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BBB Rating rated C-

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First Data Logo

First Data Logo

First Data Corporation ( is a large electronic payment processing company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The main bread and butter of this company is providing back end card processing services to Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), banks and other merchant account providers. As one of the largest payment processors in the industry, First Data’s (FDIS) offerings include merchant account processing services for credit and debit cards, private-label cards, gift cards, payroll, and other prepaid card offerings. The company also offers various other services including fraud protection and authentication solutions, merchant cash advance, credit card terminals through First Data Global Leasing, and electronic check acceptance services through TeleCheck.

Unlike most merchant account sales organizations, First Data is a direct processor with Visa & MasterCard. While the company does have a small direct sales force, First Data relies primarily upon partnerships with third party resellers and sub-ISOs to sell its credit card processing services. Two of these resellers include a couple of the largest banks in the United States, Wells Fargo Merchant Services and Bank of America Merchant Services. These two partnerships along with thousands of others make First Data one of the largest, if not the largest, processor in the world. In fact, it is said that nearly 3 out of 4 credit card sales in the U.S. are processed by First Data.

First Data Sales & Marketing Tactics | C-

Key Points – Sales & Marketing
Uses independent resellers? Yes
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? No
Discloses all important terms? No

As stated earlier, First Data primarily markets its services through an army of resellers and partners. The company has its own direct sales offices, but they make up a tiny fraction of First Data’s overall sales force. The company has suffered considerable damage to its reputation due to many of its resellers using misleading sales tactics and deceptive marketing. First Data appears to do a poor job of policing its ISOs and eliminating bad partners.

Aside from its heavy use of resellers, First Data does not appear to use misleading advertising or deceptive marketing through its own sales force; however, there are a considerable amount of complaints that suggest the use of deceptive sales practices among its agents. It appears that many agents fail to mention buried contract commitments, e.g. lease terms for point-of-sale equipment provided by First Data.

First Data Marketing Example

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First Data Costs & Contract Terms | C

Key Points – Costs & Contract Terms
Swiped rate: Variable
Keyed-in rate: Variable
Termination fee: Up to $495
PCI compliance fee: Variable
Equipment lease: 48 mos./non-cancellable

As a direct processor, First Data sets wholesale rates slightly above Interchange and then allows resellers to markup the wholesale costs in order to sell credit card processing services to merchants at a profit. It’s a popular misconception that going directly to First Data, instead of a First Data reseller, will result in lower processing fees. In some cases working directly with First Data may result in rock-bottom rates (see “Fee Sweep” to learn how to negotiate for the best rates), but often the company’s direct sales channel is just as expensive its resellers.

Pricing and fees of a First Data merchant account will vary by reseller, agent, and merchant. First Data allows resellers to choose between selling month-to-month contracts or service agreements ranging from one to five years. Cancellation fees and contract conditions can vary widely by reseller, so merchants are advised to read their contracts carefully. Many merchants also report non-cancellable, multi-year leases for point-of-sale equipment offered by First Data Global Leasing. Generally speaking, First Data will enforce the contract terms set by a reseller as long as they fit within the company’s sales policies.
First Data Program Guide

First Data Complaints & Service | D

Key Points – Complaints & Service
Total complaints: 550+
Live customer support? Yes
Most common complaint: Hidden fees

When it comes to customer service, First Data has the ability to service its merchant account customers directly via a 24/7 customer service call center, or resellers can provide their own customer service. First Data also offers customer support options for resellers at an additional cost to the reseller. In a few reviews, merchants have reported confusion regarding identifying the company responsible for servicing their account.

First Data has a high volume of complaints, with over 300 in the comment section below and over 300 more on Ripoff Report. Most of these complaints report deceptive sales tactics used by some resellers and agents, poor customer service, inability to resolve disputes over billing and service commitments, and omissions of important contract terms prior to account setup. Additionally, several merchants who reported signing up through resellers stated that they were placed into contracts directly with First Data or into equipment leases without proper disclosure of important terms & conditions (for instance, non-cancellable leases for point-of-sale equipment). Customer service to resolve these issues may vary depending on which aspect of the contract requires attention.

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First Data BBB Report | C- (CPO Adjusted)

Key Points – BBB Report
Product/service: 514
Billing/collection: 368
Advertising/sales: 118
Guarantee/warranty: 2
Delivery: 4

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is clearly having difficulty distinguishing between First Data itself, its independent sales channels, and its resellers. There are numerous profiles on the BBB website that are clearly just resellers of First Data, yet the BBB attributes these pages to First Data. On the actual report for First Data’s corporate headquarters, the BBB awards an “A” rating overall. The score (up from a “D-” at the time of our last update) is due to the company’s accumulation of 1006 complaints in the last three years (up from 954 since our last review) and its response to these complaints. The majority of complaints are due to billing and collection issues, problems with products or services, and advertising and sales issues. Of the complaints, 76% were resolved to the merchants’ satisfaction through the BBB, while the remaining complaints were resolved to the merchants’ dissatisfaction. We have adjusted the company’s rating to a “C-” in light of these figures. For more on why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our rating criteria.

Bottom Line

First Data Review

Rated 1.9 out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2015-01-01

Since First Data primarily acts as a “behind-the-scenes” card processor for most resellers, a merchant can have completely different experiences depending on which reseller was chosen. Working directly with First Data may not be advisable for small merchants since it doesn’t guarantee lower rates and First Data’s direct merchant support is notoriously poor. That being said, First Data does have the ability to offer lower rates than any of its resellers and may be a good fit for high volume businesses.

This review was originally published on 1/3/11 and was last updated on 1/1/15.

Leave your comments about First Data in the comment section below:

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  1. Kolbie

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. We got our machines from them for our small motel, we were paying 44 dollars monthly out of our credit card. Then when we were done with the machines, they asked us to send them back so we did. They claim they never got the machine, so we paid them a lump sum of what we owed. Then we got them to put in writing that we were done, and all loose ends were tied up and the account was closed. THEN a few years later we noticed 44$ a month still being charged on our credit card. We were done trying to talk to these senseless people so we just closed our account down completely. Now, a few years later they are still trying to charge us and send us letters asking for money and try to charge our credit cards. We have called them at LEAST 20 times, even 7 times today, asking for someone who can tell us why they are charging us. We either get someone hanging up on us, ‘forwarding’ us to someone who can help (they never actually answer), or just bullshitting. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, DONT EVER USE THEM.

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  2. Julie

    DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY! We have bee trying to cancel services with them for over a month now only to be met with documents we never signed putting us into contracts we can not cancel and more fees than one can imagine. They lie about their processing rates from the get go, ours were between 8-10% at all times because of extra fees they never disclose and much more bull****. Now they are debiting our checking accounts for 500$ at a time and demanding more money. So again I repeat DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

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    1. BethAnne

      I would agree with you that the rates were much higher than they quoted me, Julie.

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  3. BethAnne

    Oh how I wish I knew these things before I got involved with EMPS First Data! Being a first time small business owner, I went to my bank for card processing. They were connected to First Data at the time. I trusted them and their representative and signed up. Eventually their name was no longer associated to First Data but EMPS was. My representative was no longer available either (his phone number had been disconnected). I closed my cash-suffering business in April and tried to close my account with First Data. They informed me that I had a contract until January 1 and the only way to not incur the $500 fee for ending the contract early was to pay the statement fee of $5.95 each month. I decided to not fight it since I didn’t read the fine print of my contract and just paid the $5.95 per month. I called Monday, January 4 and cancelled my account. In the meantime I was charged 99.95 in November for the Annual Compliance Fee and when I brought it up to Salvadore he said there was no way it could be waived because I was still under my contract with them (which they won’t let you get out of). Then I was charged another $5.95 January 5 so I called again. Amber’s reason for that was because it was for an earlier statement and I would probably incur a couple more charges of $5.95. I again asked if the $99.95 could be waived because there was nothing I needed to “comply” with since the business was closed (and incidentally they were informed of that fact back in April). Again, she said no. So in other words, I couldn’t get out of my contract, and I have to accept a charge (without my consent) for something that I won’t be using. I haven’t even completed a compliance document that I usually have to complete and submit so I’m still not sure how they can charge me for that. I feel like I have been ripped off by a bad, bad company.

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  4. Peyman rouholfada

    DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. I got their contract through East Payment, and the fees on the contract does not matche the charges on my bank account at all. First they say its only 1.1% of the amount and 0.7 cents per transaction which is good comparing to other companies, but they come up with some other crazy charges like annual fees and monthly fees that you don’t see on the contract. When i called the main office they said you have to talk To East payment. When i called east payment i talked to the ” president ” of the company and i ask him what are these extra charges and explaining that your contract says otherwise, he was speechless and said I can’t help you. They are very unprofessional, and untrustworthy. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

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  5. Gary Coe

    I joined first Data early last year, 2014 with rates that sounded competitive. However, there were hidden fees that showed up within 30 days which nearly broke me. I am talking an extra thousand or so over the normal rate per month. I switched after about 4 months which meant I had to buy all new POS equipment as well. I just paid their hidden $500 fee for early cancellation and will never deal with this horrible dishonest company again. they are very dishonest and hard.

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  6. Connie Williams

    I have only been with first data for a couple of months. I have a very small business and was hoping that I could generate more revenue if I were able to accept credit cards. I went to Wells Fargo to set up a business account and was talked in to doing a merchant services account and leasing the credit card processing equipment through First Data. In the 2 months that I have had this service I have processed 1 charge for $60 and paid $218 in set up and processing fees. I called Wells Fargo and they want to charge me a $500 cancellation fee as well as First Data is not willing to release me from my lease agreement for the credit card processing equipment that I am willing to return to them in perfect condition. But they are not willing to discuss the cancellation of the lease at all. They said that I signed a non-cancellable lease agreement and that it is not cancellable.
    Their customer service is awful, he was not at all helpful when I talk with them on the phone.

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  7. Drew

    Doug Olsen (owner of First Data, FirstData, CardService International) is an exztremely rude individual that is emailing own customers with rude comments and insults including wirtds such as “stupid”. Here’s his latest response to my request after in the recent past they refused to send me a copy of our Contract:

    Not again……

    On Nov 21, 2014, at 6:48 AM, [email protected]> wrote:

    > Hallo,
    > Please urgently email me a copy of my CONTRACT with CardServiceInternational. I lost my copy and need it to see what I signed up for over a decade ago. You are charging me accordingly to the CONTRACT we signed thus you must provide me a copy of the Contract upon my request. Do so without any delay. Send it via email in response to this email.
    > Thank you.
    > Regards,

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  8. Kara

    Answered the phone, had a man named Jake with a strong accent ask for my manager, John. I need to take a name and company before I pass a call along, and he was reluctant to give me that info and kept mumbling it, then demanding he talks to John. Once I finally understood him, I asked John if he’d like to take the call and he said no, but I could get a callback number. I told Jake that John was unavailable, but would call him back. Jake rudely asked me “Do you make the decisions for your manager?” He then told me he could not give me a number we could reach him at, and continued to demand to speak to John. I eventually told him we’re not interested and I hung up.
    We are not a customer of First Data, so it was a sales call. I cannot comprehend why someone would be so rude during their first contact with someone they want to sell to.

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  9. Johana

    First data is ridiculous merchant service. I have been doing business for several years but this merchant service is useless and scam. First the agent was in hurry to sign me the contract and told me, you can terminate your contract anytime but my business is already closed and now they are telling us that it is not cancelable and made us to pay 48 months money. They already report my credit to my credit bureaus which is affecting my credit.

    Can somebody help me to get rid of this big mess situation?
    I can’t pay that much money which i never owe.

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  10. Lydia

    Bank of America solicited my business merchant services account by telling me that since my business accounts were with BofA that having its Merchant Services would mean a seamless and advantageous operation for me the owner. Never was I told that the processing actually happened through another company, First Data. Here is my experience:

    1. Frequently, when swiping a client card for processing a charge, the First Data Terminal failed. We had a T3 connection through AT&T. AT&T never accepted the fault and consistently said it was an issue with First Data. The First Data fault remedy? Unplug and re-plug the terminal. Why were the failure an issue?? Each time it happened the client’s card was charged twice, which was a huge client dissatisfier!

    2. When the business was sold in late 2013 and the new owner transferred the First Data terminal we ended the BofA Merchant Services at the same time. However, each month afterwards the BofA business checking account was charged a new BofA fee of $25. When I inquired with BofA about it I was told it was a new banking fee on checking accounts. In October 2014, that fee jumped to $160. It was at that time I was now told that the $25 was not a BofA fee but a Merchant Services fee and that the $160 was for the prospective annual fee for First Data!! I was livid! Obfuscation at its costly best! Not a single merchant services transaction in over one year but the account was charged $25 x 12 + $160. That is $460 in fees for doing nothing.

    I have filed a complaint with BofA and with First Data but I expect the same haughty treatment in that process that I have experienced in working through figuring out what BofA and First Data did to us! BUYER BEWARE!!

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  11. Steve

    Scam – DO NOT USE THEM.

    When I signed up for First Data through GoDaddy, they told me there would be a one-time fee to set up. Sneaky people. Read the fine print. I was initially charged $10.00 a month. Then it grew to $20. Then to $40. I just called today and they told me they hard to charge more money because I was “Non-Compliant”. All I wanted to do was sell a few products through Go-Daddy and I got scammed. i called them up to dispute and was given a hassle. they said if I wanted to cancel their services I would be charged $75.00 early termination fee. I did it anyway. I notified my Bank to stop payment to these people.

    DO NOT Go WITH FIRST DATA. They are sneaky and fraudulent.

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    1. Steve P.


      I just received a bill from First Data Merchant Services Collection Department for $264.00. I have no idea what this is for. How do I dispute?

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    2. Gem

      Hi there,

      I work for FD in UK (I do appreciate they may have slightly different procedures to UK in America however I will try to give some advice on peoples comments in relation to FD being “unfair”). Please be very careful when cancelling your Direct Debit Instruction with your bank if you have not yet paid the cancellation fee and cancelled the account as this is actually a breach of contract…a term that is listed in the Terms and Conditions of your contract. (although you may have already cancelled as wasn’t 100% sure from your message).

      All cancellation fees are usually listed in the T & C of your Merchant Service Application (in UK £200.00 Termination Fee) and also the T & C of your Lease Agreement. With the Lease if you cancel before the specified term length (36 month, 48 month or 60 month) you will need to buy out the contract- this is the same as Mobile Phone contracts and no different to them. The problem with most people is that they do not bother reading the terms and conditions and happily sign away! I deal with Complaints on a daily basis and the problem with he said/she said claims when it comes to sellers is that the contract supercedes any verbal agreement you may have had with the seller. The reason for this is because we are not there and any Merchant/Seller could say that they were told they could have “Free months” of lease agreement etc and then disagree with each other.

      It is always a good idea to read the terms and if the sales rep is pushy tell them you want time to review the paper work and arrange for them to come back- if they REALLY want that sale then they WILL arrange to come back at a later date to retrieve the documents from you….Ever seen the South Park episode “Human Centi-pad”?? ALWAYS read the terms as you may not know what you are agreeing to. I know they are lengthly but that;s why the seller will not go through every single term- its your responsibility as the signee to be reading them- FULLY! They are not hidden terms as the terms are fully available to you. By signing the contract you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions (usually a small booklet that goes with the contract).

      Trust me on this one when I say I now read terms for EVERYTHING!! Even the Apple updates on my PC…you can never be sure!

      Also contracts should be readily available if you request them as they contain your own personal and business data. If you are struggling to get copies please escalate to a Manager/Director as you should not be refused your right to these documents!

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  12. Dawn McWherter

    I have been being charged almost anywhere from 50- 60 dollars a month for FDMS in addition to the 24.00 a month for the leased machine. The machine stopped working and would not batch out, I had to make calls to get the amounts that were swiped put into my account. They wanted to charge me 50.00 to overnight a new machine, I told them I would not pay that. I have not hooked up the machine since I got it which was over a month ago, but I a still charged the 60.00 for fees. When I have tried to do the pci compliance, the website told me they would email me a new password, which never happened. As of today I tried to log on and fill out my compliance and they want me to accept a new user agreement, which says, Package Offering, Subscription fees-handled through your relationship with Santander Merchant Services- I have never heard of them, so how do I have a relationship with them. I will not sign any agreement with anything to do with First Data or Merchant Services, I have never experienced such a scam, the undisclosed fees are ridiculous. I dont use the machine anymore, they never email me a statement showing my charges unless I spend 30 minutes on the phone with them asking for one. The stress these companies are putting on small business owners is crazy, and nothing is being done about it. I wont agree to anything with these scammers, I cannot believe big banks actually are endorsing these people. I would not have ever used them if it was not for my bank recommending them. Chemical Bank has actually told me the only way for them to stop accessing my account, two times a month, taking fees as much as they want is to close my business account. This needs to be stopped. There needs to be something done about this.

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  13. Tony Loft

    Here we go again. I thought I was done with this crap. It started when I was working on launching a website through GoDaddy. There was a link to First Data as an option for my shopping cart. I am extremely new to all of this, I did not realize that I didn’t even need them, because I already had Paypal setup. So I fill out the application to get their services. When I was finished it said it would send me an email if I was accepted. A month later I get a charge on my bank account for $10, then $50. I never got any sort of email confirming whether or not they accepted my application. Also, in my statement they use GoDaddy’s name as to who was taking the money out. Godaddy says they have nothing to do with it. Which is complete B.S. because I would have never even went to the link if it weren’t for GoDaddy having it as an option. They really should realize they are sending their customers to the wolves, and for them not be somewhat responsible is just foolish. Anyway, back to First Data. After harassing them for two weeks about a refund. They finally issued me $50 back, but kept the $10. The initial transaction was on 8/15/2014. The refund was on 8/27/2014. Now I just got an $85 charge from them on 10/3/2014. I am certain this is there early termination fee, which I was told would be taken off. EARLY TERMINATION FEE, for what? I never even used their services. What a complete scam. I am so sick of dealing with companies like this. Even when they get caught stealing, nothing happens. Because that is what this is, Stealing. I am so fed up, I am eliminating anything to do with GoDaddy as well. For them to just put their hands up and act like they don’t know what’s going on, is a complete joke. Sorry for the rant, I am just a single Dad, completely struggling. I am working 20 hour days, trying to get my own online store going. Every penny counts at this point. I don’t have the money or time to deal with things like this. I just didn’t want this to happen without telling someone. Hopefully someone reads this and it can help them before they get into the issues I am having. Thanks for hearing me out.

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    1 / 1 found this review helpful.
    1. Jim

      Two and a half months later, and the process to fire First Data seems to be getting streamlined (their employees sounded like they had practice). no longer offers the quick shopping cart and First Data as an option, and a GoDaddy rep called me last week and walked me through setting up their new online store which avoids First Data.

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  14. Lacey

    We changed merchant services in June. We went with a local company, they told us they could save us money. Also told us that we did not have to lease the credit card machine, used those exact words! Come to find out we were being billed monthly $160.00 for the credit card machine. Called the salesman, who is no longer with the company, talked to his supervisor and got no where. The lease is for 48 months, it also says it is non-cancelable. If we stick with this lease we will end up paying $7680.00, which is ridiculous!! With our old merchant service the machine was leased but it was about $30 a month. We really felt taken advantage of! Any advice on how to get out of the lease? We would like to switch back to our old service. At the end of the day it is all expensive no matter what company you go with but I had much rather to business with someone honest.

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    1. Kathy

      Hi Lacey,
      I hope I can help you by telling you what I did. First read all the complaints and replies on this board. There are people on here that are having problems and many of the replies are helpful to all of us. Now, I called my State Department of Consumer Protection and told them of how I was being scammed by FirstData, they helped me from there with filing reports and complaints, etc. I also filled complaints with the BBB, the Feds were on strike back then but because they use phone lines, I was going to file with the FCC, and any office I could find that related to financial and business…I did talk to a lawyer but they were not very helpful…wanting an incredible amount of money per hour. The State helped me he most and my contract was rescinded. I hope you can get this kind of help from your State and be done with these people as I am. good luck! Kathy

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  15. Richard

    I am currently within days of my contract expiring with First Data (via Sam’s Club). Weeks ago, I took the prudent precaution of removing almost all funds from the business bank account of mine that First Data has access to. I retained a very small balance just to keep the account active.

    I have my suspicions that an unethical company such as First Data will attempt to extract funds from my soon to expire merchant services account without cause or notice. The best indication of First Data’s future behavior is their previous behavior.

    Since I did not plan to process any credit card transactions through First Data by way of my Sam’s Club merchant processing account from over 30 days out until the end of my contract, I will prepare to restrict First Data from gaining access to my account now or anytime in the future.

    According to my bank’s representative, the best and most secure way to accomplish this is by having my bank assign me a new account with a new account number. This will stop any unauthorized withdrawals from occurring.

    It just so happens that my merchant account contract is due to expire in the middle of a billing cycle and I will not need to process any further transactions through First Data. Therefore, I expect there should be no activity (withdrawals or deposits) generated by First Data.

    If one of my clients prefers to use a credit card as payment I am already signed up with another merchant processor. Accordingly, I have absolutely no necessity to utilize Sam’s Club and First Data between today and the remainder of my contract.

    A few weeks ago, I contacted First Data to confirm the date of my contact’s expiration. The First Data representative told me that once my contract expires I have a four-day grace period to decide if I want to enter into another contract. If I do nothing, my merchant services account begins on a month-to month basis. The representative specifically instructed me to wait until the day after my contract expires so there would be no chance of being hit with an early termination fee. According the representative from First Data, I am not permitted to make a decision on ending my relationship with First Data in advance. In other words, I cannot simply tell First Data days or weeks ahead of time, “At the stroke of midnight, at the precise moment my contract expires please go ahead and cancel my account.” Even though I am not able to instruct First Data not to renew my contract until the day after the end of my contract, consumers should be aware that First Data may withdrawal funds to cover service fees for the next subsequent month of service. At that point, the burden will rest with the merchant to expend time and effort in order to obtain a refund.

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    2 / 2 found this review helpful.
    1. matt


      these are all good precautions to take. The only down fall to this is that your old account is never really closed and if it is a business account the funds will be reversed and debited to your old account if First data decides they want your money. Your bank will not tell you this and First data will claim that it is a business to business transaction and you have 24 hrs to report it. I hope this does not happen to you but they have done this to me. (BEWARE)

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      1. Richard


        Thank you for your reply. Your comment requires a bit more of an explanation. Once my old bank account is closed and my Merchant Services contract has expired how can First Data seek to obtain funds from an account that no longer exists and from a contractual agreement that is no longer valid?

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    2. Kathy

      Personally, I would not trust the FirstData rep and what they said…been there and I even spoke with upper levels. I would read the contract and make sure to comply with what the contract states, then I would hope my doing what the contract says to do would end the FirstData connection. Also, did your banker tell you to check your credit records after you close your account-to keep FirstData from making withdrawals? If you read back in the histOry of comments of dealing with FirstData, you will read the stories about how they damage credit records of clients that close their bank accounts. When I worked with our State to stop FirstData’s scam with my business…the FirstData lawyer informed me to check my credit record and if something came up, he would take care of it. Good luck to you! I truly hope everything goes your way. Kathy

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      1. Richard

        You bring up a valid point about the damage First Data may be able to do by damaging a vendor’s credit score but it is my understanding that specific guidelines must be adhered to before any company places a negative mark on a merchants credit history. First Data must provide ample notification of any balance due. The merchant has the right to dispute the debt and to make use of the appeal process if necessary. There are further stipulations within the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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  16. Mike

    This company promised that my rates would be lower with them if I switched over to them. My rates have been higher ever since. If you call to ask about why charges are not disclosed, they start reading off a script and give you the run around by switching you to different departments. With the time it takes to answer all their security questions at each new department they send you, I think they hope you will finally just hang up. They told me in the beginning there were no contracts so I cancelled with them after two months. Then they still took money out of my checking account for the next two months. I called them back and they blamed an interchange charge for credit cards I processed when I was with them. This came out to be 10.49%! I think they found a way to hide a cancellation fee in there but they won’t admit it. I am so glad I am done with them, I hope.

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  17. ENDU

    First Data is the worst SCUM merchant I have ever dealt with. DO NOT go with this company. The rates look good but the service is ridiculous! They will take your money and cancel your account. I am so sorry that I ever looked them up anymore. I am paying the cancelation fee right now for 0 transactions service I give them F-
    NO RECOMMEND this merchant for NO ONE.

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    1. Kathy

      Send a letter to the department of consumer protection in your state, or call them and ask them to help you with this. FirstData does this all the time, they are big banks and they steal from us constantly…until we all scream to our state about these crooks, it will keep happening because they have the money and that gives them more power to continue their scam. Also read the comment Matt wrote below. Thanks and I really hope this helps you get your money back!

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  18. Ed

    I signed up with First Data a few months ago to process online credit card transactions on their website. When I signed up, I was under the impression that the only fee I would be charged was a percentage of the transaction as I had no equipment to lease. I later found out that I was being billed monthly fees, regardless of whether I had any credit card transactions. I called and cancelled their service. Three weeks later, they took $500 out of my checking account. This withdrawal was not reflected in the monthly statement that they sent me. When I called to see why they had taken my money, I was told that even though it was not specifically stated in my contract, one of the small print statements in the computer program guide indicated that if I cancelled the service within three years that they would take a $500 early cancellation fee. This fee was not disclosed to me when I cancelled. They just took it. It was a shock. I will never use this company or its services again.

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    1. Matt

      Please send a letter based on the information and facts to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you do not receive any type of resolution or refund further action is needed. This a serious problem that needs to be addressed to the proper people.

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  19. John

    Going with First Data was the biggest business mistake that I have made. I joined specifically because there would be no cancellation fee. I have been with them for 18 months and have found a better processor through Flagship Merchant Services. Now First Data says that there is a 500$ fee to cancel service. My bank, Suntrust, solicited me to go with them. Since I already had a home equity line and business and personal checking with them I agreed. I will pull all my business from Suntrust due to the extortionist tactics of “Suntrust Merchant Services” aka First Data.

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    1. John

      *UPDATE* I just got word from First Data that the 500$ cancellation fee has been waived. I had to call people higher up but Thank you First Data!

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      1. WT

        Do you have phone numbers of the higher ups? I have been on the run around for the pass two months!

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        1. Matt

          PH# 301-745-7000.

          The only contact that will talk on behalf of the president is Stacie Webb. She will give you the run around and will use all honest information you provide to her against you (beware). I highly recommend that if they owe you money take them to small claims court. Prior to doing so look up their business entity information based on the state that you are conducting business to make sure you send the court info to the correct location.This is a pain to do but is the only way to recover lost funds. Also I recommend sending a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to investigate this. The BBB will not do this and has already been flooded with negative reviews.

          Hope this helps

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        2. John

          *Second Update* When I call the 800 number to cancel, they still give me the run around and threaten a 500 dollar cancellation fee. I have opened a new business account with a different bank and will just close the old business account. When First Data calls me, I will simply say “Sue me!” and give them the phone number of my (excellent) attorney.

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  20. marie

    First Data is a rip off from the start. They can apparantly change the contract on their end at anytime but when they do you are not allowed to cancell them. I do not like dealing with them when their is a problem because they act like it is no big deal that you are not happy with them because it is their right to change what theyj want when they want. Worst choice I ever made.

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    1. Kathy

      Please call your State Department of Consumer Protection, Department of Commerce, or who will ever listen to you to file a complaint. Call the FCC if you have to as FirstData uses phone lines for transactions. File complaints to leave a solid paper trail for notes in case you need to reference them in the future. Call the police if they are removing funds from your bank account without proper notification and or your permission. It’s all time consuming but it will help you get your message out there, and possibly get FirstData to dissolve your contract. I screamed until they finally stopped and listened and I got rid of FirstData and will never go back to them for anything. In fact, the bank that I had been with for 30 years had recommended FirstData to me, they are not my bank anymore. Take care and good luck to you! Kathy

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  21. Richard

    When First Data makes a mistake it is the merchant who pays the price.

    First Data customers may be familiar with the term: Courtesy Processing. For those who aren’t, a courtesy processing is a credit card transaction that is handled over the telephone manually, with the assistance of a First Data customer service representative. There are several reasons why a courtesy processing may be needed. If a merchant’s credit card terminal is not performing properly, if a merchant is having problems with the telephone line connected to their terminal or they are in an area where a connection is not possible, the merchant may need to process the charge over the phone.

    With that as a preface, let me advise all merchants who use First Data as their credit card processor to carefully inspect each and every charge, either via their online merchant account or on their printed statement. If a merchant detects a charge that they do not understand or they suspect is in error, question the charge’s authenticity with First Data as soon as possible. Merchants may need to devote an inordinate amount of time to get answers to their questions or to resolve the issue but it will more than likely result in a lesson well learned.

    A few days following a courtesy processing, I noticed a strange debit to my bank account. When I contacted someone from First Data about the charge they indicated it was a result of something that had to do with my terminal. I knew this was in error because my terminal wasn’t used to process this particular charge. A First Data employee handled the full amount of the sale, entirely over the phone. As soon as I explained to the First Data representative that my terminal was never utilized and that the transaction was performed through a courtesy processing, she opened up a case and sent the matter was turned over to one of First Data’s account specialists. Eight days later I received a call from a representative at First Data. This person said the charge was generated by American Express and suggested I call AmEx. I suspected it was an attempt by First Data to pass the buck. First Data does shirk their responsibilities routinely. Each time I called American Express and they looked up my merchant account, AmEx told me that because my contract was with First Data and my account was categorized as a “one-point processor” American Express could not look into my account. Therefore, they could not provide any information. I expended time and effort to ask American Express some general questions and each answer I received pinned the blame onto First Data.

    As a researched the matter further, it was disclosed to me that First Data’s account specialist should have taken the time to initiate a conference call between First Data, American Express and myself. That is the only way American Express can peer into a one-point account to see the charges and debits. Later, through the helpfulness of an American Express merchant service representative, I found out there is another way. It does not involve wasting time and further frustration having to deal with complacent First Data employees. More on this process a bit later.

    I called First Data, went through the usual hoop jumping and dozen or so keypad selections in order to be connected to a live (and I use the term loosely) customer service representative. I asked to speak with a supervisor and got connected to one after a considerable time on-hold. I explained the situation to the supervisor. Initially, he operated under the assumption that I was the one who would initiate the conference call with American Express. I responded by telling him it was my understanding that First Data should handle the communication. After many more minutes on hold I was finally told that American Express was on the line. Unfortunately, the supervisor from First Data wasn’t. He either dropped out of the conversation through error or deliberately. Regardless, there was never any attempt by this First Data supervisor to call me back. I proceeded with my conversation, one-on-one with the representative from American Express. I received a wealth of information.

    American Express told me the surcharge was generated because of two, non-compliance error codes. Without going into technical detail about the actual codes, after explaining to the representative from AmEx the method by which First Data handles over-the-phone processing, he said all the signs pointed back to errors (either human or computer) by First Data. This directly resulted in the charge to my account. Since my terminal was never a part of the transaction process, First Data was solely responsible for any approval codes or transaction identifiers generated during the courtesy processing sequence.

    The American Express representative confirmed that if First Data had bothered to contact American Express, they would have been told about the errors that in all likelihood caused the problem. The American Express representative tracked the problem to a First Data employee or a computer fault. First Data could not have been bothered to investigate their own oversights. As a First Data customer for many years, I can attest that First Data’s unwillingness to acknowledge their mistakes is systemic, not isolated.

    After hearing the circumstances that resulted in the surcharge to my account, the American Express representative took the necessary steps to begin the refund process. This responsibility initially belonged to First Data, who chose to avoid their obligation. The American Express representative instructed me to contact First Data, provide them with the error codes and inform them that a mistake was made.

    Now I will share with merchants who accept American Express the little known way for AmEx to look into your merchant transactions and fees without having to go through First Data. When a merchant contacts American Express merchant services, provide the AmEx phone representative with what is known as your “entitlement number”. Then, wait to see if AmEx can see the transactions within your one-point processor account. If AmEx tells you they cannot access your account tell the representative that a specialty group at American Express known as the ESSU department needs to be contacted. This department can look at a merchant’s American Express transaction history without having to involve the less than customer service oriented staff at First Data.

    If First Data owes you money because of an error on their part, don’t give up the fight. Go up the chain of command until you reach a First Data employee who will take ownership of your issue and resolve the problem. Keep stirring the pot until you get the matter is remedied to your satisfaction.

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  22. Jen

    DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. We have experienced nothing but problems with First Payment, and their sub company VLS who are now hounding us for money that we simply do not owe. Do not get pulled in by promises of amazing service, reliability and rates as this simply will not happen. I just wish we had found this thread before the rep who promised all those amazing things walked in the door………….

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  23. asher

    I am furious

    I have just found out that they are keep charging me for an open account.
    before I cancelled they services, months before, I only asked to change the pricing schedule
    the account manager sent me papers to sign on
    now i see that it was to open a new account where they could charge me a monthly fee of $37.5

    what is going on?

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  24. Mike

    Do Not Use First Data! They quote you one price to sign you up (this is even after they review your income information) then what they charge is nothing like what they had said. I tried to call my sales rep that signed me up and he will not return any phone calls or emails. When you speak to customer service, they are rude and keep sending you over to someone else. Every time you are sent somewhere else, they ask for your verification information even though you just supplied them with the info. My guess is they try to get you to hang up and quit asking questions.

    It was such a stress relief when I closed my account with them. Stay Away from them.

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  25. Lisa

    This company needs to be stopped. How can a company be permitted to rob a small business bank
    account simply because they have your bank account number in order to allow cc transactions to come in?
    Does a business sign up with them to be robbed?

    Why doesn’t the state do anything to stop them?

    First Data has repeatedly tried to debit large amounts of money from our new business bank account,
    for non-working equipment that they claim they never received, which we had sent to them FedEx.
    The first time the debit was $1,300. They tried again 3 more times, with one of those times being over
    $1,000 as well. Each time, this put our new business account into overdraft.

    It took hours and hours that we didn’t have to spare, to get them to acknowledge anything at all… actually
    hours each time… 4-5 hours at a time on the phone… not to mention the stress while trying to work on
    our new business.

    First Data acknowledged that they received the returned equipment but claimed that the account was sent
    to Collections by mistake and that’s where the problem supposedly was. After the 3rd time they tried to rob
    us, they assured us that it would never happen again. Then it happened again for one of the largest sums.

    Needless to say, being a new small and struggling business, this could have put us under each time had
    we not been able to stop it with the bank. Our bank’s attitude is nonchalant or neutral, even though it seems
    to clearly be theft. How can these companies get away with stealing money right from your account?

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    1. Matt


      File a complaint with the Attorney generals office within the state that you live in and the state that the other business is located in. Also copy your letter and file it with the BBB. This is a very brief summary of our experience.

      As of today 8/13/2014 we have a negative balance of about $5,000.00 in our business checking account.


      Complaint Details
      On May 15th 2014 we discovered that our business checking account was overdrawn by about $700.00. After further investigation with the help of our local bank manager we found that First Data Merchant services was labeling ACH debits as GODADDYPS DEPOSITS and had been stealing money from our business account. We contacted Fist data merchant services by phone on 5/16/2014 and spoke with Amber. She stated that the debits are charge backs related to fraud and that we should have known better when processing any of the transactions. On 5/28/2014 the debited amount had risen to $4,738.45. We then received a phone call that same day from Joe at First data merchant services stating that our account had been terminated due to being a high risk account and that they would have to absorb the amount of money lost. Joe then stated that we would receive a letter of account termination in the mail within a few days which never showed up. On 6/22/2014 we received a threatening letter stating that we need to send a check in the amount of $2,276.08 or we would receive a negative impact on our personal credit score. Since then we have contacted the local Police department and FBI/IC3.

      Bottom line.

      We were never notified of any charge backs.

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      1. Kathy

        Good to hear you are going after them. Keep us posted, I really would like to know how this works out for you as FirstData stole from me, too. Unfortunately, my bank was the one that recommended them to me and like a fool, I trusted them because I’d been with them for almost 30 years. FirstData stole from me and I’ve lost more than just money. It’s been over a year now since my contract was dissolved with FirstData and my customers still ask if my card reader is working. They should be stopped but seems no one with that kind of power is willing to help us little people out here. I hope you and the FBI take them down once and for all.

        Warning to many people out there, FirstData is using other names to operate their scam, make sure you research who owns the merchant service you are thinking of using. Take Care, Kathy

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      2. Tony

        GoDaddy had no record of these charges.

        -$ 50.00
        $ 122.67
        -$ 10.00
        $ 172.67

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  26. Brian Felton

    I signed up with The Merchant Services in Northport, AL. and cancelled quickly when I never received the C.C. machines. I was told everything would be null and void. I recently have been receiving calls and mail from First Data that I owe them $2500 on machines I’ve never used or had possession. The Merchant Services Co. tell me there is nothing they can do either nor can they provide me with a signed slip that I ever received those machines. Not sure what to do next!

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    1. Kathy

      Please call your State Department of Consumer Protection and explain what has happened, they can direct you as to where to call for help, or help you. Also file complaints with the BBB, your local Police Dept., any office in D.C. That will take your complaint.
      Whenever you talk to FirstData, tell them you are recording them and please do record them as this helps you to keep your notes of what was said, etc. Good luck to you, don’t give up! Kathy

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  27. Craig P

    We have been trying to cancel with them for 8 months ! Their debit processing stopped working for 8 weeks so we finally had to tell them we had to cancel. I have talked to over a dozen people with various hold times ranging from 45min to 2 hours. Each time I am told that I am important and that everything is taken care of. We keep getting bills. We sent the cancel form 3 times now. And now after nearly a year, they want to send me a bill for 500 for early cancellation. What a joke !

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  28. Pamela

    I too have been a victim of First Data. I was going to lease the new Clover system. The lease fell through, but they had taken a first & last months lease payment, I was given all kinds of excuses. I am still trying to get my money back. The best thing I can tell you is this, if you are a small business or micro business as I am get the Square register. I did and I love it. No salesman, no hassle, no contracts, no hidden fees. They have done a lot, and they are still improving. Best of all everything is straightforward.

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  29. Anwar

    First Data THE MOST DISGUSTING COMPANY on this planet with rude/unprofessional employees. BIG scam- their agents/resellers like Bank of America get you into a contract stating there is absolutely no commitment and later you will find out that you are on HOOK for 5 years. I have there JUNK CC machine that I used only few months of my business and when I called them to close this account I was surprised that you can close the account but you cannot get red-off the equipment lease and I will have to pay the lease for 5 years. I do not have that business and I am not processing anything on that machine BUT I have been paying for that piece of junk First Data equipment for last 3 years. They take money from my account without letting me for other craps like fee/tax which I never heard. PLEASE if you hear the word FIRST DATA run as fast as you can and NEVER do any business with them or their resellers. You will be doing yourself a huge favor. First Data Go to HELL you will be bank corrupt one day.

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  30. Addie Myers

    I had requested my service be terminated and buy out my contract in Jan 2014,. The company said they would mail me information on how to return the machine. I called on other numerous occasions also and still never recieved anything to sent the machine back so they continue to bill me each month. I called on 7/8 to recancel again they rep said they would email me the information with in 24 hours, so on 7/11 i called back and still did not sent my lease agreement or information to cancel the rep said they had no record of it. yeah right, they are a scam

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  31. Dawn

    First Data and EMPS work together to scam people and small businesses that can barely make it. I am a victim of that scam and continue to be charged outrageous fees every month, they enrolled me in Platinum Service Programs without my knowledge which they charge even more for then their undisclosed fees that are already too high. They do not send monthly statements until I have to go through a 20 minute phone call, they have not separated credit and debits on my bank account. The list goes on and on.

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  32. Richard

    A new policy on annual PCI compliance fees leads to further mischief and mayhem by First Data.

    I was debited $39.95 for an annual compliance fee about three months before my current, annual PCI compliance certificate expires. These funds were taken from my bank account without my knowledge or consent. I do not utilize First Data for my annual PCI compliance but rather, choose the services of a third party PCI compliance institution. This company is more professional to work with and their fees are lower than First Data.

    Last year, First Data debited my account for annual compliance fees after I had paid a third party to certify a favorable PCI compliance standing. After a considerable amount of time and trouble on my part and following quite a bit of resistance from First Data, I was finally credited the fees they had erroneously extracted from my bank account.

    After absconding with my money this year, First Data told me that regardless of what company certifies my business as PCI compliant, an annual compliance fee of $39.95 will be accessed from First Data.

    I spoke with the company who currently certifies my PCI compliance and they indicated that there is no need for a merchant to be paying double and unnecessary compliance fees. This representative also said that once a business is PCI compliant, this certification should carry over to all credit card companies within their contract, as long as the processing is for the same business entity.

    Merchants processing through First Data received a spring bulletin indicating that merchants will no longer receive complimentary Sam’s Club memberships. Instead, First Data will absorb their annual PCI compliance fees. There is a catch, however. In order to be eligible for complimentary annual compliance certification a merchant must purchase a Sam’s Club Plus membership. The cost for this membership is usually $100.00 per year. Coercing merchants to pay Sam’s Club for an annual membership so they will not incur an annual PCI compliance fee is not only bad business deal or merchants but smacks of collusion (whether deliberate or unintentional) between Sam’s Club and First Data.

    I spoke to a representative from Sam’s Club about this and she said she has been made aware that many merchants are angry about First Data’s new policy on PCI compliance fees.

    As bad as this alleged scheme between First Data and Sam’s Club appears to be, there may be something far more nefarious going on, according to a independent firm that certifies the PCI compliance of merchants. The representative I spoke with said he thinks he knows what First Data is up to as far as PCI compliance fees are concerned. When First Data forces merchants to pay PCI compliance fees, even though these merchants are already certified through an outside, independent company, this provides First Data with an advantage when it comes time for merchants to renew their certification with a PCI compliance authority. Business owners who would otherwise sign up with a third-party company for their PCI certification will either reluctantly award the role to First Data or lose money. After all, if merchants must put up with First Data extracting money from their account with no hope of retribution or refund, why not just surrender to First Data each year when it comes time to for PCI certification renewals? Better to pay once for annual PCI certification rather than twice, even if First Data’s price is higher than the competition’s. First Data must be aware of this and their policy assures First Data will make their money on compliance fee regardless of what entity is chosen by the merchant to oversee their certification. It’s a win-win for First Data and a lose-lose for merchants who fall victim to First Data’s hijinks.

    This incident, as well as the other experiences illustrated on this forum should be a forewarning to anyone having to do business with an unethical, inept and unremorseful company such as First Data.

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  33. Lisa

    First Data is nothing but a scam with the Merchant Processors. Their customer service is TERRIBLE!!!!! 20 minute hold times?! Are you kidding me! There processors are out dated and often do not process cards in the proper category thus resulting in higher fees (premium, debit, reward cards etc…) They are fraudulent and do not disclose all fees. I was thinking about passing on the lease to the buyer of my business but I would still be held accountable for the remaining 2 years of the contract. To buy the contract out is over $2000. They have Wee Small Business by the balls. I am going to cancel and start filing complaints like Kathy Channing stated in this thread. First Data and other like them need to be stopped.

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  34. Asher

    I intend to do whatever necessary to terminate them.
    Service –bad and transparency bad
    We were paying for years rates not applicable to us

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  35. Barbara

    I too have fallen victim to First Data and their shady business practices. I was never able to process even 1 credit card through there system and they continue to charge me every month for what they say is a fee for the debt they incurred, I have gained nothing and I don’t understand what this debt they incurred is. I called their customer service and I got a lecture about if I bought a car it would be the same as my debt with them. Where is the car, the asset I would have to offset the loan. What are they even talking about they are the worst at customer service. This month they sent me a property tax charge even thought I don’t have their equipment any more and only had it for a month. I too will close my account and let this go to collections I have no other choice other then giving them money every month for no reason what so ever.

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  36. Gillian Cordery

    Do not use First Data. It has taken me over a year to cancel my account with them. I have faxed and mailed and called repeatedly and they still debited my bank account with monthly fee and a $151.75 membership fee. In total they took over $500 from me. They threatened to sue me if I cancelled my bank account to stop them from being able to access my money. They will put you on hold pass you around and give you other numbers to call. You cannot get a name to reference back to when speaking to the 100th person so you start from scratch each and every time you call to try to cancel. Do not use them.

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  37. Richard

    Here’s the latest from “Foist Data”: Security Metrics and First Data had quite a falling out about a year ago. This meant that Security Metrics wasn’t First Data’s contracted vendor to administer PCI compliance certifications to First Data’s merchants. This did not stop Security Metrics from soliciting First Data’s client base in order to extract annual PCI compliance fees from them. No matter however, since Security Metrics is more professional and easier to deal with than First Data. Security Metrics doesn’t arbitrarily yank fees out of your bank account without notice and as a further bonus, Security Metrics will permit a merchant to renew their PCI compliance for as little as $29.95. That’s noticeably less than what First Data charges.

    Since, in all likelihood I will not be renewing my contract with Sam’s Club Merchant Processing later this year, I did not want to waste good money on another year of PCI compliance fees with First Data. Besides, I am already PCI complaint with another credit card processing company that offered me a much better deal than Sam’s Club. When I spoke with a customer retention specialist with First Data last year, she assured me that if I did not intend to process any card charges after February of 2014 through the end of my contract in September, I would not have to pay for a year’s worth of PCI compliance fees.

    The problem with the pledge one First Data employee makes is the failure in finding another employee with First Data who will honor the initial promise. While having it out with yet another inept, attitude latent First Data employee, I was initially told I was PCI compliant. Suddenly, in the middle of our dispute I became noncompliant. I thought this strange, specially since First Data had to issue me a credit for attempting to force me to pay twice for PCI compliance fees on the same account. Why would First Data approve a credit for PCI compliance fees if I wasn’t PCI compliant to begin with?

    Sure enough, I obtained my PCI compliance certificate from Security Metrics and I am indisputably complient through July of 2014. I had to email my certificate of compliance to First Data twice before someone in their PCI compliance department with affirm the received information.

    In a recent bulletin, the muckety-mucks who reside within the protective ivory towers at First Data have decided to bait their merchants with “free” PCI compliance while they take away the incentive of the annual, complementary Sam’s Club membership. This is known as a zero-sum game.

    I am looking forward to giving Sam’s Club and First Data the heave-ho at the end of my contract.

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    1. Richard

      I thought First Data’s malicious mayhem and gross negligence had subsided, at least for the time being. Reading my most recent merchant statement however, I see that the systematic incompetence and lack of adherence to customer care continues.

      After contacting First Data about an separate issue and unexpectedly finding out they never updated my PCI compliance information, their top notch staff working in conjunction with their stellar computer records system erroniously debited my account for noncompliance fees. Coincidentally, this debit occurred on the very same day I made First Data aware of their mistake and sent them a copy of my PCI compliance certificate. Adding duplicity to ineptness, a First Data employee from their PCI Compliance Department assured me I would not be penalized for First Data’s error. First Data then proceeded to extract fees from my bank account later that same day.

      After a good 20 minutes on the phone with a “Customer Loyalty” representative and a PCI Compliance Department employee recently, I am still uncertain when my money will be properly returned to me.

      As unbelievable as it seems, the person from First Data’s PCI Compliance Department actually instructed me to forward an email I received from his own department back to the same department that originally sent it to me. This email confirmed First Data’s receipt of my PCI certificate as well as confirming my current status as complient.

      With such a blatent disregard for ethical business practices as well as the demeaning and disrespectful way First Data treats their customers, I can’t help but wonder why a major class action lawsuit against First Data has not been announced.

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  38. Robin Barrows

    We were saddled with First Data by our local bank when we opened out guest house in 2006. Since we are absentee owners credit cards are the only form of payment that work for us. We have been battling first data ever since over their numerous fees and security charges making the cost of using credit cards well over 6% and some months well over 10%. Their statements are horrifically confusing. The happiest day of our business lives was when we switched to another credit card servicer. It was not that hard to do and we wished we had done it years ago!!!!!!

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    1. Drew

      Robin, what card provider did you switch to? Is there another card provider which can use LinkpointCentral interface? CardserviceInternational PCI fees are double charging me etc. Now they charged me $27 for not using my merchant account for a month ending up in $75 of fees for not making any money for one month due to sickness and vacation. The domain owner (and perhaps the company owner?) Doug Olsen is a very rude individual, who treats customers like dogs and writes insulting language to me including words such as “stupid” etc. After requesting a copy of my 11 year old contract he sends insults to me and refuses to give me a copy of my contract, yet charges me fees accordingly to a contract which he does not seem to have a copy of? They would not provide support via email and force their customer to call a phone number in USA even if I am in a hospital and on vacation overseas. This USA arrogance will damage their economy further.

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  39. Sally

    I have been quite happy with First Data in my many years with them so I don’t really understand why all of you are so angry. My friend showed me this site because they were thinking of using First Data like me but had 2nd thoughts after reading all the negative comments. I don’t know about all of you but I thoroughly read through contracts I’m signing and when I signed with First Data I had many questions about the credit card machine lease term as well as other fees on it. My sales person provided straight answers. Their rates are competitive with other companies but occasionally they’ve increased. I’ve heard from other business owners they all do but I just call First Data for a rate review and they lower them. This is the same as I go through for many other services I receive like phone and cable, it’s sort of annoying but really all service providers, airlines, car rental, hotels are feeing us all to death. Initially I optioned not to lease after confirming with the sales rep the part of the contract that states the lease is non-cancelable because my business was new and I didn’t feel confident I would be still be in business for 3 or 4 years. They explained to me how leases work, all leases, car, apartment, copy machines, etc. that all of those leases are non-cancelable as well, this is not a cancelable rental but a non-cancelable lease. This made sense to me! I’ve since been very successful in my business and decided to lease a point of sale system from them to help me better manage my business which I love and learned all their leases include replacement warranty!

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    1. Phillip

      Hi Sally,

      In order to authenticate your testimonial, please reply to this comment with your business name and location.

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      5 / 5 found this review helpful.
    2. Lisa

      I find this hard to believe. I too would call monthly to check qualifying and competitive rates with First Data. Nothing – their so called “Customer Loyalty/Retention Department” was a joke. They would return my call at 2 AM. Really? And they knew exactly my type of business and the hours of operation. After all, it is stated on the contract.

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  40. ZoiaEducator

    I am being scammed by First Data Global Leasing right now. I had a bad service from them for 6 months JUN13-JAN14 and I returned to them their credit card machine. But they are flooding me with threats to report to collection, trying to extort money for their fake electronic leas of 48 months. No small business owner would ever sigh such a lease.
    Please contact me at consign at zoiasfashions dot com. United people could reach better results against this parasites who live milking small business owners’ accounts. Please let me know if anybody here has found class action against FDGL. I see complaints from 2006 all over the Internet on them. But the fat multi-headed corporation is prospering on other people’s headaches. This is very wrong that a Consumer does not know how to fight this monster that has at least 8 addresses all over the USA. My UTube is zoiacalifornia. Please see my posts against First Data. Please join me! Thank you.

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  41. William

    Has anyone been charged cancellation fees or anything else to their Sam’s Credit Card from First Data for terminating their contract? I’ve just closed my account so they can’t get anymore money from my bank account but I’m concerned they may hit my Sam’s card now. I intend to terminate by business account with Sam’s Club for pushing this company on their members. I will boycott any banks or other businesses who promote them. I have also filed complaints with two online sites gathering complaints for a class action suit against First Data, just do an internet search for class action first data.

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    1. Kathy Channing

      I do not know what Sams Club will do or if First Data can charge your card but from what I’ve read and have been told by the Senior Legal Analyst at First Data Global Leasing, you will need to check your credit records. I am assuming they will damage your credit records via not being able to collect? Please contact your State agencies, Department of Trade and Consumer Protection under unfair business practices.
      Good luck to you, I battled with First Data Global Leasing for over a year and my bank is who recommended them to me. I also had to repeatedly go to my bank after First Data Global Leasing had agreed to terminate my contract and tell my bank to stop them from removing funds. I had to literately scream at the bank manager and tell him if he continued to allow them to remove funds from my account, that I would call the police and tell them I am being robbed and that he was in on it. Again, good luck to you. Kathy

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      1. William

        Thanks for the reply Kathy and thank goodness for this website. Thank you Phillip! I’m going to let all my business aquaintances know about your site and advise them to go here before signing up with any merchant card processors.

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  42. Bob Segal

    First customer service is the worst. I was consistently told to leave messages for any questions and never got a return call. After 3 years, I cancelled my account due to excessive fees and was told I would receive an email form to complete. It never arrived and when I asked what email they sent it to the customer service rep repeated an incorrect address. After a month of no activity I received a statement showing nearly $100 in fees deducted from my bank. When I call, I was told the account was still open and would not be closed until the form was completed. They claimed the fees were valid and I would not be reimbursed. The customer service rep belligerent, interrupting, and made threatening remarks. There is no reason to deal with a company like this when there are many good companies out there.

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  43. Kathy Channing

    I thought I was done with First Data Global Leasing? I’d recently wrote and told you all of how you can report First Data to your State Department (commerce, Attorney General, etc., where ever you can get your complaint heard and get some assistance), anyway, I thought I was done with them. I gave my bank copies of the letter stating that my contract had been rescinded and it is signed by FDGL senior legal analyst. I’d also told my bank that this company was not to remove funds from my account.
    The other day when looking thru my account, I see First Data removed funds and the bank allowed it!!! Might be time to go above the State and see who else is going to listen.
    Can you imagine what would happen to any one of us, if we removed funds from another account? I am sick to my stomach with this bank and FDGL. There is no doubt they both stand to gain on my losses!
    Stay away from First Data and tell your friends to stay away from them too!

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  44. Kathy Channing

    To all the victims of First Data Global Leasing Merchant Services ,
    I was able to get the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection in my State to help stop First Data Global Leasing from destroying my small business and my credit score of 8+. I called their office and was asked to file a complaint on line. A week or so later, I’d received a call from one of the officials in the State working for the Department of Agriculture under Fair trade practices, and he asked me several questions. He said he would do the best he could to help me and added that it could take months to years to resolve. I told him First Data was sued by the State of New York for 60 million under RICO laws and that nothing has changed, the pattern is still the same and that they could easily be sued using RICO law today. I added that I didn’t care about the money First Data caused me to loose, I just wanted the contract they made up dissolved and First Data to leave me alone for the rest of my life.
    About one month later, I’d received a letter from the Senior Legal Analyst at First Data Global Leasing stating the lease agreement with First Data would be terminated, and a letter from the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection stating that First Data Global Leasing would be put on their watch list for the next 3 years! Do not give up. file complaints with every single office you can find that will listen to you. I hope this is the end of my dealings with First Data Global Leasing and I hope this information will help some of you out there struggling with this company. Good luck to you! Kathy

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    1. holiday

      My husband’s small business did not survive it’s first two years. It’s been closed since January and daily we get a nasty-gram at home and to the business location from these people stating he signed a NON-CANCELABLE lease. They won’t produce a signed copy of this NON-CANCELABLE lease but they sure are adding up the PAST DUE fees.. They want over $1000 to buy out of contract. The business is closed and done with. How do we get them off our backs? Please advise.

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      1. Kathy Channing

        They removed funds from our bank account before our business was open. I am wondering if the FCC could help any of us due to their need of using a phone line? Anyone know?

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  45. Michael Long

    First Data is the worst credit card processing company in the world!! They don’t disclose anything!! Their fraud protection is a joke and non existent!! They cripple small business owners!! Please DON’T USE FIRST DATA!!

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    1. Kenneth Harris

      I was not with them long enough and encounter similar problems. First Data/ First Bank Merchant Services stole funds from my bank account and then closed my account with them. I will not rest until something is done.

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  46. David

    First Data is a big mess. Their customer service is abhorrent, their systems are in chaos, and I strongly recommend not doing business with them if you can help it. I fault the various managers and leaders of the company; they have their heads up their rear ends.

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  47. Mandy

    After canceling our contract and returning the credit card machine. We were told we could not break the lease and continued to debit our account. After stopping the draft the company continued to to harass our employees and would disclose iinformation to whom ever would answer the phone. First Data terrible choice for merchant services. Down right rip off!!!!

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  48. Glen

    I completed application with first data for high ticket transactions but when I tried to run a card they would not do it. They sent me a letter of more requirements to submit for a transaction , so I sent that to them . When my agent said go ahead and send another transaction through I did . that transaction was refused also. I promptly cancelled first data. They charged me $500. for early termination and this with no transaction ever going through.

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  49. Tonya

    This organization needs to be investigated!! As a giant bank, I think they should be held accountable to unethical practices and FORGERY! I have a very well documented case but it will be a lot of my time and resources to have any justice. Don’t get involved with this bank or do business with a bank that will sell your processing to FIRST DATA!! They are criminals!

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    1. Phillip

      Hi Tonya,

      Can you provide more details about the circumstances of your experience?

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  50. Tina

    I started with First Data in August of 2013. I ran a high transaction after getting approval from the Overseas American Express, which first transaction processed nicely. My client approved the second transaction, again after approval, and First Data security officer denied the claim, took the money out of my account, which in turn put my account in the negative. I could not get anyone to help me this and had to end up cutting ALL service with First Data. It was so bad that I had to close out my business account and re-open a new one!! I am still receiving letters and bills from them. Would not ever advise anyone to do business with them!!

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  51. The Ratical Frye, LLC

    I signed up with Firstdata, wit intentions of using their card reader device for a seasonal food truck business in Wisconsin. The account opened in Nov of 2012 and this account was not used until I’d opened my business in April of 2013, but my bank statement shows debits for card swipes and FirsData actually removed these charges from my account. I explained that I was not open and they have not resolved this problem to date (October 2013). So they take from your account even if you are not using their service.
    In fact, this card reading instrument turned out to be a broken piece of equipment. So when I opened my food truck, my customers could not use the credit card swipe (unless it by chance worked) and the word spread that I could not take credit cards. This caused an undetermined amount of damage and loss to my business as this is a very small city and the word spread. I closed my business on five separate days (loss of income) and sat at the bank with the branch manager to try to resolve the problems I was having with FirstData. (The five days does not include total loss of time, this is documented time loss with the bank on record). Anyway, the bank branch manager and I finally got it thru to FirstData that the device was broken. They sent a new one and charged me $140.00 for everything to open a new account all over again in early July. While sitting with the banks branch manager, he realized how non-helpful the tech support at FirstData is. I had tech’s that were eating crunchy things and telling me not to worry their system would be up and running again in a couple of weeks, tech’s yelling at me for asking training questions, tech’s hanging up on me, and on and on. Very unprofessional, unwilling to help, and an exceptionally horrible experience with this service. Note, you will be on the phone for hours trying to get your machine to work and/ or at least one hour to get a question answered. I’ve lost more than a weeks of time on the phone trying to get help from their service.
    Anyway, I received the new card reader and my identity gets stolen. So I had to close the account fearing for my customers identities.
    When I had called about some charges that had occurred, I asked the tech for an itemized listing of explanations concerning these charges. The tech replied that I should be able to see the charges on the information they had sent to my email. The problem is, FirstData had been sending this BANK information tot he wrong email! Yes, my identity stolen and my bank info sent tot he wrong email!!! The tech also had said, that I had closed out my account because ‘”the card reader was stolen.”‘ I can produce all FOUR FirstDatacard readers I’ve had since opening my business in April of 2013.
    So I get the closed account statements now but they are all $0.00. yes, this is because I’d closed the account and it is inactive. I do not get the new account statements tough, they must be still going to another email? I have called at least five or six times to correct this but still have yet to see a new account statement.
    Back to my identity being stolen and the account closing…the bank finally finds a FirstData rep for me and tells me to deal with him because they are not trained for this. So July 1st, I meet a rep. I explain all that I have gone thru and this rep tells me, “You have to pay 500.00 or resign with us.” I still can’t believe that corrosion is allowed as practice in a bank? However, as dumb and stupid as I am, I resigned. I now have a rep that falls under every single complaint filed against FirstData for deceptive practices by their reps. I m in a 5 year contract, never given any otped amount of time. The signature on the contract is not mine. My business will be filing bankruptcy because of all the charges FirsData is charging me, all the time I have to close my business due to problems of signal loss, card readers not working(then I end up giving the meal away-so loss on products), loss after loss. Charge after charge…FirstData does not hold up their end of the contract. I am paying for a service that does not even work, does not help you, and now my customers do not want to use their credit cards because of knowing how bad the service is. What do I need to do? I have vocal records, papers records, and dates, times, bank records, etc. to show how terrible my experience has been…anyone where do I go to dissolve this contract and be done with FirsData? Please help. I filed with BBB, but they closed my case because I would not put my identifiable information online. This identifiable information is my new bank and merchant account information. The BBB even say not to put this info online? PLEASE HELP. Thank you, The Ratical Frye (Kathy)

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  52. Mary Turner

    I have never gotten anything but bad service from this company. They do not explain terms clearly and I question some of their practices. Their rates are not as good as many companies and they lock you into long term contracts by telling you that you must switch terminals when you do not want to–thus creating a brand new lease ( a fact that they fail to explain). A FOUR YEAR LEASE!!! I am so unhappy that I am thinking about switching my bank accounts from Suntrust because they are the one who recommended and deal with this company.

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    1. Kathy

      Have you had any luck getting rid of FirstData? If so, How? Thanks, Kathy

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  53. Jeremy

    I have never been treated this bad by one company. Our rep only stops bye every great once in awhile. when thing have gone wrong with our machine my wife had to call our rep was never available. when she was on the phone with them it would take 3 to 4 hours and then the same problems would happen later on that week again. Finally between my wife and customer service they had come to the conclusion the machine was bad. We received a new machine with a call tag so we sent it back. Several months later we get a letter stating we have not returned the old broken machine and we were going to be charged for it . I then called and told customer service about this letter and i was told it would be taken care of it was probably a mix up. All was said and done until this week when $895 dollars was taken out of my account without notice. As a small business that amount puts a big strain on business. When i called customer service they told me it was never picked up from my store and that i refused the call tag. When i tried to explain that we were issued two call tags one in the box and one with the driver that i told we no longer had the machine it was already sent back. UPS picked it up the day before. After several hours on the phone with both UPS and NAB i was told there would investigate the issue But in the meantime i’m out the money.

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  54. Jeff Wright

    My bank wells fargo set me up with new account promising to save me money from my current processor elevon. They promised me doing business with local bank would be good and that they will save me money if I have any problem I can talk to them locally. I was scammed again. What a pain in the you know what. I now hate wells fargo because of this and will never run a business account with them again. They were not saving me money processing with them as my processing rates went from 2% to about 6% with first data. Then after 4 months they increased my processing rate even more(adding salt to the wound). Wells fargo now says there is nothing they can do for me now. I signed the contract. The wanted to find out my old rates so they could make up some bogus statement that said they could have saved me $7 on my first processing when I signed up with them. Well this is great way to lose customers for ever!!!! Now I have to pay 500 to wells fargo to cancel my contract(great local bank). Then about $2000 to cancel lease with first data. Avoid these characters forever. Lying to get customers signed on is no way to business.

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  55. May

    Company is a scam so are the banks that recommend first data to the small businesses What’s even funnier the rep that signed us up fell off the face of the earth along with his branch manager

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  56. Kelly W.

    The fact that First Data locks one into a multi-year lease for a hand held terminal (FD400), without the slightest hint of flexibility, is bad business. Technology changes and the FD400 that I received over three years ago no longer is a cost effective way to handle credit card purchases. I pay a monthly fee for a terminal that I do not use. When I have contacted First Data to try to negotiate out of this lease of absurd length (5 years), they refuse to change or adjust to help the customer.

    How do we small business owners get the attention of First Data to make positive change?

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  57. rolland

    Also my rate increased from 1.6% to over 2.6% without any notification.
    contact the BBB and the Federal trade communications and have your attourney write them a letter , the threat of legal action is the only thing that makes them rethink their scams.

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  58. Sergio Moreno

    This company is garbage! I had a fraud transaction about 1 month ago. I got a letter in the mail asking me to send a copy of the customer receipt with the merchant reciepts as well or else it would result into a debit so now ii did what they ask and what do they do they put my account on hold because of that!!! Idiots never even notified me they were going to do it either way!!! Im having such a rough time with the and it gets me so frustrated talking to Liam Callahan what an a hole he didn’t say anything about it and now I’m stuck with money into that dumb account!!! Will never ever do business with first data again!! Beware new customers!! Sad part is I got to now fighr for the return of the damm machine such careless idiots

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  59. Dennis Young

    Please do not do business with this company or Wells Fargo their front people. The fees are too high and they are very vague about all of your obligations until you do not need them anymore and wish to return the machine. Cornerstone is a much better company and probably most any other company is better. RUN AWAY FROM FIRST DATA!!!!!

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  60. terri maksou

    This company is a joke! I HATE this company! First off you are stuck with a noncancelable agreement it does not state in the contract the cancellation fee of $500. When the rep tells you that you can cancel the contract you believe him. Stupid! Before signing anything you need to hire a lawyer otherwise they will screw the small business owner! Thanks! Their customer service is a joke! They put you on hold forever and hope that you will hang up as a small business owner I don’t have all day to be put on hold or disconnected or transferred over and over. I HATE HATE HATE HATE this company!!! They need to go out of business!!!!! Also when you talk to customer service they will tell you one thing and the next time something else they don’t have a clue! WORSE company biggest liars to deal with. STAY AWAY!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

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    1. quade

      I too was misled by first data and it seems to me that on their Facebook page they make everything look like they are a very good company so why can all of us consumers go to their Facebook page and tell the truth I think if everyone would get together on this we could get something done I actually had one of theirs service reps to tell me that she thought my rep had changed my contract after we signed. And then proceeded to tell me to take it to my attorney she was not worried that first data had lots of attorneys.

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      1. The Ratical Frye, LLC

        I thought this happened to me too! The signature on the current contract is not my signature. Also, I had to beg to get a copy of this contract from the rep. Unreal!!! The contract the rep finally sent to me, is not at all what I had signed up for…have you sought legal help for this?

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  61. P.

    We used them for a while, but their fees are really high. We called them to cancel their services over a year ago. 13 months later they are still withdrawing fees from our business account. We called to complain and they said that they will not refund our money since they did not consider the phonecall we made 13 months ago and formal cancelation call.

    Be aware of this company. I have tried to get them to refund us the fees but they refuse. Be careful!

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  62. Carolyn

    DON’T LET THIS COMPANY IN THE DOOR! HANG UP ON THEM IF THEY CALL! It cost us $850 to get out of our contract (which they renewed even after I had sent in a letter two months before the contract was up). Then they dinged my husband’s credit report. This is the WORSE credit card processing company out there. Nothing but slime.

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  63. Scott R.

    I opened up an account with them for processing credit cards for a new business venture, 12 months ago. I have also had a terrible experience with this company. From the time I met with the sales representative, and she wasn’t truthful, to cancelling my account. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about the false info from my sales person, until I need to cancel, because they just kept taking funds out of my account and came up with reason after reason why. I only had to pay $500 to escape my contract, the contract that I was never told of that supposedly was for 3 years! I will never do business with them again. They should be investigated for fraudulent sales and operational practices!

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  64. sally

    I am not going to go into a great deal of detail here, but I just want to say I HATE THIS COMPANY AND WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND IT TO ANYBODY. I had a very small business, and through a “friend” who works for First Data (whom I had dealt with before), signed up to use this company to process my credit cards. I only had the business about 2 years; when I tried to cancel my service, I was told I signed a contract for FOUR YEARS and had to continue paying the monthly charge for that entire time, or pay a HUGE penalty (more than the amount of the total monthly fees). So I had to pay for four years of monthly fees.
    THEN I wanted to return my “terminal” and was told I signed a FOUR YEAR LEASE on that, which was NON_CANCELLABLE, but was told when the lease period was up, I could purchase the equipment for a “nominal fee” – which turned out to be, if I remember right, about $900 !! (this is after paying $75/month for FOUR YEARS. I feel like a fool for ever getting involved in this, but damn….. if all that crap was in their “contract” I sure didn’t see it! But who can afford to fight them at this point?
    About like the IRS, huh.

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  65. Wen

    I have the same horrible experience with this damn company . They are the worst worst company I ever seen. The representatives were super rude.they said I signed a 5 year contract that I would never do. I had never been noticed of any termination terms. I need to pay more than 2000 even I don’t use their service. So F**** crazy! Charged me 7 dollars to send me the copy of contract but never send out! So pissed I want to sue them! How can this kind of robbery company even exists!!

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  66. Rick

    First Data has withdrawn funds from my checking account which they cannot explain why and will not refund those funds. They total about $330.00. 2 months ago they took $500.00 and again cannot explain why nor will they return those dollars to my account. In May I called First Data customer service and told them I want to cancel service with them. The person said he would take care of it and gave me a cancellation confirmation number. Now on July9th I receive a statement in the mail indicating my account has again been charged $30.95, because of no transactions being processed. When I spoke to customer service again they wanted to know who I spoke with and that the cancellation confirmation number meant nothing to them. Please!!!! Do not allow this low life of a credit card processing company any where near your business! They are complete crooks and their customer service center is filled with ‘The Stupids’!! I just returned from my bank, who refered me to First Data in the first place, and informed them if they don’t help me I’ll move all my accounts (5 of them) to a different bank. We’ll see how successful they are . . . .

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  67. Jeff Scott

    I have been misled and feel that I had being taken advantage of. My name is Jeff Scott. I own a small business. I have been in business for over 26 years. I have contacted Merchant Services (First Data) many times and been told many different stories. Below is a short summary why I am being cheated by this company.
    I opened a new account at a different financial institution. I was going to use their credit card company services. A Sales person from Merchant Services call me on the telephone. The person asked me if I already have a credit card machine my reply was yes. We then proceeded to download the information to my credit card machine so it would work with their system. Several months ago I called merchant services and asked if there was any way possible to get my money into my account any sooner? Their reply was absolutely no. There was nothing they could do. A few months later another company approach me and I was informed if I switched to their company my money would be in my account the next day. Once I was signed up with this new company I then proceeded to cancel my services with Merchant Services (First Data). The merchant service Representative asked me why I was canceling their services. I told her that it takes too many days for my money to enter my bank account. The representative then told me she could move my batch time up one hour. I told her it was too late, I already switch to another company. I said why didn’t you do this for me months ago when I asked? The Merchant Service Representative then told me if I cancel there is a $500 cancellation fee. I said what?
    No one ever told me about a cancellation fee. I told her that I cannot even use your services now because I canceled my phone line. I was told that I signed a contract to this effect. I said no, I did not. I did not see a person from your company at all. All we did was download the information into my credit card machine so I could use your services over the telephone. I never received any paperwork either. I asked them to send over the contract that I signed. After receiving the contract I called them back and stated to their representative that I did not sign a contract which you previously stated. Now the person tells me from merchant services since I gave them my banking information that automatically gave my approval to their contract terms. I said you have to be kidding me. That could mean anything. So you’re telling me if I cancel you are going to charge me by $500 dollars and if I refuse to use your services you are going to still charge me Every Month for a Service Fee of approximately $25 per month? I stated to this representative of Merchant Services you are robbing me every month for doing nothing? I was told she was sorry and there was nothing they could do. I said yes you can, you just don’t want to.
    My question is how can this be legal? They told me I did sign a contract and there was nothing they could do. When I asked them to prove that I did sign a contract then they changed their story to a lame one. Now they say because I gave my banking information I was agreeing to their terms. What they are doing is stealing from me now.

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  68. Penny

    When I signed up with First Data I was told by Justin (sales) that we would be getting a tablet…….BS. Then I was told it would be cheaper to take cards through a Virtual Terminal then a machine….made sense since by business is a service business and we don’t need a machine. Again BS, having a virtual terminal is expensive and it takes days to get my money. i was told it would be overnight. Now I have to open another account for Virtual Terminal and Justin (sales guy) told me he would cancel the other account out…….no he did not and I was charged fees and when I tried to not only get my money back for their error they were rude, it took months I finally had to get an attorney. Then I was randomly charged an annual fee when I had only been with them 4 months not statement no warning totally pissed off…..such bad business practices, as of today the owe me a tablet……by the way I am not getting because Justin the sales guy lied……they owe me money $200 which is like pulling teeth to get, who helps the small business owner against these people. I was not surprised at all of the compliants. Help!

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  69. Jean Pierre Pujol

    I wished I had read this forum way before getting affiliated with FD
    I manage a manufacturing company, just in time manufacturing.
    95% of our sales are made through credit card processing.
    I rely on all my deposits to function and produce the merchandise my company sells.
    The scary question today is processing credit card 100% secured for us Merchants?
    Can we rely just on a processed APPROVAL? What does the word “approval” means to a Merchant? Approbation, assent, endorsement, consent! How safe is it? What does a processor approval means???

    My questions to you, merchants and processors are:

     Is the definition for the word “approval” up for distortion?
     Can an approval be issued by any other than a CC processor? Are we merchants being forced to accept credit cards while a formal permission is reversible??
     Once our transactions are approved, could you ever think that they could be recalled, go back into your bank account and reverse the transaction?
     If no trust exists in an approval from a processor why are we even using this system???

    Here is my story:
    Simply put, I am the victim of a client who used stolen credit cards.
    After the transaction approvals, money was deposited onto my banking account.
    When the processing card company realized about the fraud they withdrawal the full amount of the sale 23 days later including their initial fees!
    No phone calls, no emails, no notices of any kind, I received some notices from other banks 30 to 35 days later!!!
    Do any merchants realize the fraud on top of all our % frustration- leasing terminals?
    Before this happened to me, I did not fear the APPROVAL system. Now I refuse CC and I am even thinking about accepting Bitcoin. All banks sucks, they are the main reason our Country is in trouble!

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  70. Richard

    The most complacent, lackadaisical, inept, incompetent staff of dolts I have ever encountered, from line employees to account specialists. I absolutely refuse to renew my contract under any circumstances and if it did not cost me to get out of the one I am currently in, I would sever my ties with these jokers immediately and permanently. I consider First Data to have breached their end of the contract with me so I will attempt to say farewell without incurring any financial penalties. If they are serious about retaining their clients they can start by cleaning house and replacing these useless wastes of space with a staff that will actually work for their customers; not against them. Stay as far away from these unscrupulous hucksters as possible.

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  71. H. Khan

    After retiring from police department, I used my savings to start my business. After one year of unsuccessful attempt, I sold my business to save myself from further drowning. Notified First Data and all vendors about discontinuation of services. First Data was the only one I had serious problem with. Finally they sent me two boxes to returned equipment. I packed both set of equipment in both boxes and dropped off at their suggested Kinkos location 60 miles away. After 3 years of closing my business, I learned that First Data has made a negative entry on my credit report. Further investigation revealed that they claim they received only one box and not the second one. I have been trying to contact them to clear this issue with them and leaving phone messages with collections but they have not been returning my calls. I have been trying to buy a home for my family after 5 years again but their reporting has caused me denial from every lender. I am so fed up that if I do not get a response from them to resolve this issue, I will file a complaint in local court.

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    1. Kathy

      So how is it going for you? I am caught up in what seems to be every single complaint filed against FirsData. I have started recording every phone call and will only do email with the rep. Actually, I stopped dealing with the rep, because he has misled, lied, made promises and did another, and on and on, I can not trust him. I will be writing letters to all the credit card companies about them, also the banks FirsData is partnered with. I am at wits end with how people are treated by this merchant service. My customers do not even want to use their credit cards at my business…not sure how much business they have drove away because the card reader failed to work, have lost continuously by using this service…I am sure you know the story.
      I hope everything works out for you. If you find a way to win against this giant, let me know. Thank you, Kathy

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  72. Amanda

    I was with First Data for many years. The fees got to be ridiculous! 8-12% I canceled my account on 2-17-13. And now I am receiving a collections notice for 280.00. At NO POINT was I told that I owed any money to them and I was not notified,… until I received a collections notice. I tried to resolve issue and they were no help. It did not matter that I had been a good customer for many year!!!!!.
    They basically said screw you!
    No way in hell should you sign up with these folks.
    Their customer service stinks and they are only in it for the money! They lie to you
    to get you to sign up, telling you can save you money. I was NEVER contacted again
    after I signed up. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE REP!!!

    I tired to pay the fees today and they wanted a 100.00 collections fee! I had NEVER BEEN NOTIFIED I OWED ANY MONEY!!
    STAY AWAY!!!!!

    I own a well known wedding facility.

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    1. Mr. H

      First of all reading the complaints from all the people really hurts me. It’s like getting two black eyes to small business owners from a bully and we can’t do anything about it. This scam is no different than a thug walking into your small business pulling a gun and saying “give me all your money from the register.”

      Second I am so mad with Sam’s for letting them do this to business owners who shop at their store. I guess they get a cut from FD once business owner signs up with them. Every day I shop at Sam’s since I have a deli and every day the FD salesman pushes how much money they will save once we switch to FD. Also Sam’s advertise with low CC rates, so of course people with business will be sucker in to save money. I work hard for my money and here they are stealing from me right under my nose once I sign up with FD.

      Jan 2013, signed up with FD through Sam’s. FD salesman guaranteed me I would save money once I gave FD a try. If I weren’t satisfied in 90 days they would cancel all deals with no questions.

      First Data through Sam’s
      · 90 days try period
      · $19.95 CC terminal rental fee per month
      · Free CC roll papers
      · Low processing fee guarantee

      This was the salesman’s pitch to me before I signed up. With all the guarantees I’ve been told how bad can it get, I’ll give them a try. Well things were bad after the first bill they debited from my business account…and guess what hell isn’t over yet even after I closed my account before my 90 days try period. Salesman took off and is longer with FD…took the commission and ran, so he is no longer any help to me.

      Jan 2013, CC sales $8000, fees took out from bank account in Feb 2013 $520 plus $39.95 for lease by another company. That’s 6.99% CC processing fee. That’s over 2.74% more than my previous CC processing company.

      Feb 2013, CC sales $10,000, fees took out from bank account in March 2013 $650 plus $39.95 for lease by another company. That’s 6.89% CC processing fee. That’s over 2.64% more than my previous CC processing company.

      March 2013, CC sales $12,000, fees took out from bank account in April 2013 $780 plus $39.95 for lease by another company. That’s 6.83% CC processing fee. That’s over 2.58% more than my previous CC processing company.

      April 2013, CC sales zero. Pulled the plug and went back to my old CC processing company. Called FD to op out because of the high fees, they said ok, but the credit card machine was with someone else so needed to call them to arrange buyback. Called leasing company and they said I had a contract for 4 years and could not get out unless I pay $150 early out fee. I told them about the 90-try period the salesman promised, but they said no such thing exists. Still working on returning the CC machine.

      May 2013 fees took out from bank account $245 plus $39.95 for lease by another company. I called FD and told them sales for April was zero and they said the charges were from credit card company called interchange fees. They also told me account has been closed but there will be another interchange fee in June and perhaps in July. Well guess what people I got screwed big time. They didn’t save me a penny, mater of fact they robbed me blind. They didn’t guarantee me nothing…let’s do the math.

      Jan $8000 CC sales Fees for Jan $520 Lease $39.95
      Feb $10000 CC sales Fees for Feb $650 Lease $39.95
      Mar $12000 CC sales Fees for Mar $780 Lease $39.95
      Interchange Fees for April $245 Lease $39.95
      Total $30000 CC sales Total $2195 Fees Total $159.80
      Percentage = 7.84%

      I’m still in process of returning the CC machine so they won’t charge me every month. I’m still in process of figuring this interchange fee FD will take out in June and July. I’m still in process of figuring out a collection notice I received today (May 15, 2013) of $140 from Sam’s Credit Card Processing Dept. My other credit processing company stopped debiting my account as soon as I stopped using them after 30 days and the only thing they debited was for keeping the account open for $19.95. I kept the old CC processing company open just in case I wasn’t happy with FD/Sam’s. I went back to my old CC company in April 1st and they debit the account for 4.25% in May for my total monthly CC sales…this includes machine all fees combined.

      I must say, “Do not use First Data through Sam’s, they will not save you money. They will take your hard earned money and give you a lot of headaches.”

      Mr. H
      Houston, Texas

      ps There should be a class action lawsuit for this kind of stuff.
      Like I said this is no different than a thug coming in to your business and robbing you with a gun. Except in this case it all legal.

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  73. Isabella Wierzchos

    I have never been so ripped off by any credit card companies like by the First Data. They had promised me a low rate in exchange for signing a lease on their credit card terminal. The salesman took my terminal (which I owned totally free and clear). He basically stole it from me. I asked him why he was taking it and he said you would not need it any more. I later found out that the lease was signed (in a small print) for 3 years with no termination clause. I had been promised by the sales rep that I could terminate the lease at any point. He told me that I would not want to do that since I will be saving so much on a lower rate. The rate was not lower and I ended up paying $ 1,540.44 in lease fees. I have just returned the terminal and got a bill for $ 500.88 (another year left on the lease). I wish there was a way to sue them for misrepresentation and ripping small businesses off. If there was ever a class action suit, please keep us in mind. I am very upset over this business practice and the fact that they can get away with lies and thef.

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  74. Nancy

    We signed up with a very pleasant rep from “Payment Systems.” First Data sent us the machine. The money that went into our account immediately started falling short of what it should have been, according to the settlement reports. My boss spent hours on the phone trying to get it all straightened out. When it became clear that we could not trust this company, we returned the machine to the people who sent it, in the original packaging, and said we were canceling the contract — because they certainly weren’t living up to their part of the bargain. (Of course, when you try to do this, you are bounced from person to person — if indeed you can ever get a person to talk to you or return your call at all. And they never got your fax. The classic runaround.)

    All was quiet for a month or two, and then they started debiting us for ~$200 “inactivity fees.” We had to change our debit card number to put a stop to that. Now we are getting calls from “Lease Finance Group,” the alleged “leasing agent” we supposedly signed a contract with when we signed up with Payment Systems. We have paid over $1000 for a couple of weeks of processing, but they want the entire amount of the contract. Next up is probably “Pushpin Corp”: their collection agency.

    This has been a horrible experience. Please read what the New York Attorney General has to say about Lease Finance Group/ Global Leasing/ Northern Leasing and their multi-million $$$ scheme to keep debiting former customers — even after the “lease” had expired and the contract was void! (The Attorney General won a large settlement.)

    It’s very confusing to try to pinpoint the real bad actors here. (Omar from Lease Finance Group claimed not to know ANYTHING about Payment Systems.) My favorite review of Payment Systems on RipOff Report, or some such site, began with, “You know how you’re not supposed to invite a vampire into your house?”

    Do not let them in!

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  75. William Porter

    I opened an account with First Data 3 years ago, with a 3-year contract. Soon afterward my business model shifted and I was no longer going to need a merchant account.

    First Data would not let me out of the contract. My options were to pay the agreed upon monthly fees or pay the balance of the contract at one time. I spent the next 3 years paying First Data the $60 monthly fees and never using the account.

    30 days before the contract expired, I called First Data to close the account and make sure I didn’t get billed for any time that went beyond my 3-year obligation. Today, I learned I was charged a $30 fee to close the account and another $100 fee for closing the account early!

    AVOID First Data at all cost! Do NOT open an account at First Data!

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  76. WayneK

    I just had to send $400 to end my contract with FD today as well. I got rid of FD about a year ago and have been paying lease fees since. I went with Crescent Processing and that was a mistake as well. Now I am with Trans Tech and couldn’t be happier. I made sure that the contract said no termination fee and the equipment was a flat 200 dollars up front. Anyway, FDGL is the biggest crock next to Crescent Processing. Beware!

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  77. Jim Bryan

    Lots of fees, I only did about $6000 in CC volume last year and paid about 8% in fees. This doesn’t include my PCI compliance fee! I initiated the service through Sams Club, I expected lower fees. The basic rate is fine, but the interchange fees are very high.

    I cancelled last month and went to square up. I have never had a charge back and don’t need a lot of customer service. My fees under Square will be 2.75% for any card with no minimums or interchange frees.

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  78. Troy Mann-Linenkugel

    I was involved with bait and switch along with breech of contract from a company named Prestige Payment Systems. They convinced me that they would save me $200-$250 a month on my processing charges. I said, if you can save me that much then I will change process company. During this time I was told that the $200-250 savings would have to include a credit card machine. I told them I didn’t need it and would not use it, they replied you will still save money with the equipment and in order to receive the savings I was forced to receive the equipment. I guess I should have not proceeded, but I figure they stated I would still have a huge savings even with the machine. A couple months later I began using the new processing company and I received my first bill after processing $2700 worth of business and I noticed I was charge over $400. Now normally I pay $600 for processing over $15,000 a month. So I was shocked when I received a bill for over $400. I called and asked why I was charged so much and they replied, “that’s what you signed up for.” I stated, “no you told me I would save money and so for you are wrong and it is pretty clear I will be spending more money.” I then asked them where the $250 credit I was to receive for canceling my other processing company. They stated, “we usually wait until the customer requested it.” So I requested it; 120 days past I never received my credit and my prices were crazy. I called and cancel the contract due to breech of contract along with bait and switch. They canceled it and I never heard anything from them. Now I have a bill from First Data for over $6,500. I explained that I was involved in a bait and switch along with a breech of contract and they stated we are sorry but you leased equipment from us. I then replied that I sent the equipment back to their company and no longer have it. They are now telling me they will settle for payments up to $3,300 or a lump sum of $2500. I don’t understand why they can’t see that I was brought into the entire agreement under false information that was provided to me via another company. Since the contract was illegally represented by Prestige I am getting punished from this company and they will not settle or cancel my contract due to the bait and switch tactic that influenced my actions.

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  79. jeanne

    I am a small business owner. I asked our bank WELLS FARGO for credit card/check process system. They recommended First Data and rep from wells fargo contacted me. Equipment Never worked from Day 1! Called and emailed, No reply. Never used the system and sent equipment back Cancelled our wells fargo account because they said it has nothing to do with them, even though their representative set it up??? Finally, First Data contacted me saying their contract is non-cancellable for any reason and a threat to pay 5K for termination fee. Do Not Use First Data! .
    What a horrible company who must make

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  80. Manfred

    I have filed a complaint against FDGL with the BBB. Leased a pos system through PNC Bank, was told it was a two year lease with option to buy after one year. Cancelled lease last week after over 3 years of service and received a bill for $1500 stating I had 9 months remaining. Given the fact both PNC and FDGL do not talk to each other, nor does it seem that FDGL communicates within its own walls I will likely have to close my bank account to protect myself. Not sure what will happen but in the meantime maybe BBB can do something? I would be happy to settle but will still close my bank account given FDGL’s underhanded practises..

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  81. Natalie

    I am an ISO of First Data and I’m very disappointed to read these posts. First Data is indeed a huge company for a merchant to have to work through alone. If you read Phillip’s overview of First Data you will see that your experience really depends upon the entity (ISO, agent, etc.) who partners with First Data to provide the service and support of your merchant account. Although I utilize First Data as my back end processor, I really insist that my clients call our offices directly. We know our clients and we should be the first call for any customer service (terminal support, questions about statements, et al.) issue. My clients even have my cell phone number. I also almost NEVER lease equipment. Although I could make a lot of money, I just don’t think it’s fair. My clients have to sign a contract–all business is necessarily conducted via a contract. The difference with my company is that there are no Early Termination Fees. I list that specifically on the Schedule A–which is the agreed upon schedule of fees.

    Merchant processing is confusing and there are certainly people in this industry who take advantage of others. There also are professionals in this industry who are committed to fair play and solid customer service. Good luck to all and please ask questions until you get real answers that you understand.

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  82. Donna Mulholland

    At the time I disolved my OnlineBusinessSystems account I also closed my First Data Account, or so I thought!! FD continued to debit my account – I had to pay $27 to my bank to return the transaction then FD put me in “collections” and tried AGAIN to pull from my account. These people will NOT make good on their wrong doing!!! They arw a BAD COMPANY to do business with!!!

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  83. Kirk Vinchattle

    Shortly after opening my new business in 2010 a First Data rep, Ray, came in, advising that he was with Sam’s Club and that if we went with first Data for our credit card processor we would receive a free Sam’s Club membership. He did not advise anything of the terms or such, and I guess it was my fault for not asking, but I did not think there was anyway that it would cost me thousands to try to get out of the lease three years later! When I sold my business in Oct of 2012 I contacted Ray at first data who told me that I was locked into a four year lease with them and that I was responsible for paying $1200 to close out the actual first data account plus $27 a month for the remainder of the equipment lease (two years). On top of returning the equipment. They are totally unwilling to work with you nor do they care if your business closes or is a corporation. It even shows on my credit report that as “Unpaid Loan” from First Data?? They need to be stopped for predatory practices and I feel a class action lawsuit is in order. The SCAM is in the machine lease……do not fall for it!!!!!

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    1. mariela vitello

      Mr.kirk my name is mariela Vitello, I can’t believe how stressful this company cause for to many people, we have the same issue we open the account from Sam’s , the vendor Michael he never told to us the lease gonna be for 4 years they said we own 1636 , we open for small businesses in 2010 but we have to close cause the mall we was, is in remodelation, I wanna ask somebody can help us? Why they like to make miserable the life to another people? Is a company for credit card service is not food, cell phones, cars company cause this items is necessary to life, by the way. Please somebody can help to us give a call 504 312 1919 . my husband and I we appreciate. Now i have to said the best company for small businesses in credit cards is merchant anywhere, is a excellent service and try to buy the machine is only 200 , I cant believe it only for the ridiculous 200 I have so many problems now. Obviously in the time u open a business even is small, you have to spend in rent, deposit is the same value of the rent, plus the product. I hope a lot a people read this email and think in twice in work with first data. Do not trust in this people they don’t have any paper said the lease is for four years. We have to ask to ours friends who they are a lawyers and try to fix this problem.

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    2. jorge hartmann

      I am only replying to Kirk,because he has the latest posting.But,we definitely need to stop the madness about their predatory practices.

      Own 2 businesses in Canada and about 70% of my sales goes through FirstData and all the complaints that are posted are a carbon copy of my situation.

      Wrote to their CEO in Canada,ask them for a resolution and they have totally ignored me.They will not even tell me where to ship their equipment because I kept my older supplier’s equipment and disconnected them about 3 months ago.

      They were and still are,collecting quadruple charges, because they set up” location” and “corporate” accounts which allows them, to screw you and me with impunity.

      Salesman disappeared as soon as he installed equipment and will not answer e mails,nor phone calls.

      They want to collect a total of 5K between leasing charges and those phantom files that were not explained by anybody in their system

      It seems they feel nobody can touch them,but I would be willing to invest some time and money to get rid of them and making sure the retail sector knows about their obscure practices.


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  84. Robert

    Do not use First Data unless you are totally desperate and read the contract thoroughly. Always ask questions and don’t assume anything. My office was referred to the to buy computer software. They came back saying we had been approved for $125,000 dollar loan for 9,000 dollars worth of software.. Thank goodness I took my time and was consulting for 5 months in another state. After a couple conversations I had decided on 60,000 dollars to use as cash flow also. I couldn’t get an interest rate until the high pressure phone salesman finally got impatient and verbally gave me 10% rate. I asked him to try to lower it to 8% and he said he would try. He continued to harass my office this whole time trying to have them convince me to sign and have the money deposited.. I remember thinking, as I’ve been lectured many times, “if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

    Finally, he pusses my office again and sent a repayment schedule never receiving an interest rate proposal. The repayment for a 60,000 dollar loan over 9 months was 82,000 dollars.. I had my office put him on a three way conversation with me to clarify the repayment. First he said they would take a daily ach out of my company account over 400 dollars a day. After looking at the repayment amount I did some quick math and told him the interest was closer to 40%. He had the gall to try to defend the fact that he had misrepresented the product. 10 years ago I would have gone ballistic on such a perverse man and what he represented. I cant afford the energy.

    Don’t use First Data unless you really are desperate and totally understand the terms. I got lucky

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  85. Elizabeth Rinaldi

    I had reason to call first data today about my account and found it totally frustrating. The lady I spoke to was like a robot. She was off hand and wasn’t the least bit interested in what I was speaking about . I wanted to know why my transactions for Monday had not hit my account today Friday. For the last 18 months every transaction for Monday reaches the bank on Friday. All the lady would say was it takes between 3 and 5 dosent reach us till Tuesday .So why has the transactions reached my bank on Friday for the last 18 months(. reply ) it takes 3 to 5 days and dosent reac us till Tuesday . It was like she had the same answer to every thing I asked her. We will wait till Monday now and see if it has reached our bank. As a small business we rely on credit card payments to be paid in on the correct days. I have to also said our credit card transactions were processed and paid into our bank on Thursday

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  86. Mark

    Avoid First Data at any cost. They suck. You end up paying over $2,000.00 for a machine that retails around $300.00. Try to buy your own credit card machine. DO NOT use First Data. My business closed and they have not sympathy. I have another 2 years on my lease and they will not let me out of it. I returned the machine that I had been paying on for 2 years. My monthly fees for that length of time far exceeded the cost….they are out nothing.

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  87. syed

    I bought my first business in 2011. I didn’t know anything about owning a business at that point. I went to my bank at 5/3rd to open a merchant account -My first mistake. I though my Bank will protect me since I had both my personal banking and mortgage with them. The merchant sale woman was a slimebag. She took advantage of my inexperience. She opened two merchant account even thought I needed one. Made me sign a two year merchant account contract with 5/3rd which i later learned woudl cost me $200 to close early. Then she had me sign up a 4 year contract with First Data for a terminal – $33/month. At that point I’d no idea how much a terminal costs. Credit card processing was done thru 5/3rd which was way expensive – approximately 3.5% or more on credit card sales. When I sold my business in about 1 and half year later and closed my merchant account and called First Data to cancel the contract, they told me that they can not do the early termination. I’d to pay them the remaining money of the contract to cancel or continue to pay them $33/month till the end of the contract. So a terminal that costs $169 on a open market end up costing me $1584 and the rip off doesn’t end there. After paying them the entire $1584, I learned that I don’t even own the terminal. I had to ship it to them at my own cost. What a financial RAPE!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FIRST DATA!!! How the CEO of this company Sleep at night. I do blame myself for not knowing better but there has to be limit to the predatory practices of these Big Companies.
    As a result, I closed all my accounts with 5/3rd and Woudl NEVER do business with either 5/3rd or First Data ever again in my life. I recently bought another business and this time I bought a terminal myself for $169 which by the way I own. SHAME ON YOU FIRST DATA AND SHAME ON YOU 5/3RD FOR PREDATORY PRACTICES!!!

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  88. Dan Klein

    I have the same story as all the ones above. I was sold by one of there scam artist Payment Solutions in Loveland, CO. I signed a contract December 13th 2012. Their processing portal through Quick Services was cumbersome and required down loading transactions into Xcel spreadsheet and so forth it double our accounting work. . I cancelled my contract with Payment Solutions around February 12th 2013. and that is when I learned about the non-cancellable lease situation. At the time I signed with the sales Representative, Anthony who is a senior account rep for Payment Solutions, I ask him directly “what is the worse case scenario if I had to do an early termination”, he said I would only have to pay the early termination fee of $495.00. As you all know the contract with Payment Solution is deceivingly unclear on purpose with the relationship with First Data and that’s when you begin to not be able to sleep at night.

    I never swiped a single card!. All our business is with one primary major commercial customer who we have to key in their card number for payment. The only reason I considered the wireless card reader was in case our business grew to a point were we might have customers with cards. I never used their machine, I sent it back certified. I closed my bank account. I called First Data and they told me I had to work out the lease issue with Payment Solutions. Then we had a turn of events. Our one major customer that we do 99% of our business with switch to direct deposit on the 20th of February. WE NO LONGER NEED A MERCHANT ACCOUNT! I explained this to First Data and Payment Solutions and all I get is a run around no return calls, mail to pay or else they don’t care. How do these people sleep at night. I have documented every conversation with these guys and I am going to do what I can to give them some more publicity. Not sure our consumer protection agency’s work very well? But. I am also going to contact the credit bureaus in advance and explain the deal, not sure what good it will do but I got to try. First Data and Payment Solutions attitude is “Were SO! BIG and really don’t give a rip!” “We will destroy you! in other words the little guy doesn’t matter. I going to try to remain positive and work as hard as I can to get someone to listen. Payment Solutions! First Data! here I come!……….I not going to pay you $60.00 a month for 4 years for something I don’t have or will never every need or use! Well Fargo an Citibank are just a culpable also!

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  89. Doug

    Call center service could not be worse. I have used three card processors in twenty years of business. First Data ranks lowest with me overall. My independent service rep that signed me up is great. The service stops there. Call center operators are terse and have bad attitudes. Shame on them! I work so hard at customer service in my business. They don’t even try.

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  90. Tanya

    Sharon I own a liquor store and the same thing is happening to me some sales rep came in here and scammed me..I never even opened or used there equipment and they are trying to charge my $1500.00 I dont know what to do. Has anyone had anyone been able to sue them or get there money back?

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  91. Tina

    I am writing this because I am a first time business owner. On the front end, First Data was friendly and co operative. I do a lot of business overseas, which can vary from $100.00 to $25,000.00! First Data head of Risk Management Phillip Brokenbaugh was very rude, short and crude when I had a sale via phone charge from Sweden. Not only did he stop the transaction, he terminated my service! This was even after I tried to explain to him that both myself and client had prior approval to this transaction. This is not how to conduct business!! First Data should have explained and guided me thru the process. Would not recommend them to my worst enemy!!!

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  92. Nathan

    I would not recommend using First Data. The customer service reps do not inform you of anything until you have already been charged, billed and screwed. Then you start asking questions of why. Then they explain. It took 5 months to close the account. They collected an additional $130 since they would not confirm the proper procedure to close the account. DO NOT USE FIRST DATA just because they may have cheaper fees or no contracts. In the end, you will pay much more using this unreliable company.

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  93. Laurie Savran

    I have been a customer since 1998. They charged big bucks every month in addition to high percentage fees they started charging a compliance fee. I am a one woman business and there were some months when I paid them more than I took in from them. They never offered to cut back my charges until I called to cancel. I started using the Square and immediately it became so much easier and less expensive to charge.

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  94. Trish Power

    I started a business a couple years back so I needed a merchant account. I tried to use this one but kept having problems with them. So basically didn’t use it but they didn’t tell me I had to pay $250 for visa and $250 for mastercard if I cancelled. So now they charge me $20 a month for nothing for 4 years. Make sure you read the fine print.

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    1. Rachel

      I spoke with someone from this company today (although it could have been a reseller like the article says) He said it would be an upfront 100 dollar charge, 12 bucks monthly. That’s less than Paypal Pro, and I am having my issues with Paypal sometimes, but I don’t know.

      He wanted some stuff faxed, and was so aggressive in his sales approach I felt kind of like I was being railroaded into signing over my first born or something.

      Now, I have not used them for my website sales, so I can’t comment on that, only that I did decide to read some reviews, and am now glad that I did!

      Paypal isn’t perfect, and takes forever to transfer money, but..definitely less startup hassle and overall ease of cancellation, I think!

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  95. Kurt Eyrich

    This is the biggest ripoff company in the industry. Don’t believe a word they say. SAMs should be ashamed to be in business with them. But is Walmart ever ashamed of anyway they treat customers.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Kurt, Can you elaborate on your experience? Otherwise, your review will eventually be removed due to lack of detail.

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  96. Robert Monroe

    I couldn’t agree with Patricia Fero more. I was told to send my machine into first data and they would replace at no cost this did not happen, this was a machine i had purchased.Several months later i noticed $300 pulled from my account for charges related to this machine.The calls were made, the runaround started several Cust service Reps, 2 Supervisors, 3 account specialist who informed me they had not recieved my machine 4 months after the fact,. had they informed me of this problem at this time i may have been able to follow the tracking#. .Fees raise, rates increase without notification.Buyer beware! As Patricia Fero stated it would seem that this organization is clearly designed to decieve and steal .Good luck on getting the same person twice.

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