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  1. Jacob Montgomery

    they tricked me into signed up never gave me my machine and now there saying I owe them 1400 no matter what and there going to take it out of my account for give me bad credit. I don’t have a machine I don’t have customers to take credit cards from so why do I need your service and why do I owe u 1400 for nothing????

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  2. Philippe

    How many cancel requests must one make? Erroneous charges for their incompetencies…Terrible service, difficult and painstaking to deal with to summarize. They have slow response (I had to request service cancelation on 2 different occasions), slow turn around, they bill client for delayed delivery of return package (you pay if the parcel isn’t delivered). My assigned representitive Tamara simply passed the bucket once she new I wished to cancel their services (yet she was designated as my account representative). She didn’t offer to follow up on my behalf nor did anyone offer an apologee. This outfit is more focused on following their own precedures rather then provide any kind of customer service… Thought I would try them out (tried 2 providers) and glad I found how much cheaper a competitor was (savings of about 30% based on real actual data). I love Costco and go there all of the time I’m shocked them they’re doing a JV with such a poorly operated company. I wish them Chapter 11!

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  3. david palatnik

    If you thinking about joining Elavon do yourself a favor and don’t do that, They charged my bank account $8000 in one week for no reason and no one over there seams to care about that, I don’t think I’ll ever see the money back- maybe I’ll go to court on that issue, this company is a death penalty for small business, go to Square or something similar.

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  4. Nick


    They miss-sell inappropriate card terminal contracts through “bonus hungry” agents! They then find excuses to freeze your account whilst it has huge sums of money settled and authorised that belong to merchants, leaving merchants in the dark for weeks about what’s happened to thier money…and then send out letters cancelling merchant contracts, whilst informing them that thier unpaid funds will (and I quote) : ” Without further notice to you, apply the funds held in Reserve against any outstanding or future payment obligations.

    They have put my successful business in total jeopardy because of this… Not to mention other irresponsible cock-ups that they are fully to blame for, yet shrug off any blame with thier disfunctional system that is far too big and dissjointed to cope.

    If you think getting a card payment authorised with Elavon means you are paid as a merchant..?

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  5. Dave

    Elavon does Not have cancellation fees. What are you guys saying? And if you signed up with Costco or other Elavons sales office (ISO) you should contact them for all your issues.
    I am a sale rep and my office works with Elavon and all our merchants call us for anything they need. We never charge for terminals or any cancelations fees and if a merchant wants to close their acccount for ANY reason, we have Elavon close the account the SAME Day that merchant request it.

    You guys must of signed up with the wrong sale offices (ISO). Elavon is a GREAT company.

    Before signing any contracts or agreements with Any processor you must Trust your salesrep more then trusting the company behind him. We the salereps could do a lot to help merchants resolve problems. I always give my cell number to my merchants. You should always ask your salesrep for his/her cell number and ask him if there is any issues is he going to help you or the processor?
    A good salesrep Will and Can ALWAYS help merchants better.
    Good luck to all :-)

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    1. Jeff

      Dave must be paid off by Elavon

      We were charged a $500 cancellation fee to close our account, despite having been with them for over years.

      Elavon is a company that will screw you at any and all opportunities. They are a company that should never
      be dealt with, and would make a lot of people happy if those crooks were finally put out off business.

      To call them thieves really not fair to all the honest thieves out there.

      I would strongly suggest anyone looking at using Elavon to look elsewhere.

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      1. Wes

        We had the same problem with getting rid of them. Approaching the end of our 5 year contract, we called with 3 months remaining and they told us we could get out of it but we had to pay them, otherwise we were supposed to give them 6 months notice! They’re leaches and they won’t let you go even if you are totally dissatisfied with their service. We have fought them for the entire 5 yrs we were with them! RUN if they approach you!

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    2. Gail Ream

      If Elavon is so great why all the bad reviews? I was with Elavon for over 12 years before I finally got fed up with the poor customer service and the constant adding of services I couldn’t use but got charged for. I’m now with my own bank Wells Fargo and I’m very pleased. The customer service is good, there are no “extra” fees and the money is in my account the very next day and I take payments on my phone or tablet. I’m so glad I made the change.

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  6. Bob Alexander

    We became familiar with Elavon when our credit card merchant was absorbed by Elavon so it was not our choice. On the phone their staff tends to be cold and often “NAZI” types who will judge you and often penalize you without actual proof of having done anything wrong.

    I feel dealing with Elavon is not worth it, they’ll require a great deal of personal information and then give you BS excuses why. The real reason is they want to make sure if anything happens they can go after you personally. The truth is there are many better and more professional companies out there. Even cheaper options. Like anything with time technologies change and better options often replace the problem companies like Elavon.

    You can go into your local hardware store like Home Depot and pick up a card reader for your smartphone for $10 and even sign up over the internet for online credit card merchants for less cost. Elavon is currently working with Costco however they are not the same quality company with the same standards as Costco.

    Avoid Elavon at all costs, their Virtual Merchant online software is out of date and medieval. Its also far more complicated and harder to set up. Nothing about Elavon to like, their prices, staff, fees and rates. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a credit card merchant.

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  7. Jeff Fleischmann

    Elavon is a company not to be trusted or given business. I had been a customer for over 5 years, as Elavon
    had bought out the company I originally had a deal with(Tangerine Concepts). After they raised their rates by over 75 basis points, I told them I wanted to cancel my contract, which with the original firm was a 2 year contract . I was then told that Elavon automatically renews the contract every 2 years, and that I would have to pay $500 to have the contract ended. So the numbers you read above are incorrect.
    Elavon will try and gouge you at every opportunity, I would suggest anyone looking to find a payments processor to avoid Elavon, they are not a company with which you would want to do business. They use every legal trick they can, and you had better read every single word in their contract, as they will stick it to you at each and every opportunity. They are nothing but thieves masquerading as a payment provider.

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    1. Darek

      This is not true. Elavon never had auto-renewable contract. They even stopped charging early termination fees in 2012. They also recently lowered lease pricing and added additional paperwork so the customers can’t claim ignorance when they don’t need the credit card terminal anymore and want to get out of the lease. I think some of the complianers here are no different than their customer who stiff them by starting chargeback proceedings against them.

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      1. Gail

        Darek you must work for the company. I’m sure some of the complainers may go a little overboard but that’s what dealing with Elevon does to you. When I would call in with a question I usually got a rude customer service agent. They added fees and more fees. After they list the regular fees they list “other” fees. They built a website to help their business customers and then charged $35 or so even if you didn’t use it. They told me it was “good” for me. I was so happy the day I called and closed my account. It was fun.

        I’m now with a company that actually did what they said and they have not charged me any “other” fees. Also the money is in my account the next day even on the weekend which never happened with Elevon. Best of all their customer service agents are nice and helpful.

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        1. Oscar Blanco

          Gail, could you provide the name of the company you’ve had a good experience with?

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          1. Gail Ream

            The card processing company that I now use is my own bank Wells Fargo. They recently added a service similiar to “Square” where I can process my customers credit cards with either my iphone or my ipad. I’m extremely happy with their service.

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      2. Jeff

        This is absolutely true, it is precisely what happened to our company, One small 2 sentence line on a end of month statement saying that within 90 days rates are going up 0.5%, which for most people translates to a 1/2 of one per cent increase, as opposed to the 50 basis point, or approximitely 20-25% increase in rates. In fact, we purchased our machine over 5 years ago, so whatever it is you are talking about in regards to leasing does not apply in our case, as none of the equipment was leased. So maybe next time you could come back with a somewhat informed
        opinion, Are you being paid by Elavon?

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  8. Kim

    I equate their level of customer service and trust/reliability with ATT, so I’m sure you know where this is going. We terminated our agreement with Elavon/Regions months ago, but are still being charged 34.00/month. I call every month, get a call ticket numner and a promise for a refund. Still nothing. The new rep always blames it on the last rep not submitting some form. Seriously, beware. You will never rid yourselves of them. Ever.

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  9. Cassandra Roberson

    I am counting down the days until I can get out of my last contract with them. I, unwittingly, signed a new 3 year contract in exchange for a new free terminal, after my previous one broke down. Now, I have to deal with Elavon for one more year. I, already have Square set up on iPad, easing that in, as I cringe out the end of my contract with Elavon, ending in 2015 with Elavon. I will send cancellation, well in advance of the 120 day requirement, via registered mail and multiple online cancellations (for evidence and documentation) and will return their terminal via registered mail to make sure that they do not find excuses to zap my bank account as they have done to others. Sick of their excessive fees that do not serve me as a small business.I don’t trust them, one bit.

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  10. Glenn

    Elavon has been TERRIBLE to deal with. They offered me a “Free Notebook” for switching which ended up costing me more to ship than it was worth. Recently, my so called welcome kit was incomplete twice. The number I called for training put me on hold for 40 miins then 20 mins beforte I could speak to anybody! In the firtst 2 months they have twice sent me a form letter with my company name spelled wrong telling they were cancelling my account without any explanation. This time I am leting them cancel.
    What a waste of time!!

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  11. Josephine Valino

    I am a customer with Elavon fromerly Nova through Costco for more than five years now. I have made my mistakes before trusting the customer representives over the phone without asking for their names and document my call #. I just overlook it and move on. But this time I am not backing down. Because my cell phone doesn’t support any of the wireless devices, I need to do it the old fashion way of using the knuckle buster on the road and input the info. manually on the terminal. I called customer service to advice me of this standard. The rep on the phone was very nice. He explained to me there are two ways to go about it. The first one is get their cc#, street # and zip. He recommended the second option is voice authorization. He CLEARLY TOLD ME NO EXTRA CHARGE for the service EXCPECT WHEN I SPEAK TO A REP LIVE, then it will cost .90 each transaction.

    I was very happy knowing this info. Today I received my statement and there is a $15 authorization charges on my bill. I was shocked call customer service to clear this issue. The rep was trying to help but not in her power to do much. I was transferred to a manager. He told me that he couldn’t do anything for me because I initialized the transactions. Well, of course I did! I trusted the customer service rep to give me proper information and advice. Isn’t that what we are paying for? I am not concern about the extra $15. Is the misleading information from Elavon. If I know there is a fee, I willing to pay for it. The short of it is that the manger tried to find my call log so he can train this rep properly. But still can’t do anything for me. I am sick of paying for Elavon’s employees’ mistakes! I totally lost faith and trust in this company! I will address this issue up to the Ceo of Elavon and Costco. They are ripping off small business by having untrained employees!

    Lesson learned. Not to trust any financial merchant customer rep over the phone and document my calls! Can’t trust this company anymore!


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    1. Josephine Valino

      I have escalated the problem up to the PR Personnel. She took my case very seriously. She had the company refund me my fee and wrote a formal apology letter. She listened to my concerns about Elavon and discussed the issues up the chain regarding their customer support department. I am happy that someone does care for us small businesses out there. So, if you guys happened to run into any issues make sure to take it up to someone who can shake some sense out of the company. Lesson learned, always log my calls and ask for the rep’s full name in the future to avoid any unnecessary fees.

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  12. Guy

    Biggest rip off I have ever been associated with. These people take take and take some more. I have canceled my account two months ago and they are still taking out monthly fees. Telling me I have to talk to my representative. Well I dont have a representative. I am forced to go to my bank and have my bank stop these people from stealing my hard earned money. I compare this to OBAMA care. Tell you one thing and do another. This business should be shut down.

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  13. Tracy

    I switched Banks to US Bank and they recommended Elavon for my small business. My first mistake was trusting US Bank. I signed a 3yr contract and by the time I realized all the “hidden” fees attached I still had a year left on contract. A company that does not offer a month to month is the first red flag. I had not used them for 6mo due to the CRAZY high fees. I cancelled and for what ever reason it could not be closed till the 7th of the month. Mind you I have been paying for 6mo already on something I did not use. The lady taking my cancellation said that if they took money out of my acct. to call and they would refund since it was the first week of the new mo. I had been told that twice by 2 different agents. I checked my acct. and sure enough they took out another payment. I called and was told if the contract goes into any part of a new month they will charge and that I was misinformed. I use another company now that tracks my sales and I can see exactly what I am paying. No fees when not being used. That is the way a trustworthy company works. Unless you like throwing money away, run do not walk from any bank that recommends Elavon.

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  14. steven

    I am in Ottawa/Gatineau area. I am with Elavon for a few years. I did not check my transactions carefully before. After I paid more attention with my new terminal recently, I found out that many transactions in the amount of thousands dollars were missing since July, 2013. I have to do tedious work to call them to find out which are the missing tansations and credit card numbers and reenter the amounts,

    To avoid the problems, stay away with Elavon.

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  15. David

    Elavon has been steadily ramping up my monthly fees and I plan on cancelling my service with them. I’m disgusted that TD Bank recommended them. I only take occasional credit card payments and call in for authorization each time. Even if I process nothing as is usually the case, they take $40.00 out of my pocket each month. Go through proposed contracts with them with a fine-tooth comb. It’s amazing how well they’re set up to scam small businesses who are just getting into credit cards.

    Wish me luck in contacting them and getting this cancelled. I suspect I may need to close the account they draw from to stop them even after I cancel.

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    1. Gail

      I had no trouble cancelling. In fact it was fun. The person taking my cancelation order was telling me how much the “fees” helped me. Right. I have been using my new service for a month now and love it. I take credit cards on my iphone and/or ipad. Much better service than Elevon and much cheaper.

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  16. carla sarvis

    BEWARE SEASONAL ACCOUNTS: I purchased a wireless credit card terminal from Elavon through Costco over three years ago for nearly $1,000. I am a seasonal business person and was informed at that time that in order to avoid ongoing monthly fees i needed to close my account when not in use and then re-open again when ready. Not a problem and I did that for three years.
    So like any regular person I thought I “bought my terminal”…that i actually purchased something to own and it was mine….part of my business and a business expense. I was never ever told, nor did I ever read that being a seasonal account provided absolutely no terminal security……I was never informed (until 2 days ago) that when closed, the terminal’s wireless activity (it’s ESN) would be shut down AND would never work again. That the terminal was useless due to “inactivity”. That I would have to MAIL BACK the terminal i had and Elavon would mail me a used one. That I “was lucky” it didn’t happen to me for three years. They tried to put the blame on Sprint and said it was Sprint who “sold my ESN” due to inactivity. No…I foung out today it is actually Elavon.
    So….the terminal i bought is now useless. After many phone calls, I am told by Elavon that it’s “protocol” to do this to seasonal accounts!!! I would beg to say that this is a SCAM on Elavon’s part as we never really own anything!….you either pay $20/month to “own” your terminal or it is rendered “useless” if you are seasonal. What did I buy for $1,000????? There really isn’t a “seasonal business account” with Elavon and I find it disgusting that they do this. I do NOT recommend them.

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  17. Marissa

    BTW – I had the same experience as Michele Dean when I finally cancelled. Got charged for TWO (!) additional months because 1) I didn’t have 5 days advance notice for the coming month and 2) by the time the cancellation people received my form by mail, they had already processed the charge for the next new month.

    Sorry I didn’t post an immediate review about that experience here, but I was just too livid.

    I’ve posted here before probably back in 2011 and even though I don’t use Elavon anymore, I prefer to keep getting email updates from this site. That way, I’m always reminded as a cautionary tale that there are horrible, greedy-ass companies like Elavon .

    It’ was an expensive lesson, but it’s made me a better, wiser, scrutinizing small business owner.

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  18. Mike

    Elavon’s business practices are disgusting. I don’t know how some of those people can look themselves in the mirror at night.

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    1. Phillip

      Hi Mike, can you expand on your review?

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  19. Gail

    This company should rename itself from Elevon to Fees. Fees, fees and more fees. When you call to find out what the latest “fee” is that you were charged for the customer service person tries to convince you it’s for your benefit. I finally got fed up after years of using Elevon and got so much satisfaction out of cancelling. The lady that cancelled me said everyone loves the fees and the benefits they provide…although she couldn’t tell me what those benefits were. Enough is enough.

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  20. Esteban Campodemayo

    Terrible customer service. Waste of time. It took months to cancel. Much better alternatives are available. You have been warned.

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    I HAVE had a account for almost three years, and have used the service twice, i am paying $52.99 per month in fees, i have asked twice to cancel it and have been quoted huge buyout fees. july 1st i requested a close and they submitted a waiver fee to prevent a payout fee, but they didn’t tell me i needed to fill out a form 5 days in advance of the month to get the monthly fee sotpped so it is 8/1 i have a new fee for july and another one for $52.99 which will be billed for August “because i didn’t do the form 5 days in advance”. the customer service rep was awful, read from a canned script and didn’t care either way. this company was the biggest mistake of my life, the fees are horrible. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

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  22. s. cromwell

    I left Elavon because their fees were too high compared with other competitors. I faxed a cancellation notice and they claim they didn’t get it even though I had fax confirmation. They continued to charge me the minimum fee for three months after I closed the account and had to argue with them to get them refunded. They are trying to get additional funds even after account is closed. Don’t recommend them.

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    1. chyerl burton

      where do I find the cancellation form? It’s impossible to locate.


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      1. Gail

        I just called in and cancelled and made sure I knew exactly what they were going to take out of my final bill. I just got billed and it was for the correct amount.. Get the name of the person you talked with. I didn’t need a “form”.

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