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  1. Domenic

    Signed up for PayAnywhere and it has been such an easy application to get the hang of! It was a free download and is simple and convenient to use!

  2. Duke

    My company used pay anywhere to help our business grow. As a sales person most of the transactions we used this company did not route to the correct account. We would call the customer service for help and they did nothing. This is the worst customer service taking days to figure out where money was to routed to. You ask where the money is they say “I don’t Know” What, this my money that we are suppose to get from paying customers – and you don’t know. Unacceptable. DONT USE THIS COMPANY!! We wont!

  3. AJ

    We signed up with Pay Anywhere last year because one specific client insisted on paying by credit card. We had trouble with them that is very much like a number of the comments already posted. After that one transaction we stopped dealing with them; but 6 months later the problems got worse instead of better. The “parent” company or whatever it’s called, that actually process’s the transactions for Pay Anywhere. Global Payments in S.C., took our information and gave it to another one of the business’s that they process transactions for. While our experience with Pay Anywhere was awful, at least they only charged us a % of the transaction amount. The new company that Global Payments gave our information too was taking a monthly fee out of our bank account, when we had NEVER signed up with them or done any business with them at all. They were taking $20 a month out of our account; and the first month they started it they took the fee out twice. When I discovered it on our bank statement, they had taken out a total of $100, without our knowledge, or consent or ever having done any business with this company, North American Bankcard. Our bank told us that they had this happen to other business customers. Global Payments will pass along information between their processors, without the company who’s information they’re giving out being aware of it. When you sign with any credit card processor in the future, be sure that they are NOT a part of the Global Payments system.

  4. Eduardo Alarcon

    Is my first time using pay anywhere, one of the reasons is their advertisement on a 24 hour funds to your bank account, but they wont advertise the amount or limit at your regular transactions, of course after reading the entire long agreement is somewhere, even if you said you had a specific average amount to deposit, it’s been 21 days, without any call or email saying I needed to provide extra information in order for them to process the deposit, not even that, I had to call them to verify the status, when I called they said “Rick” is not available and that the other person who could helped me, of course she was busy. What a sad management of service, not a customer service oriented company at all, I am cancelling my account as soon as I take care of this. NOT RECOMENDED AT ALL!!!

  5. andre

    PLEASE beware of the merchant company they are not a legit merchant company. This is a joke and scam….they never told us the limit 500.00 and if you want a increase you have to jump through hoops and run through fire only to get burned in the end and never get your money released. I demanded that my client get a refund of 1450 asap by the end of the day eastern time and if not I will report them to FTC and Home depot CEO, who needs to stop doing business with this fraudulent company.

  6. Luisa Silvestre

    I have processed a payment for hotel on 1/27/2014 at 8:25pm as of 2/4/2014 the funds have not gone into my bank account. They advertise a 24 hr turn around time for payment and i try to refund the customer so she can mail me a check but the portal does not allow a refund . Have contacted them numerous times to no avail they stated the money is sitting in there account.

    None is able to assist me with this. Bad customer service and the client is waiting for there hotel reservation.

    Makes me look bad.


  7. Michael FIli

    I had few dealings with Payanywhere credit system, but unknowingly realized they had set a limit of $550.00 per swipe.
    when I had a transaction that was higher than the mentioned amount, they ceased the amount, kept it in trust, never depositing until I received emails several days down the line

    then some asshole called YURI URIKH, not even sure its a home bread, requests more information about me and my business than the mortgage department in any bank. they also tell me that I could void the transaction and all will be re-established like before……

    SURPRISE, they now call me and my company a business risk and closed down the accunt with no possibility of leveraging.

    Screw them, and welcome to their competition.
    I hope they meet a “Madoff” and hit dirt…..

  8. Valesca

    I wish I had seen these comments before. I made the mistake of signing up with them, and it’s been a nightmare. I was very diligent when I signed up by trying to get all the information necessary so that I would not run into any problems. As stated here before their customer service is the worst, probably untrained people, because they do not provide any information that is reliable. They made me refund my customer, because they refused to process, and they knew they were not going to process but let the card go through anyways, just so they could collect processing fees. After hours with them, they said they would refund the fee, once it hit my account; after the fee hit, they refused to return the fees. Why should I expect anything else? Pay anywhere is the biggest scam I’ve seen. It’s been now 3 weeks that they held my money, and made me refund and my client still has not seen the refund. Is there a way we can sue these people??
    This is ridiculous..

  9. Byron

    Payanywhere, Violates your rights. They search the web to see if you have other business that gives them a reason to cancel your account. Payanywhere goes as far as to cancel your account even when you use another service to collect payment such as a web store where you use a shoping cart and payment system that payanywhere has no ties to. In my case my online store where payanywhere cannot be used nor do they offer the online markets, shut down my account due to having a online sporting goods store. I was told that they do not allow sporting goods to be sold online. When I statrd that Payanywhere is not associated with any type processing of my on line store, I was told that they do not care. And payanywhere would not reactivate my account.

    In following Payanywhere just lost a customer and the word will spread to others and I hope that there is a pushback on this kind of action against Payanywhere. I my view no one should use there services.

  10. Kevin

    Ran a high end transaction for over $5k, payanywere approved transaction. After 5 days of money not being in my account and all transactions after were frozen, I contacted the rude customer service department. Was told my funds are being frozen until I provide 3 months bank statements, customer name, address, phone number and email address to verify transaction was legit. When not hearing back from them, I called again and was told they contacted customer and sale was legit, they are going to hold my money for 180 days because customer might claim fraud up to that time. After arguing with them that it is illegal to hold funds for 6 months, they said that is our policy. I asked for the legal department and was told we don’t have a number or address for them. The rude customer service rep said she would transfer me to her supervisor, but she is on the phone and will have to call you back. After not hearing back and leaving multiple voice mails and reviewing the company’s terms, I contacted the New York State Attorneys General office and had a 1 hr discussion with the office. They said they have had multiple complaints from business about this company’s practices. They requested information from me to be sent to the Attorney General Office to investigate. If anyone else in New York State has the same issues with payanywere, you can contact the New York State attorney’s General office to possibly help get your money that is yours.

  11. Don White

    I processed 3 payments through Pay anywhere. All cards were AMEX. The first was for $550.00 and was held with the reason that it was our first item to be processed and we had to wait for it to be issued. At first I said “ok” that sounds reasonable. The second charge was for $1000.00 also by AMEX, but different card holder and we received our money in 2 days as their “advertising” promised. We completed our job with the client and he again paid by same AMEX card on Dec 24th 2013 for $1730.00. Immediately we get an email after the customer had left that the Payment was being held due to limitations to our acceptance of Credit Cards. In other words they set a high limit of $500.00 and no more. What legitimate business in this day and age can only accept $500.00 from a client. I looked through my application and I know we told them our high limit needed to be $5000.00 per month on the low side $200.00.

    I contacted the customer service dept and they were very patronizing toward my inquiry. They now want all kinds of information relative toward my company to release any future payments. They were very unprofessional and I believe this is a scam to hold monies in hopes of skimming the interest on said money. I’m contacting Lowes where I got the Swiper and tell them to pull it or I won’t buy from them anymore either.

    If anyone else has had the same problem, please let me know how yours as resolved… In the mean time I’m refunding my client ( hopefully the release it back) and going to recharge it on my Square(no problems).

    Donald R. White Jr (Pres)
    Mass. Disaster Service Corp.

    1. Don White

      Follow up…

      I did not get anywhere with PayAnywhere with regards to them holding my funds. I did get them to release the customers’ money back without incident, only after I threatened them that I would Call AMEX Directly and inform them of their practices. I then recharged my customer (who was present) with the SQUARE application on my phone and had no problems.

      Now I deal with customers that have lost everything due to fires or have been broken into and we are there to secure their buildings. How does that make me look as a business owner when I can’t process a credit card over a certain amount. Can you say “Embarrassing? We look like fools, thank God that this business owner as it turns out was very amenable to my circumstances, asked me what company it was and made mental note of who not to use.

      Remedy: To all that have had problem with checking account difficulties, just apply for a stop payment with the accounting department of your bank, it will cost you about $35.00 but well worth it….. My Bank issued this advice after I asked them for some assistance, mainly because this CC processor sent a form to my bank with their ACH ID# for funds transferals. The Bank thought this was strange because Square never sent this type of request to them nor did any other service we ever had done business with.

      Be PROACTIVE!!!! Don’t take no for an answer with these P.O.S. It’s your money and no one should ever come between you and your right to conduct business legally.

      If you need help , I’ll gladly forward to you what we did to counter this company.

      Thanks , Good Luck Don White.

  12. Lee Barker

    Payanywhere…Hah…..I got paid Nowhere! Signing up for this was my worst nightmare. I ran 1 so called transaction for $400.00 and they held my first transaction for almost a week. I called to see what the problem was with my transaction and they informed me my business address was a residential address, I receive all my mail at my house. What if I was working out of my house? What if I was working mobile? Anyways, for 3 weeks after this transaction I continued to try to use my account to do transactions and every card holder was denied. I tried on approximately 10 different occasions and 10 different customers. Approximatley an hour after trying my last transaction I receive a text message they had closed my account because they could not verifiy some information from my first customer, when the transaction had already been approved and paid. Sure am glad I’ve never run my business this way, wouldn’t have it for long if I did.

  13. Mark K


    They have charged me very random amounts over the past 6 months.
    From $4 to $19, and several $49, one at $140, and finally today $150 in one withdrawal from my bank account. Totaling over $600.00′

    You want to hear something funny? I HAVE NEVER USED THEIR SERVICE. NOT ONCE.

    I have disputed every time, and called, but they never get my faxes ending our relationship…
    Instead, the reply email reads like some sociopathic stalker that does not want to let go.

    “Mark called for assistance with logging into http://www.mybizperks.com. Advised merchant to activate account by entering the full merchant id number beginning with xxxxx90. Advised once information has been entered and accepted an email containing further instructions and the temporary password will be sent. Advised the initial password is only valid for 24 hours so must log in to site after email is received to change the password.

    Advised there is no indication on the account that the signed cancellation letter has been received.
    *Sensitive information has been removed from this note.”

    Are you kidding? I called to confirm the fax was received for the second time in two months! and find out what the hell I was being charged for. The fellow told me to log in. I asked HOW? he sent this email. So, not only do they not acknowledge that I sent them a STOP fax, they presumed to tell me how I wanted to activate my account. There is something very wrong here!!!!!!!!

    My bank suggested putting a hold on my account. Really? So, basically, money in but no money out. How do I pay my bills? They say, this company has been using odd amounts and has attempted to withdraw zero amounts consecutively to see if they could. This from my bank.

    How inspiring.

  14. Bill

    One thing not mentioned here. It appears that Payanywhere charges a higher rate for Reward Cards. Square states that they do not, and Payanywhere appears to hide that info in their Legal Fine print. I have not verified this, but perhaps a user can

    1. Troy

      Yes, Bill, you are correct, they DO hide this higher fee in the fine print. The representative I spoke with before I signed up stressed the fee was only 2.69% except on keyed in transactions.
      When I was charged a higher fee on a swiped transaction, I called to ask about this. The snooty person on the line said this higher fee disclosure was on paragraph 17, subsection something or another of the merchant agreement. She actually had the nerve to say “rewards cards are charged a higher fee because, as you know, they are a higher risk card”. Yes, this was the exact quote. How would I, a small electrical contractor, know whether or not certain cards are higher risk? This was just preposterous.
      I am still with them as I have not had issues receiving payments. I would drop them instantly if I experienced even a single hold on ANY transaction. I would be VERY wary of this company.

  15. David Ellis

    STAY AWAY FROM PAYANYWHERE!!! We run a small business and have been with PayAnywhere for
    about a year and a half. Since migrating to their new payment app in July it has been a veritable nightmare (and the truth is, they weren’t exactly terrific before July on the old system). Since then, problems are the norm. We would issue customer refunds but PayAnywhere would fail to credit the customer. The merchant portal frequently does not update, so when I login to see transactions, they may be days behind. And then when they catch up, some days will be missing. I am still trying to get them to credit us for an entire days sales that is simply “missing” from our account. They have had more than enough time to fix the bugs in their system, but there seems to be no end in sight. They correct one thing, and two more problems seem to appear. I could go on and on, but what’s the use? If you choose to go with PayAnywhere after reading this review, and the many, many others, well, you were warned.

  16. Peter

    We are a small clinic and have been doing transactions of around $100 each and only 4 a day. a couple of days a week. Using Pay Anywhere for 10 months now. Customer service has been helpful and responsive. We have had nothing close to the problems I see posted here. We would recommend them based on our experience.

    1. Phillip

      Hi Peter,
      In order to authenticate your testimonial, please reply to this comment with your business name and location. Thanks!

      1. PaulH

        It’s notable that you’re interested in confirming the positive comment. Are you using the same due diligence on the negative comments regarding Pay Anywhere? I am an agent for NABC, and there have been some hitches with customer care, which have vastly improved in 2014. I am out there every day activating merchants through this same customer care, and admittedly there have been issues with the quality and efficiency of service, but there have been DRAMATIC improvements of late. I have been with the company since September of 2013. I have 50+ merchants swiping with Pay Anywhere. There have been a number if issues involving missing deposits, and some questions of the varying fees for Corporate and Reward cards, but all has been handled in a timely manner, and I have never had a situation that went unresolved for more than a couple days, tops. Some of these doomsday scenarios I am reading about are very difficult for me to believe. I simply have seen nothing like it in my six months with the company, with dozens of merchants who call me when there is a problem. Yes, I have had to put out some fires, but never had I had to do more than make a phone call, or send an email, and each issue has been resolved to the merchant’s satisfaction in a relatively timely manner. There has been no nightmare situations where people were missing money for weeks on end. Nothing like that in my experience. .

        1. Phillip Parker

          Hi Paul, you can learn more about this policy in this post: Why We Verify Testimonials

  17. Dave Draves

    I opened an account with payanywhere as an alternative to force transactions with my First Data merchant account. My business transactions are primarily in the clients home so payanywhere seemed like a cost savings and security improvement from taking credit card numbers and entering them later. Boy was I wrong my first transaction of $2,800 was held for more than a week for security purposes. I had to send 3 months bank statements, copies of the contracts, photo id and ss card to Payanywhere and was told in 48 hours the audit would be complete. 72 hours later they completed the audit and then said they needed the card holders correct address to release funds, all of which was on the contracts but I gave it to them again and they said in 24 hours funds would deposit, did not happen. I experienced this scam 8 years ago with a processor that I reported to the FTC, about 3 years later I got a notice that they had been fined for improper practices. The processor went out of business. Will not be a surprise to see this happen to Pay Anywhere.

    1. Brian B

      That is how they roll at NOpayanywhere. I made it abundantly clear and showed them my website silentcarbine.com. After I started accepting charges I got no money until I submitted the same paperwork. Next they said not guns could be charged. The latest is no transaction over $1000.00. They wanted me to resubmit all of the same paperwork the made me do to,get my funds unfrozen the first. No way. They knew damn well when I signed up I was a firearms company and the lowest priced model was $1400.00. I have dropped them like a bad habit! My new processor is great and MUCH lower fees.

  18. Joe

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! I am a volunteer with a Boy Scout Troop that chose to use them for our annual fundraiser. After a month of trying to work with these folks I have had it. They continue to request information that has already been sent to them. They leave you on hold until you have no choice but to hang up. They do not return calls as promised. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They have almost $600 of our funds. My account has been screwed up since day 1 and I strongly advise anyone considering this company to look elsewhere.

  19. Chery

    very poor customer service. I am a hair studiio owner. Used Pay Anywhere for a year. Online statements show double the amount of the sale. For example if you were to get audited it would read that you charged 110.00 for the sale and 110.00 for the tip even though there was no tip given or a tip of 5.00 or 10.00 dollars. Customer Service, Tech support puts you on hold for at least 25 minutes per transfer. They have worked out a new portal and that was their excuse for the double charges. They said they have it worked out now, but can not go in and change over 25 of my charges that were posted. The credit card merchant statemnt is impossible to read and lumpps the charges in one group so you have a hard time figuring out what percentage they are taking from your account. Very bad business and the record are false.

  20. Harvey Kushner

    I have been using Merchant Processing for well over 20 years with various providers and have been mostly happy with most of them. I wanted to use my android phone to take charges conveniently with My HTC phone. I have had good luck with The “SQUARE” and “Pay anywhere” sent me some info on their product so I signed up. I had a charge of over $500.00 for my Natural Health Products that I manufacture and sell world wide AND IN MANY health FOOD STORES ETC.I have been in business for over 20 years with a good reputation http://www.actherapies.com. I noticed that my Charge was not put into my bank in the time they said it would be {next day] so I called their customer service . They said they were looking into My “natural medicine” Business and didn’t like “Alternative Medicine ” and didn’t want my Business!. I have never written on any merchant service provider in my life but this was Unbelievable!! Prejudice against a Company for no reason for what they sell that is legal and no record of Impropriety ever is too much .I will never use them again ever!!I cancelled my $580.00 charge and will put it through one of my other charge providers. DO NOT USE THEM!!

  21. Stephanie

    We have consistently had problems with them and are in the midst of changing plans. They hold funds indefinitely without releasing them to your account, don’t tell you they are holding funds but you notice that the money never makes it to your bank account, many of their customer service reps don’t know what they are doing, and follow up is not great. I was promised that a manager will call me right back a couple of times and I have to call the next day because no one has called. And, it’s not like we had questionable charges. We wanted a company that would be a partner for us as we grow our business and they are a hindrance instead.

    1. Dave

      Exactly Stephanie,
      They told me that they held funds because the amount was more than I should have processed!!! Imagine that……They knew more about my business than I do. I am a Massage Therapist and have many retail items for sale and have gift certificates. A client purchased several gift certs and several retail items. His charge was about $400. His charge read “APPROVED”, so I gave him the merchandise. The funds were never deposited into my account. After about a month of fighting with payanywhere, they finally cancelled the transaction, the client received notice of it and I re-ran it on my new card processor, INTUIT, and it cleared, had the money the next day, NO PROBLEM!!!!. KICK PAY ANYWHERE OUT AND GO WITH INTUIT. They don’t hold you back, they let you grow. In fact, they help you grow. Customer service is fantastic with INTUIT. I am happy now.

  22. Tim

    Stay away from Pay Amywhere, they are a ridiculous and crooked company. They are currently holding over $5k from me which they say I will receive in 90 days! The first couple of small transactions were processed and deposited to my account. Then after a busy period of sales they just held onto my money with no notice whatsoever. I was asked to produce 3 months bank statements to rectify this problem which I did. After being transferred and given the run around by extremely rude staff, I received an email saying my account was being closed and funds held for 90 days. They have absolutely no grounds for this, I have been in business selling my products for many years prior to this. Furthermore I have read of other users accounts being treated the same and then not receiving there funds after this ’90 day hold’. I am now in the process of lawyers looking at this case for me. I really wish I had seen reviews such as this prior to signing up. If you just go by reviews on the App Store then somehow they seem to maintain a high user rating. Do not be fooled by this like I was, you will be sorry you ever used them. Steer well clear of this company!

  23. Alec

    Do Not Use Pay Anywhere. They are a fraud. Ponzi scheme. Holding your money for no legit reason. They are currently holding over $5000 of my transaction money. Pass it along. Wish i had read these reviews before i signed up.

  24. Otis Otis Davis

    Worst experience i ever had with a financial institution ,no professionalism at all ,
    None of the employees have the same understanding of company policy
    This company think that calling strangers by first names is suppose to make them feel relaxed

    Seven days to make an electronic refund “this is to laugh ”
    who asks for three bank statements and customer invoice to approve a 1400 dollar debit card transaction ?
    This company is a joke been trying to use this account since Sept. 4 with no success

    open a paypal account in 20 min.

  25. SM

    This is the worse company. Don’t waste your time. You will go through hassle and more hassle. I only did one transaction with them and had to issue a refund because they wouldn’t give me the funds for that transaction, it was hurdle after hurdle. I can’t even cancel my services with Payanywhere quickly because they don’t have a quick cancellation policy. They cancel after 60 days of ‘inactivity’. They start you off with a low ticket number limit, the purchase transaction amount- this is a hassle to increase. Then if your account gets flagged- more hassle. Mine was flagged even after i went through the hassle of increasing the ticket amount, so there was no legit reason as to why they ‘flagged’ my account. I’d rather pay more and take my business elsewhere. This company is riduculous

  26. Unknown

    This is the worst credit card reader everywhere! I have been fighting with them over a small amount (under 100) they believe is fraud because my business has it’s own name which is not my individual name. I used the a different merchant after the $ was supposed to be back in my client’s account. My client’s account got an NSF fee so because it’s my business due to them I get to pay my client the amount they keep refusing to release plus a $35 NSF to keep my client happy. DO NOT EVER USE PAY ANYWHERE YES THEY CHARGE LESS PER TRANSACTION BUT IT IS A MYSTERY AS TO WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL ACTUALLY GET PAID.

  27. Preston Felton

    Please don’t use this company if you want professional CC processing, poor customer service, unprofessional, charged me for a charge that they refused to put into my account. Would never use them again. Making a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

  28. Gary

    Do Not Deal with Payanywhere. .. This company is withholding over 500.00 from me.. They said it was an audit . No one in that dept could help me or answer any questions except the one handling my case and she wasn’t in that day .. they wanted me to fax all kinds of info . invoices , receipts . contracts showing customers name , number and address and wanted the customers number, that made the transaction .. which I think is a privacy issue . Shawna ( the agent ) called the customer. and verified it was not fraud. then called me back wanting to know if I had a contract ( rental property ) with the customer . the size of the rental unit.. I told her it was none of her business. and she was asking to many personal questions, and hung up the phone.. an hour later , My customer called me and said she had called him back and had started asking him personal questions, in which he told her, it was none of her business .. So now she has harassed my customer .. I did manage to ask if I was selling ice cream using the card reader.. and this come up . and I didn’t know the customers info and number , she informed me that I wouldn’t get paid. As the logo says pay anywhere , anytime . make sure you take down customers , address, phone number and all the bits of personal info you can get , then warn the customer that they might get an harassing phone call from payanywhere for there 3.00 charge.. Im done with payanywhere and will be going with Square.

  29. Marc Lowe

    I wish I had read all of the negative reviews out there for this company. In a rush to find a way to accept credit cards for my web development business I signed up for their service. I guess the idea of having an iphone attachment was too god to pass up. I called ahead of time to ask about limits and was assured the type of business I ran would not have any problems as long as I used swiped transactions and not keyed-in ones. Well I am now almost $2500 into their service and have yet to be paid. I have been sent the standard form email saying send copies of invoices and 3 months of bank statements etc… I have no problem supplying that information but based on other testimonies here and other places why bother. I just got off the phone with the last client I ran through the reader and told them I would refund the money and discount them if they send another type of payment. Hopefully the refund goes through as the app said it was considered a VOID not a refund because of the short time since it was charged. If my client doesn’t get an immediate refund she is going to do a chargeback. Will let you know how it turns out…

  30. Stacy Nicodemus

    This company is the worse company I’ve ever dealt with. The service is horrible I’ve been dealing with them for months with no problems, and then all of a sudden they are holding my funds saying that my bank rejected it,yea right…So my question was to her why after all this time they have been putting funds in my account i’ve never had this problem and then this problem happen she could not give me an answer.Please do not deal with this company it a and its not good for small business and I know i wont be getting my funds. I will count it a loss

  31. Darlene

    Pay anywhere.com is a very confused company. Their representatives do not know what the others are even doing or telling clients. Amy a so called supervisor only repeats herself and does not solve problems. They are holding over $700 that belongs to my account. They will not change my account number because the voided check I sent them to verify was not them number they wanted!

  32. Mark

    I strongly urge you to have nothing to do with this company. I had a client pay me by Pay Anywhere. The money was never credited to my account. That was months ago. Emails to customer service, repeated phone calls resulted in nothing but a run around. I get automatically generated responses that they are “working on” the problem. Meanwhile, they have my money and will not credit it. I am having to begin a 93 A suit against them. Steer clear of this company at all costs.

  33. Jim Lafferty

    I signed up for pay anywhere in 2011. It was great until a month or so ago when the updated the app for iphone/ipad. Since then nothing works. Tech support has been no use. They are getting hammered on apple app reviews. Im canceling my acct monday morning and going with someone else.

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