Worst Credit Card Processors According to Our Research

Watch Out for These Credit Card Processors

The easiest way to save money on credit card processing is to work with a top rated merchant account provider, but there are also plenty of good reasons to keep tabs on the worst merchant account providers and the people that run these operations. The credit card processing industry is full of unethical companies that seemingly pop up out of nowhere. These organizations and their sales agents are willing to say anything to make a quick buck at the expense of small business owners.

Bad merchant account providers are notorious for duping unwitting people into working on a commission-only sales basis and then training those agents to deceive business owners into signing long-term, expensive contracts with outdated equipment and poor customer support. To make matters worse, the owners of these shady merchant services companies shutter a brand when the negative online reviews start piling up only to start a new one with a fresh reputation so that they can start all over with their deceptive sales practices.

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Our Rating Criteria

To help you steer clear of bad deals, we've put together the following list of the worst merchant accounts on CPO. These companies have all received 1-star or 2-star ratings in their CPO reviews due to a combination of any or all of the following factors:

  • Deceptive sales tactics
  • Undisclosed rates and fees
  • Expensive monthly, annual, and early termination fees
  • Non-cancellable or long-term contracts and leases
  • Numerous public complaints from current and former merchants
  • Numerous public complaints from current and former employees
  • Reports of poor customer support
  • Public interactions with merchants or with CPO that do not reflect favorably on the company
  • A poor rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Proven or suspected affiliations with other ill-reputed companies

You can learn more about how we determine our ratings in our CPO Rating Criteria.

Is Your Provider On This List?

The available evidence indicates that you are likely to receive an unsatisfactory outcome with these companies. If you've been contacted by a company on this list, we strongly recommend that you conduct some research on the company's reputation within the industry and consider other options before signing a contract. If you've already signed up with one of these providers, we recommend renegotiating your contract as soon as possible. It may end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

Worst Merchant Account Providers

The list below is undergoing maintenance due to several of the companies recently going out of business. For the most current list see: 1-Star List and 2-Star List.

Northern Leasing Systems Logo


Northern Leasing Systems

Rating: Poor | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (800) 683-5433

Currently settling a second lawsuit filed by the New York State Attorney General in just the past five years, Northern Leasing Systems (northernleasing.com) is a credit card processing equipment lease provider rather than a full-service merchant account provider. Despite its narrow focus on equipment, the company is responsible for hundreds of merchant complaints due to its standard practice of selling four-year, non-cancellable equipment leases.

Northern Leasing typically allows any sales agent with any merchant account provider to sell its equipment leases as an addendum to their standard merchant account contracts. In fact, many of the companies on this list are known to provide equipment leases through Northern Leasing. This causes some confusion among merchants who don't realize that they're signing a contract with two separate entities, and that confusion often turns to rage once merchants learn that Northern Leasing's leases run for four years (one year longer than the standard multiyear merchant account contract), cannot be cancelled without paying the full sum of the four-year term, and will almost always end up charging merchants an amount that is several times larger than the actual purchase price of the equipment. Details of the NY Attorney General's settlement can be seen here.

Lease Finance Group Logo


Lease Finance Group

Rating: Poor | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (866) 781-0440

Along with MBF Leasing and Golden Eagle Leasing, Lease Finance Group (signaturebankonline.com/leasing/) is a subsidiary of Northern Leasing Systems that engages in precisely the same style of equipment leasing as its parent company. Lease Finance Group is the second-most active brand used by Northern Leasing and has been cited in far more merchant complaints than its other affiliated subsidiaries.

Lease Finance Group is also named in the New York Attorney General's lawsuit against Northern Leasing and is known to offer the same long-term, non-cancellable, exorbitantly priced equipment leases as Northern Leasing. It has an “F” rating on CPO and an “F” rating with the BBB.

Main Street Processing Logo


Main Street Processing

Rating: Poor | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (214) 261-4611

Main Street Processing is a DBA of Datalink Bankcard Services that also sells under the name “Tier 1 Processing.” We first discovered this processor as a result of a large influx of complaints that all described the same unethical slamming tactics. These complaints have come and gone since our initial publication of Main Street Processing's review, but they all consistently describe telemarketers who pose as the merchant's current processor.

There is also recent evidence to suggest that Main Street Processing has started doing business as “Wholesale Banc” and “Challas Group.” These companies share personnel with Datalink Bankcard Services and have started to accumulate similar complaints, so they may find themselves on this list sooner rather than later.

Ladco Leasing Logo


Ladco Leasing

Rating: Poor | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (800) 725-1243

Ladco Global Leasing Solutions is an equipment leasing company that appears to be the preferred equipment leasing partner of Elavon, one of the largest direct credit card processors in the world. Ladco Leasing's standard equipment lease terms are nearly identical to those offered by Northern Leasing Systems and its subsidiaries: multiyear, non-cancellable, inconsistently disclosed by agents, and far more expensive than the actual purchase price of the equipment.

Ladco's unclear status as a potential subsidiary or affiliate of Elavon makes it difficult to determine how much of the company's marketing and customer service is managed by Elavon. Nevertheless, we have located over 200 merchant complaints that express frustration with the company's ironclad lease terms and excessive cost.

First Data Global Leasing Logo


First Data Global Leasing

Rating: VENDORRATING | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (404) 890-2000

First Data Global Leasing is the credit card processing equipment leasing branch of First Data, one of the world’s largest direct credit card processors. Like Ladco Leasing and Elavon, First Data Global Leasing is responsible for the vast majority of non-cancellable equipment leases sold to First Data merchants. There are hundreds of merchant complaints that describe insufficient disclosure of lease terms and outrageously high monthly lease fees through First Data Global Leasing.

First Data Global Leasing provides leased equipment both for merchants contracted directly with First Data and for merchants who have signed up with First Data resellers. First Data's overall brand has a slightly better reputation among merchants than Northern Leasing, but First Data Global Leasing's contract terms and customer service rate just as poorly as the worst leasing providers on CPO.

First American Payment Systems Logo


First American Payment Systems

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (855) 230-4558

First American Payment Systems is a Texas-based super ISO of Vantiv that has served as the parent company of some of the lowest-rated ISOs on CPO, including Eliot Management Group, Trans Tech Merchant Group, Summit Merchant Solutions, Apex Merchant Group, Trinity Merchant Group, and Certified Payment Processing. First American Payment Systems and its many resellers are known for their large teams of independent sales agents and multi-year contracts with termination fees of up to $495.

Although these brands have seen lower complaint rates in recent years (which could indicate a slowdown in business), they were at one time the most reliable sources of negative merchant feedback on our website.

North American Bancard Logo


North American Bancard

Rating: Poor | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (877) 840-1952

North American Bancard is a large, 25-year-old Global Payments reseller based in Troy, Michigan. The company employs a large team of independently contracted sales agents and provides a standard contract of three years with a liquidated damages-style early termination fee.

North American Bancard is the parent company of the mobile point-of-sale solution PayAnywhere, which has steadily received public complaints since its launch in 2010. In May 2017, North American Bancard bought Total Merchant Services.

Leaders Merchant Services Logo


Leaders Merchant Services

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (800) 995-2596

Leaders Merchant Services is a California-based merchant account provider that operates as a fully owned subsidiary of iPayment. Our review of Leaders has been receiving merchant complaints about its tiered pricing quotes and hidden fees since 2012. Despite this, present-day complainants suggest that the company continues to use more or less the exact same sales approach that it always has.

Its contract terms aren't much more appealing, given that it offers a standard contract of three years with an early termination fee between $250 and $350. Leaders has received a “D” rating according to our rating criteria for years.

Merchant Lynx Logo


Merchant Lynx

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (866) 873-2200

Merchant Lynx is a reseller of iPayment that is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. The company has received complaints that are typical of an iPayment entity, such as nondisclosure of fees, aggressive sales tactics, and expensive contract terms. The company's contract is a three-year agreement with a termination fee of $495, and it may also come with a long-term equipment lease.

Merchant Lynx has also received a few complaints from merchants who claim that they were unable to reach a single representative of the company for months at a time. This poor customer service track record is a large part of why the company is on this list.

Appstar Financial Logo


Appstar Financial

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (866) 754-5368

Appstar Financial is a merchant account provider headquartered in San Diego, California. Its review on CPO has accumulated complaints at a steady pace since its publication in 2011, and most of these complaints cite hidden fees, constant telemarketing calls, and poor support for the company's sales employees.

Despite the regular negative feedback posted by merchants, Appstar Financial does not appear to have made any significant alterations to its practices in the years that we have been covering it. The company has accordingly maintained its “D” rating for the past few years.

Eliot Management Group Logo


Eliot Management Group

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (817) 317-9150

Eliot Management Group is one of the more active resellers of First American Payment Systems, and its reputation mirrors that of its parent company. Merchant complaints describe an employee “hiring mill” that burns through poorly trained sales reps who are motivated to sign merchants up for very expensive contract terms. These terms reportedly include a three-year contract with a $495 termination fee and a possible equipment lease.

Eliot Management Group is not necessarily a worse option than other First American Payment Systems resellers, but it has maintained a consistent complaint rate on CPO for long enough that it is a good representative of that cluster of companies.

Electronic Merchant Systems Logo


Electronic Merchant Systems

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (216) 674-5708

Electronic Merchant Systems is an Ohio-based merchant account provider that appears to be a subsidiary of the Francis David Corporation. The company has received a moderate amount of complaints from merchants and employees about undisclosed fees and contract terms. It offers a relatively short standard contract of 18 months, but its termination fee is $595 and long-term equipment leases are occasionally involved.

Electronic Merchant Systems was the subject of a 2015 complaint from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau related to the company's facilitation of a “phantom debt” scheme. A federal judge ultimately dismissed this case in 2017 due to noncompliance by the CFPB.

Electronic Payment Systems Logo


Electronic Payment Systems

Rating: Below Average | Our Review | Visit Their Website | (800) 863-5995

Electronic Payment Systems is an Englewood, Colorado-based merchant account provider that is almost 25 years old. The company initially received a poor review on CPO after a sales representative outright lied to us when we called them posing as a merchant. Since then, it has maintained a steady rate of complaints and never truly crawled out of the hole it dug with that initial interaction. EPS offers a one-year contract that would be somewhat competitive for the industry if it did not have an attached liquidated damages termination fee.

In 2017, the FTC filed a complaint against Electronic Payment Systems and several of its sub-ISOs alleging that the company’s employees knowingly laundered payments for a fraud scheme called “Money Now Funding.” The outcome of this complaint is still pending.

Have you had a bad experience with one of these processors? Do you know of any providers that deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

Reader Comments

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56 User Reviews

  • kent dopler

    johnnies market

    thank you for response! I’ve asked for a copy of contract. They of course, want to get info first. I was willing to write them off as scammers til I couldnt find any negative comments. Still, the fact that they send me bad vibes is going to have to be my reasoning for saying no to them. Don’t want to tarnish a good company, but until I hear from someone who says otherwise… I had asked for a contract copy,promises in writing and references of merchants in my area, instead they sent me businesses in Texas and Oklahoma. Anyway, appreciate your reply LOVE the site!

  • kent dopler

    johnnies market

    anyone know of pure terminal? Only thing I can find has nothing but great reviews.
    But the salesman is very pushy and bothersome. When given their quote, I told them they cost more than my current provider. This of course led to the obligatory “let me talk to my supervisor” line everybody has heard, and guess what? They could actually lower their costs! So I figured why not ask for a ridiculously low monthly cost ($650.00) which they said they would do ! Absolute final bill, equipment, fees, all charges for $650.00! As I said, I’ve looked on line and not a negative comment but I’m wary.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Kent,

      There are two significant red flags in this industry that you should pay attention to. First, if the pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Second, be wary of high-pressure sales tactics aimed at making you act quickly. In this industry, the only reason a salesperson would pressure you is because they want your business before you realize there are better deals available. Adding to this, Pure Terminal appears to be a new company, so I would advise proceeding with caution. Make sure you thoroughly read and understand the merchant account agreement and get every promise in writing.

  • Jon

    Buchanan Bicycles

    Here’s another really crappy company, out of Dallas Tx. They are called Chellecomm and they are an independent company who works in conjunction with PayProTect, and uses North American Bancard. I’ve probably got some of that wrong, but they are all tied together.
    Chellecom signed me up with a promise that they could do everything I needed, for only $79 a month. I just needed to sign a 4 year lease on equipment. (what a fool I was) They are partnered with Azura Leasing, another predatory company, and they provide iron clad lease agreements that are impossible to get out of. To leave the lease you have to pay in full, the remaining amount. The account manager who called me, her name is Paula Sumera, promise me all these great services for less than I was paying, but once it came time to set me up, they couldn’t even get my inventory correct, and in order to process CC payment, the system went through a full reboot process that took minutes to complete! Terrible system for me.
    A rep from Chellecomm said they could pay $2700 of the 48 month lease, which I should have taken, but now 11 months later, I am unable to get a response from anyone at the company.
    Chellecom and Azura leasing are predatory companies.
    Beware, there is no need to sign a lease for merchant terminals as they are so much cheaper to buy outright than to rent/lease.

  • Susan S


    ipPay LLC is terrible. They lured me in with a 2.3% flat rate, but then started charging all of these other charges adding up to thousands a month. I went back to Payment Depot, but they still keep taking out $400 a month from my bank via ACH when they have had ZERO transactions. Terrible, terrible company.

  • Karen Henry

    Holly Mountain Sign & Design LLC

    Elavon is not a partner with Ladco Leasing anymore, and has not been since 2019. Over 4 years ago they discontinued their partnership. Elavon now has no contracts, and equipment rental. Businesses can sign up month to month, and rental fees are very low. No cancelation fees, and no obligations. You need to correct your information on this listing. It’s inaccurate naming Elavon a partner who Ladco Leasing.

  • Oscar

    Ward's Fine Wines

    Phillip keeps up w/good job, I learn so much from your notes that open my eyes to finding better merchants for my business. What do think about SLICE..? I’ve some issues with it but I’m sure is not the perfect company to go to this day, special for small businesses. Have a great Summer

  • Susan Sapino

    Netevia/unified payments/arkic pay should be investigated. They open numerous new businesses creating a spiderweb of companies. Impossible to communicated with and consistently give misinformation as well as not paying agents.

  • GUY

    Martin Photography

    thanks for the heads up on company to avoid,i’m presently stuck in a lease with Ladco with a terminal that is outdated and constantly loose it signal. I have 10 month left on the lease and i’m returning and doing business with another merchant account, keeping my fingers crossed .definitely don’t recommend doing business with any Elevon co.

  • Irene

    Enhanced Merchant Rewards is a similar company to others I read about in your comments. In addition to an annual fee, monthly fee and a portal usage fee, they charge 4% processing fee. The final nail in the coffin was when we were charged $99 per month for an inactivity fee during our off season. We were not aware of the inactivity fee because our sales representative never managed to get a copy of our contract to us via mail or email. Talk about preying on small business owners trying to offer other payment options to their customers!

    • Xavier

      I had an appointment with one of their sales rep and just cancelled it after reading your comment (not only because of it, but rather because yours was the last disappointed review about them). It’s always suspicious when the phone person doesn’t give you information about the company and wants to desperately setup an appointment to have “someone else explains how it works”.

  • DLM

    Are you aware of a company named Kibo? its offering unlimited sales volume for $29.99 month w zero processing or transactions fees plus free equipment. Sounds too good to be true. Would you look behind the possible smoke screen & mirrors please?

    • Phillip CPO

      Thank you for bringing this company to our attention. On the surface it looks like they use a surcharging model wherein the processing fees are passed the customer by adding them to the sale cost. There are varying laws from state-to-state on how this can be done, so be sure to check with the laws in your state.

    • Lynne

      The Chill

      They are legit. That’s exactly what they do but they add 3% or a bit more to your customer’s cost. I have a small business and I thought my customers wouldn’t like it so I raised my prices a bit to compensate for the horrendous merchant account cost.

  • tra

    Cardpoint and First Data are the worst. Save yourself – report them. I honestly did not know to research credit card processing companies… dumb – i know. I thought all of them were essentially like banks.
    I am beyond upset by the amount of money they are holding….

  • Jane Torres

    January 11, 2019 Submitted to BBB

    Card One International website states: “The initial term of this Agreement shall commence and shall continue in force for three years after it becomes effective. Thereafter, it shall continue until we or you terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the other.” However, in May 2018, when I wrote requesting termination, I was informed by their representative, Bree K, that I would have to pay a cancellation fee of $1350.00 or continue to pay monthly service charges and annual fees until November 30, 2019. I know this stipulation was added to my contract under “Add’l Comments/Special Instructions” AFTER I signed the original contract on 11/30/2007, otherwise, why on earth would the original contract signed in November 2007 have said until November 2019?
    I have spoken to representatives at Card One many times who have refused to terminate the contract even though I have not used it for over a year. So, I chose to keep paying the fees rather than pay $1350 cancellation charge. I have never received any advisory from Card One to the effect that my Agreement would renew automatically for another 3 years unless I contacted them. So they renewed the Agreement 4 times without my consent.
    However, I am constantly being charged extraneous fees and each time I ask what the charge is for I get a different explanation. Most recently I was told I would have to pay another $150 annual fee again in November 2019 even though the Agreement will supposedly end on November 30, 2019.
    I also spoke with Gateway Merchant Services which services Card One’s charges and they told me that I should only be charged month by month after 3 years unless there is a major reset. There has been no reset. In addition, I am also being charged $17.50/month by Gateway for processing credit card charges, of which I have had none for over a year.
    Basically, Card One charges whatever they want and keeps charging even after the account was closed by me, in writing, in May 2018.
    Merchant Number – 434359089886
    Merchant – Jane Torres

    Non –acceptance of Business response, January 16, 2019
    The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
    I have no documentation that says I signed a 4 year contract with auto renewal twice. All I know is that I signed a contract on November 30, 2007. According to their website “The initial term of this Agreement shall commence and shall continue in force for three years after it becomes effective. Thereafter, it shall continue until we or you terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the other.” This says nothing about a 4 year contract nor about auto renewals twice for additional 4 years. In fact, as I previously stated, all they have produced is a doctored contract where they added that I have to continue to pay Card One until November 2019 or pay the cancellation fee. No reasonable person would have signed anything in 2007 committing them to a contract until November 2019.

    Non –acceptance of Business response, January 23, 2019
    I still have no documentation that says I signed a 4 year contract with auto renewal twice. Nor any documentation requiring 60 day notification to cancel the auto renewal. In fact, since I have not gotten any satisfaction from Card One, I called First Data which is the company for which Card One processes payments. The supervisor at First Data spoke with Bree at Card One and again requested that the contract I supposedly signed be emailed to me. I have not received the complete contract.

    BBB closed the dispute and I have continued to be charged monthly fees.

    Update September 3, 2019
    The “fake” contract stipulation which Card One sent me (see first paragraph of January 11, 2019 complaint) states that after two 4 year extensions the contract will expire on 11/30/2019. So, assuming they would insist on 3 months notice as stated on their website contract, I sent a letter on 8/30/2019 telling them to cancel my contract no later than 11/30/2019.
    However, I just received a phone call from Bree at Card One stating that I had to wait until my contract expires to cancel my account, i.e., November 30, 2019, to submit a request to cancel the account. And then, it would be ANOTHER 30-60 days before they would cancel my account.
    Frankly, I’m afraid they will continue to find excuses to charge me forever.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Adrienne McIntosh

    One Connect Processing is the worst company I have ever dealt with. And that is an all encompassing, 43 years of life on this planet, worst company ever. They convinced me to switch to them as they were going to save me $500 a month in fees and that was just with one company. I own 2. So I’m all “heck yeah”. The first day I plugged in the POS stations they sent me I lost over $150. The next day I lost more. I contacted my account manager and never heard anything back. I left voicemails, sent emails and never heard anything back. Someone from First Data called me about something totally unrelated and I told them the whole story. Finally I heard something back from a Hunter. I replied to his email…..and it has been 3 weeks now and nothing. I pulled all the stations they sent me and put back the ones I had from my previous provider (who I never should have left in the first place). I’m still getting charged for the computers I am not using. They threatened to charge me the $495 early termination charge but they have not done so yet. I’m trying to figure out how to elevate this without having to go to outside sources. All I want is to send their equipment back, have them stop charging me a monthly fee for the equipment and pretend like this never happened. How is it right that they don’t have to live up to their commitments and get away with it but I have to continue paying for their ineptitude? I find it hard to believe that every person who works for this company is that incompetent.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Carlton International

    Worldpay Inc./ Vantiv / Worldpay LLC — whoever they want to be this week deserves every word of this.
    Shady , nope not strong enough, scammers, nope not strong enough , frauds, nope, thieves — now we’re getting close. If they were an actual employee of our company instead just a service for the company — I could have them arrested for embezzlement. They helped themselves to $585.02 of our money — and even one their phone reps agreed those were funds that shouldn’t have been withdrawn from our account and opened 2 “case files” for the never to be reached by phone , email or even writing – super secret squirrel department that reviews such things — only to have them “case closed”. We have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission , Texas State Attorney Generals Office, The Pope , and even tried filing a report with our local Police Dept. These people/ kinds of companies can do all this with impunity. The only recourse is to stamp our feet and growl. I hope there really is a special place in hell for them.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  • Pamela Russell

    Transfirst’s representative told me it would be a “soft pull” on my credit and then they denied my business without a reason. I could never get an answer from the rep or their offices in Colorado the reason I was denied. It turned up on my credit as a “hard pull” instead. When I tried to call them to get it removed because the CRA said that I would have to call them the First rep was very rude and refused to help. Finally when I did get someone she said It was my own fault because I should have known. So, they blame the victim for their “lies” to their potential clients. I’m just glad I was denied. They are a nightmare. Don’t even apply with these people. They are liars.

    From The Editor
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  • Burt

    Please search Google and add Soarpay to this list. After only a few months, they have stolen thousands of dollars from our company, will not answer customer service phone calls, and as you review google, you will see many others with similar complaints. They are based out of Ohio (Also connected to EMS).
    Thank you for this community service work you are doing.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

  • Cecile

    I applied for a job at Wholesale Merchant Services. It was a position that I think I would be good at, as I enjoy speaking to people and helping them save money, along with my business background. I would be happy to represent a Company/Service, as long as it is with an Ethical Company, with Great Customer Service. If not, then I don’t want to be associated with them.

    I don’t know much about WMS, but after I did my due diligence, I was disappointment with all the poor Contractor/Employee Reviews.

    I just found it odd, when I did my research, as they stated on their website that their address was from Ottawa, Canada, but when the Sales Manager contacted me about hiring me for the position, the phone number, on my ID came up briefly from the USA. When I went to double check the phone number, it didn’t store any data, so I couldn’t re-trace the area code, to see exactly where the call came from.

    Why is someone calling me from USA, when this is suppose to be a Canadian company? …and why were they trying to hide the phone number??

    I decided to block all calls and email, as things ‘SMELLED TOO FISHY’, to me.

    I don’t see them on your list of bad Merchants, but it was just a weird experience altogether. Also, when I read the reviews of them not paying out some of their Contractor/Employees, well that was the huge flag to stay clear of this company!!

    I still would like to pursue a career in this, but want a legit company to work with. It seems like so many of these companies are pooping up (yes poop), all over the place, I just didn’t know who to trust??!!

    Until I found you …. :))

    Thank you so much for your review, as this would have costed me hundreds of dollars, to be a contractor and not getting paid, for my hard work!

  • Charles

    Thank you Phillip, for what you do! If anyone out there knows of a merchant service company that is completely ethical and transparent and hires outside agents, I would love to know about it! I have worked for three different ones and disliked all of them because of all the reason stated here by Mr. Parker. Thank you.~

  • Jeff D.

    I have no idea why Zombaio isn’t on this list. They ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay late!!! Zombaio accepts MC and others for me, but CCBill only accepts Visa. I get paid with CCBill every Monday on time every time (unless a holiday). I get more $ with CCBill every single week. I literally have people signing up every single day, yet Zombaio pays me a week here, week and a half there, 2 weeks here, 2 and a half weeks there. ALWAYS WITH THE POOREST OF EXCUSES!!!

    As of 6-22-17, Zombaio hasn’t paid me for 2 and a half weeks. The excuse this time is that they have been acquired and the new bank is holding up the $ (for everyone, or only me?). I constantly ask am I the only client with these issues – never an answer to that question.

    I would definitely recommend to NOT let your hard-earned $ by handled by these crooks. They claim to have 4 offices, 2 of them in the US, but I ALWAYS ONLY get 1 person – the same person. Early when I complained, it was “David”; these days it’s “Jesper” – but I feel it’s the same person. I have went through the trouble of purchasing 3 websites:
    1. zombaio‑david‑scam.info
    2. zombaio‑jesper‑scam.info
    3. zombaio‑frued‑alert.info
    * I plan to utilize these URLs in the very near future. for some reason, I keep giving them the opportunity to make it right. But all they do is pay later and later. If you need your $ to pay bills, they aren’t your friend.

    And EVERY question i ask regarding my late payments is met with zero ideas of why it’s happening (as if I’m always the only person it’s happening to). ALWAYS with a follow-up to “I’ll forward your inquiry to the “Accounting Department”.

    I personally 100% believe that this company is being run by a handful of people, claiming to be a world-wide enterprise. And they keep your money!!! But it’s ok….because they’re “Free, and don’t charge upfront fees”. I’d rather pay up the a** to have CCBill pay me on time every time. Trust me, if you’re paycheck to paycheck, it’s worth the extra 2 car payments that CCBill charges – yearly, weekly, and per transaction. (if you can call that a better option.)


    Feeling Helpless

    • Done W. Zombaio

      jeff d, same issues here. :smh:

      actually they randomly charged me 15.9% on my latest payout even though my rate (settings > rates) shows 10.9% and i never had any chargebacks. questions them and got the same response, “accounting department”.

      you might want to check your latest payouts to ensure “jesper” or “david” haven’t done this to you, too.

    • Jon DeMichael

      Zombaio has not paid me for YEARS.
      Obviously I no longer use these slime balls. But they still owe me thousands of dollars.
      The business locations on the website don’t really exist, and I believe it’s actually just one person living in their mother’s basement in Hayward, CA.
      I recently teamed up with folks (who are also owed money for years), to hire a private investigator to find this person and shut the operation down, permanently, so no others have to suffer.

    • Tom

      Same problem here. at first they pay you (late) but they pay you. Now I’m waiting for 2 months my payment and answers is “changing bank”…Still waiting…

    • Dana

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Cardconnect is the worst. They have taken $4500 from a small business owner. American express has told them to refund me and they passed me around to 5 different people and told me they will not refund my money… and don’t even get me started on the hidden fees.

  • Cheryl

    Has anyone out there ever had difficulty with payment from SQUARE? In May we had $711 worth of sales disappear from the register overnight. Each customer signed and emails sent as usual. SQUARE says they have no records, how could that happen? We turned it over to Consumer Protection since SQUARE buried it in their legal department.

    • Cheryl Allison Allison

      Yes square up owes my son $1,730 and some change and this is been going on for probably a year they closed his account they got his bank to the closest account out the money was supposed to go to his bank and never went there I’ve contacted for him I’ve contacted them to give him his money and gave him an address I contacted the CEO and nobody has responded square up is horrible I don’t know where to go what to do or how to get it fixed so that my son can get his money he has a business he was selling products for foreign exchange and they didn’t like that he had that much money in there the $1,700 and they have never released it never sent a check nothing

  • Mary not so quite contrary

    DO NOT use Evance formally known as Calpian Commerce, formerly known as pipeline data! Why oh why must the companies get away with so much fraud?

    I have been trying to cancel this account for months, and they will NOT return phone calls or emails. Is this really a legitimate company?
    Once they found out I was trying to cancel, I have never heard back from them again. Since August now, that’s nearly 5 months, they continue to take out fees, pci fees etc. from my account. That’s about 80.00 a month that I pay this company for NOTHING whatsoever!

  • Holly B Cumming

    Total Merchant Services is a total rip-off. They lied to me about the terms of agreement and then falsified a contract that they said I signed (which I did NOT). The numbers they plugged in as far as my expected income was off by $1000’s of dollars per month. Clearly, someone filled out the contract when I demanded a copy.

  • Galvatec, Inc.

    We have been with Worldpay for about three years. During that time we experienced some problems such as received payments three and some times five days after the transaction no big deal. We also strive to get to talk with an agent. But the event we just faced a month ago, got out of all proportions. Worldpay misplaced our deposits for the amount of $ 25,042.11. They don’t know what happened they only know the funds ended up in another account that does not belong to us. could not prove who change the information in our terminals, not even from whence the changes came from, which IP address etc.. They rested all the responsibility on our shoulders. When we didn’t do anything that might have caused the funds to be directed to another account that does not belong to us. We think and saw their system is so feeble and they did not wanted to take any responsibility on this dreadful event. Until now we have not recuperated our funds. It’s been over a month an a half and Worldpay denies any responsibility on their behalf. We have been left alone.
    We are extremely disappointed. Needles to say the painful and stressful days our company have been through and the financial effects this fraud caused. therefore we do not recommend this company at all.

  • Mary

    I agree on the Vantiv rating- ultra ZERO.

    I spent countless hours on phone calls and emails giving them extra chances to correct multiple errors to my account over a several year period. They did not honor my contract and I finally gave up trying to get them to fix it. They really didn’t care. They only way they would fix anything is if I signed another 2 year contract. HUH? -now why on earth would I sign another contract if they have already shown themselves to be untrustworthy? I also had problems with the “opt in” fees. They automatically “opt you in” to new fees unless you specifically call them to “opt out”. I sent them an email telling them that I OPT OUT of all present and future fees for anything unless they get permission from me. I finally gave up and dropped them. I will be shopping around as well. I just want an honest merchant services provider. I don’t have time to deal with this nonsense.

  • Patricia Blakeslee

    Vantiv has made a gross error at my private practice, Center for Behavioral Medicine in Port Orange, FL. Over a period of two to three months they made payments of $16,988.44 to my bank account, in error. These payments from patients should have been paid to our psychiatrist. Our office manager spent countless hours on the phone, with VANTIV, to unravel this bookkeeping error, and make corrections. The result was lost wages in the amount above for at least three months. The monthly fees I was charged and paid for the months of April, May and June were also overcharged due to the error made by VANTIV. My phone call to VANTIV today asking them to reimburse me for these overcharges was a waste of time. The person on the phone (after waiting for 30 minutes) was unable to help. My rating for this company is a big fat zero.

    • Tom

      Vantiv is a really shifty company. It seems every so often they got their hands in my pocket. Either auto opt-in me into their RAAP program where I’d have to pay $90/yr, or auto opt-in me into their Breach Assist Program in paying about $30/m. They sure like to auto opt me into a lot of programs. I have to examine my monthly statement CLOSELY right when I get it.

      Their latest tactic is something I just got in the mail today, it states,

      “Due to the complexities of the payments industry and systems that support your processing, we must periodically review our pricing structure. Effective September 1, 2016, you will be assessed an annual fee of $169 each year in September.”

      WHAT!? Now they’re just taking money from me without an explanation and without an auto opt-in/out-out. I think it’s time I shop around.

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