual merchants are complaints of sudden account freezes that disable the merchant’s ability to accept further transactions and withdraw money, and poor experiences with customer service.

Real Risk of Fund Holds

Merchants who complain of experiencing holds often report difficulty in getting explanations of why the hold was established. They also state that the money was held for long periods of time. Holds are a common practice in the credit card processing industry and are often used on “high risk” merchants who would be better served by high risk processing specialists. Many merchants do not transfer their PayPal funds on a daily basis, so days’ or weeks’ worth of sales can get locked up during an account freeze. However, holds and account freezes are never a problem for most merchants, even though there are quite a few reported cases online.

PayPal Lawsuits

In 2017, PayPal was sued in the matter of Zepeda v. PayPal Inc., a class-action lawsuit that alleged the company had improperly handled disputed transactions, placed holds, reserves or limitations on customers’ accounts without notice, and closed merchant accounts without notice. The company agreed to pay a sum of over $4 million to plaintiffs who were part of the class action.

PayPal Customer Support Options

As for complaints about customer support, PayPal offers several options for resolving problems, including a phone helpline. The basic support line is open to all account types and appears to suffer from periodic long wait times and poor service. Merchants can get higher levels of customer support by paying either $159 per month for “13X7 Enhanced” support, or $495 per month for “24X7 Premium” support.

Average Service Overall

PayPal earns a “C” in this section because of the sheer volume of negative PayPal reviews filed online, but the company does a decent job of providing many customer service options and maintaining a small proportion of complaints in comparison to its user base.

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Response from PayPal

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PayPal BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 6,945
Billing & Collection Complaints 1,949
Advertising & Sales Complaints 440
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 219
Delivery Complaints 179

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Nearly 10,000 Complaints

As of this review, PayPal is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an “A+” rating despite having 9,732 complaints filed in the last 36 months. Of the complaints, 6,945 are related to problems with the service, 1,949 with billing and collection, 440 with advertising and sales issues, and 179 with delivery issues. PayPal has resolved 2,355 complaints while the remaining 7,377 were answered but have yet to receive a final response from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

PayPal has also received 786 informal reviews, with only 14 being positive making the remaining 772 negative. However, many of these reviews are from customers, as opposed to merchants. One recent review from a relates to an account hold:

I wish i can give -10 stars to ****** to prove that they are the dumbest company to deal within 2020. They hold money for no reason. Bitcoins are safer and smother then ****** drama. What in the world they block the payment even you gave all the legal sensitive information. If they have main office in San Jose close to Oakland doesn’t mean everyone is selling trees on via ******. There are smarter ways to do and it looks like its time to move to a new payment system where at least platform can trust your transactions even after charging you the service fee. Simply hate them for this unprofessionalism. I and 13 other ****** victims of money hold are holding a press conference in front of their head office next week and waiting for more to join. We will move forward to over the next legal plan since that hostile retaliation does not have space in ongoing time where we are trying to build housing places on mars and trashpal is still living in XXXXX.

Merchants should understand measures they can take to make a payment processor release their funds.

FTC Venmo Settlement

At the time of our previous update, the BBB had posted a note regarding a February 2018 settlement between PayPal and the FTC:

The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with PayPal, Inc. over allegations that the company told users of its Venmo peer-to-peer payment service that money credited to their Venmo balances could be transferred to external bank accounts without adequately disclosing that the transactions were still subject to review and that funds could be frozen or removed.

In its complaint, the FTC also charges that Venmo misled consumers about the extent to which they could control the privacy of their transactions. In addition, Venmo misrepresented the extent to which consumers’ financial accounts were protected by “bank grade security systems,” and violated the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s Safeguards and Privacy Rules, the complaint alleges.

Although we consider Venmo one of the best mobile apps for sending money, it is clear that it faces some of the same criticisms as its parent company.

A “C” Performance So Far

The BBB justifies its rating by citing the length of time PayPal has been in business, the complaint volume versus PayPal’s size, the company’s response to complaints, the rate of resolution of those complaints, and the fact that the BBB has sufficient background information on PayPal. Based on PayPal’s complaint count, resolution ratio, and size, we are adjusting this section’s rating to a “C” for the purposes of this review.

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Response from PayPal

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Full Pricing Disclosure

PayPal scores well in this section because the company does not use independent sales agents or misleading sales tactics. The company clearly outlines its pricing on its website and does not alter its fees for each individual seller. In many ways, PayPal has become a household name and stands out in a crowded field of e-commerce payment processing options. The company’s policies and pricing are transparent and easily understandable for anyone who takes the time to read them.

Did you get what you expected from PayPal? Tell us why, or why not.

Response from PayPal

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PayPal Marketing Example

PayPal Logo

Our Opinion of PayPal

A Solid Option for Online Payments

PayPal is a huge company and in some circles has a bad reputation. In spite of this, the company remains one of the best options for easily accepting electronic payments and continues to gain popularity. PayPal is comparable in cost to many traditional merchant account setups, but is much more expensive than merchant accounts under the Interchange Pass-through pricing model. Although PayPal has a lot of complaints, most of them are due to the fact that even the most inexperienced and naïve business owners can set up an account in a matter of minutes. Overall, PayPal is a solid choice for accepting credit card payments and can be offered as an additional payment option alongside a normal merchant account and payment gateway setup.

We rely on your feedback about PayPal to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

Thank you for reading my review. I hope that it has helped you with your research.

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1,096 Reviews Leave Your Review for PayPal Below

  1. richard ALAN holdren says:

    they s***, there holding my money that a customer paid, the tracking says they have the product, but those thieving pricks wont release my money till 2 weeks later, did I say thieving pricks.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  2. Katie Willis says:

    I am highly disappointed with paypal I was scammed and haven’t recieved the product and they keep denying my claim such crap as I never recieved the product, website is now gone and sell wont reply. So now 35 dollar gone. PayPal use to be for the customers now it’s a joke!

  3. Karen Hurley says:

    I recently sold a Marantz receiver and amp that I had for years on eBay and the buyer used PayPal as payment. The purchase price for the units was over $1,000 a Lot more than anything I purchased or sold. PayPal first put a limited hold on the account and requested multiple documentation to prove that I am the account holder due to a prior PayPal account being hacked and also being a victim of ID theft. All information was provided and I was now told I can no longer due business with PayPal and my money that was received for the sale of the receiver and amp will stay in PayPal’s possession for 180 days and then they will let me know what to do to access my money. I have paid the packaging, shipping and customs fees totaling $500 I need that money in the account for bills. There’s no reason for PayPal to hold onto my money.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  4. carolyn ruge says:

    I have opted out of using Paypal. It was good when it was good but bad when it was bad. It tends to take the side of the seller if seller is a big player.

  5. I have tried everything to get money out of my PayPal account as I NEED the money.
    I get a message to contact your bank…its NOT a bank issue. So the bank transfer does not work! So I set it up to bypass the bank and ask PAYPAL to send me a check.
    Heres the damn message I get!
    Sorry, something’s not right. Please try again later. I’ve tried for two days straight and same message. There is no live person to talk to they say because of the Coved 19 issue. PAYPAL get people to work from home!!!!! If I ever get my money I will be through with you!!!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  6. Christy R says:

    This company is awful!! I opened an EBay acccout and was then forced to open a PayPal to accept payments. Isn’t this Sherman Anti Trust type of stuff. How is this legal? Anyway I did a whole 3 transactions and all of my orders where successfully delivered. PayPal asked me for tracking numbers and my ID which I provided. I then get a nasty email saying I’m banned from using PayPal? I called and they would give me no explanation whatsoever, and the will hold my money for 6 months! This should not be legal especially with proof of orders being delivered and happy buyers

  7. Christian mcdade says:

    Do not use pay pal if you are a small business. Paypal will randomly freeze your account and hold your funds and basically tell you theres nothing they can do

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  8. Renee francois says:

    PayPal is not a card that is good to use for emergencies or like now when cities on lockdown and I loaded my last money on my card to go get my disabled child’s food who is on a special diet and can’t get acces to MY money and being told they have no alternatives for me to get my hard earned money and I have to wait -0 days for a check. Like is it not a state of emergency right now?! And I can’t feed my kids because of pay pal locking my card and not allowing me to access my money at this very serious time? So because of PayPal my family doesn’t eat tonight. My disabled child goes to bed hungry. I was told yesterday they were putting in a complaint to fix it and by today 3/18 it would be fixed and now I’m being told I have to wait 24 hrs agin before they know if they gonna mail me a check that will take 10 days to be sent. So my children don’t eat for 10 days when I was told by my boss to apply for unemployment which means I have no job to go back too. Pay pal is not a card to put your hard earned money into. You will lose

    1. Brian Clark says:


      I really hope this article helps resolve your issue: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.

      Please let us know if you still have difficulty resolving that issue.


  9. Renee says:

    I loaded money into a PayPal card last night to be able to go buy my disabled child food who is on special diet. Could not access money, was told to put complaint and it would be fixed with 24 hrs. I wake up to balance and PayPal taking assent the fee. So I go to Walmart to get food get to cash out card not a active but money removed. So my child don’t eat today because I was told to wait another 24 hrs for another complaint meanwhile my daughter hungry I have no cash and I don’t get paid until Friday which is last check because I’m laid off. How at a time like this there is no options or alternative for me to get my money. So my kids go to bed hungry until Friday if I can even cash my check with thus lock down is anyone there watching news are y’all seeing what is going on

  10. Jon says:

    My account was restricted suddenly without notice. I had only used my account this last year for personal use, but in the past used it to sell on eBay. This last year I had only used it to pay for Netflix and few personal friends!

    I was helping a friend with his PayPal account prior to my account being restricted when PayPal had restricted his account.

    He used my device and phone since he was having difficulty at the time with hus phone in contacting PayPal. He made sure to let the customer service representatives know this at the time.

    Shortly afterward PayPal closed my account for the same reason they gave which is violating the Acceptable use policy for asking gun parts on eBay. He only sold antique parts that eBay allows to be sold regularly.

    I am unfairly being lumped into the same category for just having a association with someone who was having a issue with PayPal. Now I was just getting into selling again on eBay I am unable to due to the unfair business practices of PayPal.

    They don’t have any process or way to dispute the account restriction.

    Furthermore, the Use Policy is vague when it comes to firearm parts. It states certain firearms parts are not allowed but certain firearm parts therefore would be allowed. No list or explanation of what the definition of this would be.

  11. Melissa says:

    I thought that PayPal business would be a good alternative in paying for goods and services. It was initially, but, after leaving the organization, I needed to close the account. It was impossible and the availability of customer service was limited. Once you sign up, be careful to ensure you want to keep this account forever OR at least for the 6 months that is required with no transactions, in order to close. Very frustrating and it behaves like no other revolving credit card or debit mechanism.

  12. Julie van says:

    PayPal has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, The employees need to be retrained when dealing with customer service one of the ladies I talked to actually yelled at me, I sold a truck on eBay and the guy paid me through PayPal $900 payment and at $2,300 payment neither I’ve received 5 days later due to the fact that won’t lift whatever limitation they suddenly placed on my account. Three different ppl have contacted me from PayPal asking the the same questions, with no resolution. I’ve never misused or mistreated my PayPal but I certainly have been treated like some type of criminal, I will close my account immediately after they finally give me my money.

  13. Michele Phillips says:

    3/12/20- PayPal has refused to reimburse me the $13.99 they pulled from my checking account for payment to a fraudulent vendor. Paypal failed to do due diligence in setting up an account for this scammer. If they had done any due diligence they would have discovered that the site was set up by Go Daddy just 24 days before (and has already been disconnected), the phone#s and email addresses as published on their fraudulent site, and as given to Paypal don’t even “exist” and the address they gave Paypal is an empty lot. Paypal acknowledges we got nothing for the $13.99 but they state: “after having reviewed all the details, and based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your case. This decision was made because your billing dispute doesn’t match our qualification for a billing dispute.” When we asked what matches their billing dispute, the answer was reimbursement is at their discretion. So even if they set up a scammer (without even doing the most minimal verification that the vendor is real), and if that scammer then fails to acknowledge an order or ship anything – it is not Paypal’s responsibility.
    Here’s the Paypal info on this fake vendor –; name at Paypal is
    ngo quoc thinh [email protected]
    And here is our follow up to their denial of claim:

    3/11/20- Our bank investigated the vendor in this case. We were advised that Paypal was reckless in setting up an account as a) the website site was registered with GoDaddy just 24 days prior, b) email on file with GoDaddy is fake, c) the phone/email/address on the Kanse Store website and as provided to Paypal were all fake as well, d) Paypal did not even investigate if business had a legitimate license as a short call to Union City CA indicates that there is no business license for this entity/person, and the street address is invalid. Failure to provide user protection and to do due diligence in setting up new “vendor” accounts is why Paypal’s reputation is plummeting and why consumers should avoid using Paypall. We are shutting down your checking account to prevent further fraudulent withdrawals. Once Paypal refunds your funds to the Paypal account, you can withdraw the funds and deposit it in your new checking.

    In addition to the message from our bank, a few hours later we received a report from a scam expert company engaged (at no charge) to further investigate Kanse Store aka ngo quoc thinh [email protected]. Here is their message:

    Date: Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 7:46 PM
    Subject: Re: is “Kanse Store” legit or fraud?
    My name is xxx and I am the Senior Scam Expert here at I am reaching out to you in regards to the scam inquiry submitted on Mar 10, 2020 09:41 pm about Kanse Store.

    After a thorough investigation, we have determined the offer to be a SCAM attempt and we highly recommend you take the following steps:

    1) Immediately cease all communication with the scammer.
    2) Block their phone numbers, email address and/or websites.
    3) DO NOT send them any money.
    4) If PayPal has already sent them payment, contact Paypal immediately and have them stop or reverse the payment.
    SO THE QUESTION THE CONSUMER MUST ASK IS WHY CAN A BANK AND A FREE SCAM EXPERT DISCOVER A SCAM IN less than 24 hours but Paypal cannot figure it out either before setting up the scammer’s account or after a consumer submits a complaint????

    Paypal is either incompetent or they just don’t care.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Sorry to hear about this experience. Unfortunately, PayPal is affected by many different types of scams. Merchants and customers are encouraged to review information on those scams to be more capable of recognizing and thus avoiding them.


  14. Jaslyn Loftin says:

    I would like to file a complaint against PayPal company. The “request” option is very misleading, as the company does not state that when you request money from family member, it automatically results in a goods or service exchange instead, in which you are automatically charged a fee when receiving that payment. There is no option to “request” money as a friend or family memeber, much like companies such as Venmo does. Although there is an option to “send” money to family without being charged the service fee is available, the fact that there is no option to request money as a family member is manipulative and misleading for those who use it. Paypal should overlook this point of operation. Because of this, I will not be using Paypal any longer.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      If you need to send money to someone, our list of the best mobile apps for that may be helpful.


  15. matt griffiths says:

    paypal are an absolute rip off and a discrace,how on earth can they justify a more than 3 percent charge of each transaction when selling on ebay before being s****** over for a further 10 percent by rip off ebay,i do cash on collection only now or sell elsewhere now

  16. Tasha woodson says:

    PayPal is holding money sent by my family member to me. It was not a business transaction and PayPal stated it was a family/friend transaction. Why are they still holding and denying my purchases. My family member decided she would just request a refund of the sent money because I had no access to it. PayPal canceled her request. They give y ok u dumb answers as to why your money is being held and I just transferred the PayPal balance to my bank acct as I was told to do by PayPal….guess what!! They put a 72 hour hold on the transfer. I’m sick of them just want them to release the money do I can close my acct with them. Help!! I need to file a report on them or something.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  17. Jay Beswick says:

    Used the term Velcro one to many times on ebay and got bumped. I went to Bonanza auction site, where I later learned Paypal in tandem also froze my account for 180 days. This meant I could sell no where and that ebay prevented me from going to their competitor. ebay clarified this right to freeze accounts in a change of policy as of 3-27-20, but that’s still in the future. ebay & Paypal are already doing this. So I called Paypal and asked if my wife could open an account, they said yes on 3-4-20. So my wife started listing on Bonanza. Then today March 6, 2020 paypal banned and froze my wife’s account. This has 2 problems, one paypal said she could open her own account, but two – they are discriminating her, because she is married to me. escentially ebay/paypal are complicit controlling unfair competition, preventing prior ebay sellers or their families, from selling any where else. Its anti-trust and monopoly controlling. Now we have 2 accounts frozen for 180 days! I was with paypal in 1999 and on ebay since 1998, with over 20,000 positive feedbacks.

  18. Charles J Deery says:

    Be careful when you have a dispute. The dishonest supplier has Paypal figured out. The dishonest merchant will wait in delivering your goods, when you file a dispute, the item gets shipped…but not what you ordered. Paypal will then close the dispute and you can not open it because the product was delivered. A classic bait and switch….that Paypal will do nothing about.

  19. Colleen Mullins says:

    We ordered a tire online and never had communication or tracking number from seller or received item. I put dispute in with PayPal because they are suppose to protect from this, all of a sudden PayPal gets tracking from seller and that was the reason PayPal refused our refund. First of all, the tracking number matches up to a 1 ounce package of $2 and change, our tire weighs about 25 pounds and paid $84.85 for it so doesn’t that tell you it’s fraud!? Especially when we never even got the 1 ounce package, whatever that could be. PayPal did not look further in to this phony seller and i am still disputing this! They are no help and i explained this supposedly 1 ounce package is not the tire we ordered so that should be a big red flag rt there!!!

  20. Brandon says:

    Horrible payment app, I can’t believe this app still even exists. You guys are one s***** company and I hope PayPal gets shut down. I paid to have my payment instantly deposited into my account just for PayPal to put it under review for 24 hours. Worst payment service I’ve ever used by far!!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  21. Mary Gurera says:

    PayPal does not stand behind its purpose and does NOT help the customer fight fraud charges when paid through PayPal.

  22. P S Stevens says:

    PayPal uses any excuse they can come up with to hold your money and draw interest on it while putting you off with fraudulent policies. I sold an item on eBay, shipped it Priority Mail, the customer received it, left positive feedback on my eBay page, but PayPal is continuing to “hold” my funds. I contacted them by phone and was connected to a person who barely spoke English. The issue has not been resolved.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may be helpful: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  23. Aimee Linhart says:

    I am absolutely beyond p***** off at this company. Never ever will I ever refer anyone to use PayPal if your going to get a big deposit or want to make a big purchase because your never ever going to get your money out at once. Here I am trying to use MY money to purchase a car and I am only able to take off 800 a day!!! So it’s going to take me 5 days of withdrawing money and paying fees to use MY money for a purchase!!!!!!

  24. Megan says:

    They let Dicks back charge a shipping fee. Even though I had free shipping

  25. Anthony Phillip says:

    Money transferred to pay pal has been held for 23 days due to as described by customer services a red flag on the account.
    Everyday new promises for case to be resolved.
    Clarity has been provided for all trading accounts customers and different IP addresses used on the account with evidence.Business dependent on £7k transferred 23 days ago. and no sign of funds being released

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Procesor Release Your Money.


    2. Hua says:

      PayPal is a piece of garbage. They are using wired philosophy with stupid people. I almost mad at them. I lost $600 with this stupid PayPal.

  26. AD Yang says:

    PayPal is an evil company
    As a realtor, I paid $600 to a web in China for Ads postage. I don’t know this web before and front agent promised me a big dream. 3 months is gone, nothing came to me. So I asked the remaining $450 back. Today PayPal noticed me service delivered, then denied my case. So my $600 is gone, for nothing, nothing, nothing.
    I really don’t know how PayPal made this decision. Agent is not professional at all. Compared to credit card company, PayPal is junk and scammers. Sincerely. Hue

  27. Dawn says:

    This company is terrible, it took weeks and many, many phone calls, as well as trying to speak with a supervisor on several occasions to resolve a dispute. I emailed them at least 7 times the copy of the tracking info only to have them close the case because they said I didn’t send them the required documentation and the agents confirmed they got the emails and receipts while on the phone with them. I literally held on the phone for 1 1/2 hours for a supervisor, finally hung up and called back. When I ask to talk to a supervisor they put you on hold and then they hang up. I could go on there’s more. I called to cancel my pay pal account they told me they couldn’t do it because I have used it within the last 180 days to go on line, lol I go online to my pay pal account and the directions say to call…Need I say more!

  28. David New York says:

    SO I think pay-pal corporate executives do not know how there reps treat people and that is why I am ever sorry i did business with this company that processed through pay-pal. The company is scam I find out after doing research .Its called PearlFeet .Here for everyone visual review to see don’t do business with this company

    and here is another web site that has bad reviews on PearlFeet Shoe web site.

    Here is another review web site on pearl feet which uses Paypal to process there credit card transactions

    So when I called Paypal at 402 935 7733 and the number on their web site 402 935 2050 I get a bunch of idiots that refuse to transfer me to supervisor when i asked to transferred. That is why Pay Pal Suck and never use pay-pal ever to process your transactions

    I was just trying to let Paypal know that this Merchant Pearlfeet was a scam company

    I charged back my charge and got my money back from my charge card company for the charge.



  29. stephen morris says:

    thieves charge you for everything them and ebay steal your money

  30. Kevin Sanders says:

    Paypal used to be amazing. After a few years I sold an item from ebay and tried to retrieve the money from paypal. Ive spent almost 2 hours trying to get my money from them. I can’t add a card, Pay says it’s not recognized. I cant send money because it won’t let me add a bank account. It continues to use an OLD phone number that I signed up with years ago and no longer exists. They will not let me get passed a ‘security check’ because I don’t have access to that number and when you don’t have access to it, all it says is that you have call! This is 2020, not 1999. This is ridiculous and can understand now why ebay split from them! Once a good company now makes it a point to get fees and nickel and dime their customers. VERY sad.

  31. Richard P Freas says:

    PayPal is terrible. I had a suspicious purchase. I tried to cancel the purchase 5 minutes after making it PayPal said I could not. Then the Co. billed me under a totally different name. The Chinese Co. never returned my emails. and had a Chinese phone no. I looked up their address in China and it did not exist. PAYPAL said I lost the dispute because I did not give them a tracking no. I never got a tracking no. but I did get an empty envelope

  32. Yelena Siltan says:

    SCUM and SCAMMERS !!!! do not give money back for a week, moronic workers can not answer anything !!! just scammers who take money for everything and don’t give you your money for weeks. I know them for almost 15 years, but they are completely insolent !!!! scoundrels !!! You really are a criminal system that just cheeky does not give people their money for weeks !!! just cheeky!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      In the event your funds are being held, you should review this article to help resolve that situation: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  33. Emile A Mervin says:

    Someone posing as a Guest, hacked my PayPal account that has my bank account and associated debit card. The hacker then hacked Ebay account as a Guest and purchased a TV. I live on the East Coast and the TV was shipped to an address at Walnut, California. These did not raise red flags with PayPal, who concluded the purchase was legitimate. Consumers use PayPal and Ebay at their own risk. Don’t be fooled. Folks have access to your personal information once you do business online.

  34. Glynn Stephen Barber says:

    So I open a papal account and I use it to buy a few things, I then sell something on eBay which papal took a nice transaction fee for but instead of them sending my money to me they hold it until the purchasers confirms receipt.
    So ok fair enough I wait a few days for payment but when I try to withdraw after they confirm receipt I get informed I need to wait another 72 hours until my money is sent.
    So so far PayPal have had my money for 7 days in their bank account gaining interest!!!! If they are doing this to many customers just imagine how much interest they have gained on our money which must be illegal I have now reported this to the ombudsman to investigate please do the same so we can stop this corruption

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may be helpful: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  35. Eric D. Viola says:

    Been trying to log onto my Paypal account for 3 weeks, keep calling and NOBODY has been able to help
    Spoke to Ryan 1670147, asked to speak to a supervisor and just put on hold for over an hour. Previous reps told me my issue would be escalated and I would be contacted, 3 weeks later still NO response.

    Have had my account for years and can no longer log onto it. After putting in my logon info it states my password needs to be changed. After going through security questions, get to logon and it states password needs to be changed.

    Please contact me as NOBODY at the call center is able to help. Nor has anyone from the escalation team has contacted me after 3 weeks. Just want t logon to my account and access my money.

    Been on hold for 2 hours waiting for help, Ryan employee number 1670147 placed me there after asking to sepal to supervisor.

  36. Eric D. Viola says:

    Been trying to access account for 3 weeks, cannot get in touch with anyone that can assist. Keep being told its been escalated and would get contacted. 3 weeks later, still no answers.

    Currently on hold waiting for supervisor for 2 hours by Ryan emp number: 1670147.

    Company is total scam

  37. Melissa C. says:

    I made the mistake of ordering a steel pan drum off of Facebook in November for a Christmas present. The site appeared to be domestic company and they advertised receipt by Christmas. I ordered with PayPal so I felt assured that if it was fraud I could get a refund. Boy was I wrong about PayPal!

    I opened up a dispute with PayPal in December when my attempts with the merchant rendered the same generic response over and over. The email claims the item was shipped and directs me to download an app to track the package that is fishing software. Unfortunately further research into the company and the app they direct you made it very clear I had been ripped off by a company ripping a lot of US consumers off.

    First and foremost, the PayPal resolution center process is difficult to navigate and I am very computer savvy. They make it as difficult as possible to challenge a charge. Then they take 30-60 days to provide a resolution ruling.

    After two months of no reply from PayPal, in spite of attempts for an update they ruled in the favor of the Seller without so much as an explanation. Mind you I still have not received the item four months later! At this point even if it was coming from China (which is deceptive and still reason for me to receive the protection PayPal promises but does not deliver) I should have received it.

    I’ve opened the dispute with Amex who I have every confidence in. The point of this review is I always felt “safe” when ordering with PayPal. It advertises that they will give you consumer protection against fraud etc. They do not do any of that. They are purely a money intermediary that makes an actual dispute process take 3x as long, with 3x as much aggravation, provides no communication and literally does nothing to protect you.

    I do not recommend this service if you think it gives you a layer of protection.

  38. Roy says:

    I recently ordered a package from the internet 1 bike motor it was sent to the wrong address PayPal asked me to get the tracking report from the post office and email it to them so I could be refunded I did so it shows proof that it went to the wrong address yet they deny my claim anyway I am highly disappointed in PayPal I cannot trust them they allow the company to send my package to the wrong address even though the address did not match the address that is on file with PayPal they still denied my claim I expect to hear from a supervisor soon on this matter I will call them as soon as I can to dispute then disputing my claim I feel ripped off and PayPal who are supposed to help has denied me even though I have submitted proof that they sent it to the wrong address my address is 550 West 127th Street apartment 415 Los Angeles California 90044 the address it was sent to was 944 West 47th Street Los Angeles California 90044 as I had submitted proof I expected to be reimbursed instead without checking with their employees on whether or not I sent him a report on the tracking information they automatically denied my claim I am beginning to think PayPal is nothing but a fraud

  39. Roberta says:

    This company is a joke.

  40. serpchi says:

    what a honest to god s*** company, nothing about paypal is good, from their security to their everything just f*** them and f*** you

  41. Heather Haught says:

    Paypal requested more information about our business, no problem there. I provided the information they requested within one hour of them asking for it. Here’s the problem: They simultaneously blocked access to my funds. In the same day, same hour of asking for the information, before they ever gave me a chance to provide it, they blocked access to our working capitol. We are a licensed plumbing company and have had to cancel on our customers, lost money, risk bad reviews and lose customers because they wanted business information. We are currently waiting for the block to OUR money to be removed and we will never use PayPal again! They will block YOUR money anytime they want to and have been sued for this in the past. Asking for info is fine, blocking your money first, then asking, IS NOT!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      There are several reasons PayPal and other services hold funds. This article may help you: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  42. Michael F Mendez says:

    Ordered tickets from VIVID Seats for Blake Shelton concert in Omaha, NE for March 12. They sold me tickets for section b. there was on section b they offered section c, not comparable seats. I challenged via Paypal they denied my claim. I closed my account. They are good for the businesses that generate them money but for the individual using the service, I rate an F.

  43. Ruben says:

    This is important! when using PayPal DO NOT be mistaken nor deceived by the buyer protection policy! I went through a lot of trouble as many of others have before me try to get a refund for non delivered items. It’s best to use a service which will immediately resolve and issues and refund your money without any dispute.

  44. Brittle says:

    I’ve had PayPal account about 3 months now and have done transactions and each time I do a transaction it’s put on hold every time as if i have to verify each time and then after that it’s still on hold which is very inconvenient if it’s done every payment, I call customer service and let them know and I was told my funds would be available within 24-72 hours and I go to open app and see if funds released after 72 hours and all of a sudden account is closed by PayPal and customer funds can’t be returned cause it want let me operate at all. I strongly regret ever using this service and recommend no one to ever use this service.

  45. brenda r mauro says:

    Four years ago i had a account with paypal (bad error on my part) i tried to get out of a type of subscription of information i did not want but they keep charging me. It went on for a few months. Finally the account was paid and closed. Paypal keeps bothering me about my account. I dont owe them money and they dont owe me month but im going to submit their emails to my automatic scam folder.

  46. dallas shroyer says:

    What a crock, spent 6 mouths desperately begging for some kind of resolution. They scammed me for over 130 bucks. Now they keep it I’m through. Cost me 130 buck to stop doing business with a crook.

  47. Paypal used to be great, but now they cheat merchants by keeping fees of refunded transactions making it harder to do good business to your customers. On normal cancellations and returns I now have to transfer those costs to my customers, which is horrible!!! Not to mention if I’m out of stock on something, I’m simply out the money to paypal for absolutely NOTHING. Their process is digital, it costs them nothing. It’s like ATM fees, GREEDY AF! This is not a payment processor industry standard, in fact paypal already has higher fees than other payment processors. If you’re a new business getting started don’t use paypal, use another payment processor, as a millennial myself I can say that we are savvy enough to use plenty of other and better ways to pay for stuff, so don’t let them fear tactic you that you will lose millennial shoppers by not using paypal, it’s BS.

  48. Angry customer says:

    Your a complete joke you hold money from people who sell things and ship when the money is too help with shipping costs your a thief holding my money for 21 days after delivery you are a bunch of morons that can’t even speak English I will use square for everything from now on or venmo

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to make a payment processor release your money.


  49. Steve Copen says:

    PayPal takes far too long to process returns or disputes. I would never again use PayPal if I might have to return. It took PayPal 30 days before they asked for proof I was shipped junk instead of what was pictured. PayPal still supports fraudulent web sights.

  50. Carol Caywood says:

    I purchased a 10.00 bag of popcorn using PayPal last night today I was contacted by my bank for fraudulent activity where my card was being used in Brooklyn NY with a purchase of 53. 36 The phone number 4029357733 posted on my bank statement lead me to PayPal. I have been using PayPal for many years and I’m wondering how my information was stolen by using your services. Can you please explain?

    1. Brian Clark says:


      You may want to review this article to understand what kind of scams are run through PayPal and how they can compromise the security of your information.

  51. Zachary Dorsey says:

    PayPal is the biggest fraud I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. They rather protect criminals who steal than the honest people trying to make online purchases. I highly recommend if you are purchasing something online, make sure PayPal is not involved in ANY WAY!

  52. Joseph Sargeant says:

    Got scammed by a company. I used Paypal to purchase the item. Went through the Paypal dispute process. Even though paypal knows that this company is scamming their customers, they turn a blind eye. Paypal requested that I send the item back to the seller. The item was so far from what the seller described, it was not a simple mistake. When I asked the company to send the correct item, they ignored my request. The address that Paypal supplied is a fake address. The company uses the address and then when you spend the money to send the item back, they claim that they didn’t receive it. So the customer is out the cost of the item and the shipping cost. When Paypal is supplied this information they ignore it. They denied my claim because I would spend $200 to ship an item back to a company that has already cheated me out of $110.

  53. Lakecha Williams says:

    The worst company took my money don’t want to answer the phone after taking money I had no ideal that PayPal was a rip off I’m sorry I ever heard of a PayPal they need to be sued I think anyone that opening up a company should be responsible for there site this is just sad angry

  54. Jack Aitken says:

    Denying Customers ability to pay an invoice!!!!

    I do little credit card business, but a long time client wanted to pay a lrge invoice for computers via credit card. I told him I would and created 4 invoces of roughly $7,000 each. Their first attempt paying 1 invoice was declined, then they tried another card, and even a 3rd card. I asked them to call their credit card company, who said they were not denying the charge. I heard the credit card company myself. They had over $40,000 available credit on their card.
    After 30 minutes and many attempt they were able to pay 3 of the 4 invoices. I called PayPal and asked why they were denying my client the opportunity to pay my invoice. Said it comes down to risk, since I don’t have a history of large charges. They don’t have any risk accepting payment if they don’t disperse the payment. In reality, they have a terrible computer system that is trying to minimize risk, but are stopping the transaction on the wrong side. Whne asked how we can overcome this issue, they had not answer except have the client sign up for a paypal account. My client’s answer, was hell no, not with a company that makes buyers jump through hoops trying to give them money.

    Beware, because if this wasn’t a long time client, I would have lost this account due to the inept process, that reflects poorly on me. How can you do business with a company like this? I won’t be after this is all settlrd and I get my money is 21 DAYS!

  55. Daisy Fernandez says:

    Paypal is a horrible service. My account was shut down, after using it maybe once to buy something on Ebay. After spending 40 minutes on the phone, being put on hold, I finally got through to someone who said there was nothing they could do and they couldn’t even give me any explanation as to why it was shut down. On top of that, they wouldn’t even let me close my account afterwards. I would not recommend paypal at all to anyone who is trying to use it for business purposes, because you can end up having a lot of issues with it.

  56. yvonne smit says:

    I have contacted Paypal about a fraudulent company. I bought steel shelves and they sent me small plastic rubbish. Paypal insisted I must return stuff back to them and submit proof and then only will Paypal refund me. Bought the shelves for $29. Cost to return $45. Value of plastic rubbish is $1. No logic. I have also contacted Paypal on numerous emails and submitted proof that company has also done this to numerous other people. Now Paypal refuses to refund me because I didn’t submit proof of stuff that was returned. Paypal claims to protect us against fraudulent customers and failed to protect me. PAYPAL IS USELESS!!!!

  57. Scott says:

    PayPal resolution center determined that my refund for a product I never received was denied because the company submitted a Chinese tracking number and said it was delivered. There Indian outsourced resolution center was a stone wall. They told me to check with the company that never answered my email. PayPal protects only one thing, their profits and don’t care about their customers. I rate the company a -F.

  58. Nichole says:

    Use to like PayPal because I thought they always had my back when I made purchases. In the past 6 months I had 2 claims denied from sketchy Chinese websites that PayPal was accepted. One if my items never showed up. The other did but was defective. I’ve realized just because a website has the PayPal option I cannot trust that my money won’t be lost.

  59. Mark says:

    Paypal denied my identity theft claim when I was hacked and $450 was transferred to a fraudulent debit card. There is a litany of this happening online and yet they continue to ignore all of us. How bad does it have to get before Paypal has to be accountable? Paypal said sorry it was my fault my account was hacked. We are all in trouble if this multi-billion business will not protect our accounts.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Understanding how to identify scams runs through PayPal could help you avoid this kind of situation in the future.


  60. Michael says:

    I feel like paypal is a kind of financial terrorist. It takes your money, keeps as a hostage, and asks for various things in exchange.

    Even if your not a customer and just trying to pay online.

    In my case I made an attempt to buy laptop battery on the ebay. What might be easier? Paypal blocked my money and asked for my ID and proof of residency.
    Seriously? Proof of residency to buy a battery? What’s next? Blood sample to buy an USB cable? It can’t be true. But it is. Well, my bank adjusted that transaction. I guess without contacting paypal.

    I was trying to forget forever about scam company named paypal but recently my kid asked me to pay for the classes and I blindly gave him my card. What a mistake — the payment was with paypal! Naturally they blocked money again and asked about pile of documents. Bad thing this time it was not credit card so I presume it will be harder to have something back.

    Customer support was predictably horrible — you can’t use our platform without documents. Okay, I can’t — would you please just return my money back to my card? No — returning your money is a usage of our platform :)

    Well, let’s see how dispute will work and what lawyer will suggest.

    Never ever use this financial terrorist named paypal!

  61. roy rod says:

    New to Paypal, They are holding my $3600.00 for 21 days Why, service was rendered. customer happy. WTF. Oh i forgot. they have to make interest on MY MONEY. What a SCAM. Please do not use this con artist company. If you want to call it a COMPANY. con artist is what they are.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  62. Marie Santiago says:

    The f****** s*** I talked to jatin sumar Karen and some other about a problem with my PayPal account and they blocked me from messaging PayPal on the messages support. As Soon as this is fixed I’m cancelling PayPal I don’t want nothing to do with these suckers very upset o call they hang up I message them and they block me incredible costumer service I’m calling tomorrow and speaking with a supervisor. They probably don’t even care. Don’t give your business to these people they s***.

  63. John says:

    New too PayPal and even tho I have positive feedback they froze my acct and then to further piss me off that told me once my last item that was shipped and delivered the would unfreeze my acct a transaction a that was not even out of holding stage so me and my family get s****** out of our money because of so call high risk sales when they could have easily seen all of the positive feed back from my buyers needless to say once this is resolved I will no longer be a paypal customer and to make matters worse it makes it so I will not be on eBay any note either very very very poor customer service skills and no one had a professional matter on the phone I’m am utterly disgusted with PAYPAL!!!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      It seems like you’re having a couple of issues. First and foremost, this article may help you resolve your frozen account funds: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds. Secondly, if you have been designated as a high risk business consider these merchant account providers as an alternative: Best Merchant Accounts for High Risk Businesses.


  64. Kurtis thompson says:

    This company is trash I been waiting on a laptop that I ordered through these guys for 2 weeks so I called fir a refund and they say you have to wait 30 days for your refund, called them 4 times, the 2nd time I called I spoke with jerry and he gave me a fake number for the company my order was through which is located in China the number was for a windows and doors company, has nothing to do with technology!!,so this is the first and last time I use or deal with paypal.

  65. Chandler says:

    You guys are scam artists I don’t understand how anyone even feels comfortable using you guys do s*** that is illegal. Maybe I should just go call the better business bureal

  66. David says:

    I ordered 3 electric guitars ($285) on 2 separate orders and was given one tracking order. I received a child’s toy bracelet (worth about 10 cents) under the tracking number for the three guitars.
    I contacted PayPal and told them of the incident. They replied that the tracking order had been delivered, with a notice of denying the case with no further action.

  67. Claudette Andrews says:

    My name is Claudette Andrews I had ordered an mini iPad on 1/1/20 for my grandsons birthday, the scandalous seller sent me a Apple iPad 4th generation which I could not put his items on the iPad it was to old, I sent back the apple iPad but PayPal gave the seller my money even though they sent me the wrong item, even after I complained it was the wrong item they still got my money and I out an Apple iPad you judge for yourself if you want to deal with scandalous companies and their co scandalous seller 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  68. SAL says:

    Stop using Paypal – they are stealing money! Not only do they have a problem with ‘double dipping’ as they charge a fee in addition to eBay fees when you use them for payment (even though that is the ONLY option unless you mail a check), but they also charge a fee for services/goods REGARDLESS of if the services/goods are provided or received. I issued a refund to someone but the fees were already deducted from my payment – therefore, I LOST MONEY. Their customer service representatives are completely clueless and disrespectful, continuously talking over me when I attempted to state my claim requesting an entire refund – NOT excluding fees. They claim policies change, but it is not across the board – lucky me, MY policy changed and it doesn’t allow for fees to be reimbursed regardless of whether I refund payment or not. Bunch of B*******. This happened to 2 other people I know and they refunded the entire amount, no questions asked. But when I call, they claim “nobody can help me.” That was their exact words. Nice business they run there…and don’t even get me started on the hold times. I talked for maybe 5-10 minutes out of being on hold for over an hour transferring to more people that “can’t help.” Paypal is a hoax. They are a scam and a bunch of con artists stealing money little by little making themselves rich.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      If you’re looking for alternatives to using PayPal then this list could help: Best e-Commerce Platforms.


  69. Robin Bundy says:

    I’m never using PayPal again I ordered what was supposed to be an item just under 1200 pounds a camper and I never received the item and when you track the tracking number of the item it says it’s small packets I don’t know any camper that comes in small packets anyway PayPal is refusing to give me my money back they just leave me on hold for 20 minutes at a time until I hang up

  70. Kyriakos Demetriou says:

    If you are seller avoid PayPal.
    Any buyer can open a case, such as item not as described, and PayPal by default decides in favor of a buyer. PayPal will decline to hear you, will decline to offer any evidence substantiating their decision, despite your repeated requests. I have recently sold items to a buyer who opened a case that I sent him toilet paper instead of merchandise. I have provided evidence to PayPal that as a 100% positive feedback eBay seller, I dispatched the right items to China. Sometimes I thought I was emailing to a robot. PayPal declines to present to me the basis of its decision, as per our User Agreement. I am located in Europe and I will sue PayPal and hopefully open the gates for many others to follow.

  71. Vladimír Rendl says:

    Paypal is withholding our money and asking for our credit card!

    We have to go thru lawyer get our funds out of them!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  72. Dawn we Phillips says:

    When it comes to marketing and sales of PayPal’s products and services I date them below zero. They straight up lie when it comes to money transfers thru them and where I come fromlying and cash related services would be fraud. If I took my clients money on a agreement of services then tried to charge them double or just not provide the service they would have me in court that day on some kind of charge . Yet PayPal tells you a transfer may take 2 to 4 days when doing the transfer then get your money send the sender a email stating transfer complete then hold your money 7 days before they give it to you. When you call after days go by you get a different date and reasons each time. When it never said 5 ,6,7 days on their site anywhere for transfer time. Oh if the best part is they tell you you can’t cancel it either because they have Already sent an email to the sender that the transaction is complete.just another lie to add to the 10 other lies. That to me anyway you look at it would be fraud if roles were reversed it would be anyway then they would say on no I think it suspicious activity we better freeze this account hold on to other people’s money for God only knows how long collecting the interest I should be collecting on my money in my bank account. It’s fraud and any other average Joe would be arrested for some shit like that . My question is why isnt PayPal held to the same standards the rest of us are.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      If you’re having issues with a hold being placed on your funds then this article may help: How to make a payment processor release your funds.


  73. Rich says:

    PayPal!!!!!! PayPal!!!! What a joke!!!
    I sell a few items on eBay. I have done for about 8 years, nothing major.However I have 100 percent positive feedback. Never had a dispute, never had any negative or even neutral feedback, so effectively reliable….
    But pay Pal, what an absolute joke of a company. They more often than not put my payments on hold. Coming up with the excuse that this particular sale falls under unusual and suspicious behaviour!!!!!!!!! This leaves me having to fund the postage out of my own pocket until they release the funds. I mean suspicious or unusual! WHAT ARE THEY ON ABOUT???
    They are then supposed to release payment to you 24 hours after the item is delivered!
    This never happens, forcing you have to ring for them to release funds!!. They give the same old script every time you contact them. They refuse to budge or listen to reason! Iv told them about my 100 percent positive record but it falls on uninterested ears! They still list the fact they’re holding my funds under suspicion behaviour/ selling. This has a huge knock on effect for postage costs, for buying additional stock and so on.
    I would go far to say that PayPal are the worst company that I have ever dealt with. They have a hold over your selling on eBay that is oppressive and unfair as it’s near on impossible not to use them for selling on eBay. I can’t understand why they are allowed to hold onto your funds when you’ve sold an item? And then for 24 hours after it’s been delivered and signed for? I mean you don’t go into Tesco, buy biscuits and tell them your holding onto the payment for a couple of days?
    If it’s a new seller then yes I understand until they prove their reliability and the fact they’re not fake sellers, I get that. But iv been doing it years with not one problem. Iv proved myself but they still go through the fact they have to show I’m not a fraudster. Lol 8 years , no complains, 100 percent positive feedback!!! This excuse wears thin about the 20th time they hold onto your funds.
    But you can’t tell them. They will not do anything. If you can avoid PayPal DO SO, especially when selling .
    They make sure they take their payment out straight away though whilst your money is on hold!! That kind of contradicts their excuse of holding onto it due to suspicious unusual selling!!!!!!!!!! Their never goes on hold!!!!!!
    Worst company out there. Absolute discrace the way they treat people.
    Another big problem is that PayPal will not care about all the negative feedback as you HAVE to use them for selling. This should never be allowed to happen that you don’t have choice!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      It sounds like you’re having a few different issues with PayPal. You may want to consider alternatives for merchants who sell their goods online. As for dealing with PayPal and your held fund, this article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.



  74. Louis Schulz says:

    There is absolutely nothing about Paypal that I like. Do not do business with them!!! You WILL be sorry. It is a disgustingly greedy company and the sooner they no longer exist the better the world will be. I have been a customer for 20 years and I cannot count the number of times they have screwed me but this is the last time! I am canceling my account immediately.

    1. GFE Management says:

      Pay Pal subscription is written to benefit Pay Pal. They do not care about customers they care about making money.

      Anyone who has been duped by PayPal email me for a little get back.

      [email protected]

  75. Anne says:

    My tenant paid her rent through PayPal and 2 weeks later I haven’t been able to use my funds…after a series of well planned misinformationS they made my tenant write an agreement, me send a copy of my ID , explain in details what the money was for and 10 days later I am still being told that it is still being reviewed for another 3 days..there is absolutely NO reason for it I rarely use PayPal and I have a stellar financial history…I believe that the only plausible reason for so much delay is that PayPal must be able to get interests on moneys that are held or not made available to customers on a timely basis…10 days and still counting and I have to pay my mortgage….my tenant has called and co plied with everything they were asking for and so did I..last time I use PayPal,,,,

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This review may help: How to make a payment processor release your funds.


  76. Kimberly Cherry Martin says:

    I think PayPal s****! I have had an account with PayPal for 2 years and never had any problems at all until this week they started asking me for documentation to confirm my identity. I sent them every piece of of documentation and nothing was good enough. I open this account to make my life easier not to make it more difficult.when I called customer service they were not very nice to me they said I needed to be cooperative like I’m doing them a favor.I remove my bank card from this account and I block them and I also uninstall them off my phone and I tried to close my account but since there’s a limitation on it and they won’t remove it I can’t completely close it but I will not be doing any business with them in the future at all and I advise anybody who would like to open a PayPal account to not do so because it’s a mistake their customer service is very rude and they treat the customer like their criminal and I don’t appreciate that because I do business with several merchants in all over the world and I’m not treated in this manner.I think I would like to resubmit a report to the better business bureau about their practices because they’re telling me that because of federal regulations that begin April 19th of 2019 they have to do this but they are just asking me for this documentation and its January 14th 2020. I have never seen such high level of unprofessionalism in all of my life.

  77. Wanda Loving says:

    I purchased six items from a business overseas through PayPal total $93 I received three of the items which were approximately $48 Paypal refuses to reimburse me for the items I didn’t receive they want me to mail the items back that I did receive which will cost me in my pocket approximately 40 something dollars which is approximately what the value of the items I didn’t receive so they want me to spend the amount of money to send the items back so that I can save the amount of money I didn’t get which basically equals out to where I’m still going to bite 40 something dollars no matter what I do I purchased six items from a business overseas through PayPal total $93 I received three of the items which were approximately $48 Paypal refuses to reimburse me for the items I didn’t receive they want me to mail the items back that I did receive which will cost me in my pocket approximately 40 something dollars which is approximately what the value of the items I didn’t receive so they want me to spend the amount of money to send the items back so that I can save the amount of money I didn’t get which basically equals out to what I’m still going to bite 40 something dollars no matter what I do

  78. RaeAnne K Richards says:

    Bought 4 pairs of boots online from a website from China, checking out the company charged me full price no discount given for buying the 4 pairs of boots and upon research, company turns out to be complete scam. 1 hour after ordering, I asked PayPal and the company for a full refund and to cancel my order and PayPal refunded the discounts amount for ordering 4 pairs and ignored my request for a full refund especially after the company offered a $7 giftcard on a $143 purchase. Now 3 months later I have to spend $73 to ship the boots back and PayPal now denies my resolution complaint and let’s this scamming company keep my money and no help on having to pay for the return. After calling numerous times and waiting on hold for a minimum of 45 minutes each time, I still have no resolution and the only one they protected was the scammer. Even after reading there policies, buying something not useable since all 4 boots had no insoles they didn’t care so now I am out over $200 because they didn’t protect my purchase and the hoops I have had to jump through has been ridiculous and the company I purchased the boots from didn’t have to do a thing. Closing my account, since they have false advert.

  79. Zach says:

    PayPal closed my account after one use and is holding $650 for 180 days. Nobody will tell me why my account has been closed. Nobody will give me answers about MY money. They claim there is no supervisor to talk to and they say there is no corporate phone number. They try to get you to hang up and forget about the issue but it’s MY money. I don’t know how this is legal. I used their service to put a security deposit on a home in Texas because I was moving from Pennsylvania. I almost didn’t get the house because the payment bounced back. Then I had to pay $650 additional upon arrival to Texas. That’s a big move with lots of expenses so it wasn’t ideal to be out of pocket $1300. I just want answers but they are not willing to provide them.

  80. Laura says:

    Holy c***! This company will stop at nothing to freeze your account! Customer service is abominable. Try getting anyone in India to care that your latest payment has been frozen by PayPal. Over a wrong phone number on the account. Who cares that you have access to your email, the proper password, the last four digits of your bank account…if your phone number is wrong, you’re fucked! It’s like this company is trying to run themselves out of business.

  81. Janel Lee says:

    I had money transferred to my account but I could not link it to my bank account. I thought it was an issue over the holidays but it wasn’t. PayPal’s customer service is ridiculous – their “live chat” is more like delayed chat. I didn’t have time to wait by my computer all day. And when I sent an email a week ago, I had zero response. I’m slowly weaning myself off PayPal (or any other company owned by PP) and will never use for money transfer.

  82. Paypal refused to let my payments go through unless I key them in, costing me higher fees. Have changed my card reader and still getting the same results! I try not to use paypal unless I have no choice! My last horrific incident, because I kept trying to get paid by using the card reader, they decline my customers card! Had to follow her to an ATM to get paid. The customer was upset and so was i! She even placed a low review on my site. I am fed up with this kind of treatment! Does anyone know of a better way to get paid?

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Given the name of your business, this article may help: Best merchant accounts for salons.


  83. Sue says:

    Paypal is a scam of a company. They can not be trusted. They totally mismanaged our funds. We have a tenant who pays his rent each month through Paypal. Then in December he was not able to pay his rent. After several attempts of trying to get the money we were owed. He filed a false case against us that he did not authorize his October rent payment to us. This does not make sense as he has to send the money to us….he authorizes it and we accept it. This false case was filed on December 20, we responded with our side of the case and we were denied. Although this tenant has been paying his rent each month to us through Paypal, there is a history to prove it. So when another renter who paid us through Paypal for their January rent, Paypal immediately stole that money and sent it to the other tenant’s banking institution and also charged us $20.00. So we are now out $1,370.00. You can not trust Paypal. They are an extremely dirty company.

  84. Tamara Sheppard says:

    Why is this only for merchants? Those of us who have Paypal debit and credit cards, face this same issue. Our APR goes up with our knowledge until we receive our monthly statement. I made 2 payments 2 weeks apart and on the 4th week I got a late notice. ( made payment on Nov. 21 2019 then made a payment around Dec 12 2019) then on Jan 3,2020
    I recieved a billing statement with a statement date of 12/27/2019 saying my payment is pass due. This is ridiculous. so my point is yes I understand you’re helping the small businesses or the businesses but something needs to be done to help a individual people out there especially those of us who are on disability and who lives on a budget. Thank you very much

  85. Khuong Vu says:

    We are a long time seller on eBay with Paypal the only payment option. The company recently decided to keep its 3%-4.5% fees. Giving the fact that it currently is the only payment option on eBay, I believe this move of PayPal violates business ethics in all aspects. I just want to ask PayPal one question: is making money from your customers’ failure the way you build your business model?

  86. Judy Sweeney says:

    Paypal allowed an unauthorized person to use my credit card—-it was fraud!

    1. Lee says:

      You know if the person using your card had you address, there is no way for any merchant to know it is not the cardholder making the transaction. This is on the person who used your card without your permission, not paypal’s fault.

  87. I run a health retreat and also offer coaching services and have been using paypal for 20 years. We run several hundred thousand dollars/year through paypal and have been growing. With a large project looming as well as income taxes, end of year bonuses, and payments on several real estate contracts (we are working to create a nature preserve to protect land here) paypal recently closed my account with no warning and tells me that they will hold our funds for 6 months. I cannot pay my taxes or meet my obligations on various contracts I signed and am in danger of losing more than a hundred thousand dollars in option fees if I can’t perform on the contracts. I am struggling now to stay afloat and paypal refuses to tell me why they closed my account saying only that we are somehow in violation of their terms of service even though we are doing exactly what we have always done and have changed nothing.

    It seems clear that because of the high balance in our account, paypal has shut us down to take our funds and use them for their own benefit.

    I would certainly Not recommend paypal to anyone and would suggest finding another provider.

    Their behavior is despicable and they should be shut down for defrauding costumers.

  88. Obstacle Girl says:

    I have been a paypal customer for 10+ years I have an online business that offers returns. It is very upsetting that beginning May 2019 if a buyer returns an item I as a seller don’t get my sellers fees back> Paypal keeps the money they charged me for the original purchase yet when returned and fully refunded they keep money for themselves claiming it is the cost of doing business and Paypal is conducting business as industry standards. I do not know any credit card company that when I return an item they charge the merchant a % of the actual purchase cost which could. I would like to file a lawsuit against paypal as keeling money that doesn’t belong to them and they are entitled to charge the .30 per return transaction as they did before but not many $$$. Does anyone know if a lawsuit has been filed yet?

  89. Jason Pare says:

    PayPal policies are known and used by scammers to help rip off the consumer. The merchant sends anything to get a tracking number from ups. You get the tracking number from ups, but ups won’t give you any information because your not listed on the tracking number. You call PayPal because you didn’t receive your items, PayPal contacts the merchant, the merchant uses the same tracking # to say it was delivered when it wasn’t. PayPal then puts it on the customer to get information from ups to prove it wasn’t delivered, instead of making the merchant give details about the delivery. The merchant can contact ups, but the customer can’t get any information. The scam artists know this and are using it to there advantage. Because of this, my credit card provider said they’re taking the money back from PayPal, instead of the merchant. Maybe if PayPal keeps having to pay, they may start screening their merchants better. I got ripped off my first time using PayPal, and PayPal did nothing but run me through hoops, and still didn’t refund me. Save yourself the headache and aggravation, NEVER USE PAYPAL!

  90. Tenea Oneal says:

    I find PayPal to be a despicable company often. Anyone who pays attention will find that they’re accounts often have issues during weekends and holidays. I believe this is Paypals way of keeping track of how much money it retains whether it be yours or mine. Also when attempting to resolve any issues you will often be ignored or hung up on. The resolution center is a joke. I was told by one of their employees that there is no actual resolution center. I was also told that theres no reason to call because nothing more will happen

  91. Brian Clark says:


    This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  92. Pamela Brandenberg says:

    I was scammed by an overseas seller before Christmas. They furnished a fake UPS tracking number to Paypal, which generated a fake delivery receipt. Paypal refused to help even though UPS confirmed that the number was false, just because Paypal had the “delivery receipt.” This is a great tool for scammers. Paypal closed my case and refused to even acknowledge that I never received my order. Very poor service.

  93. PT says:

    I’ve been a long time member of Paypal. Buyers protection is the only reason why I use paypal. Lately, Paypal have s******* me and my money over. They’ve let TWO sellers took my money and I am left empty handed. I’ve never recieved the product that I’ve already canceled, money was taken out, and I was trying to get a refund. Seller claimed refunds but I’ve never recieved my money back. Paypal denied my dispute so seller gets to keep my money and I am left empty handed. I am canceling my Paypal account after I file a dispute with my bank and get my refund. This wasted my time and its a longer process for my bank now.

  94. Rocky J Palmisano says:

    Been a thrift store goer, picker turned eBay seller for 18 years. Up to this point had also been with PayPal for 18 years alongside eBay. I have never had account issues, problems with refunds, customers etc. eBay record 100% feedback for years, very little to almost no complications. In June of this year I began purchasing unpaid storage auctions. Things were picking up, my inventory and eBay sales were booming. The third auction had gun smith items. I checked my state and local laws and although ebay did not allow the sale of ammo, does. After two sales, maybe $100 combined I get an email from PayPal stating I violated TOS and that there is no recourse. I had no idea I could not accept payment for ammo. I have never sold a firearm in my life to this day. It is my fault for not reading the always changing TOS but it is their fault for not taking my long standing account into account for something when I rely partly on eBay and was planning to rely more heavily on it in the future until the suspension. You don’t want me anymore fine. I had another account that was for beef jerky sales. Did I ever use it for eBay before being suspended? No, never once. Did I after I got suspended. Of course, trying to survive. They closed it. But they took the email associated with it and merged it with my “main” account if you will but they did not merge the balances! I will be calling them. I had $262 in one account and $390 in the other. The one with $390 I can no longer long into it, its email logs into the one with $262 and the $390 is gone!!

  95. Pop Robert says:

    Hello everyone. Before thinking of using PayPal to sell one of your items(even worse if it is a digital product, like art, you MUST know that they will HOLD your money even after you delivered product and confirmed it’s delivery(some complain about holding their money for more than 21 days!!!). This can also help SCAMMERS(you delivered the product – being a virtual item, so you won’t be able to make “proof of delivery”. In the meantime, the buyer(scammer) will ask for a refund to paypal, you will LOSE your money and your SOLD product!!! I will never use this company again.


    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  96. Farhad Mir says:

    Don’t ever use PayPal for your transactions. There is a good chance you will lose money as it happened to me when the buyer disputed the purchase after two months, and just based on verbal allegations without any viable evidence, PayPal dishonored the the purchase transaction and refunded the buyer. The buyer alleged the merchandise was not as described whereas he had signed a contract agreement and confirmed the merchandise was sold in an AS-IS condition (I submitted that evidence to PayPal). PayPal’s action was incorrect and unfair. I lost $2000 plus it lowered my credit score by 40 points. At the end the buyer got the money back he paid through PayPal and is still keeping the merchandise. All that was the result of my trust and good will toward PayPal which proved to be absolutely a wrong thought.
    Lesson learned: PayPal is not trustworthy to make business with if you do and get into disputes you will be the loser.

  97. Carl Thomas says:

    Please close my pay pal account and I will promise to avoid using pay pal in the future. I recently had a dispute with company (office 365) because pay pal made a payment to them and we never received the ear buds we paid for. Pay Pal gave us contact information for office 365, we contacted them and they gave us a tracking number. After chasing down the tracking number provided by office 365, we learned the tracking number was not our product and was delivered to another address. It was a tracking number for another order from another person. We called pay pal back and filed case. Pay pal contacted office 365 and gave us the same bogus tracking number office 365 gave us. Pay pal closed the case. We were on the phone running in dept to dept before pay pal hung up on us. This occured 4 times. We did not receive our product and we did not get a refund. Pay pal is not interested in making this right.
    PayPal Virtual Agent 10:47 AM
    It looks like you want to file a dispute for an item that you haven’t received, is that correct?
    Carl Thomas 10:49 AM
    PayPal Virtual Agent 10:49 AM
    I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any transactions on your account within the last 180 days. If you need further assistance please contact us.
    The payment you are looking for may be on a guest account. Please Contact Us by phone to discuss this payment.
    Did this help resolve the issue or question you had?
    Carl Thomas 10:49 AM
    No, I need more help
    PayPal Virtual Agent 10:49 AM
    I am sorry to hear that.
    I can transfer this conversation to an agent. The estimated response time is a few hours.
    After I transfer the conversation, you can close the window and come back to it when it’s convenient for you. When we respond, we’ll send you a notification with a link to the Message Center where you can reply.
    Would you like to transfer this conversation to an agent?
    Carl Thomas 10:50 AM
    PayPal Virtual Agent 10:50 AM
    Please send us a detailed message below and an agent will respond as soon as possible.
    Carl Thomas 10:50 AM
    Close my account.

  98. Kaveh says:

    Pay pal is crook and totally scam company that hold u for days and take some fee of ur money and my u are lucky get remaining back within god knows how long.
    I been waiting for $1500 from familly for last 5 days I was on phone 20 or more hours and every time I get different responses and different transactions I’d.
    I pay $55 fee and $10 for instant transfer for same day but haven’t revived a money .
    My bank usualy temporary credit me for pending trans but they couldn’t find out anything about this transfer and they were corect bc know they saying money send back to wrong sender .
    They mixed up reciver and sender and not even one smart person in PayPal can figur it out.
    MSNAGER SPOKE TO RICHARD ID :1631166 he promised found will available in a day or tow
    1- Sean manager who lied to me instead of transferring a money he send it back to wrong sender.
    2-crest he is confused and won’t trust him to walk my doge for a minut bc he can’t even look at system and figure out who is sender or receiver
    Also customer service in India 🇮🇳 they have no clue whatsoever about problem we are dealing with
    Alex Is : DALIX
    PUTS ME ON HOLD 2 hours instead transferring to manager.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to make a payment processor release your funds.


  99. Claribel says:

    Wow, the worst Debit card company,1rst they card get wrong the second week, Customer Service baaaad! If you speak Spanish don’t get this card they don’t have Spanish customer service for the most they service, if you have problems with your account in holidays you’ll don’t have any way to fixed!!! The last time I call them for help in Spanish the customer service girl was pretty rude!!! Is a nightmare trying talk with them…. I’ll close my account

  100. Kaveh says:

    Never do business if you have an emergency situation with PayPal this is the most corrupted institution to transfer money with.
    I have send the $1500 I’ve been waiting five days and every day I called it’s just unprofessional and stuff with no knowledge and they keep promised something it do not exist and haven’t got the right answer after 4 days

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to make a payment processor release your money.


  101. Craig simpson says:

    I sold samsung galaxy s9+ on ebay not knowing that the funds were going to be held by paypal. And sure enough’s it was. I got s****** two years ago with selling item and they would not release funds becouse of type of debit card I was using and I waited to long to get a different debit card so PayPal pocketed it. NiCE. Now back to present sale the day comes to get my funds for phone and I hit the button to release them to my account and then a prompt pops up saying funds have been refunded to buyer, no second prompt to make sure of my action nothing. Just prompt that buyer has my phone and now has my money. Called ebay no help called paypal of course no help there and called police no help the either. They say buyer and seller are both protected. Bull crap. They are crooks.

  102. Brian Bauman says:

    Do Not Use This Company!!!
    Worthless company who auto filled my shipping address from 5yrs ago even though I changed it twice and can’t resolve the problem so I lost $48.00 in product being sent to the wrong address

  103. Rebekah Morris says:

    I purchased a paypal debit card for my God son, who has Down Syndrome. Trying to make it as easy as possible for him. As I was activating the card, I was informed that there would be a 4.95 charge per month. I had already paid 2.95 for the card. No where on the front package does it reveal this fact. Very sad ploy you use. TOTALLY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER

  104. Scot Silvers says:

    PayPal are pieces of s*** liars. I stayed in a hotel and used my. PayPal cash card for the deposit. That was on the 11th. Today is the 19th and they still haven’t given me back my $100. They tell me it’s the hotel. I know better because i stay there every week using a different card and i get my money back in 2 to 3 days. And now every time i call them, after being on hold for half hour someone in some far off country hangs up on me because they can only tell me a lie. I’m in northern Indiana where last night the temperature was barely above zero and i had to sleep in my car because i didn’t have that $100 back on my account for the next deposit. Do you think paypal gives a fuck if I freeze to death? They should be shut down and prosecuted for stealing money. I would be if i did it. Whoever just gives them the power to do as they please with our money. They are f****** crooks.

  105. Hannah Krause says:

    This company is a bunch of lying
    Pieces of crap! If you order a pink shirt customize with I love mommy on it and get a shirt that says I love Pete they can’t prprotect you because, it’s custom made! I ordered a cake from this Sara Porter woman a cake for my Grandma who just had a stroke not to long ago and ordered a cake with lace red corset middle and poinsettia I get a white cak that looks like it. went through a car crash! No corset the flavors I ordered she didn’t do!

  106. Raquel Tirado says:

    I don’t understand how my case was denied after having enough proof of never receiving the package along with the tracking number being nonexistent according to the post office who never delivered it. Another issue is leaving my call back number to avoid a 40 minute wait for customer service, a week passes by and still waiting. So basically believe the merchants who lied and scammed the customer, but not believe the customer to paid with real money? Simply because they said they sent it out, you say you’ve done your part? I have surveillance to prove they never came.

  107. EDWARD T BONG says:

    Suck paypal customer service have no manner to a customer like me. After I share my struggle to get what I deserve which is money after I sold and ship my stuff on Ebay. The representative name is Chris. He is one of the supervisor able to make decision. His employee number is 1630577 shame on PayPal making him one of a supervisor. He doesn’t do his job and he need to get fired because of.he dont have any respect to customer and since hes supervisor perhaps he think hes a PayPal owner. Just an alert to other user. If you called and they send you to supervisor by the name Chris 1630577 ask to talk to someone else. He won’t do his job right. Dont be a customer service if you dont know what is customer service meant. I will make sure others media know about you. You like to ruin other people life. Karma will goes around. Trust me

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: Best Merchant Accounts for Customer Service.


  108. Alafair says:

    Don’t ever use this greedy evil company. I sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid via PayPal and PayPal REFUSED me access to my funds.
    So I am out 600 dollars. I spent a day and a half on the phone to PayPal only to be disconnected no less than 10 times. They could not tell me why I could not access my funds. And ALL their customer service people are in India and none of them could not care any less.
    Pay pal didn’t use to be like this so now I will never use them along with Google and Amazon. #greedymonopolies

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Make a Credit Card Processor Release Your Money.


  109. Rod says:

    Been selling on E bay since its inception. Have been a PayPal merchant since early 2000. Both companies are no longer considered reputable companies. Both have gotten very greedy and could care less about their customers. PayPal’s latest scam for them to get free money is to no longer refund the 2.9% merchant fee they charge to the seller for every sale. I listed a exercise machine on E bay for $950. It was listed as a PICKUP ONLY ITEM. Some idiot buyer with only 2 feedback rating decided to click on “Buy It Now” and then sent me a message asking when I was going to ship it to him. I responded by immediately refunding his Pay pal payment or at least I thought I had refunded it. What really ended up happening was Pay pal implemented their new “NO FEE REFUND POLICY” and kept the $29 fee from the sale. Because of this my Pay pal account did not have sufficient funds in it when I issued the refund. It was short by the $29 fee) So Pay pal automatically refunded the idiot buyer using an E-check from my liked bank account. I did not know this at the time because like most people I don’t keep track of their many policy changes. I found out later from my bank that an ” E-Check from Pay pal had bounced for insufficient funds. Pay- pal tried to make this E-Check withdrawal not once but twice, each time costing me an additional $25 in charges. So now this one transaction that I did nothing wrong has cost me $50 in overdraft bank fees plus the $29 PP fee. This new policy is ludicrous. I hope they get sued by a greedy attorney. Its a slam dunk for a lawsuit.
    It’s straight out theft! If it were legal than Visa and MasterCard would all be doing the same but they don’t because it isn’t legal.

  110. Alex Ti says:

    Permanent Limited Account !
    My PayPal account is since 10 year with perfect record, never did something intentional against theirs policy and rules . Now they Limited my account without any explanation or visible reason . No one want to help me or ether respond to my request !
    I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied. Although i still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal i will abide by it however because i feel that holding my founds for 180 days for a non- fraudulent violation of Paypals Acceptable Use Policy is excessive and perhaps a punitive abuse of power.
    That is the worst experience i ever had so far.
    Paypal policy and theirs customer service are absolutely not acceptable ! They do discriminating our civil rights !

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Make a Credit Card Processor Release Your Money.


  111. Ricky says:

    I had an account with PayPal but closed it because I wanted to buy a headphone for $89 from Best buy. I decided to go with the credit line paying over 6 months so it wouldn’t hit my account all at once. I thought the interest rate was pretty high but I said maybe it will help my credit score. Well after a few seconds I was denied. I don’t have the best credit score but it’s not real bad either. So I said screw PayPal why do I need them when I can order the headphones using my debit card.and avoid any fees.

  112. Gretchen Gram says:

    They added a limitation to my account on Monday and have yet to fix it or tell me how long it will take. I give them a grade of F overall.

  113. Thomas says:

    Not fair at all holding other people money for some ridiculous excuses.
    Remember paypal that’s not your money. You dont have the right to hold anyone hard earn money.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Make Credit Card Processors Release Your Money.


  114. Sean Kiernan says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would give a good review to these or how they continue to do business. They waited until there were funds continually going into account then froze me out saying I had to provide details. Although annoying I understood and done it but then they said I had to zero the Ballance of someone else’s account. WTF? I contacted what they call customer service and they just keep send the same email over and over again 😠. I asked what have I ever done in THE YEARS I owned my own account but they refused to answer this. Yes they are great so long as you don’t have large amount of money or transactions going through it’s here they WILL ROB YOU. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Share this to save other people there are plenty of other providers that are better and cost less.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Make a Credit Card Processor Release Your Money.


  115. Miki says:

    I foolishly trusted PayPal to protect…
    I foolishly trusted PayPal to protect my purchases as a loyal customer. Instead they prefer to protect SCAM- fraudulent companies.
    I reached out to the Dispute department to handle a purchase made that turned out to be a Scam. They denied it with clear reasons for my dispute. Costumer service is Awful and with No explanation they refused.
    I’m a Very disgruntled with the service. I’m canceling my accounts along with my house holds accounts. 5 account holders.
    I would persuade you to use your CC for purchases, they will dispute any fraudulent claims. And stay clear of PayPal.

  116. Joey Gutierrez says:

    What a scam use Venmo or zelle

  117. Nicole conner says:

    I’ve been trying to contact customers service for two days now.. they put me on hold never came back to the phone the first day. Which was yesterday. Today they call me back and I couldn’t hear anything. Then they call me back and all I hear is everyone in the back ground. As if the rep just held the phone.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service.


  118. Paul says:

    RIP OFF!
    started taking credit cards for my flooring business turns out PayPal holds the funds for 21 days! Can’t run my business with PayPal sitting on MY MONEY!! Closings the account.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Money.


  119. Rigel says:

    Paypal might as well face another class suit because of their ineptitude and or class act of pretending to safeguard your account by freezing when “they spot an unusual activity”. I received an email indicating that I needed to reset my password because of an unusual activity. Logging in was never a problem for me but they indicated that I have “verify” some information for them to validate if it’s “really me”. Now that was the catch because they had me looping in that page because the PASSWORD RESET SECTION IS LIMITED TO : 1. CONFIRMING THE CREDIT CARD I HAD ENROLLED WHICH I NO LONGER HAVE AND 2. SENDING A TEXT MESSAGE TO MY PHONE NUMBER WHICH I NO LONGER HAVE. THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE 3 WAYS TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD, NAMELY: RECEIVING AN EMAIL, ANSWERING THE SECURITY QUESTIONS OR RECEIVING A CODE THROUGH TEXT. They ingenuously removed the first options to that I cant proceed any further. Any attempts to contact them to file a complaint can’t be done because you have to log in to the account in order to send an email. The idiots at Paypal can’t hide from that smokescreen forever. Hear this Paypal: CLASS SUIT

  120. Angelita Ritz says:

    I purchased a dress from a company called SeetheDress which was so poorly made it looked nothing like the picture they showed. PayPal denied my claim against the company despite pictures clearly showing my issue. They say it’s not “materially different”. I wanted to return the dress and have been unable to do so because the company won’t respond to me.

  121. Julie says:

    I had a very disappointing experience with PayPal supporting a company from China who is falsely advertising and using immoral business practices. I made an order with this company from their website, clothing that looked very appealing and seemed of good quality from the photos. It took the package 30 days to arrive. The clothing was the wrong color, size, and looked nothing like the photos.
    I emailed the company many times, asking to return the items with no address or offer for me to return the items. They offered me a $6 gift card while I had spent $157 with them. They finally offered for me to return the items but still did not give me an address and claimed that the chance of them actually receiving the return would be very low.
    I contacted PayPal for assistance. PayPal gave me an address to return the items. I took the items to USPS to be shipped and discovered it would cost me $60 at the cheapest rate possible. I tried to report this back to PayPal, as I am not sure how it is fair for me to pay more money to return items that may not even arrive, but they had already moved forward with the case where I could not add more information to my case. They closed it quickly after that and will not reopen it.
    I attempted to open a chat with them and the person closed the chat also. It is very sad that PayPal would rather support a Chinese company who is scamming people with false advertising than their own customers.

  122. Elizabeth Ann Reagan says:

    I went to my profile on PayPal requested a transfer of $50 to be sent to my daughter it asked me if I wanted to send $50 to my daughter and I said yes PayPal sent the $50 to an unconfirm number. The is an old for my daughter, she had updated her new number but a glitch in the system will not let her delete the old number. so the person they sent the money to will not refund the money and PayPal will not honor the transaction and reimburse it because at some point in time that number had been confirmed in her account which makes no sense to me I have spent hours on the phone with them they have not helped in any way to recover my money they do not understand when I tell them it was an unauthorized transaction because they sent it to someone I did not authorize them to send it to with that being said I’ve had to go to my bank file an unauthorized transaction with them I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and now I’m filing this report I feel that PayPal is not a secure way to send money and that they are allowing people to steal other people’s money and possibly identification. The sending the information to the cell phone to confirm is not secure phone numbers get changed.

  123. Victoria Barnes says:

    My friend paid me $85 through PayPal as a reimbursement for some theater tickets I purchased for both of us. When I received the email on my iPhone from PayPay notifying me that I had $85 waiting for me, I kept clicking on the “ACCEPT MONEY” link, but nothing would happen. I even used the computer at the library, but the PayPal link wouldn’t work there, either. And of course the $85 was not showing up in my bank account.

    I tried to Chat Online with PayPal, but could never get anyone to respond. Likewise, when I called the Customer Service line, the recording stated there would be an hour’s wait time to speak to someone.

    Two days later, I called again and reached a person after waiting on hold for 45 minutes. This girl had a thick foreign accent, was chewing gum while she talked, and spoke very rapidly. When I asked her to slow down or at least remove her gum she ignored me. I finally understood that PayPal had not transferred my $85 to my bank at all. Instead, they had used part of the money to pay for a concert ticket I had purchased several days later, which I had charged to PAY PAL CREDIT. The balance, $27.50, was STILL sitting in my PayPal account. The rep said it would take 7-10 days to move that money into my bank account. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the gum-chewer laid the phone down and forgot all about me. Nowhere on the PayPal website was there anywhere for me to email them or complain. Obviously they don’t care about their customers. I’m through with them.

  124. Teresa Gill says:

    Had an Paypal account since 2015, recently applied Prepaid Visa to account and immediately received email stating I had donate to an organization. Contacted them as well as Paypal. It was refund by organization however Paypal replied saying according to there review that the amount wouldn’t be cover. The amount was not a lot…it was not the issue. My concern was why or how it had happened. Paypal gave me no explanation other then to say it wasn’t there problem. I am just thankful I hadn’t link all my financial info to this site. When researching online I seen many such complaints of Prepaid Gift cards and Paypal and the amounts on these cards disappearing from people’s accounts. I am so wary of Paypal’s security and lack of concern to establish how it happen I have delete my account.

  125. Tony says:

    The worst customer service I have ever been exposed to.
    Tried to add a credit card to my account but was getting an error message. The tech support made me call back at least 8 times and after canceling my account then having me open up a new one I still have the same issue. Asked to speak to a supervisor & never received a call. THE WORST!

    1. Rebekah Lawal says:

      Let me tell you about my experience with PayPal December 2019 I received a an E check from my employer on December 10 I was told there was a hold on the check before it can clear Through the bank. When I talk to customer service and one of my 28 calls and messages to them I was told that yes it’s standard just as if the check would go through my bank ((which takes less than two days)).
      I was told that it could take up to six business days before the check is clear but more than likely on the third business day the check would be clear. Today is December 17 and today after seven days the check was cleared. Then I decided to transfer all the funds from PayPal to my regular bank account which is what I wanted initially and I was told that I would have to pay a fee of eight dollars or PayPal services which I did.
      Let me tell you how archaic and how rude How unthoughtful and how regimented their customer service is there was no compassion no understanding whatsoever….awful system.
      To add insult they then sent me a notice saying yes your funds have been sent to your bank but we are putting a two day hold on that and your transfer is pending so 10 days later I mean seriously why is this company even in business.
      Business of taking advantage of customers as soon as this money is transferred in my bank account I will delete PayPal and never ever ever ever ever recommend them to anyone this has been so ridiculous and so lame.
      The system that they have is broken it needs to be revamped and revised I cannot believe the customers would even recommend them or even do business with them I would never ever recommend them terrible terrible terrible experience.

      1. Brian Clark says:


        This article should help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds.


  126. Duane Medley says:

    I made many purchases through PayPal some to no avail. All resolutions made through my own banking institutions.. Buyer beware paypal only guarantees sellers payment but not the buyer (YOU)

  127. Christina Southard says:

    STUPID And HORRIBLE!! Been using my account, paid off my special financing charges of $255.30 to save interest, clears my bank same day! Great can use my credit to go BLACK FRIDAY shopping! NOPE! they pur a hold on my account after making every payment on time and then paying off my special finances in full!
    I went to buy my daughter a gift for Christmas can’t use it!! Nope they want to review my account and won’t release my available credit till 12/4 5 days after Black Friday and 10 days from the time that money cleared my bank! Stupid! No one can release the hold ! Stupid!

    Closing my account and won’t ever use PayPal again too many pay apps available! Stupid! Biggest shopping weekend of the year but can’t use my account!!

  128. Kenneth Nicely says:

    Oct. 12th 2019 I ordered a bedding set on a website called ran by a guy named (Nguyen Ngoc Hung). Their site said they was based in TX. After a week of no emails nor tracking number I emailed this website and got no reply after two days. So I used the email provide by Paypal with again no reply.
    Oct. 22nd 2019 Looking at their website under shipping said “How long will it take for the buyer to receive their order? On average, merchandise is produced and shipped from our facility 2-3 business days after purchase. Standard shipping/transit times apply (5-10 days for domestic and 7-15 days for international).” Knowing this I thought I should have got the item by now so I used goggle maps and the address provided by this website (1116 N Pacific St Mineola TX 75773) and found something odd. Goggle maps showed a different company by the name This different company’s website had a phone number so I called and talked to a woman named Lydia who ran the accounts there and told her the problem. To my surprise she had told me she had other phone calls about the same problem that they told this seller from the website I ordered from to change his address that it wasn’t his business. Hearing this I knew this was a scam and was using this other company’s address as a front, so filed with the FBI, FTC, and Paypal.
    Oct 23rd 2019 I get a email from someone named Selena ( saying my order was shipped out of SHANGHAI -CHINA . Looking at this new website I found that this address listed on their website (814 mission street suite 600 San Francisco 94103) belong to a company named ThoughtWorks.Inc on goggle maps. Telling Paypal this was a waste of time as I was told I had to wait to get the item which came from CHINA.
    Oct 25th 2019 I noticed I could no longer gain access to the site Not sure if they blocked me or if it was taken down.
    Oct 29 2019 I received the item and wasn’t even close to what I ordered. I could tell something was a miss just by the size of the package so I grabbed my camera and started recording myself opening this package. In this package look to be a yellow sheet set so again I called Paypal and told them about it and even told them I recorded me opening it. They told me I had to wait another 10 days to have the seller respond. I asked this rep to put a supervisor on the phone that I have been waiting 3 hrs. and have been transferred 3 times. A supervisor by the name Jason ID# 47843 told me they have my back that he will look into it personally as I told him I was recording him. He told me not to worry to just wait the 10 days and I would get my money back.
    Oct 30th 2019 I get an email from Paypal saying I have to send the item back to the seller only this time it wasn’t the SHANGHAI -CHINA address they gave me, It wasn’t the TX address address where the seller said he was, it was Nguyen Ngoc Hung No 1/305/7 Ngoc Thuy str, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi City, Vietnam Hanoi, Longbien 100000 Vietnam.
    Oct. 31st 2019: So after doing a little research with the Vietnam address I called Paypal back and told the rep She was being recorded and told her “you do know this address points to a restaurant called “The Cover” in Vietnam? Don’t take my word for it, Google it.” So she did and gets back on there saying “Your right, but that’s the seller’s email and address he gave us so ship it there.” I then asked her about the shipping cost which she replied that Paypal will refund shipping cost up to $30.00. I took the package to the post office and not only did I have to sit there and fill out a customs form but it cost me $38.75 to ship it. (Tracking number: LH079022800US). (Pictures of the package, post office receipt, and customs form taken)
    Nov. 1st 2019, Just received a email from Paypal that they are paying me $30.00 of the shipping which means I’m out of $8.75 that I won’t get to see. So now I have to wait til this seller gets the item and found out what my next hoop is that I have to jump through.
    Nov. 7th 2019: I noticed that Paypal changed the Estimated case resolution from the 8th to the 11th. I called Paypal and asked why was the date changed? She told me it was to give me more time for the package to be delivered to the seller.
    Nov. 8th 2019: I noticed the tracking number showed the package has not moved from HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM in 3 days now, so I called US Postal services and talked to a Sara. I told her the problem and she told me Vietnam postal service is different there as they don’t need to update the US postal as if the package was delivered or not. Knowing that Paypal won’t give me my money back until it is confirmed delivery I called Paypal to let them know what Sara told me. The Paypal rep told me she will submit a ticket to their post office in vietnam and find out what is going on. She also told me I could track it through
    Nov. 9th 2019: Again Paypal had changed the Estimated case resolution to the 14th now.
    Nov. 11th 2019: Compiling more info and going through all the emails I noticed one of the emails to the seller I sent on Oct. 20th. The email that it was sent to had changed from [email protected] to [email protected]. Going to google I searched the address and find an index with the names QuiltFluffy and a QuiltSilky. Searching the QuiltSilky I found the website had a 404 error but the address of the business still showed on the website so I searched it and found it was a laundromat called Brookside Laundromat at the same address.
    Nov. 12th 2019: Paypal changed the Estimated case resolution from the 14th to the 17th. Called Paypal to found out why they change the date for the 4th time. I talked to a Hazel and she told me they will know something with-in 3 more days then asked me if I had contacted the customs to find out why my package was being held even tho I already told her that the last Paypal rep I spook to told me she was going to send them a message to find out that I received no email nor phone call letting me know anything.
    Nov. 15th 2019: I notice I received no emails or phone calls from Paypal after the Paypal rep Hazel told me in 3 more days I would get my money. When I logged into Paypal I saw they changed the date yet again from the 17th to the 20th. So I called Paypal and told the Rep what the other Paypal rep told me 3 days ago and she had told me this wasn’t the right information she told you. I asked to speak to a supervisor in which case I put on hold for a good bit of time. When the supervisor Jay ID# 153514 got on I told him what had happened from start to now. He had told me I had to wait til the item has reached it’s destination before they could refund my money.
    Nov. 16th 2019: I sent Dan Schulman (CEO of Paypal) ([email protected]) a email telling him he needs to look into his company and why. No reply, Yet again Paypal has changed the Estimated case resolution from the 20th to the 23rd, making this the 5th time Paypal has changed it.
    Nov. 18th 2019: I emailed econsumer asking why I haven’t heard back from them. The next day I get a reply Thank you for contacting eConsumer. We do not pursue complaints on behalf of individual consumers.
    Nov. 19th 2019: I emailed Vietnam Post ( [email protected]) asking why my item hasn’t moved since the 13th of Nov. So far no reply.
    Nov. 21st 2019: Yet again Paypal has changed the Estimated case resolution from the 23rd to the 26th. This is the 6th time they have changed it.
    Nov. 25th 2019: Yet again Paypal has changed the Estimated case resolution from the 26th to the 29th. This is the 7th time Paypal had changed it.
    Nov. 27th 2019: Yet again Paypal has changed the Estimated case resolution from the 29th to Dec. 2nd. Looking at the tracking number the package hasn’t moved since the 13th.

  129. James King says:


    Screw PayPal…

    Here is why we at do not use PayPal…

    Simple reason. Because they constantly freeze our company’s assets which we as a small company need…and are in fact critical…to the survival of our company. you see, in business a company needs to pay out it’s overhead…compensate the employees that work for it, pay the utillitiy bills incurred by the company, pay for the goods that said company buy at wholesale pricing and resell at retail for a profit, incidental expenses, and any other expense incurred. When you freeze the monies of a small business in such a way without any good cause, justification or merit…what this effectively does to the small business knowing this treatment…forced in essence to use PayPal because the company has an iron grip upon the “Payment Processing Market” it basically having a monopoly on that industry…to starve. A small company or a startup cannot take having its capital held for very long…the employees that work for it start to want to quit because you can’t pay them…because your account is frozen…suddenly the business cannot afford to restock the shelves with product which it buys at wholesale pricing to resell at retail because, even though the company rocked and sold it’s wholesale merchandise for a profit…that company is prevented from getting new merchandise in and restocking the shelves because paypal has it frozen.

    The small company dies and paypal lives…


    You ask…

    Simple because they are gambling with it and may not have it at all…
    The fundamental question seems to be this…

    Is there gold in Fort Knox???

    Who knows.

    Are the “gold bars” that PayPal strip from the small business forced to deal with these unsavory bunch because any big name business online is associated with PayPal and Paypal alone…Ebay for example…really in “Fort Knox” (analogy-PayPal) really even in there at all??

    WHo the hell knows.

    Paypal User Agreement (in fine print)

    “PayPal Invests the capital of those who use the service….”

    One of the most common problems encountered by PayPal users is the sudden and inexplicable freezing of their accounts. If your PayPal account is frozen, you can’t add or withdraw any funds from your account, and you’re required to go through a long, complicated process to verify your identity. Some users claim that PayPal has simply seized their funds and never returned them. Other complaints against PayPal include rude customer service representatives, a long and confusing user agreement and loose hiring practices that may have led to account fraud [source: PayPal Community].
    intends to implement a controversial new policy that will entail holding payments sent through PayPal for up to 21 days for certain “high-risk transactions.”
    Furious at the prospect of waiting to receive funds, sellers have been publicly speculating about how much money PayPal (and its parent company, eBay) makes off the accruing interest on funds under PayPal’s control – and whether a desire to retain those funds for longer spurred eBay’s holding plan.
    However, company executives and industry analysts say the money PayPal makes off such payments has a negligible impact on its bottom line.
    Any funds PayPal holds for dispersal are automatically deposited in a corporate bank account, which earns interest, according to Paypal representative Amanda Pires. The money is kept there until it’s ready for distribution. PayPal, which processes payments for eBay auctions as well as e-commerce transactions from elsewhere on the Internet, counts interest payments on those funds as one of its revenue streams.

  130. Stephen Ensing says:

    They suck, I sell on ebay, and they force me to use paypal (whom they own) with no other option to accept payment. Buyers can complain about any item bought, up to 45 days after sale, for any reason, even if sold as-is, for parts/repair, with No Guarantees, warranties, refunds or returns, I’ve had buyers get their money AND keep the item, they hold funds on some payments (over 500.00 right now) saying they are “high risk” but won’t say what “high risk” is, you can hardly get someone who understands English, and I feel bad for those people who have to work that job, but their employee turnover rate is higher then the apple turnover’s at McDonald’s, they say money gets transferred to my bank in 1 day, but just had 1000.00 take 3 days, and 5000 take 3 days, their fees are too high, and like I said ebay requires a paypal account, I also have to pay 10% on shipping cost through Ebay (besides sell fees) then the 3% paypal fees on shipping, now making my overall shipping expense go up 13%, I wish ebay would allow me to use another payment option, and wish a David could come along to slay the giant, but who helps the little guys? Our congressman? I hate paypal.

    1. Jim Forbes says:

      I came to this page just to see if I was the only one who thinks PayPal is getting out of control. It appears I am not alone. I have been a PayPal client for many years and have seen the slow creep of political correctness into their policies. As a 32 year old business we opened a Square-Up account just to have an alternative to PayPal and their ridiculous holds on my company’s money and now after several years Square-Up is a formidable competitor to PayPal. We do up to $15,000,00 a month through PayPal (all invoicing) and have recently received a request for more company information. Personal Information even though PayPal has all our corporate federal ID info. It seems strange and I figure it just another way to track everyone. They gave us until January 11, 2020 to provide the info or they will hold all our money. I’m waiting for all of our transactions through PayPal to clear and then we are closing our PayPal account and most likely our Ebay account too. There is nothing on Ebay we can’t buy on Amazon or some other vendor. Best of luck to you and thank you for posting your experiences with PayPal. Word needs to get out.

    2. Vera says:

      I hate Paypal too. They cancelled my money transfer that was sending to my son in another country because it was a “high risk transaction !?! They asked me WHY I was sending money to my son !!! It is too much aggravation. HORRIBLE COMPANY

    3. Tim Ro says:

      Ebay spun-off Pay Pal several years ago. Ebay is going to be using another company in 2020. Paypal will, ostensibly, remain in business.
      It’s a service misunderstood by the government, apparently. They get away with all kinds of s***. Enough colaints to choke a horse, but “they are not a bank” so the BBB issues them an A+ rating. (Though Customers calls go unanswered, emails unread, customer confusion, fear and tears are not measured, it seems.

  131. Troy Widgeon says:

    I bought a shed from a website featured on a Google search listed as The price was good, not much under other places, but a little cheaper nonetheless. They had a PayPal link on their page so I’m thinking “Great! I’ll have PayPal protection with this purchase”. How wrong I was. The “merchant” evidently submitted a fraudulent UPS tracking number to PayPal, who in turn forwarded it to me. I never received correspondence from the the “merchant”, but hey, I had a tracking number and I blissfully waited for me merchandise to arrive, checking the tracking along the way. Then the day came. The package didn’t arrive on the day it showed “Out for delivery”. I rechecked the tracking, and it showed “Delivered” and signed by somebody named Roddy. Well, I’m not Roddy. I don’t even know any Roddy. So off I drive to my local UPS terminal with info in hand to find out where my package was delivered. Come to find out, the package wasn’t even sent to me, but someone across town, and it WASN’T even what I ordered. Me thinks me smells a scam. So now, on a mission, I try and contact the “merchant”( read scammer ) and of course I get no response at all. Frustrated, I filed a claim with PayPal with all of this information including the sender’s address as well as the recipient’s, sure I would prevail as this was obviously a scam. After one week, PayPal sent me an email informing me that my claim has been denied as the package tracked as “Delivered” I attempted to refile, which resulted in errors on their page with an “Oops, there’s something wrong on our end” message. These butt-wipes sided with the scammer! I’m shocked and appalled that they would not honor what they claim. I am finished with them. It’s no financial hardship, but the principle. I get better protection from my credit card companies. I have cancelled my PayPal account ending a 20 year relationship. I’m just glad I found out how untrustworthy they are for a relatively small amount – I suppose it could have been worse.

    1. Pat says:

      I had the exact same thing happen to me. Ordered a grill from Turns out to be a scammer based in Vietnam. PayPal sided with the scammer. I disputed the charge with my credit card company. So hopefully I’ll get my money back.

      After having been a customer since 2000, I’m going to close my PayPal account after this episode.

  132. My online gaming company have used paypal for two years. i logged in yesterday to pay colocation and control panel bills. To my dismay i find my account locked with no reason. so I checked my email. there was only a link to their terms of service. i have read and reread all of it. we have not broken any rules nor have we since we started. I called them and they will give no information. they have my money on hold for 6 months. they will of course accrue interest as they illegally hold my money. They have effectively ended my company in one fell swoop. They won’t give me any reason why. I think i have figured it out. they just want to keep making interest off of my money. They are a scam company and I wish I would have looked further into their shady practices long ago. They got us for over 2 thousand dollars. My advice is don’t let them get you as well. A bunch of crooks are all they are and they need to be made to answer for themselves in litigation. If i could afford it I would start a class action suit against them.

  133. Paul says:

    PayPal has taken the side of a FRAUDULENT business calls They use STOLEN pictures of Hand Crafted items to Misrepresent the shoddy Chinese merchandise they sell. I sent PayPal copies of the Pictures they used AND photos of the Actual items recieved. PayPal will not issue a refund unless I pay for shipping to send the items back to China and for Insurance and Tracking on the items for the Convenience of the FRAUDULENT Seller… A Cost GREATER than the Refund! They also REFUSE to REMOVE the FRAUDULENT Seller and close their account even After I presented PROOF of the FRAUD! So PayPal is aiding and abetting FRAUDULENT behavior that HARMS their own trusting customers! PayPal is Criminal and guilty of FRAUD themselves!

    1. Lydia Diane Goldman says:

      I agree
      They are doing same to me
      I purchased a flat iron from this bogus company Woofixy- who you can no longer find ads for- and I’m told the same. Ship the trash back to China. Which will cost more than I paid. It’s fraud and PayPal is aiding and abetting this fraud.

  134. Carol Kimball says:

    I’ve used Paypal for years. I recently bought an item which I paid for with PayPal. The product was supposed to be a sweater and was a thin t-shirt with the picture of a sweater printed on it. The product was shipped to me from California. To receive a refund the Seller is requiring me to ship the product to China by certified mail. Even though I never dealt with China PayPal is enabling the fraudulent company by allowing it to require an expensive and cumbersome return. I have a California address from which it was shipped to me. I’m disgusted with PayPal after 2 months of dealing with customer service. It’s time consuming and uselesd

  135. liela wise says:

    paypal customer service is very rude and horrible. i will not recommend them to anyone ever!!!

  136. Debora Senor says:

    Money held for too long,..Not able to transfer money in..long waits on hold on the phone,..Problems problems problems! Terrible

  137. Cara says:

    I tried disputing a transaction after the item stated it was a cotton turtleneck in the title and it was made of polyester. I was told I had to return the $28.11 to China for $36.00. After doing research, the company was counterfeit and fraud. I filed a dispute with the Federal Trade Commission. Facebook took down their page and the business now is nowhere to be found. Paypal still refused to refund my money.

  138. Jesse Cleveland says:

    SCREW paypal. These friggin morons closed my account and wont tell me why. No explanation. Whatsoever. Apparently i somehow violated their policy and they wont tell me why. Ive tried calling and now the only option i have is to write a physical letter to the headquarters?! Screw them ive been loyal to PayPal for years then I get treated like this. They can go to hell. Hope they burn.

  139. Larry LaMay says:

    Pay Pal refuse to transfer my money to my bank. Money was sent to me from a legitimate longtime Pay Pal account holder. My wallet shows that the money is there and eligible for transfer, but when I try too transfer it I get an error message that says that the transaction can’t be completed at this time, try again later. I have contacted their customer support telephone line and all that they can tell me is that since this is the first time I have received a payment that it is on hold. Originally I was told it would be released after 72 hours, but that has already passed. Now they say they do not know when it will be released.

  140. frank says:

    ordered a office chair from 49 sale the company is fake,
    a scam the chair cost 47.00 it never was delivered, yet
    I reported it to pay pal and they checked into the matter
    and denied my claim because ups showed that it was
    delivered the package weighted 1.90 pounds, and I didn’t even get that, what kind of office chair would
    weigh only 1.90 pounds the box would weigh more that. I looked on line and others have had the same problem with that company 49 sale and they were also denied Its a shame that pay pal does not
    investigate who they let have a pay pal account to
    rip people off.

  141. Theo says:

    Paypal really let me down. They sided with a crooked merchant. I purchased 2 ion rechargeable lithium batteries from a seller in the USA as indicated on Ebay and the batteries shipped from chicago. After a couple of months the batteries stopped taking charge. Paypal sent me a return address in Chinese and asked me to shipped the items to China. the cost to ship batteries to China is well over $350. Paypal is insisting on me shipping the stuff to China or they will side with a croocked seller. Shame on you paypal and moreover start having USA employees handling the customer service desk for us customers in the USA. Shame on PAYPAL. I’m canceling my membership with Paypal and Ebay

  142. Janet Hermann says:

    I paid for 3 airline tickets from United and 1hotel room all using PayPal. I cancelled all within 24 hours and got refunded. Great right? No. PayPal never refunded the $3000.00 on my balance. In my account it says refunded but my balance says otherwise. I called several times being told the balance is correct. So I called about the finance fees still there for those refunded purchases. After a long time was told uh oh..our bad. So they said my balance was right but will not charge these interest fees. (Pay 6 months, no fee deal)
    Then I added up my financed purchases and it equaled the amount of what I bought and of what I was refunded which obviously I wasn’t refunded. I called again and added it with person on phone. Lo and behold now I am right and again ‘our bad’.
    But I never got an acknowledgement letter so not sure if this was really it for me. She had said I was paying off what I was supposed to be refunded.
    Guess a lawyer is in my future

  143. Jerry M says:

    I haven’t used my paypal in several years and I’m trying to re-activate the account. paypal recognizes my email address, but not my password, or security questions. I talked to customer service which did not provide any actual customer service. All the paypal account information resides in the paypal servers but they cannot delete an account even when they know the account is not accessible by the acccount holder. Their best and final answer was “create another email address and a new paypal account”.

  144. Dottie Tighe says:

    I made a purchase of shoes using paypal. The shoes did not fit. The return policy at purchase stated within 30 days of receipt, original package and receipt. I followed policy and company said…we have low profit so please sell to a friend…LOL. I contacted paypal. I again jumped through all paypal’s hoops. Paypal denied my claim stating “We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because if an item is materially similar to the seller’s description, we do not consider it to be significantly not as described.” So basically not what I wanted, not anything I can use but too bad for me. This is why there are so many scams for online purchases. I will not be using paypal again.

  145. Maryann and Eugene says:

    My Husband has a PayPal account it’s the online banking kind. They say we cash checks in minutes Yet everytime we get a personal check written to him, USUALLY from Family members, PayPal denies us!! And says they need the person who write the checks phone number!!! Ridiculous and EMBARRASSING!!! I AM DISGUSTED WITH PAYPAL. My Husband is a Good man and he was a hard worker up until August 8 2019 when we rushed him to the local ER to find out he has Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer so he can no longer work and we have been STRUGGLING to get by. So Family members write us checks when they can and For PayPal to basically accuse my Sick Husband of being a piece of crap is APPALLING!! From now on I will go to the issueing bank and pay thier fee show his I.D. and then maybe we can put money towards the over due bills because of this Cancer our lives have been turned upside down and For such a Big Well known Company to lure us in with Phony promises and lies that they cash checks in minutes, PayPal u Should bs ashamed of Yourselves!! We have spent a lot and lot of money in the past through your company, never again! It’s Sickening how you treat your Long time Customers makes me sick!

  146. Misty Faucheux says:

    I got scammed out of $70, and I reached out to PayPal to dispute the charge. Without even investigating, they flatly refused to reverse the charge. I paid with PayPal credit thinking this would be safe because no matter what I did, the system would not let me add my credit card. If it had been the latter, the charge would have been reversed. Paypal never keeps my card or bank account info, and now it even supports scammers. Ridiculous.

  147. Richard says:

    They have. Been holding my funds for no reason. Bad business practices one person complained over their mess up an PayPal took their side over mine wont give me a clear explanation of why my I mean MY MONEY is being held for no reason at all

  148. Leonard John Cremer Sr says:

    SYNCHRONY has don me wrong several time, I had an account with Rooms to Go and a health payment card. When SYNCHRONY took over these account they closed my accounts which I paid on time and paid in full. Now SYNCHRONY has taken over PayPal credit.

  149. Sandy Meade says:

    I am extremely frustrated that every credit card transaction/payment I attempt to receive through PayPal is put on a 30 day freeze. PayPal takes their “cut”/fees immediately, but will not allow me access to the monies. A few transactions they have allowed me a small percentage of the deposit but my latest transactions shows that I have complied with all requests to confirm my indentity and have partial funds available to use but when I go to use the funds I am barred from access. PayPal is unethical.

  150. Barbara Courtney-Lau says:

    I placed an order from a wed site on Facebook (I know I shouldn’t have done it) back on Aug 26th 2019. According to them the product takes 7-20 days for delivery. Well 21 days go back, I get PayPal involved. I tell them what is going on, they set up a dialogue with the seller. They say, it now on it’s way (32 days after the purchase). I wait for a tracking #, check up on it, it’s in China for 2 weeks, than calls off the grid. I tell this to PayPal, they continue to cater to the seller, I than file a resolution complaint. That was first week in Oct 2019. They put the date to resolve within 1 week. That was 3 weeks ago and still waiting for the product or PayPal to hold up their agreement with me about my refund. As of today, they said it will be settled Nov 5th, that is the 6 time the resolution date has been pushed back. PayPal has not honored its agreement with me, so I will now turn this over to law enforcement. Was only 40.00, but the principal is that buyer who are not bring them big business are on their own. I will never do business with them again, they are only out to make a profit.

  151. Cynthia A Zamarro says:

    I am a frequent ebay seller and buyer. I had a dispute with a buyer and ebay closed the case in my favor. The buyer opened it up with paypal to try to collect this way. I refunded her money through paypal to avoid the aggravation. Paypal always awards the buyer because that is how they make their money. They ruled in her favor and paid her again. I had spent at least 10 hours on 6 different occasions on the phone with paypal and they indicated my payment was logged. I began to realize their canned response of “I understand how you feel”. No they don’t and management is the same way. They told me the dispute is now with them but they would write to her to try to retrieve the $470 overpayment. They just wanted to appease me and get me off the phone. They never wrote to her. I will never use paypal again. They are fine until any issue arise. These people are like robots and have no conscience and in this case, neither did the buyer to keep all the money.

  152. Jon says:

    Paypal has absolutely insane policies! Somebody that sent me a payment, disputed it a month later because it wasn’t authorized? They had problems with their credit card they said & then they said corporate had issues & dinged me! I have never even paid a dime for CC fees! 2 minutes after I got the email saying my account had a negative balance, I provided funds immediately from checking …. now 4 days later my account is still locked :( I cannot do even CC transactions! PP says they cannot do anything!!! PayPal incites violence with the way they handle transaction problems!!!!! The Absolute worst customer service of any company!!!!!!

  153. Adi begovic says:

    Worst company ever,they hold your money for 21 days .i would never recomend this to anyone.there are much better option to transfer money,pay for stuff or whatever.i have money on hold for days and they can keep it as much as they my case 21 days but when i get it i am never using it again.also they charge a big fee for every transfer and when you finally get your money and want to transfer to your bank it takes another 3-7 days.paypal sucks

  154. Ray Rosa says:

    I believe Paypal has purposely built a scheme to increase the number of new accounts and daily earnings/withholdings. This is done by taking a Paypal customers account like mine and holding the money citing “security review.” After completing all “security tasks,” then saying “internal security review,” for 72 hrs. Then funds still not released, they say internal review 48 hrs, and then 24 hrs, and then 48hrs and so forth. 17 days go by, money is still in there. I open another Paypal account and transfer money just fine. So what happened, I increased Paypals daily withholdings, and I opened a new account. 1 customer like me. Multiply that practice across the US. Now you know how the stock valuation is increasing.

  155. Kim hernandez says:

    I have used payal for 16 years with no issues. It has been recently that a vendor has been charging my paypal account without my authorization. I have requested a refund and cancelation of the recurring payment but they continue to charge me even after I have used paypal’s cancel recurring payment. Paypal has denied my claims and the vendor keeps charging me. so I’ve had to remove all payment method. I will no longer use payal.

  156. Dariush Aboonasry says:

    My experience was negative with pay-pal they are slow and they are not effective about resolving customer issues. I have been calling several times to get my money for the item seller did not sent me.they are not giving my money back like they promised. This was a e-bay purchase non of them responding and not interested to solve it, and the keep you on phone for ever.

  157. Kim Bare says:

    In August I cancelled an auto payment with Cyberlink. I resigned up for the same service for $103.99 a year. On Sept 26 I received a notice from my bank my account was overdrawn because both $103.99 and $129.99 were charged to my account by Asknet (the company who processes charges for Cyberlink). I didn’t have money in my account for both charges because both charges where not supposed to go through. I contacted both my bank and asknet. Asknet said they saw both charges and said the $129.99 should not have been charged to my account. They again cancelled the subscription for $129.99 but left the correct one for $103.99. They then immediately refunded the $129.99 on Sept 27th to PayPal.

    However, PayPal continued several times to collect the $129.99, so I called them, wrote to them, and emailed them. They told me I didn’t cancel correctly because I had to cancel with Cyberlink AND PayPal. This is absurd. Then they said the refund was on hold because the charge didn’t go through the charge that should never have been presented in the first place. I contacted Asknet AGAIN and they said if PayPal is still trying to collect the money it is UNAUTHORIZED! However, because I have more important things to worry about, I put money in my bank account so that the charge would go through and PayPal could process the refund. The charge cleared my account and PayPal has had the money since October 4th, which was confirmed by my bank. It was in PayPal’s bank account on October 4th. On October 5th PayPal claimed the money would not clear my account until October 9th and I would get the refund after that. They have had 2 times the refund – from Asknet on September 27th and from me on October 4th. Yet they still refuse to give me my refund – for a charge that should never have been processed in the first place!

    I have talked to several managers and even today on October 8, 2019 I keep being told the money has not processed my account (is cleared the clearing house into Paypal’s account on October 4, 2019) and that they cannot refund my money as they already paid asknet. I reminded them that not only have they had my money since October 4th, Asknet refund the money on Sept 27th making Paypal “whole” again, but the manager just keep repeating the script they have been handed instead of actually listening and stating very INCORRECTLY that the money has not processed from my account.

    So, to recap: PayPal charges my account even though the subscription was cancelled. They were refunded by the merchant on September 27th. They continue to charge my account with unauthorized charges, causing my account to overdraw as I was not expecting them to charge me 2 times for one service. I finally put money in the account just so they could go through their ridiculous process and refund my money. They were refunded 2 times, once on Sept 27 by the merchant and once on October 4th by me, yet on October 8th they are still refusing to process my refund.

    If they hold refunds for days after they receive them on even ¼ of the accounts for which they receive refunds every day, they are earning hundreds of thousands or millions in interest on money that is not theirs. Their practices are shady at best and possibly criminal.

  158. Beth Richardson says:

    Back in August, I used my PayPal business account to send money to a friend. Because it was a personal transaction, I very carefully specified that the money come from my Wells Fargo card instead of the balance of my PayPal account. But PayPal wiped out my balance anyway, only taking the remainder from my personal card instead of the full amount. I spent hours in chat and on the phone complaining and trying to get a resolution. They couldn’t put the money back but assured me it was a technical glitch that had been fixed. They said it would not happen again. Yesterday, I sent more money to the same friend. Same result. My PayPal account is what I use to pay business expenses. To have it used for a personal transaction not only screws up my records, it takes away the money I need for my business. They want me to jump through all the same hoops they put me through last time. Not happening. Fool me once…etc.

  159. Laurie Hamilton says:

    PayPal does not service its online chat service – it is “unavailable “. – if you then try to email- emails are repeatedly responded to with an “automated response “ even when that response says if you reply to it customer service will assist you with your need – that is false – for EVERY reply you will receive the same automated response. There is no service to be found there. Also if you noticed eBay account pages no longer seem to display a “balance “ for those who sell thru eBay and have funds deposited there on PayPal. I noticed recently that my balance just disappeared (I see PayPal complaints by others alleging theft of funds) Tried calling and I was lied to about the balance that was there and when it disappeared- found online statements proving this. I am inclined to believe that PayPal has theft in the system somewhere. Time for a new bigger lawsuit against this company.

  160. E John Rager says:

    1 star: Bad
    9 minutes ago
    PayPal and Xoom were a terrible experience!
    PayPal and Xoom were a terrible experience today when we tried to transfer money to a family member in Europe. Their representative spoke very poor English, very difficult to understand, and there was a lot of background noise, which didn’t help at all. They wanted a lot of personal financial information which we were very suspect of because we didn’t understand why they needed it or what they would do with it. In the end we canceled the attempted transaction and closed our accounts with both companies. We then read Consumer Reports article on transferring money and found the the recommendation for TransferWise. We contacted them and had a very successful money transfer and a very pleasurable and satisfying experience. We would like to alert people who want to transfer money abroad to definitely NOT use PayPal and Xoom, but to look into using TransferWise or a similar company!

  161. Darrell says:

    PayPal is deliberately stealing money when doing international money transfers. They admitted doing this mistake on my last 4 transactions, but won’t respond to give me the refund. Here is my email to the with the details:

    This is my last transaction. Based on your conversion rate (1 TWD = 0.0307 USD), you should have charged me NT$17,652 TWD. instead you charged me NT$18,714 TWD. Why is this? I’ve sent 4 email on this and have had no answers from PayPal.

    Transaction Details Transaction ID: 7CX175469L606882A September 5, 2019 Payment amount sent $575.00 USD PAID WITH MASTER_CARD 2428

  162. Cheri Cavender says:

    I used PayPal for an Insurance Claim payout bacause I was told it was quicker and safer than a check. Complete nonsense. PayPal is holding my money for 48 hours because “the amount is unusual for my account”. Well of course it is. It doesn’t matter that it comes from an Insurance company not an individual. They are keeping my money. Period. And it took 3 phone calls and about 20 minutes to get to a person, who could not help. Awful Do not use this.

  163. Randy Cash says:

    To date (9-29-2019) my very worst customer service experience was given by PayPal.
    We all know PayPal has a policy in place to protect buyers funds. This in itself is a good practice. We all want to be able to purchase items online safely.
    My issue is with the ” funds available” not being instantly transferred. PayPal has an option to pay 1% of amount being transferred and have the funds “instantly” moved to your linked debit card.
    I have had little success with the option. Most of the time when I attempt to do this, it does not work. I receive a message stating that further review is needed for the transfer. Although it has been significantly longer than the 24hr hold after the product was delivered (and receiving positive feedback from buyer)…my transfer of funds is still being prolonged by PayPal’s system.
    What does this mean? After several calls to customer service, I am told that the “instant” transfer is under review. I asked to speak to the person’s or department handling the review. I was told that there is no department in charge of the review. “It is the system” that reviews the transaction.
    To this I replied…” So my funds are still being held by PayPal?” “No” says the representative…”your transfer is under review.”
    For an additional 24 hours after the “30 minute instant transfer” was initiated, I still have not gotten the funds transferred to my debit card.
    Is this an experience unique to me? How is a 24 hour+ review of transfer, any different than a hold? Why does PayPal customer service not have the ability to answer the question of…when I might expect the transfer or “review” to be completed?
    This to me is just another way PayPal is holding money that should, by their own guidelines, be released.

  164. Greg Murrow says:

    I used to have a licensed legal stamp dealing business, operating out of Las Vegas, Nv.
    PayPal wiped out my company in 2016, by claiming I opened up about 49 charge-backs against my vice president. PayPal made it all up.
    I filed a 4,017 separate count lawsuit against PayPal in 6-2017 Case#17cv311767.
    I lost the lawsuit in the Superior Court of California in San Jose.
    I then defeated PayPal and their attorneys Holland & Knight LLP in the 6th Appellate Court in San Jose on 2-13-2019. Case# H045352
    I am still fighting the lawsuit.
    I have enclosed the you-tube link which explains this tragic story.
    Please watch it.
    I have withstood massive police investigations by numerous police agency’s over this lawsuit, as PayPal keeps trying to keep this case swept under the rug and hidden from the public.
    PayPal is corrupt and crooked. Do not use them.
    Greg Murrow

  165. Jane Dickinson says:

    Do not use Paypal because I couldn’t receive my money back. The worst part, my friend didn’t recieve the money onto her account. I called customer services to get my money and they would not put the money back into my account.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  166. Ken Saxe says:

    I lost my money with Paypal, Paypal gave my money back to the buyer, now I’m out my item and my money, and I payed Paypal Fees, I was robbed by Paypal.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  167. Tee says:

    PayPal will hold your money for 21 day MINIMUM when you and the consumer confirm satisfaction with the product/service. They hold money to collect their own interest. PayPal has impossible customer service. You have options. Choose another option if you would like to access your money.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  168. Kenneth Hudson says:

    Payments to suppliers totally unknown to me have been included in my account. I have been unable to get into PayPals complaints system and have been forced to close my account.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  169. Margaret Skoog says:

    I have filed 2 separate disputes with PayPal about substandard items I received from China. Both times I was denied a refund. PayPal does not protect their buyers! I will never use this company again. Beware that this doesn’t happen to you.

  170. Greg Hansen says:

    I continue to be harassed by PayPal. All I tried to do was get a refund from a seller. The seller did instruct PP to give the refund but when I tried the best to figure out how to get it back in my bank the only option was hit a refund button on my account. No other option was on the refund page so I hit the button and they credited the seller? Then they claimed I got my refund. In short, I finally got the money back in my account but now they claim I have had fraud and have amped up my security to get my money to where if feel like the criminal! They made the mistake! That refund button didn’t belong on the refund acknowledgement page. But apparently PP is to big to admit their mistakes an harass the clients instead when they complain.
    Month later, just tried to enter the code they had charged my CC for to get my CC security cleared and it said “We can not process your request at this time” but didn’t say why!

  171. Robert W says:

    Tried to add a new debit card to my pal…couldn’t do it on the app…online…or by telephone. Horrible experience…I’ve canceled pal account and I’m filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission….since the process so many credit cards a problem with them makes it all but impossible to buy online….Horrible service…RUN FROM THEM.

  172. STEVE WALTHER says:

    Pay Pall Does Not correct errors by vendors and correspondence that allows for baits and switching products, then telling purchaser not to bother with return or not sending return information to process proper credits for ITEMS NOT ordered, via bait and switch tactics. THEN PAY PAL freezes without notice and stalls or completely eliminates future purchases that require Pay Pal as the ONLY way to purchase, the Ebay notices DO NOT address correctly what PayPal is doing to eliminate the transaction. PayPal ask, but does not update credit card info AND while on the phone with 1 3 way call, my credit card rep and Ebay customer service, at length, Ebay Could NOT do any more than relate to PayPal as the fault.

  173. Sherard says:

    Their customer service on weekends SUCK!!! Been on hold over 2hrs

    This post will help: Best Payment Processors for Great Customer Service


  174. John Requard says:

    A merchant from the UK charged my Bank of America VISA through PayPal a small charge of around $20. I did not authorize the charge. I promptly filed a complaint with PayPal that was immediately rejected for the fallacious reason that I had authorized the charge. The transaction was some kind of scam but PP accepted the word of the merchant rather than mine. I closed my PP account and filed a complaint of fraud with the bank. The bank removed the charge. Why PP so callously rejected my dispute of the charge is puzzling and I will NEVER deal with PP again.

    1. Brian Duvall says:

      Started selling items on ebay that i get from yard sales, storage units and estate sales. I found a very ggod buy on some items at a estate sale and sold them on EBay. Paypal requested info from me because of the amounts and I provided everything they asked for except an invoice from a supplier. These were open boxed items from an estate sale. Of course there is know supplier. People sell crap on Ebay all the time and Im sure there is no supplier. Now they are holding my $5600 for 180 days and Ive had to refund over $400 in items due to this issue. HINT to the wise. NEVER USE PAYPAL FOR ANYTHING. I just started a 501c3 and opened a website and the first they i didnt was remove PAYPAL as an option for payment. There are so many other ways now, just ask EBAY who is ditching PAYPAL too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  175. Pilar says:

    Horrible! This company supports shipping scammers. They help out scammer Do not buy from this site because PayPal will help steal your money without proving a thing. The customer is always wrong. Watch your money with this company because if they help one, they help more scams.

  176. John says:

    In the ten years or so of being a PayPal account holder I have had mostly a positive experience. I occasionally get issues with customers from dodgy countries claiming they never received their goods and demanding a refund. Despite proof of shipping PayPal always sides with the buyer and $100’s are lost.
    But just recently PayPal have started to freeze payments from buyers for up to two weeks claiming I am a new account holder and they need to build up a history.
    Of course this is nonsense and I eventually got to talk to someone via email (their hotline would cost me $1 a minute). After getting the runaround they eventually said that it was procedure to freeze payments if they believe that an issue could arise from the transaction, that it could be problematic. So far all frozen funds have been for items sent to USA, Australia and UK, countries I’ve never had issues with before.
    This practice is unjustified in my opinion. But what can you do. PayPal holds on to you money, gains the interest on it, and when they have waited a predefined amount of time they will release your money.
    I have a small online business and use PayPal to accept payments from abroad. So far these freezes have only been an inconvenience. But if they persist and target larger amounts, then this will start to impact my business, something I suspect PayPal don’t even consider.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  177. David says:

    Orange ground screws were advertised on Facebook at a great price. I bought 5, paid for via PayPal. When the product arrived they were not Orange Ground screws as advertised and as shown on my receipt (shipped from China).. What i received were much smaller gold tent stakes.. they can be purchased on Amazon .. shipped Amazon Prime for about $1.20 ea. I contacted the vendor they offered a small discount.. I declined since even at that price they were over 3X the cost of Amazon. I contacted PayPal and sent them all the info. Paypan said they would look into it. Paypal contacted the vendor.. The vendor said ship it back and I would get a refund. The cost to return to China was 2 x what I paid for the item. I showed PayPal the info.. PayPal sided with the vendor.. This is a known scam.. PayPal admits it’s a bad deal.. Advertise and scam the customer and make the return so costly it makes no sense to pursue the return and refund.. SCAM vendor makes money.. PayPal gets their cut..

  178. Ronald William Dean says:

    I had a massive headache trying to remove an old bank account and verifying a new one. The website was not helpful, the live chat was not helpful, and the automated phone service I was sent to was not helpful. No resolution. They still have my money and there is no entity at paypal that seems to be able to resolve my account problems. Terrible customer service. Terrible web site.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  179. Bryan McNutt says:

    Save yourself the hours of frustration! Paypal is not a good service.
    Support is the worst, you will always talk to someone outside the country, you will wait on hold for 30 min +, and the automated phone service to get someone on the line is worthless.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


    1. Staci Lambert says:

      horrible horrible horrible company and has made me lose all hope in humanity I was basically told that because they think I fraudulently opened multiple accounts even though I found out about the multiple accounts after I disputed a transaction they gave me the provisional credit I provided them with a police report that not only showed my husband’s ex-wife had opened not only PayPal accounts but credit cards and such in his name all.So the last few weeks they would limit my husband’s account asking for a bunch of information and proof of identity so we would send them everything they would ask for that only he would have. then they would release the limitation for about 24-hours hours but during that 24 hours they would limit my account asking for certain things to be uploaded so they could verify identity and such on me so we would do the same thing and send them everything they ask for then they denied all my unauthorized transactions and my husband information was sent to them so we both have sent our photo IDs which was our drivers licenses sent them a copy of the police reports that show we were victims of identity theft and also have notes from the officer about what was found on his ex-wife when she was arrested which included PayPal debit cards one of which my husband had ordered himself that’s how it all started and he never received it but didn’t think much of it because he had other things he was thinking about that was about the time I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we were dealing with doctor’s appointments and such he was not working for a few weeks after we learned of my diagnosis so he didn’t think much of it because the reason he got the PayPal debit card was his employer stopped issuing paper checks and had everyone go direct deposit because they are a trucking company and it was much easier to pay the drivers (who were never in one spot because they were over the road) with a debit card then a paper check and we did not have a bank account at the time and I had been using my account for deposits and enjoyed using my PayPal because I had a good experience and had had no issues with PayPal. So anyways my husband spaced that he had opened the debit card until my PayPal account had unauthorized transactions and we were disputing them and PayPal was denying my claim even with proof which after they denied it they took back the provisional credit which took my entire paycheck. so we were trying to move everything over to the PayPal account my husband opened while we appealed with PayPal on mine. but when trying to log in to his account it said the password was wrong so he did the forgot password and was able to get in by changing the password that’s when we found out that there had been purchases being made on his debit card that he never received 27 to be exact so he explained everything to a customer service person they opened a dispute and issued him his provisional credit and he provided them with the police report that we had gotten the day before and after putting two and two together that’s when we realized that the one of the debit cards that was found with his ex-wife when she was arrested was the one he never received so you would think that with everything we gave to PayPal it was pretty cut-and-dry what had happened to both of our accounts even the police put that together. So we escalated the appeal and wanted both cases really looked at with the 3rd police report. so all this time we’re dealing with unauthorized transactions screwing up the account and then they start limiting our accounts back and forth his than mine his than mine then when we escalate it that’s when they permanently limited our account and say they no longer want to do business with us and they say this on Thanksgiving day which is yesterday so no way to contact are employer to have the direct deposit that was going to go in today stopped so I talked to PayPal they tell me that because it is a limited account it will reject the incoming deposit so I did not bother our payroll person at work with stopping the direct deposit because I was told it wouldn’t go in it would be rejected and I would just need to talk to my employer here we are Payday the day they said that it would get rejected and it did not it went into the account I know PayPal is saying that they have to hold it for a hundred and eighty days I called them crying because my life depends on this if I miss another week of chemo like I missed last week because of PayPal all the chemo treatments that I have had before no are all for nothing you can’t just stop and it’s a 40 mile each way trip for me to go to treatment and I was told by three different customer service reps it didn’t matter so someone’s life dies not matter to them and that makes me sick

  180. Paul says:

    paypal has become a mafia, they have the monopole, blocked accounts and keep the money not for 180 days but for ever, these guys are theifes and they need to be reported to the LUxembourg police asap.
    they dont pay taxes, they defraud customers, block account and keep the money,
    Paypal is a big mafia and they will loose soon, you will loose all soon Paypal, you ll see.
    The police of Luxembourg have a special office just for paypal claim, contact them.

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  181. Richard Jeske says:

    PayPal has the absolute worst email support on their web site. I’ve tried to use it 3 times. Each time, the person responding simply copies and pastes some text from their web site (I could have done that myself). When I reply stating that my problem was still not resolved, I never hear back from them. Even after asking for an update on my case, I get no response. PayPal should really consider removing this “feature” from their web site.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  182. We have been using Payflow Gateway since 2005. Issues just all the sudden started. My staff worked with the support for 3 hours being bounced back and forth – still no clue how to fix it. Productivity clawed to 10% of what it should have been.

    So, the only message I got back from the support – they put my case “on Hold”.

    How could they expect us to do .. hand write every customer’s CC everytime and hand key them in?! Even that will take minutes to process one as it kept timing out..

    They are aware of this is a production issue. Apparently, our average $30K monthly volume is not big enough for them to pay attention and help.

    4 days gone by , no update whatsoever.

    I understand that Payflow Gateway is a legacy system. However, if they are not going to support it , or putting such low priority that customer can no longer process payments in a timely fashion, they should at least notify me and ask me to consider to switch.

    Instead, they just pretty much ignored this severity of this case.

    I have a strong feeling that it is the negligence of this production issue is to force to migrate to another fee structure and gateway system. My current fee structure given to me about 6 months ago is much lower than their common fee structure. So, it almost was clear to me that they wanted to switch to a more up-to-date paypal gateway and a different fee structure. This way, they are not the one breaching the agreement of the low fee structure given to me.

    Considering paypal fee structure is really high comparing to a lot of merchant service out there in the market.

    This is unethical practice!!! I highly recommend everyone to do a bit more investigation before going to paypal.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Account Providers


  183. Gatis says:

    Worst of the worst.

    Paypal is like a broken bank that unsuccessfully tries to act big.
    They manipulate your funds and hold them for no reasons and write down everything to security reasons. Step up your security policies, PayPal, they absolutely suck and make no sense. You keep holding transfers for 72h and state that 2$ fee won’t be charged but charge it every time anyhow. You simply block one’s account and do not allow to withdraw PayPal credit, charge ridiculous fees for every transaction and fail to provide so much needed customer service.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  184. Rebecca T Dohm says:

    Once you close are out for life
    Nice ppl rite?
    I was on the phone all morning to change my preferred method of payment of my pay pal acct. of 10yrs
    but I became so outraged by waiting.tranferring No results..I have closed paypal…never to return..DONT NEED YOU

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  185. Jennifer Heuer says:

    I received an amount of money on my PayPal account from Facebook and I was using it towards the reason I needed too. PayPal got suspicious and shut my PayPal account completely and refuse to let me transfer my money to a new account with a new company that does not do this kind of thing. At first they wanted to verify it was me so I sent them a copy of my license and my social security card and a birth certificate. Along with a bank statement. Then they told me I needed a passport, which I do not own a passport just like a lot of Americans. PayPal never said I needed a passport to have a PayPal account. And then they wanted mt to verify another address where my kids live and I explained that is not my address that is my children address and they said I needed to provide a utility bill for the address of my children. And I told them that is impossible cause I do not reside there, but they couldn’t understand that. So they shut my PayPal down and I have a balance of $969 in my account and are saying I have to wait 180 days. And my social security disability checks was being deposited into that account and social security Administration told me it is against federal law for anyone to withhold a federal check from the payee. And my check is supposed to be deposited into that account still tomorrow because this happened right before I was being paid. They say that my account is completely shut down but my account but I had my friend try and send me .40 and it went into the account. The only way I can get my check is if PayPal denies to deposit it which they should cause the account is supposed to be shit Down. By it being denied I can call social security and they will be able to transfer to my new trustworthy bank. I have never shut down a bank account before and them keep my balance this is u reasonable and it’s not fair. I need that money to buy my uncles head stone for he just passed away on July 1st. They have given me no reason to why they first restricted me in the first place or the reason they are holding my money for $180!!!! I do not sell anything thru my PayPal or receive funds from buyers. That has never happened. The only thing I have ever used my account for was to receive my ssd checks and to buy thing off the internet like amazon. There is nothing that is not already paid or is no one that is goin to come back requesting money off my account so what is the reason to hold my money. It is essential that they release my money to me immediately. There is no legal reason for them to withhold my money from me.

    This post will help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds


  186. Tori says:

    So bad, dont even bother, your disputes is useless, not worth the time and money.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  187. George says:

    do not deal with these people because they will treat you like a criminal if you are seller on ebay. Sold an item with no returns to a merchant who decided he didn’t like it he went to ebay to return and ebay closed the case and he went to paypal fabricated a story about the item and they made me give him his money back even though I could prove everything he said was a lie. he open the item as apart and he did 3 deep scratch and i send them the whole information with the pictures I have never been through a more frustrating experience in my life.and this is not the end after return and refund the buyer and they charge me fee twice first when i sell and the second when they refund the buyer , but before that couple days i took screenshot to my paypal account showing the activity and the balance then after refund the buyer i took another screenshot and i call the ” professionals ” on paypal they don’t know where is the different and after transferred me from one to another they found the different and right a way the refund me the fee .it’s not about the fee how many seller they cut from them twice they are stilling money from the buyer and the seller be a ware keep far if you have another option

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win


  188. Kay says:

    My account has been permanently banned for no good reason and PayPal will not allow me to have it back. I can’t even do online surveys that only accept PayPal because there is no way for me to get paid . Anything that has to do with blogging, e-commerce, or surveys are nearly impossible because PayPal monopolizes the industry on almost everything online. For this reason I hate PayPal and I cannot earn a living online because of them!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  189. Jade says:

    I have 2 bank accounts on Paypal. I put one of them as my main so all my payments should be charged on this one. But, no ! Surprise ! They charged something on my other account and I didn’t have enough money in it so 48$ fee for me. After like 4 emails and answers from 3 different people at customer service, someone FINALLY admitted that they made an error. BUT it’s not their problem ! They won’t refund me. WHAT? It’s YOUR error and I’m the one who has to pay ???? BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  190. SUSAN says:

    A refund payment was credited to my Pay Pal account in full after some discussion. For days the refund was not reflected on my Visa.

    I contacted Pay Pal many times. This is not easy to do. They don’t answer some phone calls and try to push you into your discovery by way of links, “resolution centers” , “chats” etc. In fact, Pay Pal was not honest with me. They stalled about having received the refund; prompting me to file a “case” … that could take 14 days to review…. while they held the money.

    I harassed the vendor until I had proof of payment to Pay Pal. Finally, after confronting them for three hours with transaction copies, and a group call with my bank, Pay Pal relinquished my money.

    It’s frustrating, time consuming, unnessary and disheartening.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  191. Ellie papczun says:

    All I can say is I have been trying to set up an account for a couple of months. Every time I think I have, I haven’t .Customer service is absolutly horrible and can’t help with the problem. Every person I speak to tells me something different. I have entered my information over and over but every time I try to log in it tells me nothing is confermedeven though it was supposedly confermed from the time before. Not trying again. Don’t trust this thing with my money.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  192. Leana says:

    PayPal Credit customer service is awful! I made several payments pre-paying my account and requested specific allocation of these payments to promotional terms expiring first. All payments have been misapplied! I spent countless hours calling and speaking with what sounded like employees located in India who had no clue how to help and provided conflicting information. The last rep I spoke with assured me that all payments will be posted as I requested but it will take one or two billing cycles. A few months ago, I had the same pre-payment issue and spoke with an American customer service rep who quickly understood what I was asking and applied the funds correctly without a follow-up. If the prepayment doesn’t post as I requested in two billing cycles, I’ll close my PayPal credit account. You cannot trust your money to dangerously incompetent people!

  193. Rena says:

    I did not know that one of the transactions that I made for $44 was paid for using PayPal credit. I have been away and just logged into my Paypal account to discover a balance of $72. When I called, I was told that there was a late fee of $28 attached because the $44 was supposed to have been paid by 7/15/19. Today is July 19, 2019. If the amount would have been higher than $100, there would have been a late fee of $28 plus a very high interest fee.
    I cancelled the PayPal Credit because I think these fees are usurious and unconscionable.
    I will continue to use the regular PayPal but will never use the PayPal credit. Consumer BEWARE!

  194. Bridgitti Knox says:

    I bought $170.00 worth of clothing from a company name BerryLook that has thousands of complaints regarding ordering merchandise from then that don’t fit. I return the items to BerryLook via UPS with a receipt saying that it received the clothing but they would give me $80.00. I keep calling Paypal and they want to say it’s a company out of China so they can’t refund. I received this email from stating below:

    marguerite from
    Thu, Jul 11, 10:37 PM (5 days ago)
    to me

    Dear customer,

    We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience to you.

    For your order E1051134

    I have checked with our financial department, your refund has been issued on 2019-07-05.

    If there will be any problem, you can just contact with us.

    Wish you and your family a blessed day.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service Team

    Now PayPal is telling me they are lying and they will not refund my money.

  195. Michael Byerly says:

    Do not deal with these people because they will treat you like a criminal if you are seller on ebay. Sold an item with no returns to a merchant who decided he didn’t like it and he went to paypal fabricated a story about the item and they made me give him his money back even though I could prove everything he said was a lie. I have never been through a more frustrating experience in my life. I am cancelling my ebay and paypal accounts and will never deal with them again

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


    1. Rick says:

      I just got conned out of a thousand dollars through paypal/ebay. They seem to allow crooks to “use the system”, and then find in favor of the crooks. Costly lesson for me, so if I can help anyone out, I will.

  196. Steve says:

    Apparently everytime I’ve paid with my Paypal account for the past few months I have been getting signed up for automatic payment renewals. This includes purchases from Microsoft, Petco, and various other online vendors that were one-time purchases, not subscriptions to services. I also noticed that I was recently charged $10 for a service that hasn’t existed for 3 years, but for some reason they’re still paying out to the vendor.

  197. Robert says:

    I purchased an item online and trusted the purchase because it was used with PayPal. I received a tracking number from the seller and looked forward to my purchase being delivered. The purchase was delivered to another address. After doing some basic research, I learned that this company takes your money, steals a real tracking number from UPS or a legitimate company and you never hear from them again and you never get the product you ordered. This experience is well documented on many websites that the same experience happens to every customer. The tracking number that was stolen was from a pool company that sent a filter system to a legitimate customer, because UPS gave me the address and I visited that customer. I ordered furniture shelves that this company has nothing to do with. The pool company has started a fraud investigation. UPS agrees it was fraud and has started a fraud investigation.
    PayPal literally says they do not care and that tracking number was provided by the seller (the stolen tracking number from a different company and delivered to another address not mine). I’m out my money and no product and no resolution and PayPal says tough luck. I have contacted them 4 times to give them a chance to rectify their wrong. I will NEVER USE PAYPAL ever again and would never trust them. They stand behind criminal behavior and tell customers who use them tough luck if they don’t get a product that was purchased. If it turns out that UPS is being hacked and this looks like a big scam operation the FBI will get involved, but PayPal stands behind criminal behavior and aides and abet’s them criminal.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  198. I am a freelance web and graphic designer. I have been a freelancer since 2007 and have used Paypal to receive payments. I utilize Paypal’s invoicing system. I sent out an invoice for a 50% deposit and once I received the payment I started the work. I have proof of the work I completed which is a website (, logo, letterhead and letter. I have documentation via email and texts stating the work he wanted completed by me. He was always out of the country and the work never got completed because he never got back to me. This was started April 22, 2019, almost 3 months ago. He now goes to Paypal and states that I had no authority to take the money. Literally makes no sense. I have an invoice and he paid it. I have no way of taking someone’s money. Further, I completed a lot of work and he never requested the money back prior to the start of the job nor while I was completing each task. He just stopped communicating and then went to Paypal to get his funds back. I asked the customer service agent at Paypal, “so basically if I need money, I can go to Paypal and tell them I didn’t authorize this payment and get my money back?” The customer service agent said “Basically, yes”. I have no recourse other than to go to small claims court which would cost me the same amount owed to me. Further, I do not know where this person resides.

    Paypal’s legal structure leaves people like myself, freelancers who get paid through their system without recourse. So, I want to make everyone aware that, at anytime, within 6 months of you getting paid for a service, your past client can decide they need the money and make a claim and get their money back. I shared with Paypal a link showing my work but they gave me no way to share the texts, emails and the invoice, which is a Paypal invoice anyhow, and yet they tried to take the funds from me. I didn’t have the funds in Paypal and I do not plan on paying them. I can’t close the account but I will no longer use Paypal because of this loophole.
    This is being shared so that it doesn’t happen to other freelancer’s and other people who take payments via Paypal for their services.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Freelancers


  199. Margaret Bajon says:

    The least effective customer service. Their overseas employees are super nice, but have no clue how to help. Paypal’s system is not working. All I wanted was to make a payment and could not do it!!!! They do not let me make my payment but I am sure they will charge me late fee. Their agents cannot put me in contact with ANYBODY accountable, anybody who could help solve the problem. Wasted 3 hours of my time on the phone just to try to make a payment!!!!!!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  200. Cindy Arre says:

    On June 28, I was sent 2,200.00 and it has been pending in my account since then. It said it would be released 7/3 but still is not. I have contacted the sender and confirmed it cleared her bank on day 1. I have had numerous transactions with this person and never a problem. I have never had funds held when sent and cannot understand how PayPal can all of a sudden without any warning to either of us decide to tie up these funds without any explanation. both I and the sender have made numerous phone calls to PayPal with extremely poor customer service. the person I spoke with on July 3 was the most antagonistic person I have ever dealt with as a company rep. Despite my repeated requests to be transferred to a manager or supervisor she refused and just kept antagonizing me by asking me to repeat what I said. To be fair after speaking with her fir a few minutes she had me so upset I’m sure I wasnt being nice either but I was having some severe financial issues because of the funds being held for no reason and could not even get anyone to explain why. Seems illegal to me. If I deposit funds into my bank and if they are going to hold them for a period of time they tell me. PayPal did not. We would have handled the transaction differently if they had because the funds were needed urgently. Less than zero help from customer service. Cant even explain to me where the funds are…just floating around in cyberspace? It is unbelievable to me. This is not my last stop on the complaint process either. BBB, Facebook and any government forum I can find that handles financial transactions that I can find because this is not right. Someone should be able to assist customers in a situation like this. we were not even allowed the option of cancelling the transaction to free up the money and handle it differently. Shame on this company for such poor customer service and adding to this frustration with a rude antagonistic rep.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  201. Evelyn says:

    if I could give a lower than one star I would. I made a buy it now purchase on ebay. If you are a Canadian paypal converts you to USD – ok with that. What I am not ok with is when you make a return they convert that USD to Canadian instead of just leaving the US in your paypal account. eg. My buy it now was 19.99. They charged me $27 in exchange. I did not get the item so I put it to resolution to get a refund and they gave me $18 back. Do the math.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  202. Patrice says:

    PayPal are a bunch of thieves. I do not even have a account with them and they are stealing my money out of my bank

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  203. Lawrence J Smith says:

    people need to pay attention to paypal and not use their credit; they set their minimum payment to about 30% of what they charge you monthly in interest. so if you only make minimum payment it’s like spending money every month; example; My balance is about 2300. limit is 2500;
    My last purchase was when my balance was about 600.
    over the year they charge me 150/month interest and the minimum automatic payment went from about 40/month to now 80/month with monthly interest now over 200. the last 1800 of debt on my account was due only to the fact that they set this minimum payment to far less then what they charge monthly on interest .. minimum payment should be monthly interest + 2% of your principal balance. Paypal is obscene. I will pay it off now and never use them again. I want to file a complaint with the FTC;

  204. Linda Wyman says:

    HORRIBLE customer support. I have been a customer for a very long time and their customer support is the worst out there now a days. Never used to be like that but every time there’s a problem I am lost in their automated system for ever. Today I have been switched to four different people that could not help me get a credit that was paid by mistake refunded. NOT one person could help me.

    This post will help: Best Payment Processors for Great Customer Service


  205. Kathryn Swain says:

    Do not rely on PayPal to address an issue with the vendor/merchant. In my most recent experience with PayPal, I asked for their help due to a vendor shorting my order (paid for 4 but only received 2 of them). When the vendor would not respond or acknowledge my issue, I contacted PayPal for some resolution. PayPal did not resolve the issue after having me wait over a month. Then, they just denied the claim with no assistance. I appealed the decision and wrote a couple of letters to explain the issue, but they denied the appeal after a couple of weeks. My advice is to use your credit card company (I have always had good results) and do not use PayPal. They will not protect the buyers as they advertise.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  206. Mark Taylor says:

    Lousy, open first time few week ago for collect charity few day later block me and ask for review my ID but I have sent 5 of my ID include driving license so no respond then I phone them 3 time no helpful from their HQ in 3rd world country now our charity is ruin and some money is lock so you scum can have our charity money. Please do not use PayPal .

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  207. Chelsea M says:

    I was a loyal customer for 2+ years with paypal credit. I used it for the 6 months financing option and always had it paid off prior to the due date. I recently moved and updated my new address with paypal to make my account current. I had a zero balance due on the account and without a notice, e-mail or alert they closed my account because I updated my address and it did not match a PO address. I am extremely disappointed that now I have to reapply simply because a address change. If this is there way of being “secure” they have my SS, phone number and e-mail. They could have simply reached out to me and let me know they changes don’t match there PO system. What a shame

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  208. Anne Ellwood-Russell says:

    I bought a diary 2 hours ago using PayPal for £14.40. A page then came up adjustment payment to £18.60. I was furious but there was no way out so I simply closed my browser. If this transaction goes through or there is any abnormal situation allied to this transaction I will complain to the authorities

  209. Tim says:

    Don’t trust Paypal. Bought some items from chinese site It arrived broken and they wouldn’t provide a shipping back to them. I called paypal and they were on the side of the seller. Stuck with a broken item. Paypal Buyer Protection means nothing.

    1. Donna Wilson says:

      I totally agree!! I bought what turned out to be JUNK from a site called Berrylook, and PayPal kept me hopping through hoops. Told me first that they found in my favor, to return item. DID, and sent proof, then they just denied me…total runaround!! And the amount was only 27.00. My first case to ever file with them. Won’t be using their service much anymore after 16 years!!

      This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  210. Thomas B. Hughes says:

    Today I called PayPal’s main customer service number for help only to be given a “survey” for trying to sell me a vacation package. I could not get through to the customer service people unless I participated. This is beyond annoying. I needed help and could not get it because of this nonsense.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  211. Mary frank says:

    PayPal has kept my money 3 times now and I still haven’t got it the first time was 450.00 dollars the second time was 1900.00 and and this last time is 800.00 dollars and me myself I’m tired of it I want my cash I have every email sent between us and I want justice I want my money. We go to jail for stealing and PayPal is no different.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  212. Jadran Svestka says:

    Pile of shit.
    Total arrogance and distespect for customers.
    Tried to link a new credit card, tried to link a bank account, tried to make my secundary phone # primary. Nothing works, ‘we are unable…please try later’.
    I don’t have the fucking time to try later. I am running a business. If i put in a phone # i do so because it is the only one i have at hand, i don’t want to receive pincodes at the phone # i don’t have.
    Get your act together, ffs. Typical American ignorant shit; throwing some halfworking bones at the common dogs. Pathetic. Should be bankrupted.
    Dares to tell me my crefit card # is incorrect while i have said card in front of me.
    Idiots! Useless!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  213. Scott says:

    Horrible. There is no accountability. They will close your account when you have money in it and never let you take it out. I didn’t think it could happen to me. But after a couple years it did. They find any reason and limit the account so you cant take your funds out. Then they keep the funds. How do you think they grew so big.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  214. Liz says:

    Horrible service. Do not use if you want to be able to pay for something right away. They delay your payment to merchants, which is a total ripoff. You’re better off paying with a credit card.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  215. KC says:

    Is everyone @ PayPal liars? After months of sales through eBay and numerous amount of funds being deposited into PayPal, out of the blue, they decided to hold my money hostage.i called them on the 7th and I asked them about it and I was told that as soon as I get a tracking number, they would release my money. So I ship the item and I call them back with my tracking number. Then they tell me it will be released 2 days later on the 9th. So the 9th comes around and now they’re telling me 24 hours after the item is delivered, they will release the funds. PayPal is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I hope no-one uses PayPal again. This can happen to this can happen to anyone.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  216. Stone Michael says:

    I placed an order for a software product on 5/19/2019. The company Kudos Interactive Limited (KIL) [email protected] provided it and I thought that everything would be fine. Unfortunately, after paying for the upgrade also, they (Done For You DFY) website is only 70% ready. Ten vendors have yet to approve me being able to sell their products online. According to the vendor (KIL) their business associates usually take between 24-48 for response time.

    It has been 19 days since purchase today and 10 of them have not replied to the request to sell their items. From day seven I complained in writing to KIL about the length of time, and they are yet to respond. PayPal sided with them indicating “delivery of the software is enough to deny my refund!” How can that decide the delivery of service to the customer if it cannot be implemented? The website is only 70% ready. Ten products cannot be sold. That is the failure to deliver a quality product to the customer. If I only paid them 70% of the money then I could not expect a 100% fully functional website!

    I am a buyer and I find it interesting that the seller and Paypal find it okay to not deliver what they promoted. I am filing a dispute with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the State of California Fraud Department against Paypal and the Kudos Interactive Limited.

    Stone Michael

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  217. merry laporta says:

    my recent experience: Horrible customer service. I paid an ebay seller via PP and the seller was given an old, deleted address of mine. As soon s I heard from the seller, I saw the error and tried to stop the shipping but it was already shipped. So I contacted PP, first a robot, then an online chat, then two phone reps. total 50 minutes. absolutely no help. No one could say why or how an old addrrss was used, and
    address not even on my profile anymore. they never addressed that, and only said, basically, wait for your credit card bill and dispute the charge. well the problem is that my order was mailed to a stranger, and they are not hearing me say : Why ? How? And what are you , paypal, doing to prevent that happening again ? nothing.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  218. Christine Freeman says:

    I’ve had a paypal account since 2012, because they’ve changed so much over the years I don’t use my account much any more.

    I made small sale and forgot to turn off the paypay option. The money was deposited in paypal account. They have decied to review my account and have asked for a ton of documents which I have upload to them. Months have go by and I assumed I have the money in my account so I was going to use it to make a small purchase and discovered the money is still on hold.

    I contacted them and they claim they never got my documents, so I upload them again. Again months go by and I remember to check. Sill on hold!! I asked them why and they now want and IRS statement. I’m not aware they give statements, so I ask them to be more specific because they don’t give statements.

    Bottom line is they won’t release the money and it been over a year, the rules are changing with this company and hold your money forever. The user agreement is too long to read but it gives them the right to keep your money


    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  219. Heidi says:

    PayPal is one of the worst merchants I’ve interacted with to transfer money. Ridiculous hold times, the reps have no power to ameliorate issues, and their fees are steep. Choose another merchant!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  220. Christy Stetler says:

    PayPal allowed a refund on a no return policy on EBay!! Sellers are NOT protected! Beware!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  221. James Mitchell says:

    Worst customer service I’ve ever seen from a financial institution of any sort! This weekend I made se real purchases via PayPal on the Ebay mobile app.All if a sudden it stopped working and I received an error message stating they could not process my transaction and to check payment info or submit another form of payment! (I had $8000 credit available and was making an $11.25 purchase!) I repeatedly contacted Ebay and attempted to contact PayPal to resolve this matter. After talking with Ebay reps, it was determined to be a PayPal issue as all 3 forms of payment I tried were rejected and Ebay advised that all payments they recieve are processed by PayPal as well. In total, I sent 6 messages over the course of the weekend. 1st message was Saturday. The last message was on monday. Today (Wednesday) I finally received a response! Only to have a representative tell me that there was nothing wrong with my account, it’s in good standing, and it was because of their security setup and next time I need to find a different way to pay!? (Mind you, I attempted three different ways and stated that repeatedly in my messages to them!) Only problem is that Ebay doesnt allow payment outside of their system and PayPal processes all their payments as well! Besides, isnt that why Ebay and I have PayPal accounts in the first place? Absolutely ridiculous and the most atrocious customer service response I’ve ever encountered!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  222. Roland Chenier says:

    Today May 28/2019 received a message from Paypal that my account is being limited (block) with no explanation, therefor I believe that they at Amazon are doing this because I have been buying more from WISH and TOPHATTER and using Paypal for every purchase I do and for TOPHATTER there policies is that if the seller fails to provide delivery status TOPHATTER refunds you without you even asking, and for WISH as many many people buying on WISH know that it happens very often that you either receive to wrong item or do not receive it at all and WISH refunds you, so these I think caused an issue of me being high risk. But common sense if you buy something on the web and you do receive it but its not the item you purchased or you do not receive it at all what are you suppose to do?? I didn’t ask TOPHATTER or WISH to be refunded they automatically did by them selfs. Just look at my account just today I have been refunded by TOPHATTER to Paypal for a purchase I did 60 + days ago, I didn’t ask for it. So because of this I’m the one being punish for that, plus I can’t close my account either nor withdraw my money that is refunded nor removing my credit card and bank account for 180 days (6 months) and after 180 days my account can’t be close either and I know for a fact and also got proof. Hopefully someone can verify this issue, not that I will re-use Paypal ever and will make every efforts to share this issue to the public/media etc… Thank you

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  223. SCOTT says:

    So I as a Canadian have all kinds of issues with paypal. the length of time it takes for them to process a payment (3+ days) and their requirement and process of validating my id is a pain.

    Ex: I wanted to send money but they needed me to validate my address. I send the required I it takes 6 business days (this is the internet in the 21st century business days should be all days, but they don’t include weekends at Paypal). This in itself is rediculous.

    After waiting the 6 weekdays they tell me my id is not good enough for them and I need something issued in the past 12 months. First of all it has an issue date of 2 months ago, 2nd of all nothing about a 12 month issue date was mentioned before hand.

    If sending money as a Canadian I would advise the 1000’s of other options online to transfer money (E-transfer, Western Union, Bitcoin, Goldmoney, etc.) over Paypal.

    This post will help: Best Canadian Merchant Accounts


  224. Roxanne McClain says:

    Paypal continues to be a troubling and frustrating company to rely on for consistent, transparent payment and refund practices. The frustration is only compounded when one is in need of action on the part of paypal and must try to work with the company’s customer service. Stock answers, an apparent lack of understanding on the part of the customer service representative agents, consistent finger pointing at vendors and/or banks involved in transactions, inaccurate directions given for using or understanding paypal, a definite resistance for hands on assistance by customer service reps and for refusal to allow a customer to escalate an issue to the next level of assistance (i.e., to speak with the next level up) makes it easy to understand why many companies are looking for better solutions and why those required to use paypal because of limited options continue to be dismayed.

    This post will help: Best Payment Processors for Great Customer Service


  225. Riaan says:

    Zero help from PayPal after seller scammed me, they have excuses after excuses and I’m the one that lost $1000 with zero service from them. Why do I pay for the service when there’s nothing at all

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  226. Galen Stolp says:

    On hold for over an hour to open a dispute, horrible customer service, never received my order. Don’t leave reviews usually, but do NOT use paypal

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  227. Colleen L Pearsall says:

    Paypal can no longer be trusted to come to the aid of their Buyers when they are ripped off by their Sellers.
    Paypal is aiding Sellers who hide behind multiple accounts that fake out buyers to believe they are in the USA when really they are not. Charging them 2 day shipping rates yet the products don’t arrive for a month. Paypal won’t make the Seller make the Buyers whole.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  228. Amanda G says:

    PayPal is a huge scam and I advise everyone to stay clear of it! Someone sent me funds for a car I was selling. First red flag: anyone that has your email address can send you money! No approval needed!!!! Fraud!!!! Then, PayPal asked me to send a bunch of fees. It was added to my total payment for the car, but they needed me, THE SELLER, to send $2,000 worth of payments!!! FRAUD! Furthermore, they asked me to send to random countries via Western Union, which was flagged and cancelled. Then they asked me to send Amazon gift cards, which was flagged and cancelled as well.

    Then, PayPal “accidentally” took too much out of the buyer’s account ($950) and added it to my pay out, so they needed me to send it back to the buyer BEFORE I could get my payment. FRAUD! This was PayPal’s mistake and they MADE ME PAY FOR IT! Lastly, I still haven’t gotten my funds.They will not respond to my emails and are holding mine, and the buyer’s money, which is LITERALLY FRAUD.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  229. Jim Alonso says:

    I bought a product from WOOFIXY using PAYPAL. The does not work but to get a refund, they want me to send the product back to China. The product is $40 and the shipping cost to return is $120. Duh who would send it back. WOOFIXY acknowledges product does not work but they won’t refund the money. I escalate to PAYPAL and they side with WOOFIXY. Total scam and fraud all around. I will never buy anything using PAYPAL again.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  230. We are a small community non-profit who uses PayPal to sell our concert and event tickets to the public. BEWARE – a buyer can ask for a refund from PayPal (even long after the concert date has passed) and they will get it without any protection to the seller since tickets are “intangible”. PayPal will also add an additional charge of $20 when this happens.

    For most concerts a refund would be a minor irritation (other than the $20 fee), but in our case it was a dinner dance where we paid the venue $70 for the buyer’s 2 dinners. So a total $90 hit to the bottom line.

    So be warned, PayPal is an unsafe platform for a non-profit selling services.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Non-Profits


  231. Summer Duvall says:

    Paypal is dishonest. I could never get the same answer twice and never received any of the emails they promised to send. They basically ruined my business.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  232. Andrea Zeiber says:

    I had used PayPal for years, and they had previously suspended my account for suspicious activity for no reason; however, when there actually was unapproved transactions, they did NOTHING. I had Lyft charges in TX, CO, CA, NY/NJ, FL all within a half hour of each other. I tried to dispute the charges, but was unable to dispute all of them (25 in total), only certain transactions. I spoke to someone who assured me my acct would no longer allow Lyft transactions because I had disputed charges against them; however, a couple of hours later, I had additional charges from Lyft. I called back, and the person I spoke to approved my disputes and suspended my account, so no further transactions could occur. I had to get all new credit cards and close my bank account because of this. I called to close my PayPal account, and the woman told me I owed them, not only the money they gave me for the disputed charges but an additional $100, because they never actually received the money from my bank. This is completely untrue because my bank account was negative, and my deposit from them got me to $0 when I closed my bank account. PayPal told me that nothing would happen to my account, but I wouldn’t be able to make any purchases until my balance was paid. Since I don’t have the money, I was planning to pay it off slowly; however, I then received a debt collection notice from them, so I’m now out $1400 because they’re charging me back for my disputed charges AND sent it to a debt collector. The woman I spoke to about this clearly didn’t care that I’m going to be out $1400 and wanted no part in helping me or trying to figure out what actually happened. I highly recommend using another payment option if available. I will NEVER be using PayPal again.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  233. bob says:

    We have been selling items with eBay and using PayPal for many years and this is the first experience with this happening. We had a return open with a buyer on eBay, we offer a 30 day return policy and honor it, 45 or so days after the buyer received the item. We and eBay closed the return, because of the 30 day policy. The buyer opened a claim with PayPal and we did not receive or see notice of the claim. PayPal gives buyer 100+ days to file a claim. We received a few days to review the claim and reply. Well, we did not see it until after the deadline. PayPal refunded the buyer $379.98 and did not have the buyer send us back the item. We did not receive a refund for the PayPal fees associated with this case. There is an “appeal the outcome” of this case within the closed case, but the only options are, “The buyer has already been refunded and I can provide proof of the previous refund” and “The item was returned but was not in the same condition as it was sent”. We have contacted PayPal via phone and they state that we did not respond to the case when it was open so it was closed in their favor. They say that if we had responded the case would have been closed in our favor.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  234. julia mcalindon says:

    I am sick and tired of trying to close my paypal account and it saying cant cancel! Go fuck yourself!! THIS IS A SHADY

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  235. E Scott Espenshade says:

    I was baited with one product and received a different one. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the crap they sent didn’t even work.

    PayPal’s solution? Mail it back to China. Well, unless the item is $200 or more, it just isn’t worth the $40.00 to ship back. Mind you, your already out the initial purchase, and there is no guarantee that they will refund that once they get their broken item returned.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  236. tatiana says:

    very disappointed.!!
    pay pal promised to protect my interest as a buyer
    from fraud china seller
    but totally FAILED to do so

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  237. wahid hage says:

    I will advise not to put your trust into paypal, organization obligations and profit making are paramount to them and feel insensitive to customer needs. Nothing special about them, same money sucking online predators.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  238. Doug says:


    Beware of using paypal. If you pay with your cash in your account, paypal will not protect you. If you pay someone using your cash, they do not have to send you a product. Paypal will do nothing to help. Paypal is in on the scam. Paypal claims they have buyer protection. Nope they have nothing. If you pay with a credit card, your credit card company has buyer protection. Paypal is lying when they say they protect. The truth is they have no choice but to offer assistance, but only when you pay with a credit card. Again, your protection is from your credit card company, not paypal

    I would suggest you close your paypal account asap. Besides ebay is kicking paypal to the curve in 2019. They are already migrating some sellers to ebay payments only. I know because I am one of them. Paypal allows you to pay sellers with your cash and if you get scammed, they will tell you there is nothing they can do. Remove all your cash and bid paypal farewell.

    Paypal is in on the scam, otherwise they would investigate the scammer on the other end. They have all of that persons info. They know where they are located and their bank account info. And will do absolutely nothing. Paypal is in on the scam.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  239. Bob says:

    1 star is too generous Unfortunately I fell prey to an online “reseller” that just collects money but never sends the products. I thought I was safe because I used Paypal however they don’t back the buyer. I raised a case with Paypal and sent them my emails that I’ve tried to contact the seller. I never received the products however Paypal just backs the fraudulent seller. I’m out the money with no product and Paypal won’t even try to contact the seller to verify anything. They just close the case. I don’t recommend them at all. There is no reason to use them if they do not back the buyer from being ripped off.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  240. John says:

    Signed up for PayPal for business reasons and was immediately overwhelmed with spammers. Dozens and dozens have filled my inbox, beginning within 15 minutes of signing up. Immediately cancelled account and it slowed a bit (now down to 10 or so a day rather than 30-40), but still coming. Big mistake signing up for this service.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  241. mJafary says:

    PayPal has just about the worst customer service that you can get.. it just can’t get worse than this. Megan (a customer rep) at PayPal would not make any effort to make it right. Avoid using PayPal. It is not a quality company that you can rely on to handle your disputes.. Use American Express directly. You will be happy you did.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  242. Nada says:

    A seller is using threats and extortion to force me into dropping a case. Paypal’s response? “We don’t monitor user behavior”.

    They are allowing a repeat offender to openly use their platform and repeatedly extort costumers. They don’t care. No mention of even terminating the seller’s account even after I showed them proof.

    Not to mention that only after 6-7 emails did I get a human to respond to me and not the usual copy/paste replies, A company with so much resources is treating costumers like this.

    Don’t use Paypal. I won’t ever again.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  243. Christine reynolds says:

    THE WORST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE. Called and was told 90 minute hold time, left my number, no call back. Emailed and received a notice that they no longer man the site [email protected]. How does a company stay in business when they act like this?

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  244. Cedric Van der meulen says:

    Worst customer support ever!!! I get standard emails to questions i have concerning my blocked account. I already send 8 emails in the last 48 hours and i still have no answer on how to get my account unblocked.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  245. Cheryl Dignard says:

    I have used PayPal for many years. It’s great until you have an issue.
    Cancelling my PayPal.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  246. I have been a member in good standing of PayPal since 2015 . I do not have any chargebacks nor any complaints. Out of the blue on April 18th 2019 PayPal decided to put a permanent limitation on my account. Essentially freezing all my funds and not allowing me to use their service anymore.

    What I would like to know is what do they think I did? I reviewed their “ Acceptable Use Policy” and can find nowhere that I have violated it. They are holding over $XXXX of my funds that I am not able to access for six months. I need this money so that I can continue running my business. I do not think it is fair to banned me from PayPal especially when I have not committed any crimes.

    I contacted PayPal and told them I would like to start an appeal. All they did was send me back another form letter saying that I violated their acceptable use policy but did not indicate what specifically I violated. There have been many, many other people that have been terminated under false pretenses all over the world. This is a common complaint about PayPal.

    What I’m looking for is:

    1) For all of my funds to be immediately sent to my bank account.
    2) To reinstate me into PayPal as a member in good standing
    3) Explain to me what specifically they are saying I did wrong and apologize.

    Again I have no complaints against me, no chargebacks and I’ve had zero issues with PayPal from the beginning.

    I am a small business owner and it is unconscionable that PayPal without warning, decides to hold my business and my money hostage.

    This post will help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds


  247. David says:

    I set up a paypal account and tried to add a card for making online payments with retail merchants. I received an error message that stated my card number was invalid for both my debit and credit cards. ***They work everywhere else just fine***. After several failed attempts I emailed customer service and quickly received an automated reply with tips on how to link my cards. However, the proceedure was the same one I had previously followed on their website. The message then stated I could reply to the email for a followup response by a real person. Unfortunately, there was no way for me to get back to them as the message wouldn’t accept any addition text. A malfunction maybe or designed that way on purpose? Instant chat of course not available. Toll free number.. yes but rings busy or disconnects after awhile. Way to go PayPal.

  248. Kriss says:

    I was using PayPal for like 50 dollars transactions for about 6 months and everything was flawless until I sold my car and buyer sent the 3000 dollars and PayPal immediately locked my account to verify my identity, and it was 1 month ago, still no money and no car. SCUMBAGS

    This post will help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds


  249. Abraham Duarte says:

    I sold one old piece of hardware through ebay but recieved my funds through paypal, I completely regret this decision I had to not only wait 28 days to actually use the funds (which I was okay with because atleast I was notified) but had account issues and still have it currently, I can’t even make a simple one-time ebay payment to keep my sellers account in good status.. I get an error that “can’t be fixed” by paypals support..? If Ebay was my main source of income I would be completely screwed, DO NOT Use paypal, atleast to sell stuff through ebay this is ridiculous.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  250. Kyle says:

    This app will hold your funds for over a month before you can use them. Wish I new about this before I made the sale, I would have used cash app!!! Awful business in my opinion

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  251. Helga Heinrichs says:

    When i first enrolled with pay pal it was awesome. That was in 2014.. I have some money in there and today I tried to withdraw it and change my bank account because the one I originally had has been closed.
    I was not able to change it because the site would not accept it.
    I spent two hours on the phone trying to get help. It took a long time to finally talk to a real person. That real person told me that he couldn’t help me and was not able to explain why he couldn’t give me my money. He told me to send it back to the sender. I earned that money and was paid by my network marketing business. When i asked to speak to a supervisor, he hung up on me. Once i am able to get my money out of there (Which I don’t know how right now ),
    I recommend to NEVER EVER use PayPal )

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  252. Greg Bobbitt says:

    Worst experience ever!!!!!

    I was paid by a client for services that I provided on their motorhome. PayPal says one thing then asks for another, then another. Says that I can withdraw or transfer into my bank account and then holds the funds telling me its security and bla bla bla. Now wait for the system to do its thing for 48 hours and go through this again. How much are you making off the interest for all the money you hold from all the people you do this to. Id understand if it was for goods sold and you have to wait to make sure that they were delivered and satisfaction of goods from purchaser but this is my money for my work and now i have to wait a week to get it because no one there knows how to do their job much less speak English. No sweat off their backs its not their money. I am extremely aggravated, I have a business to run and now other jobs will be held up because of all this . I highly recommend anyone looking to do business make sure you do small transactions to establish. They are holding $950 of my hard earned money now and I am furious. This is ridiculous.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  253. Shawna Newman says:

    I got a call from PayPal and when I called the number back a foreign sounding chick answers and immediately demanded my date of birth and SSN and when I asked what for she said it was needed to open up a file on me. My account with them has been closed for over a month now so I don’t know why they are calling my landline phone when I don’t have an account with them anymore.

  254. Kent says:

    My wonderful surprise from paypal with zero notice…
    Blocked mine because Paypal doesn’t like 1 knife i sell in my third party store and have been selling for 10 years using paypal.
    You would think maybe an email first and ask to remove the offending knife (like its their business) before you take my money like a robber with a gun, but no…
    they are a pitiful corporation! Closing my both my personal and business accounts after 20 years and moving on!

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for High Risk


  255. Bau says:

    I am experiencing issues with my address on pay pal. My address is current on my pay pal account, but somehow it is sending my two recent shipments to my neighbors house (which I did not keyed in during checkout). The neighbors shipping address auto generated and did not tied with the address I have on file. I didn’t realize this was occurring until one of my packages didn’t arrived per a delivered text confirmation from the sender. Paypal hasn’t been helpful and declined my dispute. They’re saying that I keyed in the shipping address, which I nevered keyed in because it never asked me. I’ve made many purchases via paypal in the past and it just always shipped to the address I have on file. I’m still trying to resolve with paypal, but I have a feeling they’re going to point fingers back to me. It’s been frustrating and I’ve lost trust with PayPal. They should look into these glitches and have it corrected.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  256. Jonathan Thomas says:

    It is impossible to get in contact with anyone that can actually help me with my situation. I have a charge on my account that went to collections back in 2012 that I have no recollection of and the account was closed in 2013. Since the account is closed they say they can’t provide me any information on it at all which I find extremely difficult to believe. I asked them to investigate it or please remove it and they are saying they can’t do either and to call experian. I called experian and experian said that PayPal most certainly should be able to give me some type of information on it and it’s in their hands not experians and they filed an investigation to PayPal on my behalf. I have still heard nothing back. How does something go on your credit report without anyone having any information on it? Unbelievable. I am most likely getting rid of PayPal since their security and customer service is sub-par unless I can get some answers.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  257. ANDREW OGRADY says:

    PayPal would not investigate a probable fraudulent website. Their response to many emails from me staying that after paying via PayPal I did not receive my goods and that the business would not respond to emails, telephone or written letters was to advise me each time to contact the business!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  258. Tim Bond says:

    Report function repeatedly and consistently lame, along with the response to address the problem. Specifically, transactions that show on the PayPal screen as processed do not download upon export until some mysterious period of time in the future. To add insult to injury, a click on their Resolution Center to “Report a Problem” takes you to a transaction search screen. Their tech support and resolution of problems couldn’t be more pathetic! I first reported this problem months ago and it has never been resolved!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  259. Leo Estevez says:

    Greetings! This is not a review. More like a question. I have an event coming up soon and need a credit card reader. I’m already a member of PayPal and, after reading through these statements, find myself unsure whether or not to request a card reader. I’m only using it once! Is it worth it? I’m on the fence….

    This post will help: PayPal Here Review


  260. Niv says:


    We have been charged tens of thousands of pounds in fees, there is not customer support and they way they deal with complains is really bad.

    Will recommend anyone to use Worldpay over them, their rates are better and they actually act like we are a customer rather then paypal that treat us like we are depend on them.

    This post will help: Best UK Merchant Accounts


  261. Brad Ouellette says:

    PayPal is a RIP off. We have been in business 26 years. We advertised 3 Panasonic IP conference speaker phones on Ebay. The purchaser contacted us. Gave us a credit card we charged the credit card we shipped the merchandise. The purchaser acknowledged they received the product we received tracking the customer signed for the product. Then the customer disputed the credit card charge never shipped the products back and we were out $2100 PayPal sighted with the customer. WTF. I’ll never ever purchase or buy anything associated with Ebay or Paypal. This is called thief.

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win

  262. Claudia E Godoy says:

    Super disappointed in PAYPAL CREDIT CARD. I had been a customer for a few years. Every time I have paid my account in full they hold payment for up to 7 days. They place you on hold on phone for 30 minutes for a simple answer. Limit is small and increases don’t happen. Whether it is Synchrony bank or Pay Pal I am glad I closed the account. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  263. Melissa E Newfield says:

    I bought a $25 PayPal card, and I feel as though I have been robbed of that money. Son tried to activate, they said he has to send triple documents (state id, proof of residence) to obtain access to card. Why cant this card just be activated like any other card someone spends their hard-earned money on?

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  264. Daryl Rebrovich says:

    Sold an item on eBay for over $500.00, the buyer paid through Pay Pal, who I had been a customer with for over 10 years. Pay pal notified me that they put a “limit use” on my account and that they could hold the money unless I supplied them with new information. (Including a photo I D.) They could also continue to hold it, if I did not supply other information that if it didn’t up with their acceptance they could still hold it. (Whatever that gray area is.) Their claim was they were trying to protect me because I had recently changed the password. Once I saw what they were doing I stopped the sale. I wasn’t about to send out the product so PP could pocket the money or hold it indefinitely.

    Mind you I had no problems with eBay or the seller. The collapse of the sale was totally do to PP’s new policy, who they later tried to blame on the government.

    I became so irate with PP that I wanted to close my account. After waiting about a month or billing cycle, I had a zero balance with all parties. Still my account remained constrained and I could not retract my credit card information, address or close out the account and it remains so.

    They insist on getting the information to close out an account. Guess What? I called the credit card company explained what happened and asked for a new card. The old one is useless now. The only proof I had to give the credit card company was doable over the phone. I didn’t have to send them a copy of my photo ID, or other nonsense. No BIG BROTHER with the credit card company.

    I will NEVER do business with Pay Pal again. They could NOT give a rational explanation for their actions, they just continued to claim it was policy and beyond their ability to help in anyway.

    You might think about doing business with these people. They live in the Big Brother age.

    1. Steve says:

      everyone should send complaints through Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) a government website and they are looking at PayPal, more complaints more power for a forced change… When we the people on complain among ourselves, nothing happens. FTC and CFPB is a start and I recommend it to everyone!

      This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  265. Ken Bui says:

    Paypal and Ebay are ripping off sellers with hidden fees and transaction fee. Please stay away from this companies. Ebay owns paypal. BEWARE!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  266. Torie says:

    Do not user PayPal each time I try to order something offline and go threw them it will not let me I called over and over again I went threw my bank and even their security team and still nothing I can’t use it on eBay amazon or Rosegal and that site say you have to user PayPal do not waste anymore of your time I am sick of this they are worst not helpful and they wouldn’t give me a manager or tell me why I can’t use it so don’t just don’t

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  267. B says:

    Had a payment that was returned. PayPal first off notified me by a letter of all things rather than an email or phone call. I tried to put the money back into my account but could not make in the time they had set for taking out the money. They then sent me an email stating that transfer failed and they will try again in three other days. They tried it again and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put the money in my bank account. Then I get another email saying they would take it out of my PayPal balance and “may” retry my account again. They took the money out of my paypal balance which left me with a negative PayPal balance so I started making payment towards that. Then all of a sudden, they took the money from my bank account. They money they took out was for my rent which left me short. What makes so mad is that they should have chosen a course of action and stuck to it. Because of their actions, I have had to pay almost $100 in return fees and additional fees. I’m over working with PayPal now.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  268. William says:

    Paypal helped Chinese scammers take my money after they told me to send back the product I bought to China. They were not helpful at all. I kept calling customer service but they only connect you to a place in India were the reps don’t know what is going on. Also they never refunded me my money and now my only option is to sue them. Worst company.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  269. Marianne says:

    used to have a perfect customer service who used to be very friendly and were genuinely and professionally interested to follow up until issue was resolved. recently, service has become extremely poor, especially the customer service covering the Middle East area, representatives are being non knowledgeable and don’t show any interest in fixing issues..
    too bad, used to blindly trust this platform, i should switch to something more trustworthy and professional.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  270. MadMaxx says:

    Honestly F#@K you PayPal..

    After having problems simply using this platform to send rent money to my aunt. I called the “customer service” help line. After being hung up on 2 different time’s I tried once more and was told by automated voice it would be 10-18 minute hold time. After a 25 minute wait time finally though I would be helped. To my shock I was again faced with them ending my call… 😡 please figure your ish out. I’m just trying to bank out airline miles..

    Worst scam ever.. beware people..

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money to People


  271. yuanshun says:

    on Jan 23 2019, i sold something to a person named Francis Turner for $250. it was my 1st time using paypal for receving money, i didnt know the person, so i called paypal agents to confirm if the person sended me the money, so they told me he did, and would take up to 21 days because it was send as a gift. underneath is the terms and conditions. on Feb 14, i called to check the status of the money, paypal told me to wait for couple days. so i am like ok. couple days later, i gave them another call. they said they would dispute and try to get the money from that francis turner within 24-72 business hours and would be inside my account, until today, the March 1st, i’ve still havent see any money, so i called paypal again. spoke to the supervisor, she told me theres nothing they can do to get the money that i supose to recieve. sadly, such a big company paypal. i guess i would never use paypal again. it was a mistake.

    This is the Terms and Conditions
    This is a PayPal Gift. The amount can take up to 21 days to reflect in your PayPal balance. This gift is non-refundable, the buyer won’t be able to cancel this payment. PayPal has you covered.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  272. Andre Williams says:

    Paypal banned me because i bought scam items on ebay and a asked for a refund. So if i ask for a refund on a fake item they will punish you instead of a scammer. One item i bought from a website said some items cause cancer but the website wouldnt tell me if the item i bought was on the list so i canceled. Because of this paypal deleted my account banned all my cards and banks. So paypal wants me to buy and keep scam items and get cancer i guess?

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives


  273. Lindsey Downs says:

    PayPal is horrible. I have bee. Trying to verify my account I get verification to my email then it asks to verify text I call and let them know I dont know that number and they try to say they dont have that email. Excuse me but clean your ears I got verification email dummy. So yes that email is correct your system is a hoax. As soon as I am done with speaking to my lawyer about this I will never use PayPal or any associated with it

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  274. Steve says:

    PayPal has to be the most pointless piece of junk on the internet. I’m forced to use it on Ebay regardless. However, I have an account with hundreds of useless settings. Nothing makes any sense. How do I just add some euros or dollars to my account for example? That would make sense. But you can’t do this as far as I can tell. Nothing makes any sense. I accidentally changed a setting on my account and can’t change it back. Totally gone. WTF? It adds nothing to a normal card transaction, which makes sense. Utter, utter junk.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  275. Rob says:

    Do not use for business! I don’t know how it’s a 4 star review?! Probably written by paypal themselves. What paypal does is flat out theft and should be illegal. I think I’ve had a paypal account since 2002-2003. I went in steaks as far as use but didn’t mind it until I started using it for business. I started a business 2 years ago and used it but started noticing a long 30 day deposits times to my bank account. A neighboring business also has the same problem. The customer would have their product a month before I see a penny from it. I called paypal and they said my bank wasn’t accepting it and my bank said they never received it. I originally thought it was my bank since it’s a small bank but I didn’t have that problem with any of my other payment processers. I would see the money in my bank next day sometimes two days with the others. Then when I thought paypal couldn’t get any lower they proved me wrong again. I transferred more money into paypal to purchase more supplies since many of my vendors accept it and when I went to pay it didn’t work. I logged into my paypal account and everything looked accept for a notification that said my account was limited. It Didn’t say why. Of course, I called right away but everyone I talked to didn’t know why and told me the department that does that can only be contacted via email. The email seems to be a dead end because I never got a response. It probably doesn’t even get monitored. I also kept calling with no luck but found one person that said they can create a dispute. I didn’t hear back until about 10-14 days after the dispute was filed but I also sent several more emails and calls so I don’t know what correlated a response. On top of that it was just a generic email that said they reserve the right to be thieves and that they would contact me in 180 days and tell me how to retrieve my money and not to respond to the email because it’s not monitored. I don’t know this is legal? There needs to be laws against this kind of thing. They have almost $10,000 of mine and I still had to fill my orders to stay in good standing with my customers. And when I tried refund close to $3000 worth of my customers orders because I couldn’t get it to them in time because I didn’t receive the funds for materials, they took it out of my bank account instead of my paypal balance. And you can’t delink your bank account from the paypal account. So now they took $13k from me which isn’t a big blow for a business but if you’re like me and just a one-person operator of a new business it can easily put you out of business and almost did. I almost lost everything. I don’t have the resources to fight this at the moment but I won’t forget. Paypal does this all the time so I’m sure they have a good legal team but this shouldn’t be legal. I can’t steal money from someone and tell them I’ll give it back in 180 days without a long prison sentence. Oh, and the lady that filed the dispute laughed when I ask if she’s seen them reverse limitations? I asked if it was 50% or a 1% chance of reversals and she just chuckled and said “I’ve seen it done”. Not very reassuring. The most infuriating thing beside them keeping my money is that they don’t give a pacific reason as to why? I’ve never had a customer complaint and 100% feedback on ebay. Ebay’s getting away from paypal so it should tell you something. When asking it could be for something as small as a larger deposit than normal or even requesting their own debit card? This is probably how they pay their executives bonusses and just draw so many names from a hat. I’m still waiting for my money. I have 4 months to go yet. So now I can’t use paypal and never will. Many friends and family members also closed their paypal accounts in support. Even when I shop online now and see two sites that have something I want I will purchase from the one that doesn’t use paypal. Even if it’s higher price. The sad part is that you probably won’t read this until it happens to you. I’ve always heard paypal horror stories and now know how real they are first hand.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  276. chris says:

    i am not happy with PayPal my account was hacked am it has almost been a month and i am still waiting for them to rectify the problem and credit me my money

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  277. Jill Campe says:

    I recently had a client dispute 2 transactions that he forgot about last October. When I told him it was to me, he promptly reimbursed me as the money was immediately taken out of my Paypal account. A few days later, after depositing money into my account so that it was no longer negative, Paypal took $20 out of my account for one of the disputes, and a few days ago my account was negative again and I called and they took ANOTHER $20 out of my account! There is NO show of these deductions on my Paypal statement, they just took it. Not only is this wrong, but the fact that I cannot even see these withdrawals seems illegal to me. I have had all of my clients switch from Paypal to Venmo and will VERY rarely be using Paypal any longer. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! THE WORST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED WITH ANY COMPANY IN MY LIFE!

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win

    – Phillip

  278. Paul Baeder says:

    I signed up for pay pal because I had one customer that demanded to pay that way. So, I used it once and 18 months later money in my business account started disappearing.

    Pay pal said they would return the funds but never did. I suggest staying far far away from Pay Pal.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  279. Morgan says:

    I used to think PayPal was the best in the business and that I could always count on them to keep my money safe.

    Yesterday someone paid me $300 for a product through PayPal, and I was assured that the payment was verified.

    2 hours later PayPal emailed me saying the person I sold to made a false claim against me, and now PayPal is demanding I pay back the $300, even though I upheld my end of the sale.

    PayPal’s customer service was near impossible to get a hold of. After sitting on the phone for 2 hours they informed me it was “under review and someone from their team will contact me if they have any questions.”

    I am never using PayPal again, and I recommend no one else relies on them to be ironclad and safe.

    This post will help: How to Make PayPal Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  280. Linda says:

    Do not use PayPal: for months, I have been trying to get the money on my account back, so that I can close my account, but I still haven’t managed to. Every time, there they find a new hoop I need to jump through. Until recently, I have managed to fulfill all of their made-up solutions (providing documents from myself and my bank etc. even though I have had the account for years). However, a few days back, they came up with something else: my internet connection is not safe. No matter the network I try, or whether I clear my browser cache, PayPal will somehow allow me to log in, but as soon as I want to transfer money, it suddenly cannot verify that it is actually me. In short: we are months into this, and I still don’t have my money back. Your money is very safe with them: they will make sure that no one won’t be able to reach it, including yourself!

    Oh, and something else to complain about: if you travel internationally, PayPal is not a default by option, because they won’t let you use your account abroad. Even worse: when I tried to do so 4 years ago, they even blocked my account, and it took me a lot of effort to unblock it again!

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  281. Unique Vintiques says:

    Paypal unjustly holds payments whenever they want for absolutely no reason. They will NOT give you a reason for the hold or assist you in any way, even if you are a seller with an excellent track record and clearly defined selling history. Customer service is all but useless and their “policies”, especially since eBay’s announcement to split and provide their own in-house payment option, have become horrid for small, individual sellers trying to make an honest living. My recommendation, join a class action lawsuit against this payment giant that is fraudulently holding funds and find another way to accept payments. These problems have been going on for years and are not likely to change, ever.

    This post will help: Make PayPal Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  282. Sharon says:

    Do not use paypal. It is a scam! Ordered clothing from company that said they were located In Canada it was actually inChina. Never sent me the items ordered and paypal refused to help. So I am now out 93.29 just shop from reputable stores and use a credit card that backs their customers.

  283. this is very bad very bad and very bad service that i ever done business to this bullshit pay pal..never ever trust on pay pal, they just robbed my hard earned 150 dolor with out any reason..i complained several times but they didn’t listened me..instead they make threatened and abuse me..they used bad words me..never ever use paypal to any one..please

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  284. Michael says:

    I am very disappointed in paypal.

    Sending money is a breeze but receiving money is very difficult. They hold the money 2-3 times before releasing the funds. Venmo and Cash App are both fast and efficient.

    Paypal pretends to be “more secure” but they will likely get left behind in the future of cyber cash.

    Poor customer Service and lack of care for their cliennts…Since they have so many.

    Keep your money out of circulation and in your pocket. Paypal is making millions per day just by holding your money. Think about it.

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

    – Phillip

  285. Steve shelton says:

    Sold a camera 925.00 and shipped USPS. The camera was picked up and signed for. Next thing I know is customers filled dispute with EBay which was denied claimed he didn’t get what he ordered? Then a claim wth PayPal which was denied! Then again with eBay, again denied. After spending many hours with both eBay and PayPal I get notice that he filed with his bank. According to PayPal at that time they would dispute the request, and I was not to worry as I was covered under seller protection. I filed a police report, turned in serial number to camera manufacture as stolen, and tried to file police report in the city buyer was located. Police department would not take report as it was a different state and they required you meet with officer to file report.
    Now during all this I made no less than 25 calls to PayPal asking questions and trying to find out the right thing to do. Each call I was told “do not worry you are protected by ou seller protection policy”. Only to find out I was not. PayPal never told me anything I should do for the dispute, in fact I was told several times that they did not know what the chargeback request from the bank was, or what was to happen next. I sent phots and an affidavit showing the packaging and shipping of camera. Went to the trouble of getting varifilable proof of address and name match. Through all of this PayPal never told me what I could or should do,or that they had requested for item to be returned, but insisted that I was protected. The only thing I was told was PayPal was disputing with the bank on the chargeback, and again not to worry I was protected by seller protection. Now the final blow! I received notice that 925.00 was taken from my funds, and I was not protected by seller Protection! In fact no one ever asked the buyer to return item (According to eBay he refused one time, and second time told eBay post office had box and camera). And as for pal pal disputing this chargeback they told bank he signed for package and it was delivered! Nothing about police report or other evidence I worked on. And to top it off bank claimed “not as described” and PayPal does nothing to protect me or request a better investigation. Now later as of this month I find out PayPal legal department has not gotten back with me after two letters ‘certified’ and I find he also turned it and collected from usps a claim all because he used a charge card and PayPal has no power to do anything about it… why am I upset I think PayPal is lying about many things and I don’t know how to prove any of it yet!

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win

    – Phillip

    1. Steve says:

      I have read the “how to fight chargebacks and win” and in fact did more than the suggestions. Legal department has never replied. I have no proof that a charge card was actually used as I was told. To file a lawsuit You need certain facts and PayPal will not cooperate. Just filed complaint with F.T.C. and with department of Justice. As a Money handler they are not even giving the basic Fiduciary duties owed to me. Even provided letter from manufacture that the buyer tried to register the camera he claims a not being received. He could not as i had turned it in as stolen. To date PayPal legal has not uttered a word. Complaint filed with California Business oversight Department gave then until 26th of February 2019 to reply to their request for reasons. Cant wait to see their answers or lies!

  286. steven says:

    Worst company ever. Will never do business with another pay service. Cancelling account. I recently sold an item for $3500. The buyer paid by Paypal. The money was deposited into Paypal. I then tried to access the funds and was denied. I discovered that I had a judgement against me for almost $14000 in purchases from Ebay. I have never had an Ebay account – the charges were fraudulent. I contacted Paypal to correct this error. They told me to contact Ebay since they have already sent the money to them. Ebay sent me back to Paypal since I did not have an Ebay account. I then contacted Paypal again and had them start a fraud investigation. They contacted me a couple days later to let me know that they agreed that the charges were fraudulent. They then informed me that I would not be getting the $3500 since they already sent it to Ebay. I contacted Ebay again and they cannot help since I do not have an account with them. This is absolute bullshit. Paypal owes me the $3500 that they sent to Ebay but they will not pay. This is all fraud. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  287. Karl Hartlin says:

    I want to close my paypal account and they told me they can’t close it. I do believe that they are lying to me. They no longer have any reason to have my personal information but for some unknown reason they want to keep it, and i call BULLSHIT on that.

  288. J Smith says:

    I opened a business account and was given the option to access Paypal pro. There is nowhere on the website that states that the credit will be pulled and that it is an application until the necessary information is completed. I was not given a choice and I did not want my credit pulled. I called to report it and the representative reviewed the website to see if he saw anything and advised me to leave feedback because he was unable to find the fine print that states that the credit will be accessed. A resolution was not offered.

    This post will help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    – Phillip

  289. Nick S. says:

    I have received unknown charges via PayPal, on 2 different credit cards. Somethings wrong with PayPal.

  290. Nathaly says:

    Dont used this website they keep your money and costumer services is really bad

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  291. Charles E Ashton says:

    Had money sent to me via PayPal. They would not let me transfer it to my bank that was listed with them. Then spent about twenty minutes on the phone trying to get a person to talk to. That person tried to verify me but asked the street number I lived at with my ex wife,(I assume because he used one of her last names from one of her other marriages). So I can not get my money as they do not believe I am me. Use any other company to transfer money PayPal will take your money.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  292. John Gallagher says:

    Paypal wont protect you from scams
    I recently (beginning of December) ordered an item online and paid with Paypal. The item did not arrive on the date stated. I emailed the company who, twice, supplied me with fake tracking numbers. I contacted Paypal who said they would investigate. Time dragged on and Paypal kept saying they were waiting for the company to respond. Nearly four weeks after the package was due a box wrapped in a black garbage liner arrived at my door. The items, from the company, were in opened boxes with parts missing. Simultaneously an email arrive from Paypal saying they were denying the claim as the items had arrive (four weeks late!). A complete scam Paypal doesn’t protect its customers will NEVER use them again.

  293. Craig Phillips says:

    The worst customer service I have ever experienced. On hold for 45 minutes. On hold again after someone did pick up & then transferred me to their fraud dept & no one picked up.
    Fraud on account not resolved or even recorded as an incident by them.
    My account hacked & they do not respond.

    From The Editor
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  294. J. Prakash says:

    Problems with refund. I bought ink cartridges for my photo printer, but the printer did not recognize them, so they were returned using an RMA from the seller. since there was no refund for some time, I called the credit card bank and they issued a temporary refund. PayPal asked me to cancel that claim with the bank and that they would deal directly with the merchant and issue me credit. The bank canceled the temporary credit and charged me again. The merchant says that they have been debited the amount by PayPal. PayPal is not issuing me credit. It is impossible to get someone on the phone. Their virtual assistant is useless.
    I will think twice before using Paypal again. Either direct credit card or thru Apple Pay.

  295. Jose Santana says:

    I am a owner of a small business. I signed up with Paypal to offer my customers the option to pay with credit card. All experiences have been pretty bad. I received my first payment and because I didn’t pay the extra 10 dollars to get it put into your card instantly I ended up having to wait 10 days to receive my money. This is a problem for small businesses who need to pay employees on time. That took a bunch of calls and nonsense to get resolved. The most recent was a 1000 dollar final payment from a customer. I received the money only to get another email saying there was an investigation being launched. After holding on the line for an hour twice they told me I had to have my client go to his paypal account and that he could fix it on the resolution center. He did not have that option because it was processed already so now he has to wait on hold for an our. Not sure why I am paying for a service that does not serve my needs. Waiting to get this last payment and im going with someone else. They charge you to work for you but don’t want to do the work.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  296. Alissa says:

    I’m a secretary, my boss had been paying me through Paypal for the first few weeks of my probationary period. The last payment he tried to make to me, Paypal tried to hold for TWENTY ONE DAYS saying they had to be “sure services were rendered.” I called and told them I’m a secretary and my services for the last week is what I was being paid for, meaning services were already rendered. They refused to release the hold on MY MONEY. My boss then calls and tells them they need to release the funds to me, which they still did not. I ended up refunding the money and my boss and I had to drive to meet half way (he lives an hour out of town) so he could pay me by check. I refunded his paypal payment and paypal has STILL not released the funds to him. They’re system of holding onto payments is antiquated and their customer service is absolute shit. Whatever rep is named “Rebecca” (cause I’m sure thats not her real name) was short, unhelpful, and didnt even try to find a solution for me just told me they couldnt help. Horrible, Horrible service. I’ll never be using them again.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  297. Daemon says:

    PayPal has the worse customer service, second only to AT&T. They hold funds that have been released by eBay for 24 hours or more, even after they know the item was delivered. It’s time to stop using Paypal and let them go the way of the dodo. For what they charge to use their service they should not hold funds to collect more interest themselves. Quit PayPal now. Pay with your card/acct instead.

    From The Editor
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  298. Marcus says:

    Stay away from Paypal ppl I’m telling you now they be scamming..Someone I sent money to sent money back to me and declined the purchase.So now they trying to say I owe $203 with I never owed them anything 🤣😂 scamming

    From The Editor
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  299. Rose Martinez says:

    Paypal is the worst organization I have ever had to deal with. I spent three hours attempting to resolve an issue on a charge which was not mine and which was not even associated to my phone # or my email address. I do not have an account with Paypal and will never get one after the horrible customer service I experienced. I was transferred to 4 departments, spoke to 5 different individuals (Brandy, Sedrick, Orlando, Gary and Tim) had one rep hang up on me and was never able to get a resolution to my issue. Paypal can not be trusted to handle issues in a professional and adequate manner. I would never recommend them to anyone I know. This organization is horrible to deal with!!!!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  300. F says:

    Worst customer service from a company ever! I guess cause they are a big company they don’t care about customer service. I have tried all week to get assistance on the phone. Just hours on hold and when you reach someone, no one can help you, and every employee just lies. The manager says no matter what you say, I will not help you. He was very condescending and rude. After waiting another day to hear back from another manager, she just hangs up. Not sure how they hire and train employees that provide no customer service and are so dishonest. Still waiting the call back that I was guaranteed for a week now. No response on email requests. How is such a company even still in business? This company seems like a scam and does not care about their customers. I hope people realize what a horrible company this is and find a better option.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  301. W m howe says:

    New paypal account users beware….as a new small business in 2018…we started selling through ebay…which meant we had to sign up to paypal….(big mistake)….first few months of trading went ok..until we hit a certain income limit…where they decide they want proof of who you are….hence restrict your account….where as you can only have incoming payments and do refunds to buyers…….in our case substantial funds were held….forcing us not to be able sell through couldn’t afford to…for about 3 months…causing us to lose our business unit with not being able to access funds to cover overheads and basicaly close our newly started business down… it took nearly 3 months to sort out certificates etc to send off to dvla for a photocard licence…because they wouldn’t accept a paper licence as proof of I’d. .with other docs ok…..

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  302. Diana hayse says:

    After giving these people everything down to my shoe size she wants to tell me that they need me to send documents for proof of identity after I just gave her everything no one but me would know hell they even knew more about me then I thought which is crazy to me then you want to turn around and say no ma’am your lying we need proof …..damn just give me the 57.00 dollars on my account so then I can shut it down and delete myself from the PayPal world. Just give me the little 57 and I can go on about my business no hell no PayPal wants to spend another 45 minutes wanting me to prove it jesus christ I promise you don’t have to worry about who I am after the 57 comes out cause that’s my last go around with PayPal wow had no idea it was set up by a bunch of paranoid skitsos …hello it’s 57 .00 not 57 million damn first time on this site and most definitely the last time on this site for me

    From The Editor
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  303. danny wilson says:

    Seven transactions seven problems seven phone calls waiting time 16 minutes to 44 minutes every transaction either withheld my end or on the receivers end when i sent.Their FX rates are dreadful bordering on theft.They are quick at taking their fees but as soon as i can empty my account i will close it.absolutely dire.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  304. James C says:

    Sold several items that buyers (fradulently) disputed. Said disputes were actually resolved in my favour, but despite this and having done nothing wrong, PayPal switched my balance to a different currency and back again – losing me around 1.5% of the disputed amount in the process. Apparently this is ‘standard procedure’ even though I don’t even have multiple currencies in my account. This is theft in all but name. I will be aiming to move my business away from PayPal as soon as possible.

    From The Editor
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  305. I have used Paypal for over 10 years as a payment gateway. In the past 2 years starting in 2017 they tanked in customer service, issues with chargebacks and other out of control credit issues.
    Fast forward to 2018 January, FRAUD, FRAUD and more FRAUD from Paypal. Lost Tens of Thousands due to their payment gateway fraud and they DO NOT CARE!
    Do not believe their promises about giving money back. They dont give a crap about merchants who get deliberately ripped off by customers.
    I had LONG discussions, with PAYPAL retention and other specialists there, they basically told me to not take credit cards or to go somewhere else. Last, Banks are committing fraud at the tune of 10+Billion per year with Friendly Fraud. That is when scumbag customers keep merchandise and charge back their cards. If this is you, you are a loser and Karma will get you, Paypal SUCKS! Do not use them.

    From The Editor
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  306. Roger B Kimery says:

    I agree stay far away from paypal, they are not honest. MY account was created 10+ years ago with a typo of the email it accepted the typo, it was several years later that this became an issue as a return label was sent to my email address of which was not delivered of course. I tried to have paypal change my account but they said it was unable to be changed as it was used to create my account. Recently after 5+ years of selling on ebay with 100% feedback a payment was sent through ebay to email, long story short paypal updated my email to be correct but stated as there was a change in my account and funds would be held until items were delivered. I tried to explain it was a correction on my account and not a change but they insisted to be correct and funds were held. I was treated as a dishonest customer when my history shows the complete opposite. I will never sell on ebay again using paypal and will advise everyone to stay away because as many have stated they do not care and are willing to steel your money and hold it until they see fit to release it to you. I wish there was a paypal physical location as I would go into the store and raise hell being sure everyone was aware of the way they are treating me. Absolutely a crooked operation -5 star rating… and yes that is negative 5 star. Very disappointing they can operate in the way that they do 8 – (

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  307. Benjamin P. Aumenta says:

    Customer service wait time is horrible!

    From The Editor
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  308. Matt Oshea says:

    Very unreliable ..
    I have used a paypal account for over ten years now through my business unfortunately it was forced upon my by ebay. With a regular annual income of around £60k i constantly have transfers held sometimes for up to a week and occasionally declined by paypal. This makes running a company and using paypal very unreliable, the customer services have no idea why they hold my transfers and even worse seem they have no control over any of my funds and can never resolve it. The excuse is always ‘a security check’ and it can take up to 72 hours to process, i wonder why so many constant security checks are needed when sending money from my own paypal account to my own registered bank account? its just a poor excuse to cover up the interest money generating machine they run I would not recommend anyone to paypal.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  309. Martha Lay says:

    Horrible time (2-3 week issue) with customer service and trouble with adding a new bank and phone number. They keep saying wait 48 hours and it will be transitioned. Keep getting stalled online when trying to insert a new bank to transfer money and when sought help by phone they told me to do app withdrawal through local store/ $3 charge or through debit card 10% charge each time rather than helping fix the problem and simply change the bank on my site. Still dealing with this issue so that I can remove old bank and put in new bank rather than being charged these fees! would not recommend paypal. Next stop will be my state’s attorney general for complaint if this is not resolved soon. I’m waiting 48 hours, again, as they told me to…

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    1. Dianne Stoutenburg says:

      12/18/18. Talked to a female.
      Simply trying to upgrade our address, and online system said it didn’t exist. Will be a BIG surprise for the Postal Service.
      She repeated our address about 10 times. EVERY time she got it wrong.
      Asked her three times for a supervisor. She REFUSED to forward me.
      We will try to do as little business through them as is humanly possible.

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

  310. Pedro Herrera says:

    Stay away from paypal. Your credit loan system has the highest fees without any kind of consideration, also applying murky ways to collect interest and above has a poor customer service. Believe me with an average credit, even low, you will be approve for a line of credit very high , yes, but be prepared for when interest is charged especially if you use the famous attractive system to buy over 99 dollars that gives you 6 months to pay. It is a whole relentless system where it does not exist at all, as in other banks, some consideration if you forget to pay once in time, you can never get anything from customer service. Never.
    And if you sell any product on ebay they will manipulate your money at will, they will keep it for as long as they consider it, a prepotent and despicable policy. That is the real paypal, be careful people…

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  311. Hugh says:

    Very poor in resolving a problem. Money has been taken out of my account and I can not get a response. I have been on the phone for more than an hour.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

  312. Ovidiu Ionescu says:

    PayPal banns customers if they disagree with their views. I was just banned from PayPal’s community forum for asking about free speech. It’s worst than I thought, this company thinks they can decide what speech we need to use to qualify for using their service.

  313. Cheryl Shay says:

    I placed order with merchant and paid on September 24. 3-4 weeks later no merchandize was received. I sent several emails cancelling the order. The merchant then sent several bogus shipping numbers that could not be traced on the shipper web site. I tried to cancel again. I contacted PayPal who sat on it for several weeks and waited for the merchant to actually send the very poor quality merchandise to me. 6 weeks after the initiaI order I finally receive all the items and they are UNUSABLE!
    Then PayPal cancells my dispute and sides with the merchant. No service at all. Don’t use PayPal.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  314. Vanessa Rullow says:

    It’s been 2 weeks now that I’ve been trying to remove a limitation. Spoke to 9 different reps and wrote 3 emails, still my situation has not been resolved. I have been using PayPal since February and made numerous purchases without any problems until October when without warning or explanation Paypal changed their policy requiring me to upload an ID, proof of address and a social security number which was not required when I opened the account. I live in Trinidad and use a Sky Box company based in Miami to ship my stuff. This is the address I used to open the account. I do not have a social security nor a utility bill with the address on file because its a shipping company!! I have explained this over and over again to each customer service agent and I uploaded my Trinidad ID and drivers license as per their request as proof of name; All they say is someone will review it and send me an email. Then they send 2 emails on separate occasions telling me that my account has been restored to normal but when I check it’s still limited!!!! What vexes me is that they changed their policy without informing anyone, now they are holding my money hostage ( telling me it’s for my own security, SMH)! I am going to let everyone who will listen know that PayPal cannot be trusted! Very frustrated and disappointed in this sevice:(

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    1. Erin Pulver says:

      Hey I’m in the Exact same boat… where they are holding my money until I send them I photo ID ( with the address I used to sign up- so I am already screwed because they have my old address on my ID ), some sort of proff of something and now they want receipts that left are six months old for all my sales!!!???!! WHAT!!!! Yea I don’t have that. And they are doing this bc of some “unusual account activity”. Non of which I noticed. And I looked.
      Anyways my question is what ended up happening and how long did it take to resolve. Did they ever tell you why you’re account was put on hold?

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  315. Cherry says:

    THE WORST ONLINE CASH APP IN THE WORLD. Their country specific terms and policy will give you a headache and makes you feel like going to hell seems like a vacation. Their problem solving is the same level as a 5 years old. Keep doing the same thing and hope it will resolve the issue. Their customer service is a joke, its an equivalent of a collective of idiots who got paid. Avoid at all cost.
    I have indonesian paypal but recently moved to united states. So i have US phone number, correct? Why would i keep using my indo number if im in the us. Isnt that a logical thing to do? NOT FOR PAYPAL. According to paypal you have to keep using you indo number 24/7. So when i received money from My us based friend, he put my AMERICAN number on it and guess what? POOF it has become a phantom money. What is phantom money you ask? Its basically the money i have earned that i need to claim. Turns out, paypal was bewildered that the phone number he put when sending out the money its not the same with my paypal account. So what do i have to do? Just change or add a number. Pretty simple right? WRONG. I cant add my us number because my paypal only accept indonesian number. So now, the money TECHNICALLY already in my account but i have no access to it, hence the phantom money. I only need to spend an hour on the internet to figured out the problem but the customer service was only like “err try to refresh it and try again tomorrow”. I mean????!!? I told you the problem is the location????????? Can you confirmed it through your high tech computer or youre still using 98 windows?! I mean what kind of respond is that???

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  316. Autumn Bahtishi says:

    I just wanted to write about a rather negative experience I had with paypal. A few months ago a friend of mine scammed me into sending him gift money. He was planning on giving me a dog so I sent the money as gratitude. As you are already assuming, I never got the dog and lost $400. Being a college student, trying to fend her own, this really hit the floor of my bank. I live pay check to pay check. I called paypal customer service and they were very helpful, they told me to file a claim through my bank, and then have my bank send that claim to their bank. I filled out the forms EXACTLY as the customer service staff had instructed, sent it in, and WEEKS later got a response from paypal saying they were not going to return the money. This was terribly frustrating because the customer service lady said this happened to people all the time, and that I would be able to get my money back. So when Paypal said “no, you authorized that charge so we wont give you your money back even though it was stolen” I cried my eyes out. Losing that $400 hurt my credit pretty bad, my friend kept promising he would return the money so until then I was living off my credit card, assuming I could pay it off real fast once he gave the money back. So little by little I got into debt, and it was too late when I realized I was never getting that money back that I had filed the claim (it was past the 60 days). I think paypal is great, it has a lot of benefits. But I am sadly disappointed in the greediness of their bank for simply not returning $400 to a small broke girl, when you know they have billions in that big bank of theirs. I wouldnt recommend using paypal to send gift money, use venmo instead.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  317. Valarie Pacheco says:

    I do not recommend paypal, they pass the buck, they cheat, they lie, they steal, they restrict your account, heres the deal, the excuse they Gave” you have too many complaints, against seller, your a risk, ” what a joke, I had put in claims, because items wasn’t received, those sellers, were reported, and or willingly gave a refund, then they keep your account open, so they still have access your your private bank info, address, ect, they restrict it where you cant receive money or send money, thieves, I reported them to the BBB, they have 3 different repsonses, from 3 different people, a JOKE

  318. Peter Landy says:

    Overall, terrible customer protection service. I lost $161 because Ebay delivered my order to the wrong address by flipping my primary address, without warning, to an old defunct address. Paypal refused to to help because as they claimed the merchandise was “delivered”. Does not matter if it was the moon or the North Pole as long as it was delivered.

  319. Lillie B says:

    Bought a product online, paid thru PayPal. Item came, was not even remotely what was pictured online. Filed a complaint with PayPal. They tell me I need to ship this item to PERU. Nowhere what it ever stated that returns need to go to PERU. The item cost me $36.94 to purchase and to ship back the cheapest way (because it needs tracking) is $42.00!!! PayPal sided with the seller (aka fraudsters) and said if I don’t ship it back I don’t get a refund. I have gone back and forth with them numerous times and they will not budge on their position. I either ship it back or no refund. So basically I’ll lose money to get a refund. How is this even ethical. Needless to say my account with PayPal is now CLOSED. There are way too many other options out there that I don’t need to be dealing with them ever again. You’d think with all the fraud out there they’d step up and help eliminate some of it. Guess not.

  320. Kristalee says:

    Horrible service to customers. The new verification service does not allow you to change old information to verity your instead they will block your account for 24-48 hours not letting you access. What is even worse is the customer service you received once you call in. Waiting over an hour to speak to someone then they can’t even say your name properly keep saying your name incorrectly then give you the run around on how they cannot change anything. This is rediculous and PayPal should be there to help users accessing their account. I have never had such horrible customer service.
    Alex, and Millie’s supposed to be managers cannot even help with the issu. Incredibly rude women and again so rude they can’t even say your name properly.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  321. Clay says:

    I have never been more disappointed in a service in my life. I thought that Paypal would be a convenient, efficient way to buy items but oh how wrong I was. I bought an item on Reverb (a musical instrument site) with the understanding that the seller could overnight it to me. He later contacted me and said he couldn’t overnight the item and would refund me. That happened the same day. Paypal even e-mailed me to notify me that my refund was complete. But it wasn’t. They meant, “their” refund was complete. They were still going to take the money from my account and then I’d have to request them to send it back to my account. All of which could take well over a week considering a weekend. That’s a lot of nonsense when we’re talking about almost $3k. I asked them to simply cancel the transaction and they wouldn’t. I asked them why I should use them if they’re essentially just getting in the way and making me wait without even trying to help and their only response is, “we can’t help you”. The thing is, they could help. They just don’t want to. Never use them.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  322. Jeffrey Steven Golden says:

    Terrible Customer Service. I just logged in, updated my CC information, just to get a message that my account is banned and I can no longer use PayPal. I called customer Service and they would not tell me why I was locked out. There are better, ways to transfer money / pay for things, but I think I should be made aware of suspicious activities, especially when I am accused of them. I asked for a supervisor, and I was put on hold for 30 mins before I hung up. Not that I have a choice now, but I will never use, or endorse this company’s services, as they seem to be completely backward with their policies.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  323. Christopher says:

    We have been on the phone with customer service on HOLD for 32 minutes. Prior to that an hour. We can’t transfer money onto our debit card. This problem has happened numerous times before. And we PAY to have the money transferred. Horrid customer service and a horrid service.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  324. Jenny says:

    Straight up devastated by this service. Some trolls reported my account and I was accused of selling “obscene” material. I was permanently banned! No investigation. And when they say you can appeal, you can’t!! They just flat out lie to you and mislead you into having hope that you can reconcile things. It’s already hard enough Paypal. And then they rub salt in the wound, “you can always use another service.” You know for damn sure that places like eBay only use Paypal unless you’re a high quantity merchant.

    What gets me the most about Paypal is their hypocrisy! Paypal supports plenty of soft-core porn. I went with the raunchiest edition of Play Boy magazine off their official website and of course they are supported by Paypal. It wouldn’t be shocking to say that a majority of the workers are (white old) men and there are no women on the gender inclusion board. White old men just love to protect other powerful white old men and help them make money regardless of how inappropriate the situation is and then ban women from using their service for any suspicion!

    And they’re spiteful! I was pissed and didn’t respect them because they deleted my account with no investigation. I made another account. Yeah, I know it was bad but I did what I had to do. What do they do? THEY BAN MY MOM FROM USING THE SERVICE PERMANENTLY BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE. The lady only orders yarn & paper crafts off eBay! She never once broke any guidelines.
    I honestly can’t wait to see them go down the drain.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Adult-Oriented Materials

  325. Ivan B. says:

    I have used PayPal for over 10 years both as a buyer and seller. Since recently, they began applying security holds for ALL withdrawals. Regardless the amount. Using same IP, same card for withdrawals.

    It is clearly a tactic to hold on to our money just a little longer. Especially, because bank transfers in Europe became instant.

    Currency exchange rates, seller fees, etc – make this company so irritating. They are very efficient but so greedy too. An eBay seller pays seller fees twice – first to eBay, then to PayPal. Regardless jurisdiction.

    Thus, the 1 star. They should be ashamed and put out of business by younger and honest businesses.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  326. David says:

    I’m a seller, who sells multiple items on ebay.

    I recently sold something to a buyer, who left positive feedback then claimed over a month later that the item i sold them was not working. The buyer said the item was faulty, and needed to be returned. I spoke to the buyer and advised them that the item was sold as a brand new item, and there is no warranty or returns. The buyer then raises a claim with Paypal, claiming the item is a fake, and requested a refund. After trying to defend myself with Paypal, they decided to go in favour of the buyer. The buyer said they sent the item to me, provided a tracking number, which said it was delivered, but it never was. I spoke to Paypal to advise that i never received the return, and they said i should take it up with the buyer directly and they can’t help anymore. Obviously if i speak to the buyer, they are going to claim it was sent and that will be the end of it. I’m absolutely appalled at how Paypal have treated me as a seller who frequently uses their service and pays their fees. I vow to never use Paypal ever again when they clearly don’t care about the Seller and only care about looking after their Buyers. They are no better than the scammers who use their service!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  327. Jacqueline Farr says:

    As a small business owner I made the calculated decision to use PayPals services as a payment option on my website. After conducting business for months, accepting orders and receiving a PayPal credit card in the mail, I was sent an email asking for further documentation. After providing a lengthly description of my business plan with thorough documentation, I was notified by PayPal that my account was being permanently limited. Immediately calling the PayPal support team I was transferred to four different departments and not given a single answer as to why my account was under such scrutiny. Finally, a representative set up an appointment for the PayPal risk department to call me back over 24 hours later, since oddly enough the customer isn’t provided a number to reach them. I explained my simplistic business plan once again and reminded them that I sent an email with proof and descriptions. The employee, Jennifer, assured me that once sending in further proof of invoice and documentation that my account with them would be slightly limited and eventually lifted, chalking it up to miscommunication. After once again being put on hold for a lengthly amount of time I was greeted with an “I’m sorry, we’ve decided to shut down the entire account because of its liabilities.” I was asked in an accusatory tone if I was making up orders to collect money because a family member with the same last name placed an order on my website. In the end, the disorganization and disregard for their customers is so evident its shocking and disappointing. For an honest customer who is simply just trying to grow their business it is hard to find an excuse for PayPals brash mistreatment. On a positive note, I have made the decision to use Square instead, which is a leading competitor offering comparable pricing and better customer service.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

  328. Eric bachtell says:

    Paypal is out of there minds there protection policy is horrible they hold your money and account hostage over false claims from can you join a class action law suit agsinst them..

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  329. Shaun Hall says:

    Stay away. Had my account hacked into and funds drained. The hackers name and info are on my account… as is his bank account. Spent HOURS trying to get the service center in the Philiphines to close my account so I can walk away without further damage. THEY WILL NOT DO IT! They wont even remove my bank or cc info from MY profile.
    Now seeking legal council to sue them to protect myself. DO NOT…. I repeat…. DO NOT open an account with PayPal!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  330. Mack Montanari says:

    This has got to be the most un real experience I have ever had when it comes to customer service. These guys have no care about your situation, they don’t care about what they do with your money, they flat out do. not. care. I was continuously waiting on hold with no help. Finally I asked to speak to a supervisor and they just put me on hold and forgot about it. Do not use this service!!!!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  331. srt says:

    This was yet a third miserable experience with PayPal services, the first being mysterious debits directly dipping into our bank account, the second being mysterious debits from our PayPal funds balance, and this third horrid experience described below.

    We purchased an item form a seller who uses a so-called “PayPal Guest Checkout” payment method. The item was defective so we returned the item including tracking number to the proper address as listed on the seller’s website.

    We called PayPal for buyer protection and a refund because the seller refused to answer our return inquiries and refused to accept the return shipment for the flawed product. PayPal opened a refund case and then proceeded to send automated emails stating to now send the item to a different address, in China: PayPal’s return address was written as such —
    Return address:

    陈 宇
    金耀南路300弄, 上海市, 上海市 201803 China

    I called PayPal customer service to find out what is going on with our buyer-protection rights and the refund, and was greeted by very confrontational representatives who could not find the refund case number or any information whatsoever on our claim. Only after much haggling and frustration on our part to get ourselves out of this messy PayPal refund process and requesting supervisor assistance did the customer service representatives finally find the claim number and our call history on this matter. One representative went so far as to say “Shut up and let me explain!!! You had better shut up!!!” while continuing to ramble on about why PayPal sent us a mis-configured return address and why they could not find the refund case history, and that it “will all be taken care of in the back-end.”

    To this day — no refund, horrid memories of a confrontational staff, and a dead-end refund claim. We are ridding ourselves of the burdensome PayPal account and will choose more established, reassuring payment methods.

    This has been simply a horrible experience with the PayPal.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  332. Justin says:

    Paypal is horrible, i had paypal set up with my business and a customer made a transaction, using paypal payment method, it has been a month and i still haven’t seen the money. I ensure my account was set up correctly and it was. I contacted paypal regarding issue and they said they can’t help me at all. So paypal got all their fees plus the money i was suppose to receive to help run my business. As a new business owner this is very frustrating. I have removed paypal as a paying option for my customer and refuse to use or recommend this company to anyone. Any who is running a business and can’t afford to take a loss, i highly recommend you look at other payment options.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  333. Max says:

    Worst company ever. Blocking your payment on EBay. 0 customer service. Purely the worst… would never use them if that was not for eBay pushing them on u

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best E-Commerce Platforms

  334. rudy urban says:

    Sold an item for several hundred dollars on ebay today and its not showing up in Paypal so that I can transfer to my bank account. Ebay is showing its ok to ship….yea right , like thats gonna happen! Ive had three Paypal related issues in the last 30 days. They obviously have a problem and Im not the only vendor that is somewhat stressed by it. Ebay and Paypal need to work out these glitches otherwise people like me are going to start looking elsewhere to sell and there are plenty of venues on the internet for just that purpose. Both of these companies are cash rich and need to start spending money on upgrading the system rather than spending money on fancy houses , yachts and round the world vacations.

    From The Editor
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  335. Tina says:

    Paypal promises to help you get a refund when shipment is not as described! Well that is totally false. I have been trying to get a refund since August 16 2018. The seller and Paypal want me to spend $235 for return shipping when shipment received was only $170. Paypal and Seller rip people off

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  336. JoAnne L says:

    I requested a simple bank transfer when sending money through PayPal a week ago. They took it upon themselves to change that to an e-check causing a huge delay. The bank sent the money to PayPal 6 days ago and they still have will not forward the money to the intended recipient. I definitely do not recommend PayPal at all.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  337. I recently switched my credit card processing to PayPal Here and I regret this decision. Just like most reviews here, PayPal has of course frozen my funds with no idea of any time frame to release my money

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Card Processing Apps

  338. LUIS ABREU says:

    I ha an experience with Paypal which is a reason that i do not recommend it to anyone anymore.
    Paypal receives my money from eBay then I try to transfer the money to my debit card or my checking account and after 2 smooth transactions now it says “YOUR FUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 72 HOURS” after I sell my item with eBay and wait several days, after eBay releases my funds why do Paypal wants to keep it for 3 more days?
    It is just not fair to customers. And the worst is that their staff including supervisors can not resolve any of these issues, unbelievable.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  339. Lauren Harrower says:

    I Will Never Use PayPal Again!!! They stole my $40. I transferred $40 into my boyfriends PayPal and they took their fee of course. but held my money and said that i would be able to get it in 21-60 days that is complete Bs!! I have called them 3 times. they said they sent me an email saying they sent me my money and to “check” my email to receive it and the email I received had nothing to go to to get my money back!!! So basically they’re telling me they sent my money back to me but in reality they stole my money from me!! I Will Never Use PayPal Again!!!. And I will never refer this to anyone.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  340. Althea says:

    Called to get some information about a account I have with PayPal… The costumer service was so bad it was very embarrassing to deal.. They were not able to give no information, very rude and disrespectful, my goodness PayPal this behavior is very disgraceful and sad

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  341. Jules says:

    Seriously! Never again! Nothing but issues and when you call and try to fix them they are either closed or you have to wait forever! Worst part, they tell you they can’t discuss the details of your account with YOU! Then they hang up on you when you ask a question they don’t want to answer. Worst customer service I think I’ve ever encountered! Absolute joke!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  342. I have gone to a Paypal reload center to reload my Paypal Business Debit cart. I performed this reload on September 8th at 5:41am. Until today September the 10th, I have not received the funds. I have been on the phone with PayPal on a daily bases at least twice a day. I always connected to the Philippines, and there is always a huge communication barrier which adds to my frustrations. This is after at least a 1 1/2 hour hold time and then being shuffled between departments back and forth for at least another hour. Today I am told I may have to wait another 24 – 48 hours to receive my funds. After uploading the receipt for my reload, and waiting a couple days, I even asked for a provisional credit since there was no error on my side. I was told that this in not possible and I would just have to wait. It seems that PayPal is definitely not the correct decision as this has been a very horrible and taxing experience.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  343. Matt says:

    They are terrible. I am on a three hour customer service wait. Never in my life have I even heard of a three hour wait!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

  344. Sharpe says:

    Horrible customer service took PayPal 1 hour just to get on the phone. is a fraud and using PayPal to do it. Done with paypal

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  345. Nancy says:

    I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I’ve used PayPal without trouble for years and I’ve faced two problems. At first, when I created the account it wouldn’t receive nor send any money and when I asked them about it, their answer had absolutely nothing to do with my problem. I let it go and a few months later, the account was working just fine and I’ve used it for years to receive money for my freelance work and make simple purchases online. I had a credit card and a bank account linked and then suddenly they’re asking for proof of identity and proof of address and not accepting anything I sent nor letting me withdraw or transfer my money. I was using an Israeli account but had moved to the US later on and kept using my account but they wouldn’t accept a proof of an american address nor an Israeli P.O.Box. Then the moment they found out I have a Palestinian address, they permanently limited my account with over $900 in it. I’ve contacted them throughout this whole problem at each step to get help but their customer service was crappy as always and they kept answering with the same email over and over which had nothing to do with the questions I actually ask in my emails. I now have an account with $900 that I can’t withdraw for 180 days and then I have no idea how they will let me withdraw it but this whole experience was horrible and I don’t recommend at all. I’ll be moving to payoneer or something else as soon as I figure out how to get my money.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  346. M. Randle says:

    Last year when Pay Pal held my money I thought it was an oversight this year when they held on to my refund
    they out right lied and said it was my banks fault that it hasn’t posted I spoke with my personal banker and she said none of that is true they can’t credit funds that are not even pending. I would like to be involved in any pending class action law suits this is ridiculous, I am not going to be lazy and say oh well i’m contacting the Federal Reserve and the BBB if enough people will do this then I’m sure they will be investigated again. Don’t use them I just spoke to them again they will not put the money back in your bank you are forced to use pay pal to spend the funds.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  347. Wilson says:

    Paypal is so far the worst way to transfer your money, they send you a email saying that they are transfer your money in one business day but last Wednesday September 5th I transferred to my bank account and I didn’t receive the transfer yet, more them 48 hours no weekend or holly days, the website its horrible it doesn’t let you get help awful, any other app transfer is way better then Paypall

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  348. Jonathan Carlson says:

    They made a mistake months ago resulted in me having to pay off $300 dollars in 3 months when I thought I would have 18 months to pay off $500. It is their mistake and they are unwilling to work with me to fix it. Pretty much some of the worst customer service I’ve had. I’ve used paypal credit for 4 years and will never use them again. You just lost a customer.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  349. Mamie Johnson says:

    I have had a personal account for two years now and all of a sudden my account is shutdown and I was told that I could not activate another one I am banned permanently.
    (1. I do not know what I did to deserve this and they want tell you what when wrong. I have been hung up on.
    2.Holding money for 180 days is crap.
    Is there another alternative to PayPal.

  350. Brandon Wood says:

    I run a medium size ebay business – around $35,000 in sales a month. Paypal found an issue where they said I was non- compliant and my account would be disabled if I did not resolve the issue in about 10 days. I immediately resolved the issue, which takes 72 hours for them to review. 5 business days later, I received the exact same message about non-compliance. I call Paypal and an employee confirms, “it looks like they didn’t review the issue, it looks like they assumed you had not fixed the issue yet, I’ll submit it for review again which can take up to 72 hours”. By the way, nobody will even look at the issue over the long weekend. 5 days later, my Paypal account is turned off. Can’t accept payments, withdraw money, anything. I’m literally losing thousands of dollars a day – I call PayPal and they assure me there is nothing they can do, the department that actually addresses issues does not accept calls. I will just have to wait another 72 hours for them to review the issue AGAIN – And now I know their 72 hours is a standard five business days or more – so I guess I’ll just take the week off work without pay.

    Paypal customer service has been some of the slowest and most incompetent I have ever witnessed. I am immediately looking for payment alternatives. Avoid Paypal if at all possible, they can shut down your business at a moments notice.

  351. Carl MOORE says:

    I order a Samsung phone from China through Paypal back in March 2018. The phone was defective so I was told to send it back for a full refund. I sent the phone back on 06/21/18. The post office said it’ll get there in about two weeks, but for some reason, the dealer haven’t received the phone yet so I checked with the post office on a couple of occasions and the phone was last known to be in Florida. Paypal apologize to me and said since I had a tracking number, they’re refund my money as a one time courtesy about a month ago, but I haven’t received anything yet. Now they’re saying they can’t refund it until the phone has been delivered. Now on today 09/02/18 I received a email saying they’re closing my case because they don’t have any proof that my phone has been delivered. I also had to pay extra money to ship this phone back to China. Please, please never use Paypal, they’re definitely will rip you off.

  352. Victoria says:

    You probably won’t have any issues with PayPal is your account currency matches the country of issue. However, if you card is in dollars while the local currency of your country is different, the system will automatically assign local currency to your account. As a result, you lose on double currency conversion. I think a business specializing in financial matters should know these things.

    In addition, if you contact customer service about it, they will change the currency of your account, but will NOT refund you the losses that happened due to their buggy system. The worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

    From The Editor
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  353. Paul Bashor says:

    Worse company I’ve ever had to deal with when it comes to complaints. DO NOT USE PAYPAL FOR PURCHASES EVER! They will never refund your money. They will tell you what you want to hear after being on hold for hours and nothing will EVER be refunded. You will pay to have things shipped back and you will lose that money too. BEWARE!!! Use your credit cards and don’t leave money in your paypal account.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  354. Robert L says:

    PayPal represents itself as the best way to send and receive money, especially for ebay transactions.
    Then , When i had to use them to sell my vehicle, paypal puts restrictions on my account because of “unusual activity”… unusual… I received money…that’s the whole reason paypal exist, how TF is that unusual????
    But guess what, PayPal instantly took out “their” portion of the hold on my account when it comes to them taking “their” share. but if I want the rest, i have to jump through hoops.


    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  355. Gregory Alan Coleman says:

    Paypal randomly freezes accounts thereby denying access to the account holder’s funds. They will not tell you why or for how long. I suspect they are using these frozen funds to invest on a daily basis. Paypal needs to have a massive class-action lawsuit sent their way. Really terrible company.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  356. Refugio Lopez says:

    This is the worst service ever for business they send you free reader to but hold you funds for 30 day how can someone run a business if they holding your funds my business completely came to stand still have no fu ds to continue paypal single handedly ran me out of business i have lost thousands useing this service and not help was on hold for 11/2 hours to get no resolution and to talk to peole with attitudes i totaly do not recommended this for any business

    From The Editor
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  357. Jon says:

    Tried to call customer service to discuss setting up a business account.
    After over 30 min wait for nothing. Decided not to bother.
    Appalling quality of customer service

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

  358. Chelsey says:

    My wife keeps trying to change her name with PayPal because it’s still under her ex husbands name. They won’t let her even though her social security number & bank account are linked to her PayPal account. And even after requiring her to send in her name change documents (i.d., social security card) they still proceeded to say she will not be able to change the name on the account! What kind of company can’t change a simple name? Will NOT be utilizing this company again. I wish I could give it a lesser rating.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  359. I had been a Paypal Business and personal account carrier since probably 2010-2011. I had one account closed on me when my husband was arrested for a false charge of terrorism, bank account closed and Audit by IRS per the FBI request. My husband was released for not enough evidence per the best Judge in my estimation after only almost 4 years of torture from a racist jail institution Seminole county in Sanford County Florida where George Zimmerman was his next door cellmate. I opened up a personal paypal account and when have maintained good bank standings and transactions without any problems. I get no complaints, I DON’T have criminal record and am an honest working American born citizen. I find out recently yesterday August 6, 2018 that my account is permanently closed as I’m a HIGH RISK, what’s the RISK? the customer service representative tells me she can’t say because the decision was made in another department. This is FULL MISCONDUCT to my rights as a citizen.

    Their response

    Benjamin13:51 PM
    So I reviewed the limitation on your account and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of details that I can provide. If you would like the exact reasoning behind your account closure, you would have to legally subpoena PayPal at our legal address.

    You may direct all legal related inquiries to: PayPal Attn: Legal Dept./Civil 2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131

    This is a terrible response. Which means everyone is guilty until proven otherwise innocent. I don’t know risky I can be when all I do is collect money just like all their other customers to spend on my family needs.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for High Risk

  360. Kerry Gouthro says:

    My bother sent me money VIA PayPal, I never used it and quote sure I closed the account before hand after a mishap from them. Anyways, I’m fine with it seeing as I can transfer this to my bank account n close pay pal out. So I decided today I’ll switch it to my bank account, as I’m going through the steps, it tells me I need to wait 2-3 business days for a $1.00 every so often to go in, which I think is insane.
    So I call, I just want my money, I verify my information twice with the agent.. I tell her I added a new bank card because I lost the old one and couldnt remember the last 4 digits (mind you I’m out getting an oil change on my car after I tried to get the money over, thought it be quick n simple)
    Any ways I ask for a sup considering I’m already angered at this point, he tells me the agent said I wouldn’t verify my info.. I laughed n said bull shit.. I again NEED to tell them who I am, I explain the same damn thing. He says well we need last 4 digits.. I explain yet again I no longer own this card, i have a new card.. i dont know it, he said well log in.. I’m out getting work on my car, the fuck. I dont use data.. nor do I plan to or even get it but that’s not the point, I put my new debit card. Complete waste of my time i have a new card which was added already ..
    Horrible company to deal with.
    Soon as I get my money, closing my account . Bs gotta deal with this shit

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  361. Mor M says:


    I am out $750 dollars with no one to even talk to.

    Terrible service!!

    I have been on the phone for 45+ minutes without speaking to a single person. I have been trying to deal with an issue for over 2 months now to no help at all from paypal employees.

    Each time i call in, all they do is blame my bank. its 2018 and to think such big companies like Paypal to still have such terrible customer service is just sad.

    They claim they “transfer” the money to my bank, even took a $8.00 fee off the transaction and the money has never made it into my account. I was given a trace number, an account number and a transaction number and my bank confirmed that they never received anything.

    I have no way to escalate it with paypal because their employees hang up on me once I tell them that I already went through all the steps they recommend. for example i was told to file a claim (which i already did a month ago) and got no feedback. DO NO USE PAYPAL.

    if you are thinking of using paypal, DONT DO IT! there are much better online payment solutions on there.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  362. Camille Jones says:

    So I love Paypal I use it for business purposes nd have never had any issues until today….. I had some money sent to me and I went this morning to transfer to my bank card and it said unable to process try again later…, so I called Paypal and to my surprise they couldn’t do anything for security purposes??!? I have had the same transaction from same person a few times and went straight through..,, I was left stranded with no way from gas station with my kids in a hot raining day…. I was told sorry we can’t help you all we can do is send money back.,,, so they sent money back and never told me it takes 3 to 5 buisness days….. I am handicap and had to sit outside of a BP gas station in wheelchair looking homeless until a nice lady gave me 10 bucks and her email to send her money back and now I am unsure if I should send it due to my daughter not getting her money right back…. Paypal I have never had an issue and I am sure there has to be some department that could have taken care of my situation and now I’m stuck not going to work for 2 days because I have no money thanks to lack of help I am very concerned and do not wish this situation to happen to anyone else like my money is just gone for some days and no exact reasoning except security purposes please explain how a dedicated customer has a security problem from the same person sending me gas money that has sent me money the past few weeks??? I have gotten no answers and no money now and no accommodations just sorry for the inconvenience what in the world???

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  363. Yeny pradarits says:

    PayPal is a RIP off ; they will limit your account without warning and you will not be able to use your money for 6 months. Stay away from it.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  364. Cezary Zieniuk says:

    Ignorants and burocrats. I cannot get my money back from there. They answer the phone then dont do anything and my money is blocked for weeks!!! DO NOT USE

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  365. Karin says:

    If you think you’re always safe using PayPal for transactions, think again! I made a booking on Airbnb for a longer period and therefore, a large deposit amount in Euro. Although I had nominated my Euro-denominated credit card for this purchase, the debit went automatically to my A$ bank account, which was not funded for this purchase. After about a week, PayPal debited the credit card with an amount that was 10% greater than the purchase amount.
    Upon contacting PayPal, the supervisor claimed that this was a currency conversion charge that I had to pay as the amount had been converted from Euro to A$ and back to Euro. The fact that PayPal system made the conversions without regard to my preferred payment method, made no difference.
    I no longer trust PayPal and have closed my account.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  366. Mari Ortiz says:

    Horrible service , I am a seller on Ebay they had a problem that they needed Paypal to help me The customer service representative with Ebay said that they had to transfer me to resolve.Needless to say they transferred me to Pay Pal. While I am typing this complaint, I am have been currently on hold with them going on one hour. My customer already paid for their item and I have to hold longer to have the funds moved to my account. Ebay just called in while I was on hold , I answered they told me to click a key if I was the caller. I clicked the 1 key, and Ebay said “sorry we did not get that”,then said “please call again” after I waited twenty minutes for them to call me back. Meanwhile, I am still on hold with Pay Pal . Grand Fiasco, worst customer service I have ever had to deal with .Both Ebay and Pay Pal are garbage in the customer service department .

    From The Editor
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  367. Julie says:

    I originally signed up for PayPal to hold my sons spot at daycare and never used it again. A year or two went by and I was hacked by someone. I called PayPal within minutes and by then the hacker had changed literally everything on my account. They asked for my card number I used on my last transaction before the hacking took place but by that time I had already received a new card from my bank for the same reason. And like I said the hacker changed everything so they had to use sercurity questions like “Where out of these three places have you not lived?” “Which of these three cars have you not owned?” After that I had finally gained access to my account and changed everything back along with added every security step possible for it to not happen again. I also took off any bank or card information. Days had gone by and I received emails saying the hack was deemed a fruad. Then after awhile I received emails saying I owed the money the hacker stole from someone else’s account. I at first ignored the first warning thinking it was automatic. Then the second came so I called them. PayPal decided, AFTER emailing me saying the account was hacked, that it was in fact not hacked without emailing me. They let the funds someone was trying to steal through and are now asking for me to pay for the money. At first I wondered how the hacker could have taken that money almost a week later. His number was still set in a part of my account that I didn’t see until just a few days ago. You’d think that customer service would have helped wipe the account of any recent changed information, that they would have saw the transaction occur from someplace other than where I’m from, that they would have thought hmmm neither bank account name and card holder is the person on this account, etc. But back to me calling them, they tried collecting the “debt” then transferred me to someone who put me on hold for an hour and a half and then the call just HUNG UP! Then I received a letter from the debt collectors themselves and called them. I told them about the whole situation and they couldn’t believe PayPal would just let that happen. They said they would send the debt collection back to PayPal since this wasn’t my debt nor have I had fraud issues like this before. Just the occasional debt card replacement because someone hacked something and the bank just wanted to protect every possible persons card number who could have got out, but that’s it. So PayPal opened a new case with my account a few days later and in the comments from the person who wrote it, it says “B****” when talking about me. Like seriously?! I have spoken with my lawyer about the whole thing, sent her pictures but I don’t think it’s a big enough issue for a lawsuit (it is over a few $100) so then I looked into small claims court. Something needs to be done and they can’t treat people like this. I will not stop until this is resolved so I can solve my account and never look back.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  368. Fatima says:

    worst customer service, the lady’s accent is so bad, she’s confused herself, wouldn’t listen to my question, she repeated 6-7 times every single thing

    From The Editor
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  369. Joe Hintz says:

    I was scammed in a PayPal transaction. I contacted the PayPal fraud department and they were not interested in the fact that a scammer used their site to setup his scheme. Yes, I did pay through the “Friends & Family” option at the request of the scammer. He knew exactly what he was doing. I did not read the fine print that this option would not be a protected transaction. I totally relied on the notion that if it was through PayPal, it must be safe. Beware, it is not. I just don’t understand why PayPal would allow this scamming setup to take place. Absolutely done with PayPal.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    1. drm marta wagner says:

      Horrible company ! Do not use PayPal ! They allowing scammers to take advantage of others! Avoid Paypal!

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  370. Dennis Phillips says:

    4 times I have requested a transfer of $80 from my pay-pal account to my Chase checking account. 4 times they have transferred it and 4 times they have transferred it back to pay-pal. Pay-pal is no longer my pal. They are keeping my money and will not release it to me. Pay pal are a bunch of crooks.

    From The Editor
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  371. Alberta says:

    I ordered drapes from empire home fashion from ebay paid for through Paypal on 6-24-18, and returned on 7-5-18, the seller refund me payment back to paypal on 7-15-18. I’very tried several times to contact pay pal to see when my funds will be return to my bank and they have be saying for the last 5 day the system is experiencing difficulty, call back later,ive tried 2 to 3 times a day. Where is my refund?

  372. Luter barret says:

    Wow I’m dealing with I overseas company the supervisor Romeo was terrible and Marie I’m a black man in America I have no problem with people from outside of the country but I’m doing business with a foreign company they don’t understand me or what I’m going through this is terrible PayPal you guys got to do better I don’t trust you guys anymore or that your looking out for my best interests only PayPal best interest matters while you guys sell people dreams terrible customer services not actually helping hindering my business buy hold my funds for days at a time worst in the world

    From The Editor
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  373. Andre's torres says:

    Horrible just horrible pay pal Is unreliable they can take you money In 2 seconds but cant refund money until forever .every time I call them there is nothing they can do .they always give me the run around got to wait 3-5 business days I call day 5 and they tell me the same bs dont di business with them they are a joke and good luck trying to get in touch with them take about 25 min on hold to take to them.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  374. Jeannine says:

    My first experience with PayPal was horrible. I sold a ite
    On eBay for 1000 dollars PayPal had my money pending .
    My transaction was completed and they still kept my 1000 dollars on hold they said my
    Money was stuck and they don’t know when I will get it
    Still waiting for it that’s just crazy. My money is stuck but they were a letter to get their 35dollar fee customer service is just terrible

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  375. Juana Garcia-Brown says:

    PayPal does a horrible job at keeping a ledger accurate. This past March they had a glitch which approved your purchases but PayPal claims they never deducted them from my account. Well they realized they made a mistake and in July! A whole 4 months later; they decided to charge me for these “unclaimed funds” all at once causing my account to be -1300 dollars! I tried to reason with them but this was not my fault but yet I’m the one being punished.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

    1. M says:

      We were affected as well and PayPal’s inability to uphold their obligation to keep financial records straight has put our account -2500 in the red! There was no heads up letter or notification in the paypal message center. Most importantly, The daily ledger balance was scrubbed of the original transactions and we are being referred to “another, different” report sheet. Is this legal? The “balance adjustments” that occurred in the middle of the night on June 13 in one fell cannot be validated. They are not even the actual debit card transactions. We’ve been wrongly double charged. The deductions from our balance were actually made in March/April. I wish this was an isolated case but with each passing day there are more people reporting on this issue. It places severe hardship on all of us. Their ability to inflict financial hardship with impunity needs to be stopped. We reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  376. Melisa says:

    PayPal is not business friendly! First they put a 21 day hold on a payment one of my clients sent. We finally got it off hold, but my client spent HOURS working on it! Unacceptable! Then when I went to transfer the funds I was told it would take another 3-5 business days to complete. What is the point of PayPal? A check in the mail would be A LOT faster! I thought technology was moving forward, not backwards! NEVER USING PAYPAL AGAIN!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  377. Amelia Cartier Bucher says:

    Purchased a dress from China, totally poorly made, this was May; order returned, company refused to accept the package so Paypal is holding up my refund. Since then the package has been destroyed per UPS. And Paypal still refuse to release my refund.

  378. marc mcgeachie says:

    Horrible customer service. Ive tried to get help last month from them about a transaction, but 12 hours of phone calls, hours of emails, and I’ve gotten nowhere. The worst customer service I have experienced with any company so far. Now in the past 7 days I’ve been trying to close my account, and it seems I can’t even do that. The company ignores my pleas to close my account, and offers assistance in others things I haven’t asked for. I want to close my account and they won’t let me.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  379. allison says:

    This was my second time using PayPal, money gone and no answers to where it went. Continue to dispute online seems like with myself. No response. Call, on wait for more than 30 minutes to continue to get the run around with a voice machine. I’m finally convinced they are a scam. And need to refund people there money back. I wish I read these reviews before purchasing. Will not do anymore shopping online with businesses using PayPal.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  380. PayPal withholding funds for no apparent reason Recently charged a customer $2000.00 USD for services rendered using PayPal Here software and card swiping hardware. Upon logging in to PayPal business account to transfer money to connected business banking account discovered that all but $500.00 USD of the funds were being held for a period of 30 days. This protocol was never explained when I registered for a PayPal business account. Received an error message that indicated a limit had been set on this account. No explanation was offered as to why this limit was set. We are a licensed, bonded and insured business, registered LLC by the Secretary of State of Ohio to conduct business. We have been in business for 10+ years. We never would have used PayPal had we known there would be a 30 day hold on all funds in excess of $500. No legitimate business with accounts receivable and accounts payable could possibly conduct business on this timeline. We are now having to scramble to find a way to move funds to cover the costs we will incur because of this absurd policy that was never communicated. Additionally, of the $500.00 in funds that was permitted to be transferred to the business account, there was a 72 hour hold placed on the transfer. The 72 hour window has now elapsed and those funds have not been released either. This failure to release funds will cost carry repercussions for our business as we will undoubtedly be forced to cover fees and associated charges for transactions that will be returned for insufficient funds.

    From The Editor
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  381. Jossh Carmen says:

    You are best advised to stay away from PayPal. They have promotions advertising no interest if paid by a specific date. The problem with that is that when you want to make a payment, their website is NOT user-friendly. It’s a scam. When you call customer service, they will reject your argument even if you are able to prove that you attempted to within the promotional period. STAY AWAY.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  382. Kimberly says:

    I believe that PayPal puts my money on hold for way too long for no grounded reason and when you call them not only do you wait on hold forever but they give you lies and a run around actually acting like it’s their money it’s what my customers are used to but I’m seriously considering finding another way and so are many of my friends

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  383. Dennis Ambruso says:

    I sold an item on eBay and they put a hold on my payment stating it was a random hold. I have 100% feedback since 2001. They think your money is theirs to do what they want with YOUR money. I have sued them in the past for their aggressive behavior regarding holding money that’s not there’s and have won. I will NEVER use them again! Alternatives are Google pay, Apple Pay and eBay now accepts credit cards. NO need for Paypal and their exorbitant fees and poor customer service. One star is too much for them.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  384. viva store says:

    i paid about $180 for a phone
    and received it with icloud lock
    so i can not use it
    i can not pass to the main screen
    i open a case on paypal
    i was told you are not going to get a refund
    because you ordered the phone used
    really ? if it’s used paypal allow them to scam people under the name used ?
    wake up

    From The Editor
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  385. Melisa McKenzie says:

    I have a cleaning business and use PayPal a lot for customers who don’t live in this Army town but still own homes.. I recently sent a invoice to a client and he paid now PayPal is wanting a tracking number for a service I completed and are holding my money for 21 days!!!!!! I will NEVER EVER USE PAYPAL AGAIN!!! $140 is a lot of money to someone like me who needs to pay bills!!! Thanks PayPal you truly are a horrible company.. I will tell everyone that you do not release funds in a timely manner and YOU WILL NOT GET ANYMORE OF MY MONEY IN ANY KIND OF WAY!

    From The Editor
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  386. Miguel says:

    Paypal is switching over to Synchrony Bank, pay it off and let it go…..Fareaaaaaaallllzzz Let it go…After years of doing buisness with ebay & paypal , i will cut the cord…i dont have the time or patience for synchrony Bank..Goodbye.

    From The Editor
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  387. Miles MacDonald says:

    I have not used this account since 2005. Now i know why. To make a long story short, I have never had a more awful experience in my life. I spoke with 5 different reps including one manager. . After wasting 4 hours of my life on the phone i realized what the issues were from another 4 hours of research/googling. The agents were completely clueless and i enjoyed hearing them use the same troubleshooting steps over and over again even though i Told them the result would probobly be the same as the lat 27 times For everyone With a CIBC account and TD account, stay away from paypal. better yet just stay away from paypal. There are far better options with trained employees that may actually listen to you concerns and address them without having to train them on their own policy in the process. They didn’t even know what the home page of site said on it. All i needed was a solution and finally the manager recommended one that I actually didn’t think of . “Send money back to sender and find a different way to send the money” . now i fight tomorrow to get the fees they charged me for a service they clearly don’t provide or at least don’t know how it works…..#paypalsinkingship

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  388. John Bond says:

    Terrible Experience!

    1) Surprise holds on transferring money to your bank make it difficult to plan and budget for a small business.

    2) Customer service is poor to terrible. They never addressed my questions directly, and instead sent a bunch of automated crap explaining why they can screw you over on issues that didn’t even relate to my inquiries.

    I have used and Stripe in the past with great experiences. I will be cancelling PayPal accounts. I’ve never received surprise holds or such poor service from any other payment provider.

    I clearly understand why PayPal does not allow user reviews on Facebook, GooglePlus/myBusiness, Yelp etc…

    Based on my experience, I’d encourage everyone to stay away from PayPal unless you happen to enjoy not knowing what is going on with your money.

    From The Editor
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  389. Eric Murphy says:

    We started to sell legal CBD oil and Paypal notified us that they do not want to process those sales.. I was not happy about this but fair enough so we took those products down that day, completed a re-review of their terms and conditions which was verified using a link they provided, and we called to discuss CBD and if this was something they would change stance on… in other words we immediately took care of taking the products down. Fast forward to the morning of July 4th (about 8 days later) and we start receiving emails from ebay buyers stating they cannot check out… I drop everything I’m doing and get to a computer to see whats up and low and behold Paypal has put my account on suspension and is holding my funds! Outraged I began making calls to them stating there was no warning, no resolution offered, etc. and asking why was it shut down and what needs to be done to fix it… well this global payment services higher up employees were all off enjoying their July 4th so I was told it could be 24-48 hours before anything but was assured someone would reach out to me… well 3 days later nothing has changed and no one at Paypal can even explain why this is happening. We have lost major revenue as July 4th is a good day. Having your business get shut down from accepting payments without any rhyme or reason and no clear way to fix any issue is a really scary experience and I could never recommend anyone use this company and if you do your due diligence you will find story after story similar to mine. Luckily eBay is in the process of implementing their own payment processor and currently you can use Auth dot net over Paypal so there are solutions. I would be very careful using paypal especially if you value your cash’s liquidity and customer service that wants you to succeed rather then keeping you in the dark.

    From The Editor
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  390. Janice R Redmond says:

    Worst service ever, hold funds and won’t release them, they blame eBay and claim they are holding up the funds. Won’t answer the phone on hold for 45 to 50 minutes. I would never do business with these guys again.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  391. Jason Thompson says:

    Got ripped off for $200 by a seller who sent me light sabres that were not as advertised. Advertised was solid blade high quality light sabres with motion sound etc.

    I received $2 children’s flick out toy sabres that I paid nearly $250 for.

    Both paypal and the seller agreed I was ripped off.

    So i sent the items back to the return address on the package i received.

    Then I received a message to send the package to somewhere in Norway and not even the same country I received the items from, after the fact.

    I then told them that I sent the items to the return address. At which point I was told that the depute was closed and I had no further options in the dispute.

    Leaving me holding $6 worth of toys that I pad $250 for.

  392. Cindy says:

    Paypal does not protect you regarding merchandise purchases as they state. If you buy an oversized item (such as a memory foam mattress that is shipped small but inflates when opened), be prepared to get the shaft if the seller sends you something else entirely. Paypal says you are responsible for paying for packing to ship it back because they will not hold the seller responsible for that (even though the seller douped you). Package for items over 4′ long (round) and 3′ high is almost as much as the item. This is how these sellers off of ebay get away with fraud/bait & switch in their auctions for larger items. You are not protected at all.

  393. Crystal says:

    Scammers don’t just exist for buyers, but there are also deceitful Sellers that lurk among those who are honest Sellers. It was my second Funko Pop figure/toy purchase online, I read through each listing carefully before coming across the Scammer’s listing. What I thought was an official San Diego Comic Con label, turned out to be the Summer release. (Will hit stores in Aug and retails for $10-$20) Not only did the Scammer receive $38.99, but inform me that I would be getting the retail sticker. They included the official picture with the convention box label in their listing photos, as well included SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) Exclusive. No where did she state about the item being the red label (Retail) when photos where available to provide honest details. They knew that by using the Summer label in their listing, it wouldn’t be as desired among collectors. Instead they chose to hide this, using the official box label, including SDCC in their descriptions and attempted to lock the buyer by using one word, “shared..” They had 5 people watching their listing, when there were other Summer labeled figures for less. The reason they had so many watches, was due to fooling collectors into believing it was the official label Pop box. She made two threats against me on Ebay, after a rep opened a case saying “You opened a item not received case? Now you will never get your money back! haha, see what this does to you? Now I will have this Pop haha!” I immediately contacted Paypal, as the first rep didn’t inform me about what type of case he opened. I expressed my concerns through 5 different people in their department, “Its okay, everything looks good, you will get your money back no worries” Next day the case was closed due to it being a pre-order and the Seller having till the 19th (day of the convention) to send the false item. Now I am out $38.99, cannot re-purchase the official figure she lied about in her listing (that I wanted in the first place) due the convention being over by the time it gets sent.

    To break this down..

    1) Scammer lists cheaper toy/figure, that will be released in stores for $12, charges $38.99 and uses collector photos of the official convention label. (Collectors photo of the figure with a label only found at this convention, that is being sold by those attending) Includes Exclusive SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) in her listing, no where including the photo of the red label box that she is actually selling. (Cheap retail figure)

    2) Gets 5 watchers, knowing she is being dishonest and snags a buyer fooled by her listing..

    3) Hopes that the buyer won’t ask any questions, just expecting the official item and getting away with a scam. By that time the convention will be over, obtaining the official convention figure will be rare and the buyer will decide to keep it. (perfect plot)

    4) Send threats when buyer finds out that it was a false listing, when attempting to protect themselves or request a cancellation.

    5) Scammer taunts the buyer, after a Paypal rep suggests in opening a case that likely will fall on the scammer’s side. (I’ve had to stop these reps from opening cases, because they don’t ask and most times will just start doing so with a quick mention, as well placing you on hold.) Recently saying “No stop stop, don’t open another case!!” The recent rep paused and said “Why?” when I responded they closed the first one due to this happening and I do not have the item in hand. You will destroy what little protection I have. Rep: “Oh…..” *Facepalm*

    Here I am, waiting for this Scammer to send me a $10 toy in a box, where I will have to open it up, take a picture of it next to the listing and re-open the case. I will never again use Paypal for future purchase, neither run my business through them.

  394. Jack Taylor says:

    Hands down the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Took 35 minutes to get connected and they still couldn’t solve my problem. I was referred to another branch only to wait another hour. At that point I was very frustrated and it only frustrated me more when the customer service agent couldn’t solve a basic problem as to why I couldn’t transfer money from my papal account to a savings account. This is a terrible business and would not recommend it to anyone. Buyer beware!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best PayPal Alternatives

  395. kim marks says:

    I own a small business, I have been sitting on hold with them for over 29 min. which is motivating me to write reviews.
    Here is the deal, they cost you money, they are suppose to work for you/ with you. but they do not. They pull money out of your account, and do not make it easy to follow up with why and where things are at. they are very disorganized and when you ask to be transferred to a manager nicely they hang up on you every time. or like this time i have been on hold for 32 mins.

  396. Charnay says:

    Hello. One of your merchants Reice Raw stole my money. I ordered a wig from him and he said he could not send it after I paid the money. He is refusing to pay me back. I will tell everyone never to use pay pal again and sue pay pal if you continue to allow merchants like him to scam customers.

  397. A. Vancuran says:

    Sadly, I had continued to use Paypal despite several bad experiences, and now I have paid for it. Their dispute/resolution process is horrendeous, and I have been stuck twice with broken or no merchandise and no refund. This last instance has cost me $650 in goods unreceived. I opened a case; they closed it unresolved and refused to address the issue. It would have been better to use my credit card apart from Paypal, instead of my bank card with them.

  398. Gemma says:

    Paypal are a terrible company and have the worse customer service ever!! Four times I tried to call yesterday and was hung up on left on hold for over 20mins and nothing is sorted and they have not give my money rather give it bk to the person even tho I provided evidence and no I’m calling to sort it out nothing ridiculous this site should be looked into ASAP and I don’t think it should be running anymore with this kinda attitude and service we trust PayPal with our money and making sure everything runs smoothly but they can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone or deal with customers when they do!!!! Worse company ever!! I’ll be forwarding this experinace onto the sun so they can warn the worldmof this terrible PayPal.

  399. Miranda says:

    PayPal Customers,
    Please beware of PayPal they will close your account just like they did with me with no explanation, sending me a email stating
    “For the safety and security of the PayPal network, we often review accounts for potential risks. After reviewing your account, we have decided to close it because of security issues.

    We are making every effort to minimize any disruption to your business.

    If your PayPal account balance is zero, and you have no unresolved buyer complaints or chargebacks, your account will remain limited.

  400. Clayton Napier says:

    This company is really bad. They dont care about people and will do anything to make extra money off of you by holding your funds.

  401. Sara says:

    Started a case with PayPal after I made a purchase never received. The case process requires you to contact the seller. However, the seller removed their website and email so there was no one to contact. PayPal never responded to me at all. Following this, I started a new complaint and used a different type (it won’t let you lodge the same type of complaint for the same case, or ask any one anything – and again, I received NO updates or response from PayPal.) I said it was a falsified payment (it was fraudulently taking my money using PayPal as the go-between.) Again, PayPay did not respond, and when I went to review the status of the case, they had cleared it out. I was not allowed to start any new cases related to this date. So was quite upset. Horrible service.

  402. Brianna Rappa says:

    I will never in my life suggest paypal to anyone. They are absolutely the worst company to deal with. DONT USE THEM AND DONT TRUST THEM.

  403. REBECCA says:

    this business is a joke—constant trouble with them for weeks—-and when I FINALLY do get to customer service. I keep getting this fool who giggles constantly and really does not give you concrete answers FOR ANY THING—-IF THERE WAS ANOTHER SERVICE TO USE WITH EBAY, I WOULD GO IN A FLASH—-F FOR SERVICE

  404. Arthur Sommer says:

    I sold a $3000.00 coin to a buyer in Italy through eBay auctions. When it arrived the buyer claimed the package was damaged and the coin missing. I filed an insurance claimed and informed him USPS would contact him, he claimed he reported it to the Italian post but he didn’t respond to confirm the damage to the insurance carrier but started a dispute with PayPal for package not recieved. PayPal had no interest in the facts from me only proof of delivery which was provided but requesting it several times over the course of a week. Then after more then a week the buyer was permitted to change his claim to not as described and closed in his favor within 24hours removing the 3K from my account. The buyer never confirmed with the insurance carrier and USPS did an investigation and found he never reported any issues and did not respond to an inquiry. PayPal has only one thing to say”the buyer showed sufficient evidence the item wasn’t as described. I started a suit against them and sent the paperwork to the litigation dept. but tracking just shows the papers are at the P.O ready to be picked up in CA but now I’m finding out they moved to Singapore? This hole thing is getting ridiculous.

  405. Debby Fitzgerald says:

    Paypal is BS. I have sent several documents stating where my package is and they do nothing but refund buyer and laugh at me. Don’t use paypal for any business and don’t give them your bank account they think they own you and your bank account and do NOTHING for the seller they only look out for buyers who get the merchandise and the refund. THEY ARE CROOKS! There is NO seller protection. Done with Paypal!! Been with them for 15 years and this is how I get treated.

  406. ROB J YELTON says:

    have used Paypal for many, many purchases. One warning to ALL. Know exactly what you are buying and from whom. I purchased $500 worth of Chinese crap batteries from a fraudulent NYC company. Paypal denied all claims as they obviously make a mint off these crooks and could care less about the purchaser. Buyer protection is a joke!!!

  407. Maria H says:

    AVOID at all cost – PayPal doesn’t care about you at all!. They freeze your transactions and have no interest in helping you solve the issue; the customer service numbers either don’t work or are not answered. They didn’t care I was left stranded at an airport and missed my flight.

  408. Sara says:

    PayPal is GARBAGE! My husbands identity was stolen when he was 18 years old and he tried to use PayPal and they told him he could not because there was a $300 hold on the account. He attempted to dispute it and spent countless hours on the phone with customer service to file the dispute. They never did get back to him, so he called again. They told him his dispute was basically for nothing and he would have to pay the outstanding balance to use their services again. Frustrated and tired, he finally gave in and paid the remaining balance. However, they told him even though he paid off the balance he STILL could not use their services! You can imagine how upset he was after paying that amount of money for a service THEY WILL NOT PROVIDE. He relies heavily on money transfer apps for work and this was just beyond a HORRIBLE experience. My suggestion? There are plenty of other applications that provide the same type of support and I, along with my husband, will be using any other service besides PayPal.

  409. MARINOS IOANNOU says:

    I bought a phone from a known site, seller send me a tracking number, and one day i see that my package was held in Germany, and delivered somewhere in Germany. The problem is I live in a different country. I open a dispute in paypal, i sent them the links to see by themselves. But they said to me that there is nothing wrong and that seller delivered the package succesfully. By the way i manage to spoke with shipping company and they acknowledged that there was a mistake. But paypal didn’t pay attention to my info. They say “we investigate”. Lies. They prefer to side with big selling sites because they earn money from them. I lost 260dollars. Thanks Paypal

  410. Ron Jean says:

    Scam agency, needs IMF intervention, as well FBI and other interntional agencies that seek to combat international monetary fraud. They are trying to collect multiple balances from me, my accounts are an open book to you ALL with no warrant nor permission. I’ve already reviewed the bank statements to see the charges successfully removed from my bank account. This won’t stop until our well equipped agents forcefully stop illegal activities of this nature by all means necessary once and for all

  411. Wenyue Scano says:

    They hired people who don’t speak good English well. I wasted 40 minutes on the call with the customer service person!

  412. Benjamin E Nixon says:

    So, I had a complaint with PayPal:

    Seller sent me an email with a UPS tracking number (1Z2180040364535111) that shows a 36 pound package being left at a “dock”, signed for by Gibson, and weighing 36 pounds as proof of delivery. My address is a house, so there is no dock, boating, loading, or otherwise. There is no Gibson at this address, and I don’t know how a Google Home Max would weigh 36 pounds. I tried emailing the seller at the address on their site, [email protected], but the email was kicked back stating the mailbox was full. I also tried calling the number provided on their site (949-569-4371), but it always rings busy. So then, I did some research on the internet and confirmed this site is indeed a scam. Eg. Please help!

    In about 20 minutes they sided with the merchant who had shipped me nothing.

  413. Leonard Salvatore says:

    I order a set of rims and tires for my sons new cars ,I was , told I had to open a pay pal account to have them deliverd to my job , they needed to be signed for , so I did open a pay pal account BIG MISTAKE. Seller sent different pair apartly they did not have the pair I orderbut still advertise a clearance price on line for the 4 weeks instock ,they were similar . so I tried them and they didn’t fit his new car , they guarantee that they will fit but didn’t .and they knew this ahead of time the cost was $2250 I paid. Pay pal agreed with me told me I had to send them back and it was going to cost me $600 to ship back and I have to loss $600 for the seller purposely sending rims and tires that I didn’t order and didn’t fit but will still cost me $600 to,send back and have nothing , if you think this is fair stick with Pay Pal if not please cancel your Pay Pal account befor it happen to you

  414. LINA DUNLAP says:

    I have a very bad experience after all these years with PayPal. I had a open dispute since the end of April with a company called Chic Me. I was told to send merchandise back to China and used the info provided by PayPal to send back. The merchandise was 173.05 and the shipping was 56.00+ to send back. PayPal refunded me 30.00 on shipping and refused refund on return because they could not track package once it was in China. I sent pictures of the label from the info the sent me and I feel it is unfair for people to take your money through PayPal and if you are unsatisfied and send back and package is lost through NO fault of yours you are just out of luck. I am really disappointed in how the turned out and will be reporting to BBB

  415. Steven Jackson says:

    I will never use PayPal again one of their reps told me wrong information and made me lose my money after I filed a dispute they have horrible coustomer service and their reps don’t seem to know how to instruct coustomers according to the situation. It’s been since March 2018 and now the end of may and still haven’t got my money back I called them and told them the situation and they basically said there’s nothing they can do so I lost my money smh very poor service

  416. Ricky L Russell says:

    I bought some Ram from Nemix ram trough NewEgg and had updated my address on both PayPal and NewEgg and they sent it to my old address. I don’t drive so I had to pay a Taxi $20,00 to go pick it up if I wanted it or wanted to get my money back. So when I did go get it i found they had sent bad ram. possibly on purpose as I think Nemix Ram with the bad reviews it has, is a scamming company. So PayPal said return it and email them a copy of the post office receipt and they would return my money immediately and make the other $30.00 to me for te sending it back since things happened they way they did. So I spent another $10.00 to take it and mail it sent them a coy of the receipt and now they are saying they never said that ad they don’t do that well they have done it for me before I gess they just turned into a very shitty company and will be filing a complaint with te better business bureau in their state. please save yourself the headache and just pay with your Visa they have a better guarantee and their customer service is actually for you the buyer and they wont kiss the sellers ass.

  417. Xeryn Aktekin says:

    They basically helped people commit buyer fraud by allowing someone weeks after the transaction to refund their transaction- I’ve given what was asked and ended up in the negative and PayPal basically said ,”we aren’t a bank so too bad”. So now I owe 915$ from a scam they helped commit .

  418. NH says:

    PayPal is a fucking SCAM!!! It’s just another corporation that makes their bucks by overcharging you on interest, fees, and exaggerated policies. Why do I have to wait for my payment, for services provided PRIOR to being paid?! So you can hold my money in your bank and gain interest? Why do I have to pay interest on payments for services I provided? I’m being paid for my work and you guys are profiting off my hard work? What a rip off. Nobody cares about good consumer relations.

  419. Dani O says:

    PayPal’s very inefficient and dishonest system has cost me almost $500 this year in NSF charges because of the way they take payments. I did all of the transactions on the same day, when the account had in money, they were all confirmed as being paid, so of course after I did my deductions yet 5 payments out of 20 did not make attempts to pull the money from my account until the 22nd which was NOT agreed to by me. I thought the paypal balance would show a negative balance, like the last time and I just used my credit card to pay off the paypal account since I had removed the link between my bank account and paypal since Feb 1 2018 as a direct result of this same event happening the last time. I just LOST a bunch of money thanks to paypal so now I wont be able to eat for 2-3 weeks as a result of these NSF charges. I want my account to be closed permanently and I want nothing else to do with paypal. To which they replied they cant do that which is exactly what their reps say about every single issue, that they cant do anything. I cant remove my bank account because PayPal wont let me, it is my account not theirs. I asked them to remove all of my information and for it to be destroyed and I want the pending transactions to be cancelled. I even reiterated that they do not have my permission to pull from my bank account I removed that link myself since Feb 1 and yet on their end it was denied ( but no email was sent making it appear like it never happened) they do not even send emails when you request to removed ur cards or accounts, they only send an email when it has been confirmed which is very dishonest and is not right since when I requested it, it should have gone through without an issue. S I did not have any pending transactions either since I stopped using for this entire time until now, this will be my last time, and I have been a member since 2011 but they cost me so much money in NSF charges in the last 1.5 years.

  420. Rdc says:

    Worst company. Tells you deposit will be made. Immediately. Then goes into. Review for 2 days.. Can’t wait for blockchain tech to put them out if business

  421. Emily says:

    It’s a fucking fraud and scam. I had 2 master card gift cards and I wanted to create a pay pal account so it would be easier to purchase items online since I didn’t have to re write each time and I could make large purchases at once but oh no it was not. They charged me over 12 times for the codes and when I called them back to cancel them they said they did but there was over 10 dollars worth of codes (2.45 for each code). They said that none didn’t go through but on my balance on the card it said right there it went through. They refused to give the money back. The whole business is self conceited and they told me to just ask the other company (master card). Just don’t bother with pay pal because all they care about is taking your money. It is a shitty ass company thats need to rethink their plan. A fucking scam.

  422. Renae says:

    I sold an item on EBay, and after receiving payment to my Paypal account they failed to transfer my money in a timely manner. I was told I could transfer it within minutes using a debit card, and it took a week! Upon calling and speaking to several representatives, I was unable to receive any help! They were rude and I will not be using PayPal anymore for any of my financials needs!

  423. Samantha says:

    I wish there were more options besides Paypal. Their customer service department is incompetent. If you have issues with your account or obtaining your funds, they are little to no help. They admit to having little idea how their own services work so are not in a position to assist. They don’t try to help the customer at all, despite the issues caused by the delays created by their own system. They are not customer focused and will not regulate any time to searching for real answers or attempting real assistance. As soon as I can, I am transferring all my business to different programs and services.

  424. Rebecca Clarke says:

    I would never recommend Paypal to anyone unless I wanted them financially destroyed. You forgot to mention in the Cons about how Paypal randomly select accounts on any given day to freeze your money and then withhold it for up to 6 months. Paypal have a list of 300 excuses that they use to steal your money and they get away with it all the time. Literally nearly every cent that goes in to your Paypal its at best a wait to access any of it and at worst you have to fight to get your money. The latter happens more often than the former. If its not withholding your money for 21 days for whatever excuse they choose for it, its them not sending through the withdrawal to bank account for 3-5 days, or its them holding your own money to ransom demanding that you do steps that are impossible to complete before you get your money. All of it is of course designed for them to hold your money and invest it as long as they can. It even says in the user agreement that they will invest your money as they please. I personally have been sickened to my stomach more times than I want to remember when logging in to my paypal to get money out that had just been paid to me and finding that Paypal are “holding it” and have had to really fight to get it back. The higher the amount the more likely they are to do it. And if you get paid anything over $1,000 its a guarantee that it will be immediately frozen until you provide your family tree nearly and ID that nobody has on hand ever. Once again its all to stop you getting your money as long as they can. So you follow all the steps, running around stressed getting your birth certificate, and applying for passports etc etc, which of course takes time and then if you manage to actually complete them all you still have only a 50% chance of getting your money released. They often just find another excuse to hold it longer.
    Use Paypal at your own peril. They make their own laws and get away with legal theft when they should be shut down for it.

  425. Dylan pico says:

    Paypal is a peace pf shit company the are fast to charge you actually instantaneously but hold your money until they want can take thems weeks to release it

  426. William Herbert says:

    I rarely ever use Pay Pal, but I get frequent emails from them with various offers. I wanted to unsubsribe/stop my account, and it was extremely difficult to do so. Kept going around in circles. Instructions couldn’t be followed (eg go to Notifications, but there was no such option on the page I was viewing). I think I’ve finally cancelled my account, but I’m not sure. Very poor experience

  427. Hardevsinh Jadeja says:

    PayPal is big mess. I have bad experience as one of the agency charged my credit card through paypal and while asking about fraudanllant charge, PayPal took a long time to settle.

    I will never use such company in furniture.

    They are commission agent and nothing more.

  428. RSF says:

    Something seriously wrong with PayPal Credit. I was having a problem with my PayPal account switching to PayPal Credit when making a purchase. This would happen even though I had changed the settings. I made a small $7.99 purchase in February and after the fact noticed that the charge had been applied to PayPal Credit rather than my checking account. I called PayPal and spoke to a rep who advised me to just pay off the $7.99. I did that and it appears on my account. Suddenly this month I received notice that I had an overdue payment of $14.99. Did not make any sense because there was no record of a purchase for $7.99. Called customer service at PayPal and after some back and forth was told I was charged a late fee and interest on the $7.99. This did go to a supervisor who told the agent to tell me that the problem occurred because I paid the account too EARLY. The refused to remove the extra fees even though they could plainly see that the original charge had been paid. Instead, they refunded my original $7.99 payment leaving me to pay a charge of $14.99. I guess this is how PayPal chooses to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

  429. PayPal is a mess, just trying to get the money to transfer into a bank account has taken hours of phone time, no one in customer service seems to know the answer and we still haven’t been able to figure out why it won’t go through, as a small business owner that does multiple transactions of thousands of dollars a day, to have no way to transfer funds from PayPal to our bank account is ridiculous. I’m shocked at how bad the customer service is and have decided to go strictly Venmo and will no longer use PayPal.

  430. Last mango says:

    After 20 years of being a customer, today I learned that they do not back you up. I sold a $600 product on eBay over four months ago. It was clear in the listing that if there was a problem in the brand new still sealed box product, to contact the company Directly. First he tried to get my personal information because he falsified where The product was to be sent. I filed a complaint with eBay they said that I handled my incorrectly and that they would assist. Four months later he contact PayPal unbeknownst to me and talked them into returning $600 from my account. It was not investigated nor was I contacted despite their claims to of tried to contact me. Turns out they used an old email that I had changed and also scolded me for not logging in regularly to check my message center. They stole my money. People should know of the unethical for my business that PayPal is running.

    1. This is very sad actually. Something like this happened to a fellow seller. He had received a dispute and Paypal had frozen his account. Turns out the user is actually new to Paypal and doesn’t know how to use it so instead of asking for a refund he thought opening up a dispute would be easier!

  431. Toni Lingo says:

    The lack of knowledge of how a person is to retrieve their monies from a PayPal card is Ridiculous, I have NEVER spoken to some many individuals in one day just to simply retrieve my monies and yet still have NO SUCCESS. I will never USE PAYPAL EVER AGAIN. I dont recommend anyone to, if you have an issue their team of reps havent a clue how to freakin assist you. BUNCH of effin idiots I will not stop until I get MY MONEY!

  432. KEITH says:

    PAYPAL sucks!!! VERY hard to get a LIVE customer service agent. They can freeze or decline perfectly valid transactions for any reason, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Trying DWOLLA and PAYSIMPLE as an alternative right now. Hopefully, they can’t be any WORSE than PAYSCAM!!! PAYSCAM says their security is there to “PROTECT YOU”!!! ha ha ha!

  433. Cristian says:

    PayPal do double charge to your custumers and there is no custumer support that helps you on that.It is way better to use a bank instead than PayPal.

  434. Jeff says:

    PayPal is the worst. I had a fraud transaction box came anyway. Was returned sealed unopened and eBay notified. 3 days of phishing fact mails after. A month later bank dropped claim as PayPal said tracking to me was good even though security at PayPal see fraud on actual guest. Seller has sold the returned item that I have been charge 1,5 months and has forwarded many emails telling him he can’t return the money as it’s under investigation?? How can neither the bank,myself or the seller be right. They also will not except documentation or care they just hold money interest free forever. Have no idea why people use them.

  435. Mike Barba says:

    Worst company I know for transferring money customers pay them to the companies owed in a timely manner!!!
    Get a merchant services company from any bank to do same thing overnight that takes pay pal a week or longer so they can collect interest on your money!!! Should be illegal.

  436. Barry Brasuell says:

    I ordered sheets from luxury bamboo bedding. I did not get the order, when I called seller, he became irate and slammed the phone down on me, He stated “we have NEVER had a order that was lost” I call Paypal to dispute and it was decided against me because the seller had a “tracking” number. I did not sign for the order, and Paypal said if it is under $750 you do not have to sign. I requested proff that I got the order and all Paypal would say was seller had a tracking number. I will never use Paypal again, DSO not believe the “we are here to help you” They saure didn’t help

  437. Sam G says:

    PayPal is only good for buying goods from online websites. I can receive money onto my Paypal account, but I am not able to transfer into my bank. It asks for phone verification, but does not let me add my phone number because it says it is not registered under my name. I already have a phone number linked to my account, and I already verified through a code that it is indeed my phone, but this does not pop up as an option to use to verify the money transfer. I spent hours on the phone with their incompetent staff who were telling me the same script over and over. They weren’t able to explain anything. Eventually when I got to one of the 3 supervisors I spoke to, they weren’t able to help me and told me the phone verification process is a loop that is designed so you have to call them to verify. They said if it is a large amount, they couldn’t tell me what amount was defined as “large”, it is flagged and won’t let me transfer. My account was put on hold for about a week, I lost money for the down payment on a car, and lost a car that I was supposed to buy with the PayPal money. I had to hire someone to move me because I did not have a car and again lost hundreds of dollars. The money is still in my account but is not accessible, so I will have to send it back to the person who gave it to me and lose that money as well. So as far as I am concerned, PayPal is one of the most poorly designed and implemented companies I have ever put in trust of my money and I will let everyone I care about know of their deception. They will hold YOUR money and not let you access YOUR money. I am looking into using Google Pay instead, because Google is known for actually programming things that work.

  438. Elis says:

    Trouble, trouble and trouble! This doesn’t work! I just want to delete my account as soon as I can. Terrible service!

  439. Kasandra says:

    Paypal will take money off of whatever card is on your account, will not fix it and then they tell you its what you agreed to pay. Don’t agree to shit before reading every single print. They allowed ebay to take 195.43 from my debit card and they weren’t supposed to. None of your information will be safe with this company. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.

  440. James Norris says:

    sad day after following the advice of paypal employees with ebay selling and connecting the moneys to my paypal account (paypal has recorded the many times I have called for help) They have locked my account with not even give me the time of day when I ask for help. I guess being a senior citizen has a special place with paypal.

  441. Joshua Scott says:

    F paypal tried using to receive money and money was held got told it was random security selection which I believed till I got a message that it happen again B.S. random security selection worst part is just because the same person is sending money to same account for last 6 weeks I must be a criminal trying to commit fraud even though it cleared 3 weeks before hope the next shooter hits paypal instead of the schools

  442. A Fletcher says:

    GREAT ON MARKETING, LOUSY ON FOLLOW-THRU!!! I could not get return information from merchant (I AM SUPERHERO) after several emails. I contacted Paypal after 5-6 emails and no response from the merchant. Paypal REFUSED to give me a return address for the merchant and said I should file a claim with my credit card company. WARNING…WARNING…Stay away from Paypal. It is a scam. There is absolutely no benefit in using Paypal when in claim resolution they are not meeting the main claim in their marketing and advertising. That makes them seem like the fraud in my opinion.

  443. Vicki M. says:

    Paypal did not help me get a (small) refund for merchandise I did not receive. I provided PP with information to show that tracking for the package ‘fell off’ after it allegedly left the vendor (Designer Trends/Walmart.) I contacted both vendors along with PP. I am more than disappointed with Paypal’s customer service and I will use it as seldom as I can in the future.

  444. Mark says:

    I have always had problems with paypal. This last time was the last time I will ever use them. I wasn’t able to make a payment for a floral arrangement for my classmates who lost their mother to cancer, and my class was pitching in to purchase it. I talked to the customer service rep,after “confirming” my card by withdrawing a $1.95 fee, when I went back in to make the payment, It said to contact paypal because it could not be processed. I did and they said my bank declined the payment. I called my bank….of course they haven’t received it. Oh did I mention I spent 20 inconvenient minutes on the phone with the paypal rep? Please NEVER use paypal.


    Bought goods through PP last Feb. Only received half of my order. Paypal wouldn’t entertain my case.

    Had to open and re-open my case 4 times. My money was taken and i only received half of my order.

    No come back. Lots of heart ache and frustration.

    Very poor service. Would not recommend.

  446. renee odo says:

    worst customer service ever, they mess up my address causing the package to be returned, then they tell you your refund will be there within a day or 2 well its now a week later still no money. I dont know why vendors still use paypal with so many better options out there. from now on if paypal is the only way to pay then i don’t shop at your site.

  447. Victoria Bingham says:

    I will never use Pay Pal again for anything except modest transactions. Using the service to sell my car has been a nightmare. Who does PP think they are to decide to hold up the delivery of the payment amount between the buyer and myself for TWENTY ONE DAYS!? It’s MY money from a transaction between adults, in which the buyer has already received the title and transferred it to himself, and I was charged a small ransome to use their money transfer services.. and now Paypal is delaying delivery to him of the car while they hold onto the funds the buyer paid.. And every time I call PP, I get a different answer to the questions of how to get the funds released. I’m going to cancel and never use PP again for anything but a few dollars…

  448. Channing Holmes says:

    I signed up for PayPal on the recommendation of a friend. At first receiving and transferring money was easy. Now it takes at least 24 hours to receive your hard earned money. When I contacted customer service they were no help. I’m not sure if they aren’t trained properly, if they are incompetent or they just don’t care. I will never use them again . You would be better off using any other online money transfer company but steer far far way from PayPal.

  449. mike says:

    I signed up here just because I saw that Paypal got a grade of B. Sure, they may process a lot of easy transactions, but if there is ever a need to do anything out of the ordinary or need customer service of any kind, PAYPAL IS AN F. F stands for fail and at least one other four-letter f word. They are sooo terrible. And it is not just my experience, there are literally tens of thousands of people who have taken the time to post about their horrible experiences with Paypal. There is a website and a Facebook page called ‘paypal sucks.’ A poll put them as the 5th place for the worst ever customer service, not far behind Comcast, AT&T, TimeWarner Cable and Verizon (who are truly horrible as well).

  450. Michael Lechleitner says:

    Fuck PayPal there are thiefs my uncle sent me $$ thru PayPal and they froze my account saying it’s under review why is $40 under review. I called them they had no explanation and said if would take up to 24hrs to release my $$ it’s been 3 dam days and I still don’t have my $$ fuck paypal

  451. Shawnna says:

    I ordered items almost $100 worth from a company off of Facebook. A month goes by and I have not received my items. I received a bogus tracking number but did not receive my items. So I open a claim with paypal. The seller quit communicating so I escalated the claim. At this point the seller was given until March 26th to respond. They did not respond and now Paypal is refusing to give me back my money. They claim the items were delivered, which they were not. It has been two months and still not items, and still no money. I have emails from the company where they are saying they are not sending the items and would refund my money which neither have happened. Paypal is a damn joke. They don’t give a crap about you as a customer. I told them it would be a shame if they lost me because I use them for EVERYTHING! I absolutely hate liars, and they claim I have received something that I have not. I ordered maternity items from a company called Calladream. The items should have been received over a month and a half ago, but were not. All I want is my money back and the order canceled. Calladream said they have done that, but they have not. Paypal refuses to do anything. They claim the items have been received even though Calladream says they were not sent out.

  452. Sharon says:

    How Pay Pal Stands Behind Thieves

    We’ve all had our ups and downs with pay pal beginning with when I joined the first time years ago. After I had joined, I was visiting many different sites , as usual when I received and email notification that Pay Pal had taken over $70.00 from my checking account for an item I didn’t purchase. I emailed them and called. They realized I had not made the purchase and refunded my money , 3 months later. …… That’s a long time for a mistake on their part. I soon deleted my pay pal account and felt lots better. Fast forward 10-15 years and an item I really wanted to purchase was only available through pay pal payments. I joined Pay Pal again. Things have gone smooth with most of my transaction except this last one and I have learned a little more about Pay Pal than I knew before.
    I purchased an item from out of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Well, I thought I purchased an item from Hobbies for us via Jay Wardwell.. Oh yes, I looked him up on Facebook. Had I actually glimpsed his profile before ordering, I never would have ordered from him. That’s another story. Some lessons are learned the hard way. So I am having all of these problems getting my order shipped from this Jay Wardwell. I had ordered from him 2 years prior without any problems. This however, was going to prove to be a challenge.
    Times change , people change…. not always for the better.
    The website states that all items are shipped within 4-7 business days. Those business days came and went for me ( Lie #1) and I emailed him and asked about my item. He replied it would be shipped in two days. Lie number 2 . It never came. I called him. He told me yes, he had the item and was checking it out and it was in the back and he was waiting on a packing slip from Fed Ex. He would let me know as soon as he received the tracking number. Lie number 3. I was emailing him and sending account statements to him via Pay Pal twice per week. I left messages. His answering machine said he would return my calls. Lie number 4. Now he is avoiding me. To date. He has heard from me at least 50 times. :) . I called his answering machine and decided to just burn up the tape on his machine with silence. After burning the limited time of answering machine usage, I was told time was up and to press 1 to send the message. He got tired of that and after a few more times, he picked up the phone and surprise, It was me again. I told him how I was calling about my Jan 10th order. He stuttered and stammered around and said he had been in the hospital with the flu and when he got out he broke his wrist. And another excuse about a guy that was supposed to be helping him wasn’t, and he would ship it out the next day. He didn’t Lie number 5. A few days later, I started burning up his answering machine with silence and tricked him into answering the phone again, for what has been next to the last time I would communicate with the thief. Once again, he told me he would be getting back with me that day with a tracking number from Fed Ex…. Lie number 6.
    I contact him once again and tell him I will be contacting Pay Pal. He asks me not to do it and says the package was at Fed Ex and he didn’t know why they would not verify this for me when I called to see if he was telling the truth. That was enough for me.
    The following day I contacted PayPal and told them what he had done. They too contacted Fed Ex and then they removed the $269.00 he stole from me from his account. Oh wow, ……talk about somebody getting in touch. All of a sudden I am receiving urgent emails from him telling me he does not have my contact phone number (even though it was provided on the order form) and he needs to talk to me right away.
    The very day that they removed his money, he shipped the item. He wanted his money back. He sent pics to me via his phone showing me the item inside Fed Ex facility with packing slip on it. (That he received 3 days prior)
    The next day he is emailing to see if I contacted Pay Pal because he wanted his money back. Unknowingly, I called Pay Pal and told them the item was received and in working order so I could go ahead and cancel the transaction claim I had against him.
    PayPal told me that I had would have to contact them again to open another claim against him . I said I could do that. Well, lo and behold, the defective item lasted for 5 days. Jay Wardwell answered the phone when I called and of course lo, and behold, he was shipping another unit with a one year warranty of the same or equal value within 2 days. Losing track now of how many lies he told so rather than re-count, I have decided from here on out to just refer to him as a lying thief and scam artist that prays on the victims that he can scam.
    I called PayPal…. Oh geez, guess what- The computer was locked and would not allow them to open another claim because the claim had been cancelled…. What? This is what they told me to do if I found the item was defective . You see, Pay Pal gets no money for returning my money to me, because I have been victim of a lying stealing cheating scam artist from Sterling Michigan. Pay Pal advised me to contact my bank which I have done and am presently filing fraud charges via the bank. So buyer beware. Just because somebody is verified through PayPal and they say your money is safe- Bottom line- No it isn’t. The lying cheating scam artist Jay Wardwell from Sterling Michigan at has been drinking (and God knows what else) my money away and Pay Pal is okay with that. I can only hope that some day someone can start a petition to delete Jay Wardwell , and PayPal from the internet. I would sign it in a heartbeat. Beware of Scam Artists like Jay Wardwell. Pay Pal backs him and he will rob you blind.

  453. Magpie says:

    Terrible email customer service!!! Very indignant in their email when you are upset over a transaction you did not authorize!

  454. Selma Bayram says:

    Terrible service!!! They held my money for 3 days after I sold a van. The Cust Srvc Rep Peggy badge #44957 spoke broken English said she’s from Philippines!!! Unbelievable how they are outsourcing our jobs!!! They charged me $385 for the transaction!!! I had the buyer here who was on the phone with paypal and said I have the item I’m satisfied give him his money I don’t want him to wait 3 days!!! Turns out had we selected FRIENDS AND FAMILY TRANSACTION it would’ve been paid asap. So now I wait 3 days. This is u acceptable and we shouldn’t have to wait 3 days when buyer and seller confirmed item is received!!!

  455. James Gerth says:

    I have been a customer of theirs for 15 years and while they have no problem accepting payments from me and taking their fees, I have never once had a payment received that they didn’t put a hold on from 2 weeks up to 1.5 months. I cannot wait for ebay to transition away from them and hope to be one of the first to go. Their customer service is horrendous as well as their treatment of their customers. If you can avoid dealing with them at any cost, do so and save yourself many headaches!

  456. Helmut says:

    Paypal refuses to pay up the overdraft charges I incurred due to an abuse of my Paypal Business debit card. I e-mailed the CEO, who is to chicken or stuck up to reply. Company’s customer service has been a joke. They owe me $259. I owe them allegedly $181.67.I highly recommend finding a different option than Paypal.I’m going to start looking at legal options against CEO D. Schulman. Seems to be the only way this company will be civil about taking care of its debts.So, find yourself an alternative like Google Wallet or WePay. I am sure they are better than the shit show Paypal.

  457. trs says:

    Why does pay pal only stand up for the crooks who sell you junk???

    1. Sharon says:

      Pay pal stands behind crooks stealing your money and selling junk because they get no commission on your returns.

  458. Tom says:

    Actually I suppose PayPal usually gets most transactions right — but when they make a mistake they absolutely refuse to admit anything can be their fault and are in absolutely no hurry to correct the mistake even after they agree that there is a mistake to be corrected.

    Last night I made a purchase on eBay, and of course paid by PayPal. This morning I got an email from the merchant saying I had cancelled the payment and asking what I wanted to do. I had never cancelled the payment.

    I checked PayPal and they showed that I had made the payment and that the merchant had refunded it. I waded through all the PayPal crap to be able to call them, and they assured me that it was a refund and that only the merchant could have initiated the refund.

    I contacted the merchant, who knew he didn’t refund the payment, so he called PayPal. First they told him I cancelled the payment. When he wouldn’t accept that story, they checked some more and decided that it must have been a mistake by eBay’s computers because I must have had several transactions being processed simultaneously (wrong because that was my only transaction last night). PayPal had credited the merchant then THREE SECONDS LATER PayPal took the money back.

    The merchant contacted me again. Now, I still want my item, and the merchant still wants the money — but PayPal still has my money. Their webpage says the money was refunded but my bank says it has not been refunded yet.

    Checking back and forth with PayPal and the bank, I find that PayPal says they already refunded the money BUT that it “may take up to 30 days to show up on your statement” which might be true for the monthly statement, but is NOT even slightly true for the bank’s online system where transactions are posted in very near real time – transactions are posted in minutes, not days. All my transactions from this afternoon are already posted but still no refund – I called the bank and they say there are no outstanding transactions that have not been posted – certainly no transaction from last night.

  459. Filios says:

    Paypal are proper thieves when it comes to protecting sellers, especially with their stupid policy for intangible items! People robe sellers off because of this policy. They send their account details to a friend that buys something from a cafeteria ip that is under this category digital books, digital currency etc.

    Once the “buyer” receives the intangible items, the buyer opens a case for unauthorised transaction.

    Then paypal, ebay play sitting ducks, say they do not cover this category which in my opinion it should not be an option using paypal for particular categories on ebay.

    The “buyer” gets the intangible good, their money back and the sellers are ripped off.

    After using paypal or 13 years, they do not offer security for their sellers!

  460. william says:

    i been doing business with paypal since 2010 and in the past three month I been victim of over 10,000 on merchant fraud and paypal keepng the money from all cases in ebay as credit to buyer regardles of case decided in our favor. paypal refuses to acknowledge or correct the fraud. in multiple ocassion paypal deposited less than amount tranfered with out reason and stole credit card disputes regardless of the outcome… enven in cases patpal supervisor credits us, cases are reversed and mony stolen from our account buy paypal. We need legal help urgently.

  461. Kenneth Nicely says:

    First 3 reps tell me 3 different things when it can to putting my payment on hold. Then I see how the take fee for this and fee for that and lets charge a fee for that too. I have never had this problem before so this new system they put in has stopped me from selling again.

  462. Steven says:

    I was a Pay Pal victim of unfair, immoral, and illegal in the United States actions that would disgust anyone. They even reversed a decision in my favor by eBay where the transaction took place. Pay Pal had no access to the record on eBay, and seemed to even have it in for eBay since eBay is replacing Pay Pal with “Adyen”. I followed up with complaints to the Consumer Protection Commission in the US, which can fine and regulate Pay Pal. If you can avoid Pay Pal, do it at all costs, I closed my account with them.

  463. Brooke says:

    Very disappointed in their dispute resolution. I asked for a refund of a transaction done of damaged good, which they say the protect according to policy. The resolution was I pay $95 in shipping for return and they give me a refund of $25…. Saddened by they lack of a fair resolution and support of unjust commerce.

  464. Your company is unethical and your commercials are false advertisement. I was paid for a service I provided and because the sender clicked goods and service instead of friends and family Paypal took their $9.00 fee and held my funds for 21 days. Paypal is a scam and they do not pay the recipients interest on your money they are holding. I will never use Paypal again and I will not recommend anyone wanting to use them in any other transaction I am involved with. Their system is designed to make their comppany wealthy and is not designed to provide a seamless process for the recipients of the funds.

  465. Art says:

    PayPal customer service is very unprofessional and rude..

  466. mauricio albornoz says:

    Horrible waited for almost 2 hours on the phone keep me in hold forever couldn’t get through,. ending hanging up (I do close to a million with paypal every year).

  467. Jakob Aðils says:

    This company is the most dishonest I have ever dealt with in my life. Their business modell is basically one that uses all means necessary to screw both the one making a payment and the receiver. This ís evident tí the users, especially when one tries to use their webpage.

  468. Scott Hansen says:

    I am so glad to see some new competition out there. Hopefully some of the changes with EBay will wake PayPal up that they need to do better. I just spent the last month in a dispute process from a purchase made. When I finally speak to someone that was difficult to understand I had no option but to agree with an option this representative offered to just get it over with, only to find out later she miscommunicated what she was offering and settled in Canadian dollars when I live in the US and was discussing US dollars. Never felt so cheated/misrepresented with a large company before.

    When I email them now I received a canned email response apologizing with my dissatisfaction but do not address my question of having a manager review and contact me.
    I understand why their stock has been up and down(more down) recently.

  469. Steven Cycler says:

    An extremely poor, slow and pathetic service.

    On the 21st Feb’ 2018, I phoned PayPal and got transferred to the `Technical Support`. I then waited on their line for 54 minutes (with annoying music) then the call went dead.

    I then phoned back and was transferred again. This time I waited for 1 hour and 18 minutes on their line (with the same music), but couldn’t hang on anymore.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this with PayPal. I would expect a better and faster service from such a huge (& very wealthy) company, but I can truly say I’ve had REALLY bad experiences and will certainly be looking elsewhere for a better merchant.

    Terrible !!!

  470. Tim Ford says:

    The PayPal Experience

    My poor experience with PayPal is as much my fault as it is theirs.

    I created a PayPal account in order to give customers an alternate form of purchasing products from my website. Unfortunately, using PayPal as an additional payment provider cost me alot of money and resulted in poor customer service on my part.

    I am a distributor. I do not have a mom and pop shop selling cheap odds and ends. I have to pay for the products that I distribute to my customers…and they are not cheap. It turns out that PayPal holds all new sales (over $100) for 21 days from purchase. Then once the funds are released, the bank transfer takes an additional 5-7 business days. I received numerous purchases from customers that using PayPal on my website. These orders quickly added up to approximately $2400. I quickly realized that PayPal was going to keep my customers funds, therefore I struggled to purchase the products from the manufacturers to ship to my customers, but I stopped using PayPal once I realized they were keeping my customers funds. However I was able to shipp all of my orders, for the exception of three. I simply could not afford these products until PayPal released my funds. I waited for PayPal to release my funds. However just one day before my customers funds were to be released to me, a customer filed a Dispute with PayPal (as opposed to contacting me directly). PayPal instantly closed my account due to the Dispute and seized the approx $2400 in my account. Now I am unable to collect my customers’ funds and I am out the cost of all of the products that I shipped to them. PayPal will hold my customers funds for 6 months before they are finally released to me. I am also unable to ship the last two orders that I couldn’t ship until PayPal released my funds. This looks very bad on my company. I have unhappy customers and now fear a bad reputation.

    As I stated above, this is as much my fault as it is PayPal’s. I should have researched how PayPal operates before trusting them to be the liaison between my customers and my company.

    In hindsight I will never use PayPal again. It is financially impossible for a small company like mine to operate with the way PayPal does business. After my experience with PayPal I found thousands of complaints against PayPal, many like my own experience. How PayPal continues to operate this is solely due to lack of regulation. No one really regulates businesses like PayPal. Anyone and everyone can complain about PayPal but nothing will ever be done about it. It is wrong the way PayPal operates, there is no doubt about it. But as long as PayPal has no regulation, they will continue to make millions of dollars off of unsuspecting people like me.
    Note: Here is the shady side of PayPal. The illegal stuff…
    When you open a PayPal account, you have two balances – 1) Pending Balance 2) Available Balance
    All sales over $100 go straight to the Pending Balance. Example: If you have a sale for $250 and for some reason the customer files a Dispute for that sale, that $250 is subtracted from your Available Balance. Note that this balance was already in the Pending Balance. It is not available to you until about 30 days after the purchase date. Now your Available Balance is negative $250. When PayPal finally releases the $250 (when the Dispute is settled), it brings your Available Balance back up to $0. You lost $250! And you still have to ship the product to the customer. It is very tough to keep up with these particular transactions. PayPal does this on purpose. When they finally release the funds for Disputed purchases, you already lost that amount twice. It’s very confusing but that is how PayPal operates. It is illegal and PayPal makes allllot of money from these shady transactions. Keep an eye on any Disputes and watch where the money goes.
    In summary: If you are not selling something that you already own…Do Not Use PayPal.

    If there are any currently class action lawsuits against PayPal, please contact me for inclusion.

  471. HDriggs says:

    They are trying to make me pay $70 in fees for a $10 balance that I was unaware of. They never notified me by email or phone that I had a balance. Most importantly I didn’t know that there was a difference between PayPal and PayPal CREDIT. Apparently I opened a PayPal Credit account unbeknownst to me which is the cause of all of this! They will not work with me. I just want to pay off the $10 balance but they said I had to pay the minimum due which is over $70.00!

  472. Sean rainier says:


  473. Sam Meftah says:

    can’t trust these websit..easily people can steal money …isnot a secure site for pay money at all

  474. jasmine says:

    I created a paypal account for the sole purpose of sending a friend $2200. my transaction was getting stuck on the security screen. I called PayPal and he assured me that once I added my bank account and verified my credit card that I could send the money. I verified my account and I can still not send money. I called into support and the representative told me “it should be working and its not, you can’t use PayPal I would suggest sending money a different way”
    what kind of support is this ? all I want to do I send money to a friend which is what PayPal was designed for … I just want help sending her the money.

  475. Josie M Landa says:

    I bought 2 CDs from a seller but the discs did not play when I put them in computer or player. I contacted the seller & she refused to believe me. I sent her a video with the proof & she still wouldn’t help. I filed a PayPal claim for my money back & AGAINST their policies they refused a refund to me. They sided with the seller. I lost $50 on fake illegal bootlegs that didn’t even play. I would like to report this. Where can I take action about this injustice?

  476. Justin says:

    Like having trouble getting your money?
    Want to wait on the phone on hold for almost 2 hours?
    Want NO SOLUTION to your problem — only way to get my money is to use paypal to pay for other things I want to buy…

    Use paypal and their horrible service.

  477. Tonya says:

    I have had one of the most horrible experiences with paypal. Ethics are just down right rude and I have been waiting a month to get a refund for something I had shipped back, then I’m told by paypal that they won’t refund the money back. FED up with their so called buyer protection and services all together.

  478. Alice says:

    Here is my review on PayPal! Overall it’s ok but what I find ridiculous and frustrating is I transferred $1.50 into my account and it has to be reviewed! Ok I get it first transfer but it’s $1.50 not like it’s $150 I’m transferring! So I call customer service because I learned my card I have for my bank is dormant since I haven’t used it for awhile and I’d have to make a withdrawal to bring the card out which no money on the card. My $1.50 will still go into the account but if I can use it to sign up with what I wanted to is up in the air as o could possibly use my account and routing numbers and that may work. So I called to cancel the transfer and they can’t do it cz I wanted to put it into a different account. So im upset even tho it’s not that much but of it goes into this account I may not be able to touch it! That is what I find frustrating! There should be a option to cancel this transfer but there isn’t and customer service couldn’t help could take 24-72 hours for a review on $1.50! Come on now!!! I will be sending PayPal an email about how ridiculous this really is!

  479. R. C. says:

    Paypal automatically sided with a buyer who purposely damaged an item to get a refund. Now I have a defective item that will go for way less.

  480. Robert Biales says:

    Do not purchase anything through Paypal. Any legitimate business will offer credit card purchases. If you are scammed or receive defective products or service Paypal will not stand behind you. They will always support the merchants who pay them to use the service. Paypal is good for some things and, overall, reputable, except when it comes to customer disputes regarding Paypal purchase. Paypal will not issue a credit to a purchaser for even legitimate disputes. Do not buy anything using Paypal.

  481. Tony says:

    I never write reviews but paypal’s service is so BEYOND TERRIBLE that I was forced to share my opinion, never has it been so complicated to setup a freaking kiddie a** prepaid card.. they wanna be an official bank company so f*cking bad it’s ridiculous..

  482. Brandica says:

    Paypal is ridiculous. I sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid with paypal very fast and I shipped it the next day but since I don’t use one of the more expensive shipping company paypal recommend you to use. They put a hold on the money. My buyer has had the item since January 23, and I’m still waiting for the hold to be removed from my account a week later. And to make matter worse I have been told different days the hold will be removed every time I email or call paypal to find out when the hold is coming off. I don’t think it is right that paypal can verify that the buyer has the item, the buyer has also left positive feedback but paypal can hold my money for over a week. I will be thinking twice if I ever use paypal again. I have emailed them many times and called them to try and get the hold off. They said “release button has not appeared on my account yet so there is no way for anyone to release the hold today” currently they say it will be tomorrow. I’m not holding my breathe.

  483. Sean says:

    I have the paypal app which I use frequently well over this past few months I started to work more with the app while using it with ebay well I sold an item from ebay through paypal which I got a notification to ship item while the buyer cancelled as I shipped item and now paypal nor ebay will guarantee my sell. I have been dealing with this for about 2 months now, got a new phone and they want me to submit proof that the app said okay to ship like how?!? worthless company they draw you in and eat you up. I don’t recommend on using a lot of business with this type of company.

  484. onesy henriquez says:

    I have an issue with a refund , pay pal did not want to give back the money back too much round arounds. Don not use pay pal. no good customer services. they took my $47.50

  485. Stephanie says:

    PAYPAL IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST. It never ever works and makes everything excessively complicated. I have received mail from them that I owe them money, which is RIDICULOUS. This company is absolutely, positively, terrible.

  486. I started to use PayPal for my merchant services and when I signed up they never told me I’d have to wait 30 days to receive my money if I don’t use the Chip Reader. If you choose to use their services, make sure and get their Chip Reader otherwise you won’t get your money for 30 days….CRAZY! Personally I’d recommend going elsewhere as I’m sure they’ll figure out another way to keep your money.

  487. tom says:

    I had a completely unsatisfactory response from Paypal when I reported a fraudulent use of my paypal account. I was not given a chance to respond to the merchants false assertion that I had authorized the payment. I will never trust paypal again

  488. Warren Rogers says:

    I have spent over 13 hours on hold and/or on the phone with your overseas customer support team trying to resolve an issue with a seller. I have now made 6 calls in an effort to get assistance about a problem which is clearly documented in the transaction details and subsequent emails. I have been lied to repeatedly by both the Seller and your agents. I called Paypal again tonight and was on hold for 2 hours and 20 minutes before reaching anyone. I asked to speak to a supervisor when my call was finally answered and waited another 1 hour and 14 minutes for him (Ben) to answer. While he was supposedly in the process of helping me, he asked me to hold and while doing so another agent picked up the call and disconnected me from the Supervisor. After having spent nearly 5 HOURS ON THIS CALL ALONE, I gave up as neither ‘Ben’ nor anyone else ever returned to the line.
    THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is not an isolated incident. During this entire process, I have never waited less than 1 hour and 20 minutes for a representative. That is a PROBLEM! Secondly, Paypal’s overseas agents either don’t know what they are doing or are incredibly inept. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it is to deal with them. You are now ranked with ebay and Comcast at the bottom of the barrel regarding your customer service and something needs to be done. I have my own websites and I am deleting the Paypal option and moving exclusively to Square. I have never had a problem with a buyer but I certainly would not want them to experience what I have experienced so I discontinued the Papal option and indicated why in my website. I will also publicly encourage others to do the same until and unless the problems are conclusively resolved.

    1. LARRY MCCRACKEN says:

      I agree. They are the worst. They do not accept responsibility for their mistakes.

  489. John Solomon says:

    I am lost in PayPal world. Cannot close my account. Cannot speak with anyone. Cannot email. Cannot phone. PayPal has effectively isolated itself from the consuming public. The only way to get a response from PayPal is to have a negative impact on its bottom line. Lots of luck with that.

  490. Lynne says:

    I used to sell on eBay years ago and never had a problem. PayPal was never a problem back then; now, it has become a nightmare. Sellers can sell a horrible product, act inappropriately, and PayPal will not stand behind you. They seem to stand on the side of the seller, not the buyer. Once they outsourced PayPal, the whole system has become a buyer’s nightmare. PayPal customer service agents cannot keep their stories straight in terms of what you need to do in order to get your money back. One agent tells you one thing; another one tells you another thing to do. None of this makes sense. There should be a standard way of both reporting a problem and receiving a standard response from them.

  491. Elivera says:

    paypal money.

    On January 18, 2017, Paypal spoofed us from GB £ 783.61 and £ 44.98 GBP on January 22, 2017. Initially, Paypal promised to return the money for 6 months, but without it, it began to ignore calls and e-mails. We’ve read in forums that there are more people affected by Paypal’s dishonesty. Please let us know, we will look for ways to make this information public and recover your debt from Paypal.

  492. Stephanie Boyd says:

    very poor service.

    They sold me a card reader, it broke within a few months, the second has broken just over a year later. they wont replace it. I still needed to take payments from my customers and so ran the payments manually via the app. Now paypal are holding a lot of MY money in the account, they are not going to let me access MY funds until 4 weeks from today, This has caused me a massive cashflow problem and will probably mean my business has to close. they wont replace the machine, they wont release my funds even though it is THEIR fault I had to run the payments manually. They are unwilling to help. This company is shocking. I have never had any bad sales or reason for them to hold funds, I run hundreds of pounds through my paypal business account everyday. I am face to face with my customers, I can see their names on the card and know it is their card being used so their is no security risk even though it is a manual input payment, the clients identity has been verified. I would NOT recommend this company for card machine or business purposes.

  493. KB says:

    DONT USE PAYPAL- They Don’t Refund your money immediately-PayPal Takes their time and drags you along while giving/placing YOUR Money ON HOLD or worse, giving it to the seller who Never Sent You the Item in the first place!!!!

  494. bobbi says:

    Worse place to deal with in the history of online purchasing. No comprehension of your issues..took my money..I never received item..Im in Canada seller ASBELL WOOL in the U.S refused to cooperate even though I payed extra for insurance. Paypal is of no help but to offer employment to foreigners.

  495. Greg Herman says:

    Zepeda v. Paypal U.S District Court 10-CV-02500 SBA awarded 4 milliondollars to class members based on complaints of improper holda on funds, account closures and failure to properly notice these events.
    I chose to file an itemized claim. I had hard evidence in a paper trail, printouts of emails and faxx correspondence from the time 2007. Class participants who did not itemize received an $11.00 check. I was motivated having the evidence.

    Septemmber 2017 I hadn’t received anything and by December correspondence with the claims administrator, EPIQ Systems tel. 503 350-5800 , resulted in their conclusion that the e-mail addresses on my account did not match their records. (After 7 years in good standing PayPal summarily closed my account with no real explanation). I asked them if that was their criteria for denying my claim, and they said this info was received from an independent 3rd party,, “Cornerstone”. How would that informatiin stop a valid claim regardless of a e-mail address? I had Paypal’s incident report number regarding the situation on their multiple requests for my personal and banking informarion back in ’07; I mean everything short of a blood sample. They closed the account anyway. I believe they never intended to release the funds held from E-Bay sales. They even closed my E Bay account that I’d had since the 1990 s.

    i read on other forums that 4 million is not a big reward and questiin whether the funds were snatched up by the numerous litigation teams and they ignored all the itemized claims because a) lawyers will steal money from clients under the auspices of the law and the only way to recover is to sue them back and

    b) they have this dubious reason for denying that seems fabricted because a class member gives up their individual right to sue.

    PayPal will continue to defraud clients in spite of Federal lawsuits awarding plaintiffs their just due. I wonder if they even disclosed the icourt ordered nformation.

  496. Chi Orgbu says:

    PayPal is a mess. Someone bought Wig from me and turned around and filed fraudulent charge and PayPal paid her back after I provided the receipt and tracking number. DON’T BELIEVE WHATEVER THEY SAY ABOUT SELLER PROTECTION. They put me on hold for almost 2 hours.

  497. Braun says:

    It surprises me that a company worth as much as Paypal is run the way it is. Customer service, in my experience, is the worst of any U.S.-based company I have dealt with, and that includes Verizon and Comcast. I’ve used Paypal for nearly two decades, and I simply hope I don’t run into an experience where I need them to handle anything. The convenience of using them to send and receive money is tremendous, but thankfully there are finally competitors in the market.

    I’ve had two issues where I needed Paypal “buyer protection”. Both were from issues where the product was substantially not as described and I was not able to get the seller to refund. Paypal closed both cases without a reason and decided against me. Fortunately one of these times I used a credit card and was able to file a complaint with the card company which they upheld. Had I used funds stored in Paypal I would have been out of luck.

    In addition, someone recently requested payment through Paypal. The person accidentally misspelled their email address by one letter. I forwarded the funds and the person stated they had not received them. I forwarded the gentleman a copy of the Paypal email. He forwarded it to Paypal and the representative said I was a scammer attempting to phish him, which indicates they did not bother to look up the transaction number or email to verify them, they just simply responded. We eventually worked everything out without Paypal’s help.

    Also recently I needed to set up my phone to receive dual-authentication to access my account. After many tries, and five or so attempts reaching out to Paypal customer service via phone and email without luck, I eventually had to pay a service to forward another cell phone number to my phone to get it to work.

    I’ve also used Paypal at my place of business for clients who wanted ease-of-payment. Initially it worked out okay, but Paypal began requiring all of our clients to sign up for accounts rather than simply using their card which clients did not want to do. In addition, they simply did not accept some payments. We called Paypal and American Express, American Express would say they were allowing the transaction, however Paypal representatives were clueless as to why the transactions weren’t working and could not provide any assistance. All of this made us look foolish in front of clients and I had to change providers to Stripe (which has been seamless).

    I’ve made PayPal many thousands of dollars over the years, but based on these experiences (all have happened in the past year-or-so timeframe), I now refuse to use them whenever possible and encourage others to do the same.

    Had Paypal adequately trained their staff or offered adequate protections from fraud, I would not be writing this review. Unfortunately, it seems, Paypal cares far more about their shareholders than their customers.

  498. Myob Myob says:

    paypal is an awful company, overcharging. We had a dispute with Ebay, due to an Ebay mistake, and paypal would no longer let us use their system.
    I strongly recommend not using paypal

  499. I am extremely disappointed in Paypal. They withheld and still are withholding over $300 in services purchased. It has now been 78 days and the case still hasn’t been solved. The customer involved told me that they have released the hold on the funds, and their financial institution has released the funds to Paypal.
    I am VERY frustrated with their customer service. They encourage you to contact them. I email them andi I get an automated response. I email again and declare NO MORE AUTOMATED RESPONSES!!! And…I get another automated response! On the phone, all I get are canned responses. I ask someone more knowledgeable to contact me: And no response!!

  500. Sherry says:

    Says “buyer protection,” means nothing. Sellers can lie, send items without major parts included, be rude, mocking, disrespectful and refuse to refund. PayPal is okay with that. They do not care.

  501. Kavitha Blewett says:

    Completely unreliable and no protection for buyers or sellers.
    No fraud protection. Customer service useless

  502. Jason J. says:

    PayPal are thiefs and cons. They backcharge my company $2100 and it was awarded back to the customer after being held 60 days. I do mobile services on location with paper invoices with my own disclosure agreement on the form releasing liability signed by me and every customer I deal with. Submitted all paperwork signed and still lost the money after spending an entire weekend working on their equipment. California resident by the way.

  503. J Jude says:

    I had been happy with PayPal until I ordered a product, which when delivered was a knockoff version of the item. I was required to send the items back to China in order to get a refund so I spent a lot more money to do so. After I sent PayPal the tracking information I was supposed to wait for confirmation that the seller received it. Today I got a message that the claim was settled and not in my favor because they didn’t get confirmation that the items were returned. Wtf!? The seller sent fake products, wouldn’t return my emails, I spent more money to return their crap and I still can’t get a refund? What kind of service is this? I won’t be buying through PayPal any longer!

  504. Loshith says:

    I came in contact with a company named “Mobileworld Company” which is a EC21 Member.

    You can find more information above this seller using the following link which is their’s storefront page.

    He used a imposter fake courier company- stating that he has my item, but its delayed by customs, that I need to pay into a bank account- declaration fees, delivery charges and all sort of fake charges on the non existent item.This seller insists that he uses a particular shipping company to provide a phony email address to pose as DHL to send me a email using a free e-mail address.his sloppy content on his email tipped off me that he didn’t even bother to proofread his own writing which left spelling and grammatical errors.

    Courier Email:[email protected]
    Scammer created courier gmail:[email protected]
    Paypal ID:[email protected]
    Email:[email protected]
    Skype ID:mobileworldcompany

    From my findings I could able to spot something was amiss about the shipping companys website, even if I couldnt quite put my finger on whats wrong but I have found that it has plagiarized content from legitimate shipping company’s websites.And that might not be considered fair use because depending on the circumstances,the original website content is not allowed to be freely copied for commercial purposes.

    I also found a legitimate carrier company with almost the same name and domain,

    You can see that this is a legitimate company with visible contact information that also is well optimized.I noticed that the fake carrier site has no search engine optimization and is poorly done. They only have an info email, no phone number, or customer service information.

    Although, I have to applaud him/them for putting so much effort into this scam. I wonder how many stressed out buyers they have scammed so far.

    I am very disappointed in PayPal, I have been using this service for 8 years without a hitch.Even if I am clearly correct and am entitled to my money back, paypal will find a way to deny me.paypal knows this is impossible and will make me feel like I am at fault for not following your impossible demands.There are so many impossible mandates to comply with, to honest people like us,it would be the looser of the process every time.

    Either way, there’s fraud going on or not,since some scams are so well organized and convincing and the people behind so difficult to catch it is still inevitable to spreading awareness and giving information to hopefully help others avoid falling victim to it.

  505. Nick says:

    I used Pay Pal for over 10 years. And everything I had any problems they used to take care of the issue. But that is not the case anymore. I was recently attacked by a hacked that got into my pay-pal and purchased things on my pay-pal. When I made a claim with pay-pal they refused to help me and accusing me of being a liar, and that If I was unhappy with my purchase that I should contact the company this item was purchased from. I was under the understanding that pay-pal is meant to be a safe way to spend money online. That is no longer the case. This is been the 3erd time someone has gained accesses to my pay-pal. I will never use pay-pal again. In my books they still own me but they don’t seem to think so. Don’t trust pay-pal with you info!

  506. Will says:

    Honestly the worst company around… they do not answer any messages and the block your money for several months. Nobody from this company can give you a reason. Wouldn’t recommand to deal with them

  507. jessica lyon says:

    Very bad customer service, both by phone and online. If you don’t run in to any problems this service is fine. If you do, don’t expect help!

  508. Suzanne says:

    Can not contact on the phone, worst automation!
    Does not recognise me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  509. Key says:

    Dumest set of people I’ve ever encountered working with over the phone. Doesn’t listen to anything and has a very bad attitude. Closed account and don’t really plan on making a new one. Worst experience ever!

  510. Lawrence hoover says:

    3 different people sold on eBay that I know and they were all scammed through paypal. PayPal was in favor with the buyers and they never got their merchandise back and they are out the money also
    I lost 400.00 and a doll I will never sell through paypal again

  511. Scamster!!! says:

    This company is the biggest fraudster, don’t use in any circumstance. I received a payment on 6th of October – paypal obviosly never messaged me or even showed on my account that a payment was received. I call the custer service team on 8th of November, they tell me they can see a payment at the back end but my account has limitations and I need to fill a form. I should get the fund in 3-7 days from filling the form. Month goes by no money or communication. I finally call them today just to be told there is nothing in the account, they have no clue how their colleague said there was a receipt and all the their customer agents are faffing around like headless chickens passing my call from one department to another. So basically these scamsters have stollen my £223, no wonder paypal’s going to be extinct in the next few year – never ever going to use this crap company…..ffs

  512. Debra Kay says:

    Paypal is the worst. On a scale of 1-10, they would be a -100. They cancel my orders all the time, even when I use the Guest feature of websites like Ebay. My bank initially rejected the payment to an international nonprofit. I called them and told them in no uncertain terms to allow the payment. A couple of months later, my debit card was stolen, and one…..just one payment to a nonprofit, did not go through (I forgot to inform them of the loss), then, when I got my new card, I erroneously entered the wrong expiration date by one character (typo), so that month, the same nonprofit payment did not go through. Which, when I figured it out by their second try, I went to their website and corrected the problem. Paypal emailed me that they would try again, but apparently, any changes to a person’s financial info is considered before trying another attempt.

    Because of these 2 issues, Paypal has now black listed my card. I cannot use it anywhere. They will not even try to run it, as it works fine. I called them and the person I spoke to said there was nothing they could do. They cannot fix the problem. So, basically, I either get a new debit card and relive the nightmare of changing all my accounts again, or I cannot purchase from any site, even as a guest, if Paypal is involved in the transaction. I have been blackballed by a corporation, and they do not seem to give a rat’s ass. Screw them.

  513. Farhana Miah says:

    PayPal Synchrony is the worst credit card to have.
    Customer service aren’t helpful. Mess up the recurring payment and top of that they charge late fee which is very lame. They do not give resolution to any issues. They take forever resolving issues.

  514. Julie says:

    I have a transaction to dispute. After holding for 40 minutes, I finally got through to a CSR. She told me that she needed to escalate me to someone in their escalation department. I have now been on hold for 4 hours and 45 minutes waiting for the escalation department. Apparently their escalation department is 1 person in India somewhere.

  515. Michael Chaco says:

    PayPal does not care about the buyer as they lead you to believe. They are nothing more than money handlers that will not make any attempt to satisfy buyer disputes. They do not screen vendors or do any due diligence in confirming legitimacy of vendors.
    They rely on the false impression of protecting the buyer when in actuality they do not care.
    Buyers cannot check the rating of vendors nor confirm they are not being investigated.

  516. Dien says:

    This is the reason why you and me should stop using Paypal right away! Worst customer service ever!
    My Paypal account it at: is permantly limited because of very unfair reason. Because of duplicate account? Because of multiple accounts from my IP address? I can’t imagine the true reason and it’s really causing me some other issues with my customers.
    I want to tell my own story! My account is permantly limited because of a very stupid supporter team (maybe the supporter team from Singapore?)
    I am a iOS Developer (my iOS app on the AppStore could be reached here:
    In the past, I haved used my Paypal to sometimes receive some Advertising Payment from some Ad Service like Mobfox, Mopub, StartApp which are integrated inside my iOS applications.
    Everything was going fine when I receiving it monthly until the recent months.
    I accidently create another Paypal with the duplicate personal information (at ). And then later few month, both of my account was under limited.
    The point is that the Customer Services was not permantly limiting my account in the beginning. The was trying to cost me so much time to provide a lots of my private personal information and business.
    While I was waiting the customer reviewing my accounts (at ), I was using my wife account as a temporary replacement (my wife account at ) and it causes the problem more serious. The have decided to close all Paypal account (mine and my wife). Is that the reason they close all of those accounts? I have received lots of email from the customer support, something like this: “For the safety and security of the PayPal network, we often review accounts for potential risks. After reviewing your account, we have decided to close it because of security issues.”

    I have tried to contact them and provide things that I could but the game seems over. They are thinking me as a scammer? a fraud? or a hacker?
    This is a worst experience of my life.
    I am surely telling this story to my friends and people to avoid this bad and stupid reviewer team. If I am a real man, real person, legitimate person, you Paypal should try your best for us to register a real account. You should not close accidently our accounts with some doubts or some suspicious activities which may cause use very damaging on our business. Because we are legitimate citizen, nice person who could privide you any thing you request. If you ignore us because of your lazy team, you are not only lose us, you lose all the customers. Please understand that. I am a developer and of course this story will come to Youtube, Facebook and all of social network. You are losing us very badly. Poor your support team!

  517. Keshia says:

    I literally was scammed out of 154…. and contacted PayPal to help. They let the seller get away woth it! And this is a week after my mom diying .. .. I’m so done with this site, I was told and guaranteed my money back by a rep……..and I’m left with out nothing now because of lies told by PayPal. Hey disappointed my advice do not trust PayPal to gave your back with buyer protection. They do NOT have your best intentions.

  518. Debbie says:

    PayPal is a big scam! They do nothing to help you get your money when someone rips you off. Don’t believe them when they say you are protected. I don’t know why they are not sued for false advertising. The better business bureau better get them shut down.

  519. Le Nguyen Phan says:

    I just made a payment for my rent of $1000 to my housemate yesterday (12/01/2017). My account was somehow charged four times (that’s 4 payments of $1000, for a total of $4000), but my friend never received anything. Thus, $4,000 of my money has been lost in transition (I have documentation to prove this in my bank statements and those of my housemate). I’ve called customer service over 30 times and I’m starting to get really upset that I can’t get through to anyone. This is the worst!

  520. Logan says:

    On the surface they look great, but soon as a problem arises you find out that they don’t even follow there own terms and conditions, mishandle cases and do everything even beyond what reasonable to protect buyers while leave sellers out in the cold. Even when you have followed the guidelines for seller protection. In fact the irony is that they look most attractive to small to medium businesses. However it is those same businesses that cannot afford to loose out to the river abuse and unfair practices PayPal employ. Do yourself a favour and steer clear wherever possible.

  521. EranH says:

    Paypal is one big fraud
    They allow themselves to draw money from your account even after the goods has been delivered to your customers without any investigation even though they claim they did an investigation.

  522. Rida S. says:

    I agree with many of the comments about PayPal – if you do not have an account, DO NOT open one! They are useless and provide misinformation. I had to get my name updated, I provided them with all of the required documents to do so about 1 month ago. After calls and emails, they still have not updated the name change (because of marriage). I was first told that my name would be updated by the end of the day (11/17)– one week later it still was not done. Then I called today (11/28) and was told that their back office is back logged and I would need to close my account, then create a new one with the new name. I inquired about my personal documents that I uploaded – the rep. says that they will destroy it… I hope so! I don’t understand why they requested the legal documents if they cannot provide the service requested.

  523. Hazel Callender says:

    Paypal holds your money even if it is swiped in the field. I have over I have a business I have been running for years. I set up a paypal here acct. as a back up for merchant services and now I know why I stopped using paypal as my first choice..

  524. Malvina says:

    Paypall is very touchy-feely /fastidious regarding any visa or master card payment without any reason. Many people avoiding paying trough the paypal. Why? Because Paypall will make their problems – your problem : “The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.” Guess what – merchants are loosing money because of that. Paypall just don’t care as usual.

  525. Hien says:

    Hello, Paypal is a horrible customer service company to deal with. They shut people account down and don’t even want people to use their services and i know eventually they will go out of people with all the horrible service they give to people

  526. Bill Gilbert says:

    Paypal does not honor their unauthorized purchase policy. Apparently, a purchase that is said to be made from my computer in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, and no other persons had access other than a hacker for a total of $34.90 is not an unauthorized purchase. I have had a paypal account for approx. 15 years and today I had no choice but to close my account. While I understand $34.90 is not a lot of money to me it’s just a test to see if a hacker can get more. I had 2 bank accounts, 2 credit cards attached to my account and a paypal credit card with $2500.00 available credit at all times. I cannot believe that they would choose for me to close my account and take my business elsewhere for $34.90. #screwpaypal

  527. Samuel Quinn says:

    Ridiculous. I will no longer be selling on Ebay. £20 paypal fee for selling an item. Then they put my funds on hold for over two weeks as they say I do not have a good enough ebay rating to pay me straight away despite the fact the buyer paid straight away. I have been an ebay member for over 8 years with 200 transaction at selling and buying with a full 100% rating. This is just another way for them to fleece us. I am now waiting on ebay telling me I owe them £20 aswell for my most recent sale. Greed like this will only drive people to other more user friendly sites !

  528. Mica Pinder says:

    The ID verification with PayPal sucks. I have been locked out of my account for 2 months. I have verified my email address and called PayPal several times but the customer service representatives can’t assist with getting me access to the account. They require the last 4 digits to the credit card I used; however, I used a gift card to make my most recent purchase and no longer have the card. The other option is to send a text to a phone I also no longer have. Come on people there is gotta be a better way.

  529. Carol Kelly says:

    They have the resolution center designed so no one can really use it. You start with a claim ..and then want to escalate it..they instruct to just simple press a link.. Turns out the link is hidden in different language and it is the smallest text I have ever seen on a website. It really is shady. Also they put in Bold letters..if you want to cancel please press this link.
    i no longer trust them especially since they have all my financial information ..closed my account today after 10 years.

  530. Ian says:

    the last i called the “professional tech guy” said i wont unlock your account stupid baby no matter how much you want it and i ll also keep your money too! then he banned me while saying the whole time “im trying to help you idiot” the first guy also doesn’t know what temporary emails are which was my email.

    plus the wait time was 2 hours to be called back

  531. Gina Madon says:

    I recently made a purchase with Fashion Nova using Paypal. Fashion Nova didn’t send all of my items. I called and emailed Fashion Nova and they said the post office stole the items. Which is impossible my package had no signs of someone opening and resealing my package. Fashion Nova refused to send the items which was only about $50 worth of items nevertheless it was my money! I contacted my bank forgetting I used Paypal to make the purchase. I then contacted Paypal and they sent an email with the tracking number of an old shipment that wasn’t even related to the case in question then denied my claim. I wish I used my bank card this would have been rectified right away. How can Paypal have such a disregard for their customers? No follow up but an email denying the claim? Is this something that happens frequently? I will never use Paypal again.

  532. Derek Tate says:

    This company is a scam. If your not a member of pay pal I advise you not to become a member from my beginner experience as a pay customer. There customer service is very rude and think they are the customers. Pay pal also showed a fraudulent purchase on my account as a received payment. As a loyal customer to eBay shipping, PayPal decline my debit card to pay for a shipping label through eBay so they can funnel me to PayPal and pay for my shipping label through they company. I advise you to pay close attention to every transaction if you decide to do business with this scam ass company. I was hung up on by a supervisor who decided that she couldn’t here me after she found out what my call was for. ” I can’t hear you,I can’t hear you, I can’t here you ok sir I’m ending the call because I can’t here you” lol a fucking joke. I was hung up on by customer service after he wouldn’t properly transfer my call to a higher authority as requested by me as a paying customer. I have fraudulent activity on my paypal account that PayPal says unfortunately they can’t remove from my account with no explanation why. I also requested the first and last name of supervisor I was speaking with and was told I cannot give my name out, but let me remind you the first thing they ask when you call as a paying customer is your first and last name. I ask first and last name of the customer service person I was speaking with before being transferred to that supervisor and his name was giving. So is it I there policy or not to let me as a paying customer no whom I’m speaking with. Grade abcdefghijklmnopqrSCAM. Will be filing a writing complaint against the customer service through the San Jose office. Two days in a row of terrible service of paypal. I advise stay away or look for disappointmet TERRIBL SERVICE. I WILL BE CUTTING ALL MY BUSINESS OFF WITH PAYPAL ONCE ALL MY TRANSACTIONS OR COMPLETE

  533. Ron Bart says:

    PayPal is a business like any other. They make their money no matter what the customer thinks.
    Disputes are not really handled in any logically matter.
    Someone takes a wrongful payment, even by mistake, and paypal waits a period of time, and says that the matter has been settled. Guess who always loses?
    No matter what proof, there is no common sense involved.
    It is a money machine, nothing more, nothing less!

  534. Justin says:

    It’s frustrating to deal with their “support”

  535. Jessica says:

    Horrible way of paying someone. They do not let you know that some transactions can take up to 72 hrs to get processed. So if that person needs the money right away, this is not the best way to send it. My birthday is now ruined because of this. I will be using another way to send money from now on.

  536. Michael O Connor says:

    I tried to add my credit card to my PayPal account now I can’t buy anything coming up to Christmas as they have froze my account with 2 cards on it I’ve rang twice and its like I can’t make sense out of it they say they sent some code to my credit card account I can see the charge it’s there twice but no code I’m was talking on the phone to them it’s fuckin me not some hacker

  537. Tina Carlund says:

    Spent 2 weeks trying to upgrade to Premium seller on Teachers Pay Teachers- unsuccessfully. The money is in my bank, I have tried a dozen times or more to add my card on there, but they make you pay with PayPal, and I can’t get PayPal to load money on my card…? Don’t know why I need to load money on my card it’s my own debit card and the money is already in the bank…? Spent the entire month of October writing an 80 page Pilgrim unit which should have sold great and been our Christmas this year. Except for the fact that no one will see it, because PayPal is not letting my bank card go through. Half a dozen emails. 2 phone calls. 3 runs to 7- 11 to load through the clerk with a ‘barcode’. and still no success. If you have ANY other option to pay, TAKE it. If I am ever able to get PayPal to let me use my own money to upgrade, I’ll have people pay me through DWOLLA. This has been a terrible waste of time.

    1. Ruth Jones Moneke says:

      Paypal does not respond to customers whose money they hold for bad customer service…..bought a dress from Lightinthebox..they sent smallest size when I asked for and paid for Extra large….now they have my money, their dresses too small to wear and their form of contact seems to be designed NOT to help consumers…..I say we all stop using PAY PAL going forward.

  538. William Worthen says:

    I tried PayPal for the first time today. I am a handyman and it seemed a simpler method for my customers to pay for materials and labor than writing a check that frequently takes days to clear my bank.
    Well instead of a day or two wait so I can pick up materials they were going to hold the funds for 21 days. That’s almost a months wait just to get the material to do the work. I’m just beginning my own business and don’t yet have the capital to carry material costs for three days let alone three weeks. If preventing small businesses from growing is their objective they nailed it.
    As far as providing a convienince to make it easier to run. A small business of any sort,

  539. Glen says:

    I have read all these and it is a wounder that Paypal is allowed to remain open they are ripping and scamming there own customers. How dare anyone and i mean any company tell me or any one how they can spend there money. If you have money on your account they put it on hold deny you the purchase. When i called in they said no matter what this purchase will not go through. So again who the hell are they to say what i can and can not buy ?

  540. Preeti Kapasi says:

    I stay in US and we bought a painting online from Singapore. The product was defective and according to the sellers website if the product is defective they will give full refund and even the shipping label will be provided by them. We inform paypal about it and a dispute case if opened. We shared pics and videos with PayPal to show the product is defective. They agree it to but the seller says the product is not defective. PayPal supports the seller and says you will get a full refund if the but we have to bear the shipping cost. Shipping from US to singapore is very expensive. It is more then the product itself. We contacted PayPal and asked for partial refund or return shipping label. Every single time the representative gives a different reply. The first time they said we will send email to seller and we will call you back. When we did not receive the call we called again and then the person at PayPal says no that is wrong we can never call back our customer it was wrong information given to me earlier. He says I am sending email to seller now and if they dont reply within 3 days the case will be in your favor and you will get full refund back. We did not get any response in 5 days so we call again and this time they again say we were informed wrong we can never give away the case in your favor with a full refund and we are sending email again to seller. After two days today i see the case is close and in favor of the seller without even informing us what happened. Everyone is pathetic at PayPal. No one knows what they are doing. They give all wrong responses. I would rate them negative if possible.

  541. Robert Howlett says:

    PayPals compliance department put a hold on my funds.. No notice was given in advance.. No explanation was provided why.. and trying to get a hold of someone in compliance can only be accomplished by emailing the compliance department.

    What a bunch of MORONS!! What gives PayPal the right to hold someones money? I would never refer any of my friends to PayPal for anything.. In fact as a real estate agent, I will express my extreme disappointment across all my social media and through all my professional contacts. ASSHOLES!!

  542. Walter Floris says:

    Although paid in USD pay-pal charges a currency conversion charge when they are the agent used by the merchant to Canadian customers even when you opt not to use pay-pal but your credit card.
    The credit card company pays the merchant in USD and then they charge a currency conversion to the card holder.
    When contacted about this practice there customer service department unapologetic regarding this devious practice.

  543. Larry weber says:

    They took $127.00 from my bank account . I tried to get it back, but to no avail they gave me the run around . So I’m out of that money for good . Also after that I closed my account . Their Crooks 1

  544. Karen Hart says:

    wrongful charge/ Pandora charged my bank account $10.59 10/3/2017 through a pay pal account. I do not have a pay pal account. I request this charge be removed. Thank you. Attn: spoof

  545. Conrad Aamodt says:

    I used PayPal to send money to a company in Canada. The fees for sending $1700 was $130. That is quite high, but the main issue was that I was sent a confirmation by PayPal saying the 1700 went through, yet the company I sent it to was also charged on their end, and they complained that I had not sent the full amount. Now I need to send and additional amount. My total charge for the 1700 has now climbed to almost $200. Unacceptable. CurrencyFair seems a better bet, I will have to check them out. PayPal has a grip on the market, I only hope that enough people can use alternate means to send money and force PayPal to conform to more acceptable fee percentages.

  546. Tyesha peterson says:

    I have been using PayPal for about a week now and I am already having problems I have had two checks deposited into PayPal prior to the 14th on the 14th I had my third check deposited into PayPal they took it out because they said it needed to go through the system to make sure that it was safe why they didn’t do that for the first one it is now three days later and I still have not received my money but they still keep on sending me reviews so here it is to anybody especially young people that make and work hard for their money and does not want to be taken away do not I repeat do not use PayPal you can use zelle they are free of charge they don’t take any money from your account and they do not hold it I have recently moved over to this new Zelle and it is so much better it’s so much not the hassle to deal with PayPal and them taking your money and them saying they can’t do nothing they already take out 3%and and then they went to hold your money like they haven’t got their percentage yet please please please whatever you do do not use PayPal they are full of it

  547. Nathan Blackburn says:

    Paypal will keep your money stating they don’t “know you from Adam or eve” of you haven’t had a Paypal account over a year. They govern who they will allow you to buy from with your own money. Finally you will want to close the account and get refunded a check. Where they will explain that they can’t send you a check for six months. It was definitely a terrible experience and I will never use Paypal again

  548. Natalia says:

    Paypal is disaster. They want fee to transfer money to own bank account!!!!

  549. jessica says:

    I received many fake emails from PayPal after someone purchased one of my items on eBay. These emails were very convincing for they went straight to my inbox and weren’t flagged in any way. What was upsetting were these scams informed me that I had to mail out my package before I received my money from the buyer. Well I did not know you’re NOT suppose to do that and my product was stolen and I spent ridiculous money to send my item. The problem I found with going over the details was PayPal’s security was not very high, and according to other customer’s reviews I was not the only one this happened to.

  550. jim says:

    This has become one of the worst company’s
    to deal with phone answer over sea people don’t under stand American English have to go over things two three time to make them under stand. Waste of time when you make a payment they want to take from your bank account when get refund want to put it on credit card and charge you to do the refund

  551. Adam P Alberson says:

    Oh my god! I am reading these reviews for just the past couple of months and am wondering how paypal is even still in business? What good does it do them to hold my money while they are reviewing paper work that is to prove I am a brick and mortar store? The first chance there is another reasonable solution to getting paid on eBay i am going to switch. nothing but problems all year from PayPal!!

  552. willem burgers says:

    I stopped using Paypal for a long time because it was always more trouble than it was worth. Recently I signed up again and it worked. Today I wanted to use it but they want me to add a card. Ok, I add a card. The card has already been added to too may accounts??? Must be some disgruntled employee sabotaging the company.

  553. Shelly Moore says:

    I received a payment from a friend through PayPal as a donation. My complaint is this:
    First, they tell me that, yes, the payment received HAS CLEARED my friend’s bank. Second, you take for yourself $15 from the $500 that was sent. Third, and most disturbing, you hold the funds for 21 days because you said it was “suspicious”???? WAIT! It’s cleared their bank, you have seen all my transactions from the time I started with PayPal and now this seems “suspicious”???? Are you serious right now?! Never again! It’s time to move from PayPal to another form such as CashApp, Venmo, etc. As soon as I finally get my money after waiting the 21 days of course, I’m shutting PayPal down! You are not the only way to do business and you will not be getting my business. Thank God I found this out before adding my business to PayPal!

    1. sue montgomery says:

      I don’t know how PayPal is getting away with this! I am having a very hard time believing that they can hold money like this? I don’t know what other options they are but they are holding my money that has cleared the bank and giving me the same line of suspicious activity when nothing suspicious has occurred. They are dishonest and told me my money has been sent to the bank when the bank says no money has been transferred. I am going to never do business again with Pay Pal after this experience!

  554. Jean Jones says:

    Ive just wasted 2 hours of my life trying to figure out my Paypal account on the phone with them. The accounts system is inadequate. It doesn’t give a running balance or tell you if a payment has been topped up via your bank account. Absolutely ridiculous! And they cannot verify me as there is nowhere to insert my long card details on their system which, you guessed it, is what they always ask for to verify you. What an absolute pain!

  555. Will says:

    PayPal is a dishonest business. Recently my wife was scammed by Emily Vinson Rivera, Tanairy Rivera and Selena Vinson. They buy merchandise using PayPal for transactions and wait a few months and do fraudulent chargebacks. One police department was able to find out they have many banking accounts which allows them to do the chargebacks. This has been reported to PayPal and they don’t care because of the transaction type called “Friends and Family.” Never sign up for this. If you do not do what PayPal wants, they harass you to no end even though you have proof of a crime. Some banks will not even work with PayPal because they mess up transactions all the time and hurt customers. Don’t use them.

  556. Pincus Granat says:

    I can’t get my money from a cancellation since 9/8/17 and all I get is the runaround. Hours on the phone and still no results. I’ll never use this service again!! Today is 9/18/17

  557. Irma says:

    I got swindled for the first time on ebay/paypal after almost 10 years.
    someone bidded an item I was selling, we agreed on price. they deposited the cash, I shipped item and as soon as item was delivered they quickly cancelled payment.
    when I called to camplain to ebay, they sent me to paypal and when I complain to paypal the send me to ebay. finally got a Ludacris explanation from someone at paypal that said, the monies came from an unknown banking establishment they couldn’t verify, well why in the hell would you allow it to appear monies were deposited if you even thought things were suspicious and you couldn’t verify. so needless to say i’m out of $350 and no one at ebay or paypal can help me. I am so pissed because I feel they shouulddhave better control over the transactions that occur esp. in 2017, there just are all sorts of scams, and they certainly got me!

  558. Chris says:

    This company is a bunch of crap. Won’t use their service again. Was told it was a fast and easy service but none of that is true. Don’t get fooled by the ads. They regulate your accounts for less than 1000 dollars (freezing it) . They wouldn’t let me send to my sister money from Canada to USA. Deleted my account and won’t ever use this service. The rep was also very rude and unhelpful. They tried to tell me to use it more then I would get better results. NEVER!!!

  559. Ann-Marie says:

    What has happened to Paypal???

    I have been with Paypal from the start. Now they take payment as direct debit and once this is done your bank can’t help you. I have tried to cancel it and they are saying they can’t take the money and cancel my account.

    The problem started when I purchased a mattress on ebay for £294.95. The advert said “Satisfaction guaranteed or 30 day return for a refund. It took 2 weeks to arrive and 7 days to rise because it came flat packed. When I tried to sleep on it it was lopsided and every since I have had the most unbelievable pain in my leg.

    I contacted the seller who was polite at first and then closed the case on the 30th day. I called ebay and forced them to re-open the case. The seller wanted the mattress back by the 9/09/2017, in exactly the same flat packed condition I got it in or I wouldn’t get a refund.

    I contacted Paypal who said don’t worry you are covered by the 180 refund policy & the seller was being unreasonable. On 5/09/17 Paypal closed the case – No explanation. I called Paypal who said they closed the case because I said the mattress was uncomfortable. I told them what the advert said and they told me they don’t read the advert………

    HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DECISION ON SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT? I am disappointed but will fight this all the way. I am now going through the financial services Ombudsman and suggest that if you are facing a problem – fight it. Challenge creates change and things don’t get any easier for the next person when we just walk away.

  560. Devonte says:

    Paypal is the worst wen it comes to purchase u have to wait 5 days for money to clear unbelievable this should be illegal I’m closeing my account this is my las transaction with these ppl fr

  561. Matt Heyn says:

    Sub-par Customer Service and below average ability to make adjustments to my profile. I would like to have my current cell number and have the ability to manage my personal information.

    Disgusting to have to tolerate the lack of functionality on MY account.

  562. Ashwin Mandha says:

    Very senseless resolution center, my item price was 8.99 and i want to return it as it was damaged but they want reship with shipping cost same as product price .

    why the hell should i pay the return shipping if the product is damaged. Paypal is always against buyers it supports only sellers.

    Good bye Paypal i will never use this paypal in near future.

  563. Benjamin Elmaliach says:

    My brother transfered me some urgent money and I needed it immediately but for some reason paypal blocked my account and only verification is through my old mobile phone which I no longer have. I called customer service and they told me it would take up to 72 hours to fix it!! Now I have money just stuck in my paypal account! On top of that the put me on hold for more than 30 mins and you could hardly understand accent of there workers and they could hardly understand you.

  564. ram says:

    PayPal accused me of selling Fake products and are holding my money and have limited my account. I have proof to prove that my products are genuine. I received an eMail from PayPal stating that my account has been permanently limited and that I can have access to my funds only after 180 days. The reason behind the limitation is, PayPal is accusing me of selling counterfeit branded product. However, the item in question was listed on eBay on my selling profile, but never sold. SO how could they possibly know that I’m selling fake product? They presumed guilt on my behalf and limited my account and are currently holding my money (as off 8th September 2017) and wont release it for the next 180 days. I have proof to prove the product I had listed is genuine and that I have procured it through the right channels, directly from the owners of the Brand. When I sent them the proof, they still turned me down and refused to release my money. eBay better get a new alternative if they want to stay in business. Partnering with PayPal is turning out to be a nightmare.

    1. peter says:

      they cant legally hold your money for more than 10 days in 48 states. Yes they are a massive monopoly but you can likely force them to release your money by sending them an email stating your intentions to contact your states attorney generals office & other regulatory agencies that regulate business like paypal if they dont release your money

  565. Michael Flude says:

    Now i like useing paypal but sometimes its unessarely complicated , today an attempt was made to scam me and steal money from me,but these idiots are tok thick to con me . I had great difficulty in getting to speak to paypal about this problem. The absurd rubbish automated vouce was so incompetent it just did not work and did not understand.
    Paypal you must sort this out this automated system is rubbish, its almost like you do not want to help paypal customers with serious problems, you must sort this out.

    After teying to speak to paypal for an hour with this stupid automated vouce i did get to speak to a human and they confirmed it was a scam.


  566. George wood says:

    Very poor experience with Paypal. After deciding to close my account, I was told it has to remain open for 180 days, despite the ability of very other company to close accounts immediately. I would never use this service again.

  567. Stephanie Thompson says:

    I have had nothing but fraudulent charges to my military credit card. I charge using Pay Pal 20 – 30 charges a month. There on the account I see every month charges that receipts do not match. I attempt to contact Pay Pal and receive nothing but error messages. I can not even supply suitable evidence tracking numbers to get ahold of PAYPAL to credit my account. My account locks up in the middle of transactions. Biggest complaint receipts do not match monthly charges on my military credit card and PAYPAL will not resolve in my favor when I have not received the products for months.

  568. CAROLYN MILLER says:

    The PP website is a horrible mess. Icons that they tell you to use don’t exist on the site; the layout/format is very difficult to navigate; there is no real menu just a bunch of useless icons that don’t correspond to anything useful. Who’s the ‘genius’ that designed this disaster? Common, useful, helpful, standard website navigation is nowhere to be found.

  569. Ivano says:

    PayPal is not a good option. They start chargeback in behalf of customers and grabbing money everywhere.
    The funny is that they wrote about my customer that denied the transaction, but customer is my friends and he give a lot of proofs that never he or his bank requested chargeback.
    They ate playing with our money.

  570. Tim says:

    I can’t begin to describe the hate I have for Paypal. They have screwed me over multiple times. Paypal uses circular logic to justify their existence: You are forced to use them by some eBay sellers and therefore they claim that the fact that they are used means that people are supporting them. NO!! People use them because they are offered no choice. There is no greater way to get people to hate your product or service than force them to use features they don’t want. Paypal are meddling middleman but their days are numbered. New financial blockchaining protocols will completely change how we do business online. In less than a decade these guys will be as relevant as Blockbuster

  571. Brenda says:

    Used paypal to protect my purchase. I did not receive merchandise and reviewed my paypal account to make sure refund was given. Account was confusing listing seller and Payment-Refund as explanation. Called paypal and was assured that the account was correct, that I did receive the refund and was owed no money. Months later I find out paypal was wrong– they did not post the return. Now they say the claim is over 180 days-nothing they can do. If they had given me correct info when I called the dispute would have been within the 180 days. It is their fault and now I am out over $300.00.

    DO NOT COUNT ON PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Stephanie Thompson says:

      I am going through a similar claim that they will not entertain. I supplied Pay Pal proof via Fed Ex Tracking and they stated that the item was received. I never received the item and I am out $56.99. I am thinking of using this site to file a lawsuit blanket and possibly take them down.

  572. Mike Viola says:

    PayPal is the worst I have ever maybe dealt with. Bought software from Wondershare using PayPal. It didn’t work. Impossible to get your money back. This will be the last use of PayPal for me!

  573. Calvin says:

    They act like they know what doing and put other companies down. It took them a month to receive my money back on something I didn’t authorize and accuse the bankers.i will never deal with PayPal nor ebay.

  574. Nancy Thompsoni di says:

    Not happy with the way they handle dispute charges because they told me when i return an item with tracking number i would be reimburse for my item, the item was $57.00 plus it cost me $33.00 to sent item back to china, also they told me they would reimburse me up to $30.00 for postage, because once item leaves usa it cannot be tracked, i told them that, if they would checked tracking right away, tracking would have been found, now i lost $57.00 plus my shipping cost , had i known i would have count my losses on the item and threw it away the item didn’t work, and saved mysellf the shipping cost, china refuse to refund or exchange

    Dont trust china or paypal to do What they said they would do

    Nancy Thompson

  575. Erik Shunn says:

    Most HORRIBLE business out there!! I’m surprised they don’t have a class action lawsuit against them for holding funds from people for almost a month after anebay transactio. Ebay is equally to blame since they own this shitty company. Do Not Use these assholes that are proffiting off your hard earned money!

  576. Sarah Anderson says:

    This is the absolute worst, most shotty application out there. Do NOT send your money through this app. It will say you can immediately receive your first $1000 funds in an email but then not allow you access to your funds. I spoke to two VERY unhelpful managers, Mike and Neil, one of which (Neil) stated that he was going to “give me a warning” if I kept getting upset with him over the phone. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD as I will never use this app again and had already told him this but he thought still that he should assert his dominance like my he can tell me what to do. Sorry Neil, you’re certainly NOT my daddy and your warning is why I am writing this review. Not to mention I STILL don’t have my funds that I worked for. Neil and Mike both directed me to go back and forth between my mobile and my phone browser over and over, WHY IS THEIR WEBSITE NOT FULLY RESPONSIVE???, and both directed me to different tabs that were incorrect. Mike told me to go to a certain place to refund something and there was no option due to a bug (figures). Then Neil told me he would close down my account as I asked him to do so and he said it would “take a long time” since there was a measly $1.50 that I said they could donate and he refused to keep my on hold on the line when he was doing this. I’m sorry… this is my bank information and my money… PayPal, you need better managers, better training and a better system in general. I will never use this crap application again.

    And people, if you value your CASH MONEY, don’t use this crap system either.

    Neil – thanks for the warning. I hope it made you feel better ;)

  577. Margaret lisciandrello says:

    I am completely frustrated by PayPal and EBay. I sold quite a few items these last years, especially the past 6 months. My rating is 100% satisfaction.
    I was moving in July and had quite a few items to sell. I received two threatening messages from eBay. One said I had made transactions outside EBay (false) and one stating I needed a company account. I called and was told don’t worry about the message. I recently had to change my email and address after I moved. I tried updating PayPal and was unable. After frustrating call to PayPal I was told I had to change it with EBay. I sold two items before I moved and had money pending. I waited a few days and money not released. I called P.P. Said call EBay. They said call PayPal and gave me transaction numbers. One call said it would be 3 1/2 hr wait to speak with someone at P.P. The return call was after I fell asleep. Next day started over and was told that everything fine. I should get my money in an hour…if not call the buyer. I contacted the buyer and kept checking…money still pending. This started over 3 weeks ago. I called EBay back..told the story for the tenth time and was told they would do a 3 way call with P.P. Got transferred and had to tell the story again. I asked about the other person and was told we don’t do that…she suggested I contact the buyer. I said that they had the money and it was pending….terrible terrible customer service. Don’t know what my options are at this point

  578. Emily says:

    I would absolutely NOT recommend Paypal. I set up a business account and requested to set up Paypal Here as I need to run credit cards physically. I called a customer service representative who informed me I needed to submit further verification of my identity (which I did). The next day I called back again after I received an email saying my verification had been approved and Paypal informed me that they permanently will never allow me to use Paypal Here. They would not give me an explanation or tell me why this was the case and was told “you will never be able to swipe credit cards with Paypal.”

    I do business with Paypal because they offer services to process payments – both online and physically. To permanently prohibit me from using their service with no explanation is ridiculous.

    All I can say is there are dozens of other credit card processors and I recommend you find someone else who will treat you appropriately.

  579. Antonio Baptista says:

    I’ve been a customer of Paypal for more than 10 years and now suddenly they discovered that I’ve change my country of residence and blocked my account withholding all of my data. I’m not able to cancel my account or remove my data.
    The strange part is that I’ve updated my address more than 9months ago and they didn’t realized it or informed me that I should closed that account and create another one.
    I’m now incapable of open a new account (as they suggest) because my email and credit card are already in use.

    I’ve made a complaint but they just stopped answering me and left me talking alone.

    Worst service I’ve ever experienced.

  580. Teja Evans says:

    Do not recommend this company. Not only is their online site not accurate and informative but neither did their customer sefvice. I have had a total of 3 transactions go south with PayPal and all they said was “sorry the most we can do is refund in 7 to 10 business days”. My electricity is currently off because PayPal has funds sitting in thin air and I wait on hold for 2 hours to get incorrect information on how to fix the problem then when I try to call back “system experiencing difficulties.” No one is taking initiative and for that I will no longer do business with this company and will tell everyone I know to take business elsewhere

  581. Aleks says:

    Have been using PayPal for years with generally no big issues. At this point am extremely disappointed with the problem resolution service. Over the years PayPal became as useless as tits on the bull. Buyer’s protection my a$$!

  582. Scott Summers says:

    Applied for PayPal credit card on line. Once completed, was prompted to call posted number within 48 hrs. and provide a code. The posted call-in number on their web site was “not in service”. Went through 5 service agents to point out THEIR issue. First 3 had difficulty with English! If this is what you have to look forward to in the future, NO THANKS! PayPal management needs to Directly handle Their issues.

  583. Yassen Kantchev says:

    While most of my colleagues in the 501.c.10 org were hesitant or openly against opening a donation account managed by PayPal, i’ve managed to convince them to give them a chance. I personally have an account since 2001 and with minor hiccups i would say my experience wasn’t that nightmarish. However, i understood through empirical experience what they’ve reservations were provoked by.
    So i created the account and used a generic name for the account instead of some real person. The person responsible for the account may change at any time and i didn’t want to go through the painful process of name change (i realized the pain afterwords) every time we make a change. Anything else was just fine, provided my SSN (being currently the account administrator), business name, business bank account, address, were approved for a 501.c.10 non profit org which adjusts the fees, etc. All went well and we started operating. We received few donations, moved funds between accounts, one would say – wow, it is so easy, i can’t imagine why everyone is so negative about the experience with PayPal.
    Well, until one day I decided to place a request for they PayPal Here, and then and there all hell broke loose.
    Firstly, my account immediately rendered inoperable. Suddenly all the information we provided when opening the account was deemed unsatisfying some requirements. I was asked to provide additional 5 documents, plus changing the name on the account. That was on June 27th.
    I thought, well these are their requirements, i will comply. Provided most of the required documents, in random order, then the last document i submitted was the formal letter for name change, on a corporate letterhead, etc. Then waited. 10 days later, this past friday, i made a call and was connected with a gentleman (i call him now gentleman simply because i didn’t got his name), told him the reason of my call and asked for assistance.
    Well, no chance of getting one. He was utterly unprofessional, his passive-aggressive demeanour drove me to the point of asking for his manager. He responded that there is one available and he will put me through then he came back and said – there is no one working that day, so in the next 24-48 hours i will receive a call. At the time of writing this is past 48 hours.
    Anyhow, i few hours later i called back and spoke with someone else. In fact, very nice lady who listed to my story, restored all previously uploaded document, which her colleague removed/deleted from the history of the case and promised to follow up as soon as i upload the last required document – my SS card.
    Later that day i asked myself, why are you so masochistically continue dealing with them, while you can call WF and get the same service, discount, discount and most importantly – customer service. The answer, because i can’t even close the account now, until i go through all nine circles of hell. Once i change the name i will close the account and never think twice again opening another one with PayPal. I called WB and arranged all i needed in a less than 15 phone conversation – DONE, PERIOD.

  584. Jeanne says:

    I purchased a mattress topper using PayPal to pay for the product. The product was not as described, lacked pieces, and had a defective zipper. PayPal refused to honor my request for a refund.

  585. Jacob Kleinsasser says:

    I don’t know what it is, but it never works when I try to use it. It won’t register for my card or bank so there is no way I can use it.

  586. Brandon Conley says:

    PayPal decided now that any amount I run for over $500 in a week will be held for 30 days. I have had my account for nearly four years, I had a card reader 3 years ago and did not have a hold. Now they say my account is new and that is why there is a hold. I told them to release the money or I would cancel my account and go with a different Payment processing company. Now there is a hold on my account and I have no access at all. Hold my money for 30 days is bad enough but now holding my account hostage has to be illegal but they say it was in my agreement.

    1. I have had my paypal business account since 1997 as a powerseller on ebay will 100% positive feedback. I do legitimate business. Now paypal has frozen my account and the funds. They ‘limited’ the account in Dec 2016 which they have continually asked me more questions and proof of suppliers, which I have provided and promptly responded to every time. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL AND WHY ISN’T THERE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAIN?? Especially since you can not communicate with them over the phone about whatever their issue with you is. You can only speak through a middle man paypal rep who promises to pass the info along. THIS CAN’T BE LEGAL.

    2. Kimara says:

      They are holding my money for 180 days bc I had 2 non eBay transactions in one day totaling a measly $250. They are a joke. No answers. They lied and said if I provided tracking info they would release the funds. So hold my money as long as you want And have fun paying back all the customers that aren’t getting their items. No money for me = no product for the customer. Sorry mother fuckers and a big FUCK YOU TOO!

  587. Sabrina Little says:

    PayPal is the worst. Do not use them for your business. I used PayPal for business and when transferring my money to my bank account, it is taking forever. Each time I call, I get wrong information on the length of time it takes to transfer. It is the worst.

    1. YBR says:

      Lately I found that about 50 payments valued about USD8K for clients buying from website failed.

      Not sure what happen but the sure thing I lost some business.

  588. CAROLYN MILLER says:

    PayPal’s new website format is absolutely terrible. Badly configured, useless icons, the whole layout makes no sense. Whoever the ‘genius’ is that created this mess should consider taking some web design classes.

  589. Alex says:

    While I have been dealing with PayPal for many years, in the last few years they adamantly refuse to make a payment through my credit card. I had a valid credit card on record, and chose the make payments through my credit card, but they change my request and take money out of my bank account. Not once, but again, and again. On my last transaction, they did so a day before my pension cheque was deposited. Net result – a cheque to a utility bounced. Not only did I have to scramble to rectify the situation, but I had to pay a penalty for a bounced cheque. For all I know, this will also affect my credit rating. The last time I had a bounced cheque was over 30 years ago.

    PayPal refused to take any responsibility to changing my request to charge the purchase to my credit card – in fact they sent me a letter stating that I was fully to blame.

    After PayPal refused to address the problem, I cancelled my account with them. I cannot afford to deal with a financial institution which I cannot trust.

    My wife was quite upset about this as well, and wanted to cancel her account. She had a small balance in her account, but PayPal refused to credit her with her own funds prior to closing her account. They basically stole her money. BTW, she, as I, are retirees in our 70’s on fixed pension incomes. Every dollar is important.

    I do hope that PayPay executives choke on the money they stole from my wife when they get their multi-million bonuses this year. Earning money by stealing customers own money from retired people on fixed incomes must make them sleep very soundly at night!


    1. Kellie says:

      I had a similar experience and I too am a pensioner. I realised one of my online purchases was a scam so I immediately withdrew the money from my bank account and rang PayPal the next day to inform them and to request the transaction be canceled. I was assured the transaction had been cancelled and I would not be charged. PayPal went ahead and processed the transaction anyway. This resulted in my bank charging me a $30 insufficient funds fee. I rang the bank and they advised me to contact PayPal and asked for a refund since it was their unauthorised access to my account which caused the problem. In a two hour conversation with 2 PayPal representatives I was accused of never notifying them about the cancellation, I in fact have proof on my call log that I called them twice to cancel the transaction.I was told I could not have a recording or transcript of that conversation as they do not record calls, this is not true. I asked for s record of the dispute to be emailed to me, it never came. I was told my only option was to contact my bank and ask them to waive the fee. I rang the bank and they agreed without hesitation to waive the fee… unfortunately though, I’m still waiting for it to be processed. I will not rest until this is resolved. I am worried PayPal will try and access my account so I removed my credit card and bank account details from the account. I have not closed the account at this stage because (if I have the energy) I intend to take this further. I too want to close my account but what’s the alternative?

  590. IMTIAZ HUSSAIN says:

    I am a trader of Pakistan. Pay pal facility is not available in my country. I have US
    Pay pal account with 40 Million US Dollars .
    Pay pal has sold out my account and money
    has been looted/frozen/confiscated. HINDU
    Sherma(shamless) is a customer care specialist and declared my account as limited for 180 days/. The limitation expired on 06 Jun 2017 and he again declared limited for 180 days without any reason. A Sikh Pay Pal Officer joined him
    and he says me your account is limited.
    This is indiscreminately action and not acceptable to me because Hindu Sherma is using my money for his personal business. Lady Pay pal officer Madam SARAH says that she has not seen any reason for limitation of my account. Pay Pal authorities are requested to come forward and detail a n officer other than Sherma and Sikh to find out the facts

  591. fay says:

    Paypal has an Extremely poor fraud prevention plan in place. One that penalizes vendors while profiting their company. Beware

  592. Radoslaw Konder says:

    In July, my paypal problems started. After selling one watch to the US one to Taiwan my money in the amount of over 2100 dollars was blocked for 21 days without any reason. I made a phone call to Paypal and received a reply that happened so incidentally and my payments will not be held anymore. I was waiting for the watches to be delivered. I was informed that after the delivery of the watch if the buyer would deposit in e-feedback my money would be released on the second day. The watch was delivered to Taiwan, the buyer wrote the feedback as well as called on my request to paypal in taiwan and informed them that he received a watch and is very happy I called paypal to give feedback. I talked to Ryan 549368, refused to release my money, was very impertinent. Money was still blocked without any basis. In the meantime, the occasion was offered and my wife and I sent them using their credit cards and the option to send money to family money for the purchase of two watches that we bought in Thailand second in the UK using the paypal system. My family used this option in connection with the fact that paypal blocked my money despite the delivery of items.
    The next day I rented a patron Joanne Michalec to represent me and we called Paypal. After this conversation my account was subject to restrictions. They were frozen and a $ 11500 deposit was assigned for possible complaints about my items for 90 days. For no reason, I did not have any open affairs or affair. I considered it a proba to be depopulated by Paypal money and therefore dishonest practice. After my deposit was made, my account was frozen. Attorney Joanna Michalec wrote a letter with the task of releasing my money. Upon receipt of the letter, paypal opened 11 cases against me, my wife and me. He abolished the card transaction and suspended all accounts. He returned the money he kept at that moment and seized it as a return transaction, which caused a negative balance. All of these transactions were legally carried out because of the fact that Paypal did not allow for any reason whatsoever using my own money, which was illegally blocked. After multiple phone calls (all recorded) and my lawyer’s involvement, my account was closed indefinitely. My longstanding reputation was in ruins. I can not use paypal or e bay which is especially painful. I was not ragged and for the highest penalty because I can not use my account without doing anything bad. Paypal carries an uneasy practice. I will reinstate my account or indicate the way of arbitration. Do not go back to suing Paypal to court for discrimination and dishonest practices. Of course, he will cover all the costs of arbitration with the greatest pleasure. I would like to add that I was cheated repeatedly by the consultants and would be happy to hand over the recordings of conversations. I hope somebody from Paypal has bent over my complaint and reinstated me wrongly taken away. I want to sell and buy as before. Neither Paypal nor e bay never had any trouble with me nor with my transactions and the issues that opened up to make credible account closures. Both the wife and the victim immediately confirmed the veracity of all the transactions on which the documentation exists. I mention that I recently underwent a heart attack and the situation with paypal storms my convalescence. In case of refusal to settle your case, please indicate the arbitration or court order. Joanna Michalec will present me if possible, if you do not ask the lawyer in your state to rent. All costs will be covered. I do not expect much just to restore my rights and to reverse the absurd restrictions.

  593. Kim Martinez says:

    Absolutely frustrated with this company. One of our customers answered a hacked email for paypal and they got into their account and ours and they not only told me their was nothing they could do, they restricted our account, and then froze our funds for 180 days!! unbelievable!

  594. Deb C says:

    Horrible Horrible Horrible! Do not use paypal. In fact, don’t use a merchant who uses paypal because you are stuck with dealing with paypal. Either paypal is dishonest or their employees are incompetent!

  595. William Neville says:

    I use PayPal on ebay, I sell health care items such as dental floss threader. These are inexpensive items that people by regularly. What is killing me is this stupid .30 flat fee that they charge on every transaction. On a larger purchase, say $25.00 it is pretty insignificant, but on a $4.00 item, it amounts to an additional nearly 8% And when you add that to the 10% that ebay gouges you on, and the time you spend packing and shipping the item, you are basically selling for free. Elon Musk made gazillions on papal, and so did ebay when they owned it, and now in it’s new incarnation they are making gazillions. Why do they have to gouge people who sell small items? It only discourages us from selling them, which means buyers have less choices on ebay. What kind of business model is this?

    Sincerely, out of business on ebay.

  596. J L says:

    This is now my 8th attempt to contact PayPal, Not only do i expect a return reply/refund/ bud also a call directly from PayPal with a live supervisor.

    July 11: Purchased travel
    July 11: Called to cancel due to medical emergency; They agreed it was a timely/justified reason and attempted to call hotel but no response.
    July 12: called again; same as above
    July 13: called and emailed again…they attempted to cancel but could bot reach hotel. was informed they would call me back but that never happened
    July 13: spoke w PayPal and opened a case
    July 28: called PayPal 5 times today! Was hung up on 2 times and connected to a supervisor who never picked up. I waited fro over 1 hour and 20 minutes.

    Demand my money back for a service that was not issued. I will escalate this until i have to take this publicly – and I will!

  597. Sergey says:

    I guess they are OK for buying things from e-bay, but if you are taking your business seriously, DO NOT EVER USE PayPal for receiving payments. I was with them for 8 years, and every day I felt that my account can be blocked tomorrow out of blue, and there will be nobody to talk to. Their support is useless because everything is governed by some mysterious almighty Compliance and Reserve departments, that the support staff have no access to. And whatever you do, they never tell you what adverse consequences that will have for your account. I was just lazy and irresponsible keeping using them. And, no surprise, despite my knowing the system and doing everything in my power to avoid any disruption to the business, they placed a 100% reserve on the account without any warning. They would not remove the reserve even if I cancelled the additional service that caused the reserve in the first place. As result, I had to urgently complete a switch to a different provider on the day when I was going to an overseas family holiday and fix the consequences of the unplanned transition in the airport on the arrival. The other thing is that many of my corporate clients have a policy not to use PayPal in any way.

    1. David says:

      May I asked who you switched to? We are having the same issues with them and they already have a 30 day hold of thousands of dollars and have blocked me from my account twice because I haven’t switched over to the virtual terminal for more money even though that wasn’t what I signed up for and have not had any issues with them until recently when out of the blue they “limited” my account which meant I can add more but have no access to my funds.

  598. I signed up and have been a Paypal here user since early 2012. Even though the rate was high due to our business model while researching we chose PayPal. In all the years using PayPal and the for the large amount of transactions we do we have had only two stop payments and even with a signed contract, photo documentation and emails from the consumer that the job was done to their satisfaction Paypal wouldn’t fight for our case even though they told us upon signing up that was included in the almost 4% rate we are paying. In addition they hold our transactions above $2500 a week for 30 days which is every week and just recently started suspending our account and not allowing access to our funds because they stated we needed to sign up for virtual terminal and pay the same almost 4% transaction plus .30 per transaction and a $30 monthly fee. I wouldn’t recommend them for small businesses at all unless you don’t like to have access to your money because they decided to change their terms and want to charge more. I just saw the class action against them, I wish I knew about it because that is exactly what they are doing to us. It would be understandable if we had a complaint against our business, were a new customer or had numerous stop payments but with a less than 1% issue rate and the amount of volume we process through them it makes no sense whatsoever. There response was even though you have an excellent rating you still have to change over to the virtual terminal for a monthly fee even though that wasn’t what you signed up for and never had any issues in all the years a a client.

  599. Janet Miracle says:

    The “Paypal guarantee” is a scam. Read many other online complaints similar to mine. My husband purchased a wedding band on Ebay and paid via Paypal. The item wasnt as described and the seller agreed to a refund. We never heard from her again. She not only did NOT issue a refund, but she refused to accept delivery of the package. We started a dispute with Paypal that evolved into a claim. Now several months of Paypal run around later and repeatedly faxing receipts and tracking labels, the item is in limbo in India and Paypal expects us to get our hands back on it…then call them so they can issue an “official return authorization”. from them, then send it back to India AGAIN. Seriously?!
    Bottom line. Their “Buyer guarantee” is bogus.

  600. Raicine Askew says:

    I brought a PayPal prepaid card June 14th and put $240 on the card and was told I couldn’t activate the card and have been waiting on a refund ever since I would NEVER recommend ANYONE to use their prepaid card thus was my first and last time wasting my time and money with this company

  601. Steve Murray says:

    Frozen funds
    Has anyone heard of a computer generated security check that no-one in the same company has access to?
    Me neither – A Paypal senior account manager advised me today that there was zero she could do to stop her company holding my money until said random computer generated security check had been completed despite my last withdrawal undergoing the exact security check despite me having been a good customer since 2005, kinda obvious I’m not a con artist by now.
    On advising the senior accounts manager I would be closing my account because of this situation I was astounded that no attempt was made to appease the problem proving I am just another digit despite my loyalty over the past 12 years.
    Well done Paypal – Your loss.
    Steve Murray

  602. Rebecca says:

    Worst customer service and can’t understand half of what they are trying to say!! Further more, they will run your card 3 different times at different amounts, even though they got the money the first time!! Causing you to lose more money. This was setup for my son to use. He had the money in the account. But by them running the transaction multiple times, it put my son’s account in the negative and getting NSF fees 4 times!! Thank goodness, ISAAC was already aware of how PayPay does this and refunding all of my son’s money!!

  603. A smith says: